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lol mark sheppard is not being problematic he’s being honest and straightforward. he’s tired of lies and fabrication from the showrunners and how companies such as creation exploit fans and actors for their own greed. he has every right to be as brutally honest as he’s being right now and frankly i think that it’s great that there is someone on our side for once, telling it exactly how it is. i’m not sure exactly what is going down or has gone down but from what i’ve gathered, mark has good reasons to call out the show and all it’s bullshit. the fact that he’s blunt is what this fandom deserves - we’re always being baited. it’s a nice change that someone is finally treating the fandom with mutual respect.


4.21 vs 4.22

I’ve always found it interesting (and frustrating) that Bobby relates so differently to Sam than he does to Dean. There are other examples of this, but I’ve chosen these two because they come back to back and they are related to the same issue. Bobby knows they have to get through to Sam (who’s run off with Ruby to sate his blood addiction), so he advises Dean be gentle with him instead of harsh. And yet, when Bobby is trying to get through to Dean in the next episode, he uses the so-called ‘tough love’ method instead. With other choice phrases like ‘You sound like a whiny brat,” and comparing Dean to John. 

So why is this? Why does Bobby think Sam needs gentle care while he believes Dean needs harshness? Just FYI: he doesn’t.  We’ve seen Dean respond well to gentler methods. And really, nobody actually needs this kind of tough love. 

13.01 coda (ft. deancas feelings)

“Can you tell me about my mother?” Jack asks them, right before taking a drink from his beer bottle. Drinking at age sixteen is one thing, but starting to drink when you’re barely three days old is another. Then again, it’s not like Jack’s going to drink himself to death if getting stuck with an angel blade didn’t leave a mark.

“She was a good woman,” Sam begins. “She wanted the best for you, and whatever she did, it was to protect you. She went off the map just to keep you safe.”

Dean nods, remembering Kelly’s determination to keep Jack alive. “Sam and I didn’t know her before she got knocked up with you, but she really cared about you. Hell, she gave up her own life to give you one.” Dean shrugs, pushing away his empty bottle to grab another from the pack. He opens it, purposely avoiding Sam’s eyes. “If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.” Jack nods slowly, seeming to take the words to heart.

“And Castiel?” Jack asks next, lowering the beer bottle from his lips. “What was he like?”

Dean’s throat closes up.

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Another thing that makes me extremely sad and angry is that no matter which role Sam tries to play within his own family, he cannot win.

Sam rebels against John because he doesn’t want to keep hunting forever, he wants a better future and a safe life? He is selfish and he should listen to Dean. Sam tries to make excuses for Mary’s behavior (Dean did the same with John tbh) and tries to keep peace (clumsily) between his mom and his brother? He is naive and he should listen to Dean.

Sam is always shown to be in the wrong dynamic and I’m sick of that, I’m sick of the narrative always being biased against him, I’m sick of seeing Sam being punished for trying to fit into in own family.

I’m fucking tired of this.


1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “I call bullshit.“

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requested by: @arryn-nyx

Sam should know better than to fucking listen to Dean. Never again. He’s in too deep now. He just needs to get in and get out as fast as he can. Sam lets out a shaky breath as he hears the door open and it makes his stomach drop. Damn it.

“Hi. I’m Dr. L/N.” You greet with a warm smile walking into the exam room. You immediately recognize the insanely handsome man in front of you. You’ve never talked to him before but you’ve seen him around town many times.

“I’m Sam. Nice to meet you.” He replies with a shy smile. Well isn’t this fucker just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

“Ok so…you have some back pain?” You mention looking at the nurses notes on the laptop in front of you.

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Word Vomit About Sam Winchester

So, I just saw a post saying that it was absurd for Sam to ask Dean “Remember Gadreel?” and it got me thinking. For a long time I have been saying the same thing:


Sam has low self esteem and thinks that he doesn’t really matter. For so many years, he’s just been a martyr looking for a good cause to die for. 

A lot of times, people who have low self esteem or who don’t value themselves very much assume other people feel the same way. Something that is significant to them, they assume doesn’t even register to someone else.

I cannot count the times I have repeated myself to friends. 

“So, I was at this place…”

“One time, I did _____”

Their answers are always “Yes, I know. You told me about that before.”

To me, it’s surprising that they were listening the first time and cared enough to remember it. It just doesn’t seem like anything I do should be registering with them. 

When Sam asked if Dean remembered Gadreel, it was a two part thing. One, he was introducing a new subject. Two, he was basically saying “Look, i know the angel hijacking my body was a big deal for me, but maybe you don’t remember and that’s okay, but…” It’s Sam’s way of saying he feels insignificant and forgettable. 

So, no, it’s not really all that absurd. It’s just proof that Sam needs to love himself more. He’s so much better, stronger, smarter than he thinks he is. He’s not forgettable or replaceable and it kind of breaks my heart that he thinks he is.

Sam, we all remember Gadreel. We remember every good thing and every shitty thing from the past 12 years that has happened to you. You are a precious cinnamon roll, not just a dude looking for a cause. 


Author: whatareyousearchingfordean

Characters: DeanxReader, Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester

Words: 1321

A/N: Hey guys, this is my entry for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ‘s Rom Com Fluff Challenge. My challenge came from one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite rom coms, How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days. My challenge; “You see, the key to this game is knowing how to read people.” (bold) I had a lot of fun with this and loved doing a little bit of fluff for once. 

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