Is this a dream?

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Warnings: Threesome, smut, unprotected sex (no wincest)

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Things were feeling a little weird around the bunker today..
It was a normal day with Sam in the library and Dean on his laptop. But there was tension.. You made your way up there with a basket full of laundry.

“Guy’s?… Uuuh, anyone got any laundry that needs to be done? I’m putting a load on”

Dean looked up at you over the laptop screen, he seen that you were struggling a bit. You had gotten lazy and not done it in a while.

“Uuh, no I don’t think so Y/N, but, do you need some help?” Dean asked.
“I can help you!” Sam suddenly shouted up.
You looked from on to the other without saying a word.
“It’s okay guy’s I can handle it… Everything okay?”
“Yeah, fine, sure” Dean mumbled
You turned on your heal and left heading to the laundry room.

It took you a little while to sort through your clothes, separating the whites and the colors.  Making your way back to get a class of water, you herd whispered talking, sounded more like fighting. You decided to sneak closer to see what was going on between the two brothers.

“Dean you can’t keep saying you win because you’re the oldest! That doesn’t matter now! This has to be fair!” Sam said.

Were the boys really fighting over a game of rock, paper, scissors?  

“I am being fair Sam, I’m telling you I like her more! I’ve liked her longer than you!”

They’re fighting over a girl? Really?

“Really Dean? You’ve liked Y/N longer?”

You froze in place, was that your name? No, couldn’t have been. You didn’t hear right because they were whispering. The Winchesters were in no way fighting over you.

“Yes Sam, I have liked Y/N for longer. I’m asking her out later”

Just as Dean turned around to walk out he seen you standing there, frozen in place in surprise. You couldn’t move even if you wanted to. Looked like the boys were frozen too.

“Uuh, I’m guessing you’re fighting over some other girl with the same name as me yeah?”
“No, we’re not” Dean said looking at the floor.
“We’ve been arguing over who should date you for a few weeks now” Sam said slipping his hands into his jean pockets.
Everyone was silent. Nobody moved out of place. It felt like you couldn’t breath and your heart had stopped. These two men, who you hunt with, have been arguing over you for a few weeks? You felt faint.

“I, I need to sit down”
“Okay” Dean said as he went and grabbed a chair for you.
Now the two of them were standing in front of you, waiting for you to say something. You couldn’t put a sentience together if you tried.

“I have an idea!” Dean said pointing his index finger up
“Why don’t you pick Y/N, you have been around us and hunted with us”
“I’m not just gonna pick Dean, I can’t do that!”
“Why not?”
“Because…. Because..”
“Oh, She doesn’t like either of us” Sam said looking at Dean.
“Well, uuh… This is embarrassing”  
“No guy’s that’s not it, it’s because for a while now… Um”
“What is it Y/N” Sam said with concern on his face.
“I can’t pick because, I… I like the both of you…”

The two of them were stunned. You thought now there would be a fight to the death. They just stood there, then Dean looked at Sam.
“Sweetheart… Could you give me and Sammy a moment”
“Sure, I’m gonna go back and do my laundry”
You got out of the library as fast as you could. Your face was bright red after telling them. What were they going to talk about? Are they gonna tell me I have to leave? Where am I gonna go?

You tried to focus on the laundry but it was taking longer than usual. When you had finally gotten it all sorted out you headed back to your room. You passed the library and peeked in. The two of them were nowhere to be seen. You shrugged your shoulders and continued to your room. When you opened the door and walked in, Sam and Dean were standing there. Sam leaning against your dresser and Dean sitting on the bed. Sam walked over and took the laundry basket from your hands and set it down beside the dresser he was leaning against. Dean stood up from your bee and started walking over to you.

“Well sweetheart, me and Sam had a little chat, and we came up with something.”
“You did? With no fighting? No punches thrown?”
“Nope no fighting of any kind.”
He stood behind you, he rested his hand on your shoulder and slowly brought his hand down along your arm. It sent shivers up your spine.
“We came to the decision that, if neither of us can have you to ourselves…”
“That you can have both of us” Sam finished off for Dean.
“You up for that baby girl?”

Was this really happening?  The Winchesters telling you that you could have both of them? This must be a dream.
Sam walked over to you and took your hand and slid his fingers in between yours, while his other hand rested on your cheek. He brought his face right up to yours. Looking you straight in the eye, lips barely touching, then you felt his lips on yours. You felt like you were on cloud nine, but this was only a kiss. Dean had his body right against your back. you could feel every breath he took. Dean took off your flannel shirt and threw it with the laundry. He started kissing your shoulders and the back of your neck. Sam broke away from the kiss.
“So you up for this?” He whispered. You could only nod.
“Dean” Sam said

Dean took you by the hand and took you to the bed. While Sam took a seat on the chair by the bed. He sat you down and sat beside you. He brought his hand up to your face and started leaving wet, sloppy kisses along your neck and jaw bone. All you could do was close your eyes. You brought your hand up to his face and pulled him in for a kiss. It was nice and gentle. All of a sudden you were on your back on the bed. Dean on top of you trailing kisses down to your breasts. He left you absolutely breathless. He pulled up the bottom of your t shirt and started kissing all over your stomach. He came to the top of your shorts and undid the button and zip and slipped them down your legs. Dean kisses all the way up your legs. When he came to your center, he could see that you were soaking wet.

“Well aren’t we excited” He said with a smirk on his face. He gently pressed his index and middle finger against your clit and gently rubbed. You closed your eyes and moaned softly.
“I can’t wait any longer sweetheart, I need to taste you”
“Yes please”
He pulled your underwear and began to lick you slowly. It was like he was mapping out your pussy with his tongue. sticking his tongue in and out of you, you couldn’t hold he moans in. Then he started to suck on your clit, By now you were very close to comming and you were loving it. While Dean sucked on your clit, he inserted his index finger and started moving it slowly. He inserted another finger and you cried out in pleasure. He started getting faster and faster.
“Dean oh my god Dean, I’m gonna come!!”
All Dean did was moaned around your clit and you were gone.  You were convulsing on the bed and moaning. Dean’s dick was so hard it was hurting. He quickly sat up and took his jeans and boxers off and he took your t-shirt off and your bra.

He started kissing you, you could taste yourself on his tongue and it turned you on even more. As he kissed your neck he slowly pushed himself inside you. You took a deep inhale and moaned. Then you heard something off to the other side of the room, a grunt. You looked over and seen Sam, still sitting in the chair, he had his legs spread out and his jeans unbuckled, he was playing with himself . It was an amazing sight, Knowing that Sam was getting off to this. Dean gave you a minute to adjust and he started off slowly, each slow thrust drawing a grunt from him. Your head was spinning. You didn’t feel right though with Sam being over there playing with himself.

“Come here Sammy”

Dean slipped out of you and lay behind you re entering you from behind. You cried out as he could get even deeper inside you now. Sam stood in front of you, cock as hard as a rock. You took him in your hand and stroked him slowly, then licked the tip of his cock. He took a sharp in hale of air at the feel of you tongue, his cock twitched. You took him into your mouth as far as you could take him. Bobbing back and forth and moaning as Dean got faster and harder behind you. Sam lay his hand on the back of your head and fisted your hair. Dean felt you clench around him.

“You gonna come again baby, come on, come on my cock”

And you did, Dean held onto you as you convulsed in his arms. When you had come down from your orgasm, Dean lay back on the bed, stroking himself. Sam took you by the hand and picked you up.
“You ready for more baby?”
“Yes Sam, I’m ready for you”
Sam bent you over on your bedside locker.
“Hands behind your back”
You did as you were told and Sam held your hands there. Then he entered you, a soft moan comming from him.
“She feels amazing, doesn’t she Sammy”
Sam nodded, slowly moving in and out of you, you couldn’t hold back any moans. You were almost a mess now. It didn’t take long for Sam to speed up. Your legs were shaking and you felt like at any moment you were gonna wake up from this dream.

“You like that cock baby”
“Yes Sam, I love your cock, please go harder”
“Not yet baby”
Dean got up from the bed and stood beside you. Sam let go of your hands and you leaned up on your elbows and took Deans cock into your mouth. You took as much of him into your mouth as you could and bobbed your head. Then all you heard was smack. Sam spanked you, hard. He rubbed where he spanked you and did it again, you let out a squeal.
“You like that baby”
You nodded. Sam started getting harder. He was pounding into you hard and fast, you came again hard, clenching around Sams cock, you were a moaning mess. A few seconds later and Sam was coating your walls in his cum. You looked up and seen that Dean hadn’t come yet. As Sam left to go to the bathroom to clean up, you got down on your knees and took Dean into your mouth again, bobbing faster and faster taking him down as far as you can. Dean pulled your head back.
“I don’t want to come in your mouth”
You got up off your knees taking Dean by the hand.
“Lay on the bed Dean”

Dean lay on the bed, not taking his eyes off your for a moment. The bed dipped to one side as you climbed over Deans body. Leaning down to him, peppering light kisses around his strong jaw line. His hands rested on your hips. You kissed down along his neck. Dean reached around you, grabbing his cock and pressing against your entrance. With his other hand, he rested it on your shoulder, his fingers on your neck. He slowly pushed you back onto his cock. Your walls squeezing his cock, his hand gently squeezed your neck. It was suck a turn on. Dean kept his hand like that while you slowly started moving back and forth on his cock. Deans other hand was squeezing your hip. You grinded down on his cock making him moan loud. You were getting faster and faster. Deans eyes were closed. He came up off the bed, his head buried in your chest. He was close and so were you. You kept going, grinding down hard and fast.
“Dean, I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”
You came, so did Dean. Both of you holding each other. You both stayed that way while comming down from your highs. He lifted his head up and looked up at you. You smiled down at him and kissed him softly. He lay you down on the bed and brushed your hair back from your face.  

“Stay here baby, be right back”
Dean left the room and was back with Sam a few moments later with a bottle of water, a wash cloth and two pain killers.Dean cleaned you up and Sam covered you up and slid in beside you and Dean did the same. You lay on Deans chest and took Sam by the hand. You had the biggest smile on your face.
“Make sure you get lots of rest, this isn’t going to be the last time baby girl”
“We’ve got work to do” Sam said with a massive grin on his face.

Can we just… Can we take a moment? The staff told Jared not to throw the money in the air then he just started doing it. Chris took 4 pictures and they gave us all of them. Misha told me that the fake Canadian money we brought was great counterfeit. Jared said we should throw away the money afterwards and not try to spend it because that would be illegal. I’m dead. (We based this off the video Misha posted to Facebook).