spn season 9 finale

OK, let's review what's CANON as of SPN 9x23:
  1. Cas is “in love” with “humanity.” The “weakness” that motivates his actions.
  2. Metatron opens 9x23 by saying this is “a story about love, and heartache, and love.” [Editor’s note: sorry, missed that one earlier.]
  3. Cas’s recent actions and sacrifices were not for Heaven, not even for humanity, but were “all to save one man”: “Dean Winchester."  That’s more specific than just humanity.
  4. Cas’s face when Metatron said Dean is dead.  Devastated.
  5. Cas is dying right now, and he doesn’t seem that motivated to get new Grace to save himself.  Interesting timing, since as far as he knows his Dean is dead, too.

All facts.  No shipping goggles.  Just sayin’.

Predictions for the Spn Season 9 Finale
  • Tumblr: DESTIEL.
  • Tumblr: demon!dean
  • Tumblr: Nah, Dean's gon' be the King of Hell
  • Tumblr: wut no, he's gonna kill sammy
  • Tumblr: Um...he's going to kill Metatron, obvi
  • Tumblr: Wait what if God shows up??
  • Tumblr: Okay no, Lucifer's totes makin a comeback
  • Tumblr: cROAToAN THO
  • Tumblr: So like is Gadreel okay or...he ded??
Cas is going to die.

Cas won’t live through the finale.

He’s going to die, I’m sure of it, I just don’t know how. And here’s how I know…

They need to break Dean, because we’re right at the climax of his 3 season arc, and he needs to break out of the Mark. And how do they do that? By killing the person he’s in love with.

Now, how am I so sure?

Misha’s contract. We are hearing he’s not been asked back yet. My theory? He’s been asked back. Because Cas will come back. He’s the endgame for Dean, though it may not be until the end of the final season.

The writers aren’t going to let one of their biggest ratings boosters go. And Misha doesn’t want to. So why keep his contract a secret? Because, if we know he has one, we will know not to freak out when he dies at the end of this season.

Cas is going to die, guys. It’s going to be painful. And it’s going to be awful. The fandom is going to lose its shit. But I can tell you one thing: they’re going to make the Destiel shippers happy, whether it be with a kiss, or a simple, “I love you”.