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Dean Winchester Playlist
  1. More Than A Feeling-Boston
  2. You Shook Me All Night Long-ACDC
  3. House Of The Rising Sun-The Animals
  4. Eye Of The Tiger-Survivor 
  5. Cherry Pie-Warrant
  6. Ramblin Man-Almond Brothers 
  7. Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  8. Dust In The Wind-Kansas
  9. You Give Love A Bad Name-Bon Jovi
  10. Wanted Dead Or Alive-Bon Jovi
  11. Stairway To Heaven-Led Zepplin
  12. Highway To Hell-ACDC
  13. Hey Jude-The Beatles
  14. Rock You Like A Hurricane-Scorpions
  15. Crazy Train-Ozzy Osborne 
  16. 21 Guns-Green Day
  17. Carry On My Wayward Son-Kansas
  18. Heat Of The Moment-Asia
  19. Burnin For You-Blue Oyster Cult
  20. Bad Moon Rising-CCR
  21. Don’t Fear The Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult
  22. Heathens-Twenty One Pilots 
  23. The Reason-Hoobstank 
  24. Addicted-Saving Abel 

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind)

Summary: You’re nineteen when you get your first recurring acting role in season twelve of Supernatural. There’s an instant attraction between you and Jared, despite the age difference, but he won’t act on it because of Genevieve. When you meet Gen, she gives you the permission to act on your desires.

Words: 5.8k

Married!Jared x Reader

Warnings: smut (like 2.4k of this is porn), consensual infidelity, age difference, lust, teasing, the whole shebang

A/N: this is one of my fics for @loveitsallineed​‘s 1k celebration playlist challenge, this song was Cola by Lana Del Rey. It’s also a lil birthday gift for the beautiful @oriona75​. And finally, it’s part three of my Birthday Smutathon for @laurivcr​‘s birthday! You can find the masterpost here

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Sam Winchester Playlist: 

Foo Fighters, Baker Street (cover); James Blake, Retrograde; The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter; Alison Mosshart and Eric Arjes, Bad Blood; Warren Zevon, My Shit’s Fucked Up; The Doors, People are Strange; Pearl Jam, Crazy Mary (cover); Blue Oyster Cult, Don’t Fear the Reaper; TV on the Radio, Wolf Like Me; The Cult, Coming Down; Sage Francis, Sea Lion; Breaking Benjamin, Blow Me Away; Soundgarden, Fell On Black Days; Bush, Bonedriven; Kid Cudi, Mr. Rager.

For all of his healthy optimism, I can’t help but always see Sam as the troubled baby boy. Somehow this put him into a world of 90′s grunge, classic rock and the occasional side note of odd.

Dean Winchester playlist

1.Pour some sugar on me- Def Leppard

2. Jekyll & Hyde- Five finger death punch

3. Ramble on- led zeppelin

4. Traveling riverside blues- led zeppelin

5. I don’t wanna stop- Ozzy Osbourne

6. Black dog- led zeppelin

7. Sharp dressed man- zz top

8. in-a-gadda-da-vida- iron butterfly

9. Bad company- five finger death punch

10. Wrong side of heaven- five finger death punch

11. Take me to church- Hozier

12. Girls, girls, girls- Motley crue

13. Way down we go- Kaleo

14. Shook me all night long- ac/dc

15. Dancing on nails- We are harlot

16. Cherry pie- Warrant  (I couldn’t resist lmao)

17. Drop dead legs- Van Halen

18. Animal I have become- Three days grace

19. Kick in the teeth- Papa roach

20. Wanted dead or alive- Bon jovi

21. Shoot to thrill- ac/dc

22. Wild side- Motley crue

23. Are you gonna be my girl- Jet




Sam Winchester | The Boy With Demon Blood

This disease pumping through my veins, and I can’t ever rip it out or scrub it clean! I’m a whole new level of freak!

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Little Do You Know

Characters – Crowley x Reader, Dean, Sam

Summary – The reader is at the end of her rope with Crowley’s poor treatment of her, but maybe there’s a reason behind it she hasn’t considered.

Word Count – 2,975

Warnings – None

A/N – I had a request from my dear @trinityjadec for a Crowley x Reader.  I hope you like it Trinity!  Request: Where Crowley meets y/n and is a jerk and stuff but only bc he’s actually very infatuated with her and thinks she deserves better. Little does he know that she’s infatuated with him too and the way he treats her hurts her and then fluff at the end?? I don’t really know I just love him😹

This was also written for @loveitsallineed’s Playlist Challenge.  My song was Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra…it seemed to merge so perfectly with the request!  And bonus points for those of you who catch the Doctor Who reference that happened accidentally, and that I didn’t have the heart to take out!  

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Your name: submit What is this?

“You should excuse us, Peabody.  Let the big boys handle this.  Why don’t you go fix us some dinner?”

“Why did you bring her Dean?   She’ll just get in the way.”

“Should’ve stayed home, Peabody.  Now you’re going to get someone hurt trying to protect you.”

“Can’t you stay out of the way, Peabody?  Why must you always toddle after the Winchesters?”

You were in your bedroom, curled up under the covers, with every mean thing Crowley had ever said to you running through your head.  When you first met the King of Hell, he was kind to you.  He liked the Winchesters and they liked you, so he liked you. Every meeting was ‘Hello, love’ or ‘Goodbye, darling.”  He even kissed your hand a few times, making you blush and feel hundreds of butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

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Crowley Playlist
  1. Demons-Imagine Dragons
  2. Just Like You-Three Days Grace
  3. Monster-Skillet
  4. Run This Town-Jay Z
  5. Pain-Three Days Grace
  6. Throne-BMTH
  7. Know Your Enemy-Green Day
  8. King For A Day-Green Day
  9. I Hate Everything About You-Three Days Grace
  10. Headcase-One Year Stand
  11. Pieces-Sum 41
  12. This Is Gospel-Panic! At The Disco
  13. Animal I Have Become-Three Days Grace
  14. Kryptonite-3 Doors Down
  15. Monster-Imagine Dragons
  16. Sucker For Pain-Imagine Dragons
  17. Heathens-Twenty One Pilots
  18.  Bleeding Out-Imagine Dragons
  19. Basket Case-Green Day
  20. House Of The Rising Sun-The Animals
  21. Lithium-Nirvana
  22. Loser-Beck
  23. I Don’t Care-Fall Out Boy
  24. I Don’t Love You-MCR
  25. Cleaning Out My Closet-Eminem

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The Angsty Villain Playlist

So, villains are awesome. Not all of them are though. Some of them are simply awful (Like Umbridge) but some are just great. The best kind of villains are the kind that are made into villains by events and circumstance. The villains that have a hell of a lot of bitterness and rage stored up inside them that they just decide to unleash upon everything and everyone. The villains that are just so mentally insane you question your morals when you find yourself loving them.It also doesn’t hurt when a villain is easy on the eyes…. like Tate Langdon, Sebastian Morgenstern, Loki, The Darkling, Warner, Sam Winchester …okay, maybe  went a little too far with that one.

1) Deranged - Coheed and Cambria

2) Mama - My Chemical Romance

3) House of the Rising Sun (Cover) - Lauren O’Connell


5) Afterdark - BLQCK AUDIO

6) Dangerous Animals - Arctic Monkeys

7) Running - Delta Spirit

8) Fall Away - Twenty One Pilots

9) Trapdoor - Twenty One Pilots

10) Afraid - The Neighbourhood

11) Gods and Monsters - Lana Del Ray

12) Shadow On The Run - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

13) Breezeblocks - Alt-J

14) Mercenary - Panic! At The Disco

This song is kinda different from the others. While the others are more on the angry, bitter side, this song is basically someone talking to an angsty, angry, bitter, villain-like character.

15) Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars

anonymous asked:

This song is so Sam Winchester that it HURTS: youtube(.)com/watch?v=o7N-0I8Y1rk

Thanks so much for sharing! ♥ Ahhhhh I know this song! One of my friends has it on a mix CD and I have good memories of listening to it in her car. It’s a really good song about bipolar disorder, and I can definitely see how it could relate to Sam, too. 

I especially like this bit in relation to Sam:
(It just sounds like the kind of thing he might tell himself.)

But you’ll fight and you’ll make it through
You’ll fake it if you have to
And you’ll show up for work with a smile
And you’ll be be better you’ll be smarter
More grown up and a better daughter
Or son and a real good friend
And you’ll be awake and you’ll be alert
You’ll be positive though it hurts 

Alone, alone
I don’t really know where the world is,
but I miss it now

castiel graphics challenge // saving-things-hunting-people
prompt: playlist // nobody cares that you’re broken by heynovak

Castiel Playlist
  1. Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
  2. Hallelujah-Rufus Wainwright
  3. Unsteady- X Ambassadors 
  4. Let It Go-James Bay
  5. Superman-Five For Fighting 
  6. Your Guardian Angel- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  7. Seven Nation Army-The White Stripes
  8. Majestic-Wax Fang
  9. Come As You Are-Nirvana
  10. Hero-Skillet
  11. Love The Way You Lie Pt.3-Skyler Gray
  12. Broken-Seether & Amy Lee
  13. You Found Me- The Fray
  14. Scars-Papa Roach
  15. You & Me-Lifehouse 
  16. Angels Cry-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  17. Be Still-The Fray
  18. The Fighter-The Fray
  19. Wonderwall-Oasis
  20. Boston-Augustana 
  21. Spirits-The Stumbellas 
  22. In The End-Linkin Park
  23. 21 Guns-Green Day
  24. Know Your Enemy-Green Day
  25. Therapy-All Time Low

Yes, some of the Cas songs are VERY angsty. I’m sorry. But enjoy!

Requested by anon!

The Badass Character Playlist

You know those characters who are seriously badass that every single time they so much as breath, you’re on your knees thanking the heavens for their awe-inspiring badassery? They’re so badass that they deserve their own playlist. You know those songs that when you listen to them, you immediately picture this badass fight scene in your head? Or when you listen it you think of things that are also badass like black leather jackets? These songs are for those times. Enjoy jamming out to these sick, obviously badass, beats. I use the word ‘badass’ way too much in this paragraph, but then again, one cannot have too much badassery.

1. Warriors - Imagine Dragons

2. Let’s Kill Tonight - Panic! At the Disco

3. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

4. Fairly Local - Twenty One Pilots

5. Lock Me Up - The Cab

6. Run - The Maine

7. My Heroine - The Maine

8. Start a Riot - Jetta

9. A Wolf in Geek’s Clothing - The Naked and Famous

10. Shooting Arrows at the Sky

11.Who We Are - Imagine Dragons

12. Back in Black - AC/DC (It would’ve been a crime to not include this song)

- Tris

Love and Honor - Part 1: Lost in Love

Characters: Y/N Harvelle-Singer (Reader), Captain Dean Winchester, Lieutenant Sam Winchester, Jess Winchester, Medical Lieutenant Castiel Novak, Meg Novak, Jo Harvelle-Singer, Bobby Singer, Ellen Harvelle-Singer

Pairing: Soldier!Dean x Reader

Warnings: Mention of war and what it does to soldiers, love at first sight (is that a warning?), implied smut, mention of war injury, mention of war trauma    

Wordcount: 7400ish (Holy shit how did that happen?!)

A/N: This is part 1 of 3 of this Soldier!Dean AU. This first part is written for @loveitsallineed’s Karolina’s Playlist Challenge. My prompt was Lana Del Ray’s Terence Loves You. I used the song in the fic but it kinda also inspired the tone of the entire series.

Thanks a billion to the amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this monster for me - love you lots!

With this story I am trying something I have never done before in fanfiction. I am writing a 3rd person all knowing writer so I am in the head of the reader as well as Dean at all times.

This is basically a story of love and still answering to a calling bigger than us. I am not American, so there is a possibility that I will get some of the US military stuff wrong. - @chelsea072498 helped me trying to get most right, but bare in mind it is fiction.. Thanks hun!


Y/N had basically grown up in her parents bar. She had been doing homework in the corner booth when she was a kid before she ever started bartending. She had seen soldiers come and go. She had seen cocky young soldiers bust through those doors talking about saving the world and seeing more than she could count before returning from deployment as broken men.

Even if that didn’t happen they would still break, or at least that was how she saw it. Her dad was a Vietnam War vet, and he had been in a wheelchair as long as she could remember. He wasn’t broken, at least not anymore. He was a strong man, but war was still poison as far as Y/N was concerned. She had seen too many wives starting to drink, worried sick about their husbands, and way too many young men turning into shells of themselves not to hate it.

Y/N had had promised herself a long time ago, she would never fall in love with a soldier. A promise she had kept for years despite a lot of the young men’s efforts. She didn’t want to fall in love with a man only to have him leave her over and over, only to risk him never returning to her, and if he did, maybe not return as the man she once knew.

She tended bar. She listened to their stories when they needed to talk. She filled their glasses when they needed a drink. She even sang to them some nights to provide some distraction to what went on in their heads. She felt bad for them. Hell, she respected them and their bravery. Her dad was a soldier. He lost his ability to walk to keep the world a safer place. It wasn’t the soldiers she hated, it was the war they went off to fight.

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I couldn’t create this kind of monstrosity and keep it all to myself, so here it is: my ultimate Supernatural playlist, Greatest Hits of the Mullet Rock!

On this playlist you will find almost every single song ever played on Supernatural, as well as tracks that had episodes named after them, songs that were referenced on the show, and pieces from the score. There is also a “lite version” for those of you who don’t want the instrumentals, anemic pop music, or “Carry On Wayward Son” repeated more than ten times.

I hope you enjoy rocking out to this playlist as much as I enjoyed putting it together. The entire very long track listing is below!

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I’m Gonna Need Your Loving

Karolina’s Playlist (1k Followers Celebration Challenge)

Prompt: Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re alone at the bunker one night, so you decide to have some fun until an unexpected guest decides to show up.

Word Count: 1841

Warning: fluffy fluff, implied smut, sickness (nothing graphic), very little angst if you squint, Dean being sexy (you need to be prepared for that shit)

A/N: (Y/N/N) = Your Nickname, (Y/F/B) = Your favorite books, Italics = Thoughts, Bold = Lyrics, I do not own Supernatural or the song.

P.S. I had a lot of fun with this challenge. Thanks for letting me take part Kari. I had a lot of fun spending my birthday writing. Hope y’all enjoy <3

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Words And Actions

Originally posted by marilynmay

Characters- Dean x Reader

Summary- You can tell Dean is struggling, and one night you decide things need to change.

Word Count- 1038

Warnings- None, surprisingly.

A/N- This is part of @iwantthedean‘s Quickie Challenge where I had to write a fic with no dialogue (which can be really hard when writing more than one character) and @loveitsallineed‘s Playlist Challenge with ‘Hero’ by Skillet.

Very early on in life, you discovered the worth of actions. Words were cheap, fickle things that people spewed flippantly, but actions- actions spoke louder than words. Actions spoke of true intent, and held more meaning to you than words ever did. That’s what made your relationship with Dean so special. Dean was a man of few words who took more stock in immediate action than his brother did. Sure, he sometimes got himself into trouble leaping before looking, but he always managed to come out of it fine.

Dean never bothered to use trite words- a steady hand on your shoulder and a question in his eyes was more than enough to let you know he cared. And he did care quite deeply. Those he let himself care about were special to him and he would move mountains for them. He always had his own way of making sure you were looked after, of checking in with you. You appreciated the solidarity you found in his presence, his steadfast and kind nature more of a comfort to you than any cheap words.

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L I S T E N - As Ugly as I Seem by The White Stripes || I of the Storm by Of Monsters and Men || Hurt by Johnny Cash || Just A Thought by Gnarls Barkley || Smile by Mikki Ekko || Creep by Radiohead || Wasteland by NEEDTOBREATHE || When My Time Comes by Dawes || And When I Die by the Heavy || I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young || Snuff by Slipknot ||Monster by Imagine Dragons || Quiet Little Voices by We Were Promised Jetpacks || The Point of It All by Amanda Palmer || Monster by Skillet || Battle Born by Five Finger Death Punch || The Crooked Kind by Radical Face || No Good Deed from Wicked || Demons by Imagine Dragons || One Black Sheep by Mat Kearney || Show Me How to Live by Audioslave || Take Me Away by Avril Lavigne || The Beast by Laura Marling || Two Coins by City and Colour || Fell on Black Days by Soundgarden || Hopeless Opus by Imagine Dragons || Cough Syrup by Young the Giant || Bend the Bracket by Chevelle || The Vampyre of Time and Memory by Queen of the Stone Age ||Unwell by Matchbox Twenty || Weaknesses by Blue October || This Night by Black Lab