spn devil

In ‘Love is a Devil’ when Alec let himself fall from the ledge of the building, Magnus made it there just in time to catch him. But what it’s interesting is that he arrived there way before the others did and they all left the bedroom together after the thing with Jace and Maryse. So that means that Magnus must have ran up the stairs as soon as he heard Clary calling Alec’s name. He must have know something serious was going on with him. And that’s why later, when he fights Iris and she asks for mercy, he spits a furious 'After all you’ve done?“ I think that was the main reason he was so angry (and of course what happen to the others and his spell book getting stolen).

  • Teacher: I don't think you teenagers understand the influence of internet on our lives and how powerful it is!
  • Me: we do
  • Teacher: how
  • Me: *whispers* mishapocalypse

I feel like there must have been a time, somewhere in the past decade, that Sam and Dean ended up doing rock paper scissors and then when they were about to throw, Dean whipped out the finger guns while Sam threw rock and then just smirked and said, “Colt—dusts anything,” all proud of himself.

And then somehow the game evolved and eventually they ended up playing Rock-Paper-Scissors-Colt-Lucifer-Sam Fucking Winchester or something. And obviously Lucifer trumps the Colt and but Sam Fucking Winchester overpowers Lucifer, so. And then eventually it’d just get way out of hand and they’d have to go back to the good old-fashioned way, but that wouldn’t keep either of them from throwing some random-ass thing every once in a while, just for kicks.


- Ukrainian/Polish Proverb