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There you go. Jared BTS season 11. Jared’s like “NO…MY MERIDA”

Ruth is adorable ^_^ ❤

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how does this show even get filmed?

*Jensen laughing*

“What?” Misha said.

“I can’t…”

“Why? It’s just me! Not that bad, Jen!” He answered, laughing.

“Because Jared’s right there doing… weird things! Stop!”

“HA HA! C’mon guys, I’m recording with my phone!”

“What? No! Stop!” Jensen ordered.

“Hey, Jen. Focus on me ok? Don’t at them, not Jared. Me, ok?”

“Ok, ok”

“Just me, just me.”


*Their faces coming closer and closer, until they finally kiss eachother. The keep kissing until the director made the signal for them to stop. They stared at eachother eyes for a while*

“And… Cut! Ok, five minutes! Then the bed scene!”

“Guys! I have the video!!” Jared said.

“God, man… Don’t…”

“What’s wrong, Jen? Like it was the first time…”

“It was. In front of cameras… and… with tongue”

“What??” Jared stared at Misha “You used tongue?

“Yeap” Misha smiled “It had to be realistic”

“So, what a bout the bed scene. Are you gonna fuck him in a realistic way?” Jared laughed.

“Shut up if you don’t want me to shoot you in the face” Jensen looked at him seriously.

“Ok, ok. You know who’s gonna be on top?” Jared asked.

“Me” Them both answered at the same time, then looked at eachother “No, me” They said again.

“Mish, we both know Dean can’t be a bottom”

“Why no, huh? Cas can’t be, he’s stronger, he’s like a protector, a guardian. We both know that Dean’s personality it’s more like a tsundere”

“What? Don’t you dare to use anime terms”

“Look, I don’t have any problems with you on top” Misha smiled “But what fans want is what matters”

“Em… can I…?” Jared stopped them “Misha’s kinda right with that… Let’s try it. I’ll search bottom!Dean and bottom!Cas on google. We’ll compare resaults, and decide. Ok?”

Misha and Jensen stared at eachother, biting their tongues and lips, trying to decide.

“It’s ok with me” Misha said “Let’s try.

“Yeah, let’s do this” Jensen agreed.

“Ok… I’m searching bottom!Cas… 67.200.000 resaults on Google”

“Ha! What about that, huh?” Jensen smiled.

“Not that fast, cowboy” Misha said

“Ok, I’m searching bottom!Dean… Wow”


“It’s… um… 390.000.000 resaults on Google. Sorry, man”

“It can’t be. No, no, no” Jensen looked at the phone, it was true “What?!”


Supernatural Set Visit 2016 - Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins Outtakes

This is hilarious!!!!! Here’s the rest of the interview:

Supernatural Set Visit 2016 - Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Discuss the End of the Show

Supernatural Set Visit 2016 - Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles Tease the Thule’s Return

…Anyway, Ben was directing. Ben has this really sort of seat of the pants directing style. So, um, finding that character of the crazy Cas, …he came up and said ‘okay, all right’—The first take of the first scene we were shooting, so…That sort of establishes the tone, you know, you have to sort of stick with what you’re doing at that point…So, he came up and said, um, ‘Make him—here’s an idea—make the, uh, it’s that the crazy Cas is full of life, just full of joy and—and—soaking up everything, a ray of sun and every glint off a butterfly’s wing and it’s just this gleeful celebration of life.’

We did a take and Ben comes back and says, ‘Okay, great. Um, do it more like he’s very very contained and reflective and almost, uh, almost not showing any emotion at all. Okay, great.’ I mean, it was the absolute opposite direction that he had given me two seconds before. So the net result was that he made me, as the actor, completely schizophrenic. So…it was weird, it was weird finding the character but I think we kind of got something that worked in the end. But it was funny, the process, ‘cause it was—He was saying ‘Try one thing. Now try the exact opposite and see how that works.’

—  Misha Collins (AHBL4)