spn fmaily

Imagine Dean’s face when he hears you telling your daughter the story of how you fell in love with daddy

‘‘…and at that moment I knew I’m in love with him.’‘

‘‘And what happened then?’‘ your six year old daughter asked.

‘‘You’re too young to hear the rest of it.’‘ you turned around to see Dean standing in the doorway smiling.

‘‘Then we went to sleep, ‘cause sleep is very important and helps you stay healthy and pretty, common now.’‘ You tucked her in and kissed her goodnight.

You gently closed the door and turned to your husband.

‘‘You know y/n, since you’re already pretty enough I don’t think you should sleep tonight…’‘ you chuckled as he playfully kissed you…

you ever think about how in 10 years all these kids will have the names from all the fandoms because their parents are blogging rn when they should be sleeping and one day your kids will just come home and be like ‘… ya my best friend naruto’ and you just call up that kid’s parents and be like ‘yo season 9 finale killed me’ and we’ll all just be friends

because i do