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How much advance notice do J2 have of the storyline? Like how many episodes ahead of us they are? I think nothing is written yet for 13, right? So even J2 don't really know what's going to happen? They know the scooby doo episode, but do they know what's going to happen in 13x1? 13x2? And when they finish filming 13x1, how much more do they know? Do they even know what's going to happen in the first episode?

Hi there! As far as I know, the writers went back to work on s13 on May 15. That’s when they began laying out s13, the major plot arcs, etc.

We also know that they already did the voice track for 13.16 (the Scooby Doo episode they announced at the CW Upfronts on May 19), which they recorded at the beginning of April during the filming of 12.22. So the script for that one episode. The fact that the script had to have been written much earlier than that, and that episode was probably being negotiated with the cartoon studio as well as the writers (since they aren’t SPN writers) long before that, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it will be a one-off MotW episode, and not an essential mytharc episode. Just the production nature of a cartoon means they can’t make last-minute changes to the script when they know the direction of the season-long mytharc, which can and does evolve during the season as the episodes are written. It’s implausible on every level to think that episode won’t be a completely stand-alone MotW that doesn’t have any real bearing on the mytharc at all.

Preproduction for 13.01 is scheduled to begin on June 26. That’s probably around the time that Jensen, Jared, and Misha will receive the first drafts of the script for that episode, at the earliest. So truly, they have no idea what will be happening in s13 yet. At all. Aside from the fact that they know what their contracts are like, and that they will be in episodes in s13. 

The first day of filming is scheduled to be July 10. So things we hear from them after that point will be more grounded in reality, and less grounded in their own weird headcanons.

Because they all have a long history of some not-so-accurate headcanons. :P

(thinking about that time someone asked Misha his thoughts on what human foods Cas would like to eat again and not have them taste like molecules, and he listed a bunch of gas station foods– and the entire audience started screaming WHAT ABOUT PB&J? And he was like, OH! I should’e known that, shouldn’t I? Yes, Mish, you should’ve. :P)

So anything they’re saying right now, aside from the words they’ve already read and recorded from 13.16, is about PB&J levels of reliable… i.e., not at all)

kajuned  Hi! I watched new episode and saw cas has his own…

I’m pretty sure the crew were just too lazy to change the numbers. They said before S12 aired that Room 15 was Dean’s. They also use only one set for the bedrooms.

Yeah, I mean that could be part of it. It’s a pain in the ass not only rearranging that single bedroom set to be multiple different bedrooms, and in the interest of time they could’ve just left the set as it was after 12.17 before filming that scene from 12.19. It was just Dean opening the door and looking sad to find the room empty, after all. Because they had to reset the room to be Dean’s bedroom for 12.18 and 12.19, and switching it BACK to a different room in between might’ve just been too much of a time crunch. They do have limits on what they can do in two weeks between episodes, you know?

But whatever the case, that same door number has been in canon as being Mary’s room, the guest room, and now Cas’s room. So in canon, that’s what it’s been, regardless of the BTS reasons that may exist in real life.

I’ve given up trying to map the bunker, honestly. It’s pointless. I just take it as the show decides to give it to us and assume MAGICAL REASONS for what might look like inconsistencies on the surface.

As it stood back in s11, here’s a post I made back then detailing the rooms as we understood them at that point:


Yeah, Dean was already in room 11 at that point. I’m going with the headcanon that Dean started in room 11, and IS STILL IN ROOM 11, but from this pic:

You can just barely make out the fact that room 15, at some point, was actually labeled room 11. It’s faint and hard to see, but you can see the outline of a “1″ underneath the mismatched-looking 5.

Headcanon time: At some point since they moved in, probably when they were still excavating the place and settling in and finding their way around, they got SPECTACULARLY drunk one night just because DAMMIT WE CAN this is our safe and private place and that deserves a celebration.

Maybe at that point they’d each cleared out a bedroom for themselves and hadn’t really dusted or cleaned out any of the other rooms, and they were still settling in… so as a prank Sam switched all the room numbers around so Dean wouldn’t be able to find his own bedroom when he finally shuffled and stumbled drunkenly off in search of his bed.

Hilarity ensued, it gave us one episode where the doors were mislabeled that also happened to be the first time we saw Dean’s room… but ever since he’s put the numbers to rights and has been in room 11 ever since.

Maybe Sam learned his lesson about switching the numbers around when he accidentally found himself in a Storage Room of Horrors that night while trying to find the bathroom in the dark. Who knows?

But Dean’s room has been consistently #11 ever since 9.04 (at the latest), so I’m going with my headcanon until proven otherwise. :P


There you go. Jared BTS season 11. Jared’s like “NO…MY MERIDA”

Ruth is adorable ^_^ ❤

#supernatural season 11

*Jensen laughing*

“What?” Misha said.

“I can’t…”

“Why? It’s just me! Not that bad, Jen!” He answered, laughing.

“Because Jared’s right there doing… weird things! Stop!”

“HA HA! C’mon guys, I’m recording with my phone!”

“What? No! Stop!” Jensen ordered.

“Hey, Jen. Focus on me ok? Don’t at them, not Jared. Me, ok?”

“Ok, ok”

“Just me, just me.”


*Their faces coming closer and closer, until they finally kiss eachother. The keep kissing until the director made the signal for them to stop. They stared at eachother eyes for a while*

“And… Cut! Ok, five minutes! Then the bed scene!”

“Guys! I have the video!!” Jared said.

“God, man… Don’t…”

“What’s wrong, Jen? Like it was the first time…”

“It was. In front of cameras… and… with tongue”

“What??” Jared stared at Misha “You used tongue?

“Yeap” Misha smiled “It had to be realistic”

“So, what a bout the bed scene. Are you gonna fuck him in a realistic way?” Jared laughed.

“Shut up if you don’t want me to shoot you in the face” Jensen looked at him seriously.

“Ok, ok. You know who’s gonna be on top?” Jared asked.

“Me” Them both answered at the same time, then looked at eachother “No, me” They said again.

“Mish, we both know Dean can’t be a bottom”

“Why no, huh? Cas can’t be, he’s stronger, he’s like a protector, a guardian. We both know that Dean’s personality it’s more like a tsundere”

“What? Don’t you dare to use anime terms”

“Look, I don’t have any problems with you on top” Misha smiled “But what fans want is what matters”

“Em… can I…?” Jared stopped them “Misha’s kinda right with that… Let’s try it. I’ll search bottom!Dean and bottom!Cas on google. We’ll compare resaults, and decide. Ok?”

Misha and Jensen stared at eachother, biting their tongues and lips, trying to decide.

“It’s ok with me” Misha said “Let’s try.

“Yeah, let’s do this” Jensen agreed.

“Ok… I’m searching bottom!Cas… 67.200.000 resaults on Google”

“Ha! What about that, huh?” Jensen smiled.

“Not that fast, cowboy” Misha said

“Ok, I’m searching bottom!Dean… Wow”


“It’s… um… 390.000.000 resaults on Google. Sorry, man”

“It can’t be. No, no, no” Jensen looked at the phone, it was true “What?!”