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Chuck appreciation post. Ok, so I saw a post or two from @gr8writingtips and thought of Chuck, so I went and found some more. (Please have him in season 11…) And also, I made a side blog for my SPN stuff and it’s @silviaspnblog if you wanted to take a look.

Favorite Unpopular Characters Meme
A Favorite Character Even Canon Seems to Have Forgotten → Adam Milligan (Supernatural)

“We may be blood, but we are not family. My mom is my family. And if I do my job, I get to see her again. So no offense, but she’s the one I give a rat’s ass about, not you.”

anonymous asked:

Do you prefer Adam or John as Michael's vessel? I prefer John



matt’s performance as michael. in my heartest of hearts, he is always like, the mike for me. i think it’s because of the way he moved:

that it just slayed the role to me. i loved it. so young!john is always my headcanon for michael any time i draw him before the adam stuff!

Anonymous said:

I saw the tags on your Fox Lucifer drawing. (A+++++ by the way) And you mentioned something about comics? Is the show based off of comics?

yep!! lucifer is actually a spinoff of the popular comic The Sandman. (it’s backed by neil gaiman as well!)

these’re probably the most recognizable images from it:

i’ve known about it for a few years, but something about the art style made it so i couldn’t quite stick to the idea of reading through it. but the way the show has executed it has turned me back on to the idea!


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