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Moonlight combines its European and Asian art house cinema inspired cinematography and narrative structure with its groundbreaking content that humanize the experiences of poor queer black people with depictions of soft and/or queer black masculinity. Something that very few movies that feature similar subject matters–if there is any–has done before, which is exactly why Moonlight is one of the most artistically innovative AND politically radical narrative feature productions that have ever graced Academy Award’s best picture nominee list. So jot that down if you wanna argue how lululemon land’s cinematography or original soundtracks earn it something it doesn’t deserve. ☕🐸

Dir Berry Jenkins might have been inspired by one of my favourite directors, Wong Kar Wai (whose style of aesthetic i’m basing the thesis project/short film I literally just shot today off), but he has produced a cinematic piece far more revolutionary in content than any works Wong Kar Wai could have ever produced.

listen i know it’s been like 10 years but i still can’t believe that this:

is a real moment in this fucking show like excuse me how possessive??? is dean’s little smirk??? and like how sam doesn’t even hesitate to say that…………i’m…………………..