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This was so amazing. I’m so glad I got to be there for this. Thanks again @ivylash. <3

ok i took upon myself to research a little about Jughead’s portrayal in the Archie comics bc i have not even read a single thing from the comics before the #Discourse blew up on here, and I don’t wanna articulate an opinion on something i’m not at least acquainted with. Also, It’s still on my dash and I’m tired 

1. From what I could gather, Jughead has repeatedly rejected people’s heteronormative assumption and stated that he is NOT interested in a different/opposite gender–woman. In addition to that, he does not show interest for anyone as far as the readers concerned. This can be interpreted as that he does not feel attractions of any kind towards any genders and only stated over and over again that he isn’t attracted to girls because he is reacting to other characters’s constant enforcement of heteronormative expectation. This is an interpretation that the creators of the comics chose accept and make canon, and it’s great that they give this character a non-straight sexuality, as the global and North American fictional narrative medias aren’t even remotely close to having adequate ace aro representation. 

2. However, many knows that because of Hays Code, Hollywood (North American/global media power house) has gone through a period of banning homosexuality from the cinema. When creators want to slip gay characters through the censorship, they don’t always hint at the character’s sexuality by using cinematography, diegetic/non diegetic sounds and/or mise-en-scene to suggest the character’s attraction towards a member of same gender; in fact, sometimes they have to drop the hints in the characters’ REJECTION of the sexual/romantic advance and interest of opposite gender. This tradition of gay coding has lingered even after the ban has been lift. (more details can be found in the documentary “Celluloid Closet”) 

3. Many bloggers still headcanon Jughead as gay because they are LGB themselves, and even us LGB kids these days still learn to interpret and see through the text to see the potential and possibility of a character’s gayness. Interpreting Jughead as gay is actually totally valid in this case. Also, most of them explicitly say that Jughead CAN be both gay AND ace. Speaking of gay ace people, I got #receipts from last year’s gender studies course ok, LGB aces exist since forever and are always on the forefront of ACTUAL asexuality activism since it’s become a discussion in the early 2000s. As queer woman who is still technically on the a-spec, let me say we are freaking important too, and our sexuality is constantly erased AS WELL. As far as i’m concerned, no one is erasing Jughead’s now canon aro asexuality by saying it’s invalid, and many just want to headcanon him as gay because the coding of his sexuality CAN be read as gay coding. 

In conclusion: Jughead is ace aro in canon, that’s indisputable and objectively a good thing. However, some people wants him to be gay ace for very valid reasons and i honestly don’t know why in the ever-loving fuck would you all have a problem with people headcanoning jughead as gay. 

Let’s get the facts straight:

1. Cas drag Dean out of Hell. If it wasn’t for him, Dean would still get his ass fried in there.

2. Cas helped the Winchesters stopping the Apocalypse: he helped them fighting the Horsemen, he stopped Dean from saying yes to Michael, he saved him in almost every episode and in the end, he died trying to distract Michael and Lucifer.

3. Season 6, 7 and 8 were basically entirely about Castiel. In S6, he tried to stop another Apocalypse, but chose poorly and paid for it. In S7 he was struggeling with consequences of his actions, but because of him Sam wasn’t tortured by his hallucinations again. S8 was entirely about Dean missing Cas, the angel tablet and Noemi fucking with Castiel’s brain. Cas, Cas, Cas.

4. In season 9 the writers obviously decided that we need a little break and the season wasn’t therefore entirely about Cas, but his actions were essential for the whole storyline: otherwise, Gadreel would still sit in his cell.

5. Season 10 was entirely about the Mark of Cain and Dean being a demon. Castiel wasn’t the main star, but neither was Sam. They were both just trying to save Dean. 

Yes, the writers treat Castiel horribly. They are using him as a tool for the plot development and don’t focus on his feelings (that is, until this season, but we still don’t know how it ends), but it doesn’t change the fact that Castiel is an essential part of the story.
I know I can’t force you to like him. I’m not trying to, but at least stop being ignorant. 

I’m just tired of reading shit like: “Well Castiel is totally redundant”, “He’s useless when it comes to the storyline”, “He never did anything important”, “I don’t understand why they killed Ruby/Meg/whoever but not Castiel”,  “He’s not important to Sam and Dean”.

WTF? Are we even watching the same show?
I know some people are focusing entirely on Sam and Dean, and if they like it this way then it’s totally fine, but if you’re completely deaf and blind around other characters and can’t even interpret their role, then just stop talking, simply because you’re wrong.

(Yes I was frustrated and yes, I feel better now, thanks)

Based on Twitter, I take it that TPTB at @cw_spn are trotting out the “story goes where it goes” excuse again. 

As a writer this bullshit infuriates me, because a good writer, like improv comedians or jazz musicians, always maintains structural control over their material. Dropping control means you’re not doing your job.

And yes, sometimes a new and interesting turn appears. Things change, characters evolve, contracts aren’t renewed, etc etc.  But you then make the minute and constant adjustments so that the new direction maintains internal consistency (ex: a smart character isn’t suddenly suicidally stupid without cause), and the end result is the destination you planned.  

And then you own it, you don’t blame it on some vague “story wanted” as though it has more power over your words than you do.

Because no, that’s not how it works.  Not if you’re a professional.

Dean: why can’t we just kill Amara already!! let’s kill the literal darkness and be done with the biggest threat to the universe come on yall!! 

Lucifer & God & Sam: lol maybe u want Amara to be killed bc u dont want her to be killed 

Dean: damn u right guys 

me: ???????????????????????????

so like, maybe this year, instead of filling people’s dashes with red white and blue bullshit that got old years ago, we should actually talk about how much the grand ole US of A needs to get its shit together when it comes to issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism… the list goes on. 

yeah, let’s make a big deal about that this 4th of july.