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oh, cool news!!

as you guys may know, i’ll be participating in the @supernaturalartbook!

so excited to announce i’m placed in the chapter Angels and Heaven! for this, i’ll be providing a piece consisting of Chuck and The God Squad! MY CHILDREN

so excited!! if you haven’t read up on this book, it’s for a great cause, and it’s FILLED with tons and tons of incredible artists!!

Dean Winchester Advent Calendar 2/12

Imagine: Walking into Dean when you had a sexual dream about him.

You were sweating like a sinner in church when you woke up. Still catching your breath from the erotic dream you just had. When you were awake you could control yourself, pushing those thoughts about Dean to the back of your mind, brushing it of like what you felt for him was just a silly teenage crush. But when you were sleeping your fantasy took over and the green eyed hunter seemed to find his way in every single one of them. You couldn’t blame yourself though, there was no denying that he was a good looking, sexy man add his constant teasing and flirting to the mix and you were a goner the moment you laid eyes on him. 

Your feet patted down the cold halway as you made your way over to the kitchen to get some water. Your mind drifting back and forth between reality and your dream. Maby if you paid some more attention to your suroundings you would have noticed the person right in front of you. Your body crashed into something soft and warm arms wrapped around you protectivly. “(Y/n), are you alright?? were you sleepwalking?” The first thing you saw was his broad chest, than the little freckles covering his nose and before you new it you were staring right into those gorgeous green eyes. Dean repeated the question as he looked you up and down. 

You remained silent, not knowing if you were able to speek. “Did you have nightmares again?” You shook your head. “no, no nightmares, just a strange dream.“ A grin spread across his face "ooow that kind of dream, you naughty little girl.” You panicked for  a moment, not really knowing what to do or say. “Tell me babygirl, about who do you have naughty dreams?” You tried to compose yourself, to not melt under his gravily voice. “i should be going back to bed Dean and so do you. Goodnight.” You stood up on your tiptoes and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Than you hurried back to your room, leaving Dean puzled and alone in the dark hallway.

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12 Days of Sabriel – Day 9

Title: 12 Days of Sabriel – Day 9
‘Showing up late to class with a Starbucks’ is not Sam’s style at all. Not showing up to class at all because the guy working at Starbucks is confusingly handsome is totally Sam’s style.
Underage Drinking (< 21 years)

Sabriel || Fluff || Height Difference || Coffee Shop AU || College AU || Sam is a Starbucks virgin || OC: Bagel || Advent Calendar Fic

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8

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Dean Winchester Advent Calendar 22/12

Imagine: Dean going on a hunt

Dean was standing in the bunker’s library, duffelbag resting on his shoulder, zipping up his jacket. “Ok, that’s it honey, we’ll be back as soon as we can. Take care of yourself while we’re gone.” You laughed, eventhough it was to hide your tearse. It was still hard when he had to go, every single time he would go on a hunt you would feel this loneliness inside off you. “I will Baby, i love you.” Dean looked at you like he didn’t understood a word you said. “What did you say?” You looked a little confused. “I love you?” A small grin apeared on his face now. “Oh my, i must be going deaf, could you say it again?” You laughed out loud now. “I love you, you silly man.” He walked over to you and enveloped you in a thight hug. “I love you to honey.” He let go of you and picked up the duffelbag again. “Stay safe Dean.” He nodded and with one last kiss he closed the door.

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Dean Winchester Advent Calendar 12/12

Imagine: Dean Knows that you love to run your fingers trough his hair, even before you two were dating. So from the moment you two were a couple he kept it just a little longer than usual, because he too likes the feeling of your fingers in it.

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Advent Project!

I’ll be doing another SPN Advent Calendar for which I’ll draw pairings that aren’t only DeanCas! Surprising, right? But I need your help!

Until the 28th of November you can send me Team Free Will centric pairings (or friendships etc)! I’d appreciate it if you would also send me a prompt in case I can’t come up with something good.

The pairing should include either Sam, Dean or Cas. I might make exceptions!

I think pretty much anything goes, from past experience I’m fine with RPS, sex changes, cross dressing, lots of blood, lots of fluff, Mpreg and some oddities that I wouldn’t usually do. (I will stay mostly safe for work though.)

There are of course only 24 days so I won’t be able to do everything and I might not have time to draw a pic for every day but I hope we’ll get a nice variety as well as the usual ships you’ll find on my blog! ♥

I’ll be reblogging this a couple of times so you have time to think until the 28th! So, send me an ask with your pairing and prompt idea!

Happy November!