CHAPTER 6.- It Takes some Convincing

Gabe: *Sarcasticaly* “Thank you Gabe for forcing our butts out of the house so we could have a nice day outside”

Cas: “Thank you Gabriel-”

Dean: “No, Cas, what are you doing?”

Cas: “What? It was a very entertaining evening”

Gabe: “Why thank you Cassie”

Dean: “Yeah well that does not mean we won’t be attacked the next time”

Gabe: “Oh come on Dean-O. You need to learn how to relax once in a while”

Gabe: “Right Sammy? What did you think about today?”

Sam: “Ummm…”

Sam: ”…..Yeah ok, it was very nice"

Dean: “Traitor!”

Gabe: *Smiles fondly*

Sam: “Dean, I know we’re still uncertain about the place. But I’m not saying we’ll let our guards down or stop looking for clues on how to get back. I’m just saying, maybe we could try to enjoy ourselves meanwhile?”

Dean: “….You’re just saying that cuz you fell in love with that humongous library. I saw the drool Sam”

Sam: “Yeah, just like you when you saw that bakery with the ‘50-different-flavors-of-pie’ stand?”

Dean: “You shut your mouth”

Sam: *Snort*

Cas: “We also managed to find a nice grocery store just a couple of blocks away”

Sam: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different kinds of- well of everything”

Cas: “And the way you managed to win us some money by playing pool was very skillful Dean. I’ve never seen anything like it”

Dean: “Well, yeah, I mean- It was nothing really”

Cas: “Now we can go buy some food tomorrow. You’re an excellent provider Dean”

Dean: “Um, thanks Cas”

Gabe: “Aaaaaand I rest my case”

Gabe: “So watcha say Dean? Can we take a nice little vacation?”

Dean: “…Alright. Just for a little while”

Gabe: “That’s what I like to hear!”

Dean: “I’m still bringing the knife with me everywhere”

Sam: “We should all get something to protect ourselves”

Gabe: “Add it to the grocery list Cassie”

Cas: “Noted”















Sam: “Are you coming to bed?”

Dean: “Nah I’ll wake Cas up in a few minutes. Angel must be exhausted to crash on the couch like this”

Sam: “Alright”

Gabe: “Are our brothers gay for each other or what?”

Sam: “Tell me about it”


Jeff Davis is a mess tbh. Teen wolf gets messier and messier every season (yet I still watch it). The characters have barely any development. We didn’t even get a funeral for Allison (apparently because it would take up too much time) ??? The effects of the show are bad it looks like a freshmen class project.The show lacks representation of minorities (how many new white boys do we need every season). Supernatural also lacks representation (literally everyone who came close to being a minority on there died e.g, Charlie, Kevin, etc) Also some characters on Teen Wolf are just there with no purpose, it’s insanely stupid.

Caillou is a better TV show than Teen Wolf at this point.

Now this one 😏 So I walked up and they read the sign and they gave a little one eyebrow quirk and then put there hands out for the glasses. I told them to be goofy or just do whatever. I’m pretty sure when people saw the glasses the whole room made an audible gasp! After the picture was taken I looked to Jensen first to get the glasses and let me tell you! He was so hot in those glasses! Hotter than in this picture!