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Summary: You went behind the boys’ backs in order to help them on a hunt, but you never thought that the backlash would be that bad.  
Pairing: SamxReader
Words: 1356
Warning: Language. Angst.
AN: This kinda hurt to write, but I also really enjoyed it. I wanna thank @skybinx-blog, cos it was a prompt sent in by her that inspired this one! It was originally one of my drabbles, but it seriously got away from me. But I can’t say I’m complaining. Especially since it’s Angst Day!!!  :p
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


It was a little scary how angry Sam was at you, considering you’d only ever seen this kind of anger from him directed at the bad guy. You’d always found it heart-warming, how passionate he got when it came to defending civilians, but this… if you didn’t know him as well as you did, it’d be terrifying.

You were sat at the head of the bed in your pyjama shorts a shirt, knees pulled up to your chest as you watched him pace up and down the foot of the bed. He’d been silent for almost five minutes, and you were starting to get worried.


“Don’t,” he snapped, not even looking up at you as he shook his head, “you don’t get to talk, Y/N.”

Making a small, huffing sound, you shifted slightly where you sat. “I think I have a right to defend myself,” you muttered, a bitter edge to your voice.

“Really? You think that?” he said, pausing in his pacing to stare down at you with nothing but rage in his eyes, you could practically feel it rolling off of his body in waves. “Cos from where I’m standing, Y/N, you just stabbed us in the back!”

“No, Sam! I was helping you and Dean out, we needed the help.”

“You went behind our backs and went to Crowley, Y/N. Freaking Crowley! Now, Dean’s got a broken leg and the goddamn Colt is missing. What the hell gave you the right to use that as a bartering chip?” He was going red in the face now, and you could feel true panic starting to rise in your chest, your heart pounding against the inside of your ribs as if it were trying to break free.

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Let’s Just Lay Here (Dean Winchester)

Summary: You’re on your period and Dean does his best to comfort you

Words: 1,049

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, some swearing, light smut(???)

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You laid in your room with your legs pulled up to your chest and your duvet pulled over your body as you felt like your uterus was destroying itself. The room was pitch black aside from the light coming from your laptop screen where The Walking Dead was playing. Your period cramps were never really this bad as they were usually just a series of mild cramps and mild bleeding, but this time your cramps felt like hell and you had already bled through two tampons in three hours. 

When the episode finished the screen went gray as Netflix asked if you were still watching. You then reluctantly pulled your hand from the warmth and comfort of your blanket cocoon to tell Netflix that you were still watching. You closed your eyes slightly as the assault of cramps continue. The only thing that you wanted at the moment was to cuddle with your boyfriend, but of course, he was helping Sam research a case.

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Heat Haze

Summary: You and Cas go for a night swim, and are both very pleased to see that there’s a hot tub.

Request: How about some smut where Reader is in a hot tub or pool with Cas and he’s all flustered because she’s wearing a bikini. And it just leads to some really fluffy smut
-Requested by Anon

A/N: I went a little wild for this one! I hope you all like it! <3

Pairing: Human!Cas x Reader

Warnings: smut (kinda public, outside hot tub/pool area), language, enough fluff to kill.

Word Count: 3.2k (Sorry not sorry)

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If there was anything worse than having to sleep next to a sweaty Winchester in a shitty motel room with a broken window air conditioning unit, you hadn’t discovered it yet. You’d much rather be in hell. Literally.

You were wide awake at two o’clock in the morning while laying on the edge of the bed, because Dean’s a bed hog, Sam was way too large to even try and share a bed with, and a newly humanized angel was sleeping on the couch.

Now you weren’t by any means saying that you were mad at Cas, but..if he still had his grace you would have a place to sleep right now. Dean was..cuddly in his sleep, and it was just flat out way too hot for his arm to be draped over your stomach right now.

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“Who’s Dean?”

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Pairing - Dean X Reader

Word Count -  1395
Warnings - Angst, drinking, character death.
Summary - Telling her children about their father proves a little harder than expected.
A/N -  Mentioned song HERE , written for 2017 spn angst apreciation day 2017. @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Exhausted, you sat at the dining room table in your small town house. A playlist of your favourite songs playing.  A mug of wine in hand, you didn’t want your children to see you drinking so openly, it had been one of your main vows to yourself.

“Hey Mom, have you seen my phone?” Jake asked as he jogged into the kitchen.

“Erm… I think it’s on the side board in the hallway.” You suggested as you racked your brain for the last time you’d seen it.

“Thanks,” he sat opposite you at the table, you looked into his eyes and knew this was a conversation that would be beyond difficult.

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