spn dallas con 2013


Speaking of Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen…

I’m actually really surprised at how well these turned out, because I was sitting all the way back in Row N of the Silver section, and I was kind of like, “Yeah, I’m just not going to try photographing the other panels because there’s no way these turned out well.” Hindsight! Thou art cruel.

Also, the only thing I remember clearly from this panel: “From his crotch, to my face, to your chest!” (It makes sense in context.)

Oh-oh! This was also the panel that askalegacy, junkieday, kanarae, and stillinhell hijacked! I immediately turned to the lady sitting next to me and was like, “I KNOW THOSE GUYS! THOSE GUYS ON STAGE? I’M ROOMING WITH THEM!”

I was proud of my roommates, okay. /o\


I’m sorry. I can’t hear you over the sound of my own voice attempting to explain just how freakin' great askphosphorus is to photograph even during an impromptu shoot. I wish I’d established a more concrete shooting time!

Phos, that means you’re just going to have to come back, okay?