spn video game

I want SPN to become a video game.

Like, you can choose to be Dean, Sam, Cas, Charlie, Kevin, Crowley, Lucifer, Gabriel, Gadreel, Abaddon, ect and then you choose a place to live (bunker, motel or kansas) and you always live 4 people. For example Dean, Sam, Cas and Charlie in the bunker. And it’s set around the end of season 9 with the whole shebang about MoC and if you choose Dean for example, you’ll have to find ways to fight it, like going out on cases with Sam and Cas or doing research by going to a library and such. 

It should be like the sims. You should be able to play like in the sims when you’re at home maybe and like take care of your characters (4 at a time). and then if you interact with someone you can choose what to say, if you wanna be harsh, friendly or if you wanna romance with who ever. so you can make destiel canon, or wincest or sabriel or whatever you name it. and then you can like drive around in the impala checking for cases or if you could find any demons or angels and like kill them and collect their souls or whatever. 

then if you maybe choose Crowley or Abaddon you can either choose to rule the hell or if you want to abandon it and maybe become human crowley if you choose Crowley as your character. 

or you could make your own character. and you can choose race (human, angel, demon, prophet, someother famous monsters) and you choose your own storyline but it will still cross with team free wills somehow and you can still like romance with everyone you meet, including TFW.

okay, I will just shut up now because this is getting out of hand. this is seriously my dream that someone will actually make this. it’s like 1 in a million but still it would’ve been awesome.

Has anyone realized that The Incredibles movie is basically just fandom reactions?

Introducing someone to the fandom:

Our behavior after a midseason or season finale:

When we’re on hiatus until the next episode/season:

Helping each other during said hiatus:

When we connect something the writers didn’t think we would:

Writers denying that our connections are correct:

When the writers reluctantly reveal we were right all along:

When the writers do something stupid:

When you really don’t want to accept what just happened:

When the writers manage to write an amazing episode:

When a character looks directly at the camera:

Dealing with haters:

But, in the end, we’re all Syndrome:

Friends and fandoms

Friends will talk fandom with you.

Best friends will talk fandom and headcanons with you.

Brain twins will talk fandom and headcanons with you in caps, until you’re basically writing shoutey fanfic at each other on IM.

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Dean frowns down at the stick controller in his hand. “Okay. So, video games. I’m on it. What are we going to do? Shoot some zombies? Shoot some military guys?”

You hold back a smirk. “No, Dean. No shooting. I don’t think you’re ready for that yet. We’re going to ease into this whole ‘video game’ life with something much simpler.” You grin as you hit the power button on your WiiU.

As the screen starts, Dean frowns even more. “Nintendo? Isn’t that a kid’s thing?”

“Nah. People just like to think it is. Trust me you’ll like this,” you nod towards the TV as Mario Kart starts up.

“Oh! Awesome! Racing! I’ve got this in the bag, baby!”

After an obnoxious amount of time preparing your karts (because apparently, Dean is all about traction and weight), you start race selection. “Look. I’m going to put this on the lowest speed and we’ll start out with some of the easier tracks to get you in the groove.”

“Like hell we will,” Dean responds. “The only way to learn is to get thrown in the fire. Fastest speed, any track. Be prepared to get your ass wrecked,” he said with a grin.

That grin does not last long. Between groans of frustration and flailing arms, Dean manages to end up at least a lap behind in every race. You patiently wait for him to finish each one after you complete yet another perfect race. After the fourth one, he looks at you with pleading eyes. “Uh, hey. About this. Do you think we could maybe…. you know…. slow it down for a few tracks? Just until I get the hang of it?”

You can’t help but smile as you open the options to change the settings. “Of course we can, Dean.”

Night One

Title: Night One

Pairing: (Dean X Reader)

Word Count: 3,552

Prompt: Despite being a hunter with a nightmarish life, you have a real love for horror games. After the boys make fun of you for getting scared, you sit them down to play the infamous “Five Nights at Freddy’s”…

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        You stared in silence, your whole body tensed. It was all dark. The only sound was your breathing as a sliver of light filled your vision. You take in the sight of the warm room around you. The walls are elegantly decorated with paintings and patterned wallpaper and wooden paneling. You smiled, fingers twitching. You had seen this kind of stuff before and you had to give the artists credit. The house was beautiful.

               “What is this?” You whispered to yourself, keeping my voice down as you walked forward through the dark hallways. A soft melody picked up in the silence, and you paused to listen. It sounded like someone was playing a few rooms away. A bolt of lightning made you jump and you look around. The house held some strange quality to it.

               Something was off.

               You notice a piece of paper tacked to a large oak door a few feet away and moved toward it, intrigued. Only then, you heard something upstairs, a clatter, a breath, the breaking of glass. You froze and looked up. “Hello?” Your voice was very quiet. You knew someone was watching, but at the moment, you knew you were somewhat safe, you had only just arrived. You move to the oak door, and pluck the note free, noting the paint staining the door frame.

               “Sir, I didn’t touch the workshop, just like you asked, although I can’t imagine the mess inside.” You narrowed your eyes at the red paint on the door. “Also, if you care for that room so much you should pay more attention to where you leave the keys. I brought them back to your office. Have a nice day.”

               You put the note down and jiggle on the door knob. Locked…You almost turn away to find a new room, but suddenly a sound behind you makes you turn. You whip around. The door was now open. You swallow hard and make your way through the door. Stairs lead you down twisted, charred steps.

               “Oh my gosh…” You pressed a hand to your mouth as fear bubbled up in your chest, but you kept walking at a surprisingly swift pace.  The rooms became darker and emptier and haunting the further you went from the foyer. You finally decided you were going in circles and turned to go back through the door you just went through.

               As you reached for the door knob you heard a sound. A soft, mewling cry in the dark.

               “A baby?” You turned slowly. A door was slightly ajar a few feet away. You hadn’t noticed that before. Had it even been there before? You moved to the dark doorway and peeked inside. It was pitch black. “Hello?”

               You reached for the handle of the door, but the moment you touched the cold metal, a sudden shape lurched pale and ghostly out of the blackness. You couldn’t help it; you screamed. The face of a woman filled your vision for a split second before the door was yanked shut and you were left alone in silence. The only sound was the static of a radio playing down the dark hallway.

               “Last week, a family of six was murdered on Casablanche Road in…we are just now getting reports that…bodies were found chopped to pieces…stuffed in the refrigerator…”

               You stepped back until you were back at the door that led upstairs.  You gave a frantic yank at the door.

               It was locked.

               “Oh no…” You let out a moan, running one sweaty hand through your hair. “Don’t do that to me…”

               You tried to open the door again. It was still looked.

               You let out a little noise that sounded half toddler, half seal, and turned back toward the door.  “I don’t want to go in there…” But despite your logic, you moved to the room anyway. Someone was waiting for you one the inside you knew it. You opened it slowly.

               It was quiet.

               You looked around. It was a bathroom, nothing like the rooms upstairs. The floor was cracked and dirty, your feet made splashes in dirty water. Suddenly a shallow breathing filled the air. You moved forward through the dark. It was coming from the sink. You leaned forward and lit your flashlight and nearly reeled back in horror.

               Something was lying in the sink…crying. At the cry you took a step back. “Crap.”

               You turned toward the door, but with a sudden creak it slammed shut, thrusting you and the ghostly image in the darkness. And the cries of the baby thing grew louder, more frantic. “Oh my gosh, hide.” You told yourself, spinning in a narrow circle. The baby kept crying. “Shut up!” You hissed. Your hands were sweaty and shaking by now. You found no place to hide in the dark and were forced to stand still facing the door.

               The baby’s cries grew so loud you could hardly think. Just then, you heard a new noise, a noise that made the fetus grow quiet. Footsteps…on the other side of the door. You swallowed hard. A shadow fell under the door, blocking what little light you had. You held your breath, too afraid to make a sound. You watched, helplessly, as the doorknob twisted slowly.

               It creaked once, twice. Then there was silence.

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So.. get this.

I was looking through Amazon for moose related items as I tend to do for reasons… and I came across a Sabriel video game.

You have this blondish grinning fem!Gabe character in burgundy plaid riding a pretty stylish moose.

The entire time, you are dodging possible demon smoke in order to save other woodland creatures including some unlucky squirrels….

all in the hopes of saving as many fellow creatures as possible…

Saving critters….. Jumping things…. 

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