So about this deepest, darkest desire thing...

Alright, so, prepare yourself for a rant. 

 In the most recent Supernatural episode we see the Winchesters battling a creature(not really sure how to spell it so we’re just gonna go with creature) that shape shifts into the deepest, darkest desire of its intended victim. 

 And when Dean is its target, it becomes Amara. 

 For starters, this does NOT mean as much as some people think. And in no way does it invalidate Destiel. Let’s start off with what Sam said, yeah?

 She’s God’s sister, it’s not like you had a choice in the matter. 

 Thank you, Sam, thank you. Because he didn’t. He had absolutely no choice whatsoever. He was the one with mark, so he was the one to set her free(unwillingly, I might add). For this reason, she chose him. She’s a supposedly unstoppable, all-powerful force: if she wanted to be his deepest, darkest desire, she could ensure she was his deepest, darkest desire. Dean doesn’t want to desire her, he wants to kill her. And he even said, he only feels the whole desire thing when he’s around her. You know why? Because she is able to bend his will so that he feels that way. That’s why it was so easy for him to attack the creature when it made itself appear as Amara! Because he felt nothing for her in that moment. 

 Now let’s talk about what would’ve happened if Amara had never come onto the show and this episode still happened. 

 It would’ve been Cas. 

There’s not a single doubt in my mind that that thing would’ve showed up as Cas. And, you know what? If it had, Dean wouldn’t have been able to attack it. He wouldn’t have been able to grab that knife and attempt to kill it(despite the only way for it to die is to have its heart stabbed, which wasn’t in its body). The only reason it was Amara was because Amara wanted it to be her. She created the bond between them, and Dean wants nothing to do with it. He made that very clear. Amara may desire Dean, but the only reason Dean desires her is because she has forced him to. If it weren’t for her, we would’ve seen Dean battling Cas in the latest episode.

On Shapeshifters, Vampires, Werewolves & Hearts: What the Winchesters Need to Learn about Letting Go

Hi! I’ve just read your post about shapeshifters and I totally agree they are connected to identity issues, such as vampires are connected to addiction and disfunctional families (very Dean actually). What about werewolves? I think that they represent better Sam and i can’t forget that garth became a werewolf. At the beginning of the episode the guys thought that it was a werewolf case. I’d like to have your opinion about that. Thank you!

Hey dear!

Im sorry it took a bit to get back to you. Yes, I think shapeshifters have always been the perfect monsters to explore identity issues and struggles as shapeshifters do not have a fixed own body so it seems and not only slip into the skin of the people they turn into but also download their memories, which I suppose makes it easier for them to fool those around them f they act as these people, but on the other hand entails a whole lot of problems, because essentially one could say I guess, shapeshifters are almost forced to act and with that have reall big triuble to truly find out who they are. Because as we have seen in S6 even as a baby they change and at that stage they have absolutely no possibility to filter or influence it the way they later can.

This has been something I have been pondering for quite a while now: Do shapeshifters have an “own body” and “own identity” they always go back to? I premuse most have a ~look they define as their core being when older, but in relation to identity issues I guess I would find it so much more compelling albeit tragic if that wasn’t the case and they lived a hundred lives, because that - slipping into roles, into personas, acting - is such a big and fitting mirror to how Dean and Sam have been going about their lives or were forced to due to hutning and pretending just as much as the monsters - like a shifter - to be someone they aren’t and solwly but steadily got lost in the roles and personas that they accumulated over time - Dean hit that way worse than Sam imo, cause he is truggling more in that regard. Father, mother, big brother, cool guy, hunter, softie, etc. Deep down Dean is still an insecure small boy, who grew up to fast not knowing who he really is and that it is okay to be who he is. Thing is, he had to find out first who he is and that we witnessed very intently over the course the past couple of seasons. And this process of individuation to me seems to set out to be completed with this season and bringing Dean fully to himself.

I am sorry I babbled so much about the part of your ask that wasn’t even the ask yet already *sighs at self*

Anyway… We have had a pretty bif focus of these monsters during Carver era and it makes perfect sense to me as especially the werewolf and vampire to me captire better than many other monsters the duality aspect that has been such a massive part of the narrative.

Vampires (you say correctly mostly emphasizing fucked up family structures) as well as werewolves in most cases were born human and turned monster. They can still blend in best, because they remember - much like Ruby always said - what it means to be human, plus Benny really drove that point home when he said

Though vampires are forever changed and need blood to survive, the werewolf is completely dualistic and with that the best descriptor and parallel as this monster is tied to the lunar cycle, meaning to light and darkness. It is truly two things at the same time (which fits very well to Dean right now and his struggle against his darker impulses). A human leading a normal life until full moon when the wolf comes “out to play”. And then feeling a hunger for the human heart.

And since this season is again front and center about the heart with Dean as the tin man - the parallel to the quareen - missing his heart I think the link between Dean and the werewolf works well here. I have talked about this when 9x07 “Bad Boys” aired here, how Dean is actually both werewolf and tin man. I still think it makes sense to read it that way, though of course there are millions of possible readings.

Now, the show has drawn from werewolf stories heavily in terms of parallels for the Winchesters. Quite possibly the most important and tragic parallel to the sibling relationship of the Winchesters and their inability to let go was this one between Tasha and Kate.

Kate, who decided to turn her sister to save her from imminent death, which is a callback to Dean agreeing to save Sam via possession as well as Sam contemplating to remove the mark no matter what the consequences and her sister losing herself to her dark impulses so that Kate saw no other possibility then to kill her. At the time this was foreshadowing how Sam may would have to kill Dean and the later how Dean may kill Sim, but putting it into perspective with this week’s episode though, I cannot help but feel that this parallel will be one in which the brothers both realize that Dean will die whe Amara is killed, but both agreeing to it and with that proving to let each other go, breaking through the co-dependency and show great love for one another.

And you know in this regard the ending scene of the episode was also always one of tragedy and beauty.

Before, the sisters each had half a heart, two halves of one whole, but were never complete. In the end Kate was alone, horribly so - and her heart broken, but complete - but she was able to let go, saw her die (she had to kill her), the thing she should have done back then already when her sisters was dying. Instead she passed on the “disease” - or in the language of this week’s episode, the curse. That to me is a clear parallel to the codpenedency the Winchesters also know.

And this week’s episode imo explored that too by Sonya targetting the men and women alike. The women who came to her for a spell - desperately trying to get their men back. This is complete Sam and Dean text and here a clear parallel to Sam considering to work with Rowena to try and save Dean and not end up alone in S10.

Both times - Dean letting Sam be possessed - and Sam trading the safety of the world for Dean’s life shows how unhealthy and obsessive their relationship has become. Much like in this week’s episode where it was clear that this couple desperately would have needed to part for each others wellbeing, instead they used a love spell to win the other one back and making things even worse.

In this case you can see that Amara is a clear stand in for Sam and Dean’s codependency. She embodies that because she represents the toxic hold.

So keeping all this and the brilliant and heartbreaking ending dialogue in mind and put it into perspective with Kate and Tasha then Lucifer’s words about Sam learning to “have to watch and let the people he loves die”, as Dean cannot kill Amara and therefore Sam has to, which will entail Dean’s death (see meta spec here), both Sam and Dean in the end may fully well know that the only way to truly kill Amara will be by killing Dean too as there lives a part of her in him and a part of him in her (Dean is a horcrux), which is why they can’t harm the other, cause they’d only har themselves. And both brothers being aware of that and going through with it would not only prove them learning to let go - in horirbly sad and tragic and painful way - but they would literally kill the embodiment of this co-dependency, Amara. Phew… this got long and I got teary-eyed writing this.

And just like with Harry Potter and as I explained more in depth in the meta I linked to, Dean will then come back (christ framing), but fully himself and the brothers finally as equals in a mature and healthy relationship.


“Dean believes that he isn’t good enough

Almost every person thinks that they are not good enough and this IS NOT TRUE. Look at Dean, he has saved so many people, stopped the end of the world from happening, saved his brother and people he loved countless times, and he never asks for a thank you.  Sam, Bobby, Cas, John, Jo, Meg, Crowley, Lisa, Ben, Charlie,Kevin and  so many others see Dean’s worth even though he doesn’t.  Even if you can’t see that you are worth it, other people see it.”

I posted this a while back but I found more pictures so I added them and now this hurts even more..yyay

anonymous asked:

who do you think this big guest star is?

Okay I got this question three times, lol. I guess people wanna know my theory.

Okay. First there’s a few people we know for sure its not - Rich, Rob, Matt, Osric, Kim, Briana, TAW. They were all already at HousCon. Its also probably not Jim Beaver as his further return would be publicized. Felicia Day was at home on Friday so we know she’s not back either (Sorry, Charlie).

So here are my guesses: JDM, Mark Pellegrino, or Ruthie. I don’t know what JDM’s shooting schedule is like for TWD but who know. Mark P was in Victoria BC this weekend so that’s a strong possibility. Ruthie had to reschedule some stuff from Friday to Saturday at HousCon because of filming so that’s a real strong possibility- and they might want to hide Rowena’s return.

We shall see!