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The heck is that car in the bts picture is right! Reminds me of Death's classic ride. Can't wait to find out!

I had it narrowed down to late 40′s Buick, but Jenn told me I was a couple years off. It’s a highly modified 1952 Buick Roadmaster. Here’s the unmodified version:

But it looks like they took half the look of the 52, and mooshed it up with a 1957 Roadmaster Riviera:

And from set:

Someone has done A LOT of work to this car.

(right now I am quietly sitting here  praying to every god of writing ever that they did not let bucklemming near a script about alternate realities because no no nononono, and that this is an interesting character’s car and nothing more… like Death’s awesome Cadillac, or War’s Mustang).


Angel Warrior special

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WTF have I never seen this before? It’s from 2013 (includes stuff from seasons 1 - 7), but it’s almost 20 minutes of the showrunner(s), writers, producers AND J2 talking about what a great/interesting character Castiel is, how important he is to the show & narrative and how Misha is the perfect actor to play him.

I assume this was shared far and wide when it was first released in 2013, but perhaps now isn’t a bad time to re-share some Cas/Misha love ^.^

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Sorry for sending you so many messages but, why does it never snow in Supernatural? I'm pretty sure I've seen autumn-orange leaves, a summer-hot day and a peaceful-spring, but where's winter? O_O

Oh gosh, I have a REALLY interesting question from you sitting in my inbox because I’ve been too distracted to answer properly (I’m so sorry! I’ll get to it soon!). 

I don’t think it snows all that much in Vancouver. There’s a lot of episodes that have snow on the ground, but (I googled it :P) And they only get maybe one or two snow storms a year where they get more than about 3-4″ each time.

They get more snow in the mountains surrounding Vancouver, so some of their more remote location shoots encounter more snow, but it tends to be rainier than snowy in Vancouver itself.

I believe that’s one of the reasons it’s become a desirable place to film, though. Because the city doesn’t become snowbound very often, filming can reliably continue throughout much of the winter without too much interruption due to inclement weather.

On the other hand, it makes it hard to show the midwest in midwinter buried under tons of snow. :P

And since acts of nature aren’t something you can reliably write into a script, I think they take this fact into account while writing. :P

I guess it’s more plausible than the opposite problem. I once read a fic that took place in Los Angeles at Christmas time, and there was a blizzard.

In Los Angeles.

(the average annual snowfall in Los Angeles is zero inches. It doesn’t snow there at all. Ever.)

(The average daytime high during December is in the mid 50′s (14c).

So I guess there’s worse things than rainy midwestern winters? :P