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Deancas Graphics Challenge | punkascas
↳ Prompt: Round Ten – Endverse

Let us be damned
Let us be weird
Let us love the things
Which most do not

Being Rowena apprentice would include...

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A/N: I’m sorry this is really short :/

• Rowena didn’t want an apprentice at first

• So she didn’t pay attention to you

• But once she saw your potential she agreed to make you her apprentice

• At first, it was hard, she was really strict

• But with the time, you two got to know each other and she started to like you

• She taught you everything she knows

• You never complain because you know how lucky you are to be her apprentice

• Sometimes she lets you cast some spells

• She doesn’t say it but she is proud of you

• Listening to everything she tells you

• If you two have problems with demons she will protect you

• She got attached to you even if she doesn’t want to admit it

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So I drew for the ABO BB 2014 and to my extreme pleasure it’s about DRAGONS. Dean-and-Cas dragons, to be specific ♥♥

Heat by reillyblack (at AO3)

When Dean - beautiful, strong, and next in line for Chief of the Earth Clan Dean - presents as an extremely rare male omega, he’s devastated. He’d trained all his life to inherit his father’s leadership role, but now due to old traditions he must choose between the right to bear and raise his own children or lead the clan. Beyond that, heats for unmated omegas are dangerous and often deadly, so he must choose a mate before his next heat. Castiel, in love with Dean since they were both little dragonlings, fights for the chance to fill that dire need.