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  “The waves receded, making their feet sink as sand was pulled and shifted. Cas smiled as Dean overcame his shock to stare in awe at their surroundings, turning in a circle to take in the curve of the secluded beach and too blue ocean, the lush greenery and tropical forest a wall behind them.

   “Oh  wow ,” gasped Dean, eyes wide as he took it all in. “You weren’t kidding about somewhere warmer.”

  The waves rolled in, over his toes and around his ankles in a soothing wash, small minnows swimming with the tide. Drawing in a deep breath, Cas turned to look over the water, tilting his head back and eyes drifting closed. He savored the warmth of the sun on his skin. Beneath the water’s surface, he could sense countless lifeforms drifting with leisure, could feel the birds and beasts in the forest behind them, various birdsong and animal cry filling the air. He felt the breeze catch under a bird’s wings as it took to the air in flight.

    This was peaceful.”

The One with the Fanfic Competition, Chap 15


D E A N   W I N C H E S T E R

that boy will burn himself alive before letting you catch fire