spn host club

Me: *sees a group photo*

Me: *aggressively looks for my favorite character*

Me: *locates them*

Me: Okay…okay we’re good…

Ok so I really do need to follow new blogs

Reblog or like if you post any of the following so i can follow ya:

- Supernatural

- Sherlock

- Doctor Who

- Hannibal

- Homestuck

- Hetalia

- Attack On Titan

- Harry Potter

- Ouran Highschool Host Club

- Lord of The Rings

- Youtubers (mostly phan tho)

Let’s do this thing since I feel like my dash could use a little pick me up. 

Like or reblog if you post ANY of the following;

- Star Wars

- Star Trek

- The Hobbit/LOTR

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- Doctor Who

- Sherlock

- Supernatural

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- Ouran High School Host Club

- Soul Eater

- Sailor Moon

- Attack On Titan

- Black Butler

- Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

- Free!

- Gangsta

- Tokyo Ghoul

- Disney

- Ariana Grande

- Demi Lovato

- sunsets/clouds


- FRIENDS (tv show) (lots of Chandler Bing, pls)


Damn, that was lengthy lmao. But yeah, like or reblog and I’ll look at your blog and probably give you a follow (follow backs are always appreciated). Thanks, everyone! <3


I’m putting a bunch of fandoms in the tags so that more people will see this. Please please please reblog to help find her. #FindLiberty