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Alright so the lovely darling @fandomsotpshipsohmy sent me this lovely prompt: something with the boys finding out lucifer is in Cas and deans reaction to it, and then they confront him and Lucifer tells Dean that Cas has been feeling expendable. idk just an idea thanks!

And naturally I loved the motherfucking ///hell out of this, and so I started writing, and then just… Didn’t…Stop. So here’s a much longer than planned Destiel!

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Something New

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Summary: Dean Winchester stands in front of house in the small town of Smith Center, Kansas.  He recalls the day he met the home’s unusual resident.
Word Count:
almost 2,900
Pairing: Dean x OFC
Warnings: None that I can think of….
A/N: This is the first time I’ve ever really published anything I’ve written.  It’s the very first fanfic I’ve ever written, so please be gentle.  Let me know if you want more.
Also, a very special thanks to @iwantthedean and @kazchester-fanfiction for all their encouragement. 

Dean had always come back to her.  Maybe he hadn’t always come back whole, but he consistently found himself in this place, in front of this house.  This was where he was best able to work at being complete.  Normal even.  She made him feel unexceptional, in the best of possible ways.  In her arms, in the bed they shared, and in what he thought of as home, he wasn’t the Righteous Man. No.  Here, in this most sacred of places, he got to be the man he could have been…if only.

He had never expected her, having long given up on the possibility of anything more than the occasional frantic, desperate tumble.  Dean was well acquainted with the hollow passion of these encounters.  Then there was her.  Everything about her was blinding, a lightning bolt, illuminating his constant darkness.  She came into his world, knocked him on his ass, and changed everything he was certain of. 

Two years earlier…

“Oh Dean, always with the scissors,” Dean says in his most mocking version of Sam’s voice.  "And, how exactly does paper beat a rock? It’s stupid,“ he muttered to himself under his breath.  His latest Rock-Paper-Scissors losses to Sam have done nothing but further sour his already terrible mood.  "Like I want to do these stupid errands at the crack of fucking dawn,” he complained while kicking a stone on the pavement.  He stops to look at the list of items Sam gave him to pick up from town.  "Yeah, sure Sammy, like Smith Center is going to have all your stupid, healthy, rabbit-food, crap.“

Dean looked up from the list to survey his surroundings.  His temper and the early hour had distracted him enough that he had wandered into an unfamiliar part of town.  None of shops on this street were ones that the Winchester boys frequented.  He was ready to turn around and head back when the most incredible, delectable scent washed over him.  He took a deep breath, and sighed, "Fresh baked bread. Oh God, warm sugar, vanilla, apples, and cinnamon. Pie?”  His head quickly swiveled from side to side, seeking out the source of the aroma that has set off a deep rumble in his belly. 

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And finally I joined the "lets have a dream about scout" club. Basically it was me having a hard time with my art and then you and Rob came along and both of you were really enthusiastic with your words of encouragement. I woke up basically sweating cause damn you two were loud.

rhapsodyraptor said:

I had a dream once that you, Rich, and Misha broke into a library and started gently petting the books and whispering softly to them.

i like how some of these border on a surreal horror aspect

Wrote something based on @jennilah‘s heartbreaking fanart.  Coda to 11x10.  Lucifer!Cas and Dean.  Sorry it isn’t as good as her art (which is always amazing)! <3 

“You son of a bitch.”

Dean wasn’t sure how he had been so goddamn blind. After all, Cas had been…off for the past few days.  The way he walked, spoke, stood even…it all had been weird.  Wrong.  But only wrong to someone who was really paying attention.  

Perhaps that’s why he didn’t realize sooner, Dean understood with a pang of guilt smacking him hard in the chest.

It was only when Castiel clasped hard onto his right shoulder rather than his left when Dean put the pieces together. Despite that the angel was speaking, Dean hadn’t been listening.  Because it wasn’t Cas talking.

The hunter took a step back, his eyes narrowing as he stared at the creature that had his best friend’s form.  

“And here I thought I would’ve fooled you for just a little bit longer, Dean,” Lucifer said while shrugging, obviously not caring all too much about the older Winchester’s newfound discovery.  “It was fun while it lasted, I suppose.”  He smirked, and Dean felt his stomach twist sickly; it was all wrong, that twisted expression on Castiel’s face.  

“Get the hell out of him,” Dean growled, his tone low and dangerous.  But despite the unspoken threat, Lucifer just laughed loudly, almost throwing his head back to look up at the bunker’s tall ceilings to do so.  Then, the Devil in Castiel’s clothes and body took a step towards Dean, slowly.  Although he had the blue eyes of Cas, they were cold and vicious yet full of amusement at the very same time.  

“Dean, Dean, Dean,” Lucifer chuckled, shaking his head from side to side.  “You forget something?  I’m still an angel.  I got permission to be here, you know.”

“You tricked him,” Dean spat in response.  It was the only way he could rationalize what he was seeing and hearing right now.  There was no way Cas would say yes to Lucifer…  How the hell could two angels even be inside the same body?  

“While that might sound like me to you, I didn’t. I just told him the truth – that I can beat the Darkness.  He knows that he is useless against her,” he added, just to twist the metaphorical knife Dean was feeling in his chest.  “He just wanted to be useful to you again, Dean. It’s kind of pathetic, actually, how much he wants to help, and how he knows that he can’t.”

“That’s not true,” Dean objected, albeit somewhat weakly.  Castiel’s Netflix binges, his time under Rowena’s spell, the grace he stole before he got his own back…it all pointed to the angel’s depressed state of mind.

All signs that Dean had ignored, selfishly.

“But it is,” Lucifer replied with a wicked grin. “I know all of what he’s feeling, which is much more than you could ever say.  The guilt, depression, loneliness, low self-esteem…how you were able to break one of my brothers so completely, Dean, is beyond me.  I must say…I’m impressed.  You’ve done a better job at destroying him than I ever could have!”

Immediately, Dean grabbed the angel blade that Lucifer had left on the table next to Castiel’s trench coat and suit jacket, and closed the distance between the two of them.  His eyes were shining, angry tears threatening to stream down his face at any moment.  He held the blade against the Devil’s throat.

But instead of any defensive maneuver, Lucifer’s grin just widened as he stared into the hunter’s eyes, just as Castiel would have done whenever he and Dean were this close to each other.  His own began to glow with blue grace, but he still made no move to attack.  

The Devil’s hand traveled up to caress Dean’s cheek.  It would have been a loving gesture, coming from Castiel.  But the malice and amusement behind Lucifer’s smile proved it to be anything but.

His palm and fingers were ice-cold.  

“Now, now…be careful with that, Dean,” he softly whispered – practically purring. “He’s still in here too.  I can feel him crying out right now, in fact!”  Castiel was inside, begging him to not harm Dean, over and over again.  Lucifer still found it pathetic.  “And you wouldn’t want to do anything rash, would you?” His thumb moved slowly to stroke Dean’s skin.  “Especially not if you knew exactly how he felt about you…”

A single tear finally escaped, rolling down Dean’s cheek as he grasped tightly onto the Devil’s elbow with his free hand.

Lucifer, confident that Dean would not do anything, wiped away that tear with his finger.  He was purposely being gentle in order to mock Castiel’s affection and love for the human.

He didn’t have to physically bruise Dean in order to hurt him.

Before stepping back, Lucifer kissed Dean’s forehead.

And Dean wanted so badly for that to have been Castiel…for his angel to have taken control again, to tell him that everything was going to be okay, and that this was all an elaborate ruse or a bad hallucination or something to that effect.  But the coldness of the lips on his skin told him otherwise.

When Lucifer turned his back and moved towards the stairs of the bunker, Dean did not make any moves to follow.  The angel blade clattered to the floor, and he followed suit, sinking to his knees and staring blankly at the back of the other man.  

“Cas…”  Dean could only whisper his angel’s name sorrowfully.  He wanted to tell him how sorry he was for not paying attention to him more, for not realizing just how much Castiel was hurting.  But the words caught hard in his tightening throat, cries threatening to escape.

Lucifer just glanced back at Dean before striding over again to pick up his weapon.  He then turned to the table, picking up and putting on his suit jacket. Staring at the tan coat for a moment, Lucifer grabbed it, but instead of also draping that over his shoulders, he threw it down in front of the hunter.

“Here. You can keep this,” he spat, still smirking with amusement.  

After all, he wouldn’t need it.

As Lucifer walked away, up the stairs and out of the bunker, Dean weakly reached for the coat.

He held it up to his face, and began to sob quietly.  

Something always breaks

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Summary. *Imagine meeting Dean in hell and getting pulled into the plan for the apocalypse kickoff.*

This is Part Eight in the No place like hell series. Part two here. Part Three. Part Four. Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven.

Pairing: Dean x reader

*I felt like I needed to put some WARNING with this one because it does get dark. This chapter has after effects of torture. This story as a whole gets, well, hellish. Deals with torture and the after affects. * Also.. this part gets smut-ish.

Word Count: 4732  (This one got a bit long but I decided to keep it as one part since you’ve waited so long already.)

Drive- Halsey

Mama I’m coming home. Ozzy Osburne lyrics used are not mine.

“Lost and found and turned around By the fire in your eyes.” ~Ozzy Osburne

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When people post my notp

When people post hate on shippers of that notp or its characters