spn j2 bigbang

J2 Big Bang

Ugh I am trying really hard over here to decide if I should sign up for the 2014 spn j2 bigbang. I have two sort of ideas - one that would be shorter but might be difficult to stretch into 20k words, and another that I’m afraid would take over my life and turn into a monster.

How does anyone ever actually decide to make this kind of commitment??

so I finally got the courage to signup for the j2 spn bigbang challenge this year, and i’m really happy about it! i love how this story is turning out and it’s so much longer than i originally planned and i’ve had this idea in my head for years so i’m glad i’ll be able to do it justice. anyway without further ado:

Distractions from Himself

Pairing: Wincest

Rating: NC17

Summary:  A post-hell AU. Hell rejects Sam for being pure of soul, but when he returns to Earth, it’s with no idea who he is and a little piece of the devil. That piece is silver-tongued and gentle, convincing Sam that he’s his other half, and that his name is Dean. Sam is led to believe he’s on a mission from God to save the world, with every touch from Lucifer convincing him further and driving him deeper into the rabbit hole. Meanwhile, Dean has left Ben and Lisa, aching with the pain of losing Sam. Bobby sends him to Arizona, where omens are appearing, and the body count in small-town churches is rising. A chance sighting leads Dean convinced his brother is back among the living, but with the apocalyptic omens littering the dusty Southwest, he’s not sure if it’s his little brother or something far worse. It’s only after the leads have dried up that he quite literally bumps into a malnourished, shaking man that can only be his brother. The only problem is, Sam doesn’t know who he is, doesn’t know he’s breaking seals, and a meeting with Cas only makes Sam rabid, his instinctual fear of angels driving memories back violently. Dean’s left with a shell of his broken brother, the world halfway to ending (again), and nothing to hang onto. He tries to help Sam through his hallucinations and self-harm and learns Sam has feelings for him, and they’re driven closer than they ever were before, trying to repair the damaged parts of each other and stop Lucifer from crushing more bones with Sam’s shaking hands.

Post date: June 25th

Artist: Quickreaver