spn fandom agrees

Here’s a couple reminders for everyone in the spn fandom

-you may not agree with the writters but that is not an excuse to threaten and disrespect them. You don't control the show.

-death is not always goodbye

-you are entitled to your opinion, but please do not spread it hatefully and ruin the experience for other fans

-don't insult anyone else’s ship or force your ship on others

-just because your ship isn't canon it does not give you the right to bombard actors at conventions with questions about that ship that make them uncomfortable

-the next two episodes are probably going to be traumatic, so support each other 

-just be generally nice and courteous to everyone in the fandom, including actors and writers

 im starting to get frustrated with all the hate going on going on. Especially because of character deaths and destiel. I really think some people need to take this post into consideration because im really aggravated by all the hate coming from our own fandom.