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a funny thing about me is that i watch a show and i want to be what’s in the show,like:

*watches grey’s anatomy*
me:oh hey i want to be a doctor

*watches htgawn*
me:oh hey i want to be a lawyer

*watches supernatural*
me:oh hey i want to be a demon

*watches sherlock*
me:oh hey i want to be gay

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan: can you describe the character for me
  • Casting Director: they're a... cutthroat, merciless, aggressive antagonist
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan: you had me at throat-cutting
  • Casting Director:
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan: (pulls weapons from various parts of his outfit)
  • Casting Director:
  • Casting Director: NO WAIT
okay, humans.

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E - Endearing

(Dean & Cas, ticklish!Dean, ticklish!Cas, tiny!octo!Cas)

Oh geez, don’t even get me started on tiny!ticklish!octo!Cas, because this is what happens, this wasn’t even on my list for a drabble but blame wordstrings’  and everyone else’s too adorable headcanons. Ugh help. (Also I saw a headcanon that octo!Cas is telepathic (and he doesn’t telepathate all the time, only when he needs to) but doesn’t actually talk, which I like, so that’s what I’m going with BECAUSE IT COMBINES COMMUNICATION AND QUTE LITTLE OCTOPUS NOISES ugh ignore my spelling I JUST GET SO EXCITED.)

~ ~ ~

Dean isn’t surprised when Cas scrambles up on the bed. It seems as though he spends every other night in Dean’s room, or in Sam’s when he isn’t around. He’s even less surprised when the little octopus creeps up onto his bare shoulder, because it’s one of his favorite places to be. The others are Dean’s hair, which he loves to sit and tangle his tentacles in, and his belly. When Dean asked about that one, Cas had replied that his stomach was soft and warm and comfy, like a pillow. If anyone else called him soft Dean thinks he would be offended, but the octo had said it so wide-eyed and earnestly that he really can’t mind.

He gives Cas a smile before turning back to his book, one that he’s actually reading for fun, for once. Cas peers curiously at the title before making his way down Dean’s torso to settle on his belly. He stops right in the center and flops down with a content coo, one of his tentacles slipping into Dean’s navel and making him hold back a laugh. “Stop it, that feels funny,” Dean scolds, though Cas looks too tired to care. His torso is curled inward and each of his tentacles are curled up into small balls, and he’s so damn cute that Dean just chuckles and gives Cas a little head rub. He purrs, but hooks his tentacle tighter around the lip of Dean’s belly button when he tries to pull it away, so Dean sighs and resigns himself to being tickled a bit for the foreseeable future, since Cas’ tentacles tend to twitch when he’s sleeping.

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spn minor characters graphic challenge | maraparkers vs. @deanfeaters
↳ prompt: gordon walker + red

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Writers: remember that awesome character that you loved?

Fans: yeah! They were so great and exactly what we need for the current plot!

Writers: we’re bringing them back!

Fans: that’s great! We think that due to the current circumstances, it would be wonderful if they aided th-

Writers: we’re killing them

Fans: oh

What Feels Right

Summary: You’ve had to move in with the boys due to a demon problem. After growing close with the younger Winchester, Sam starts wondering what exactly you’re hiding from him
: SamxReader
: 1869
: None?? 
AN: This is my entry for @the-mrs-deanwinchester‘s ABCs of Autumn Challenge. I did ‘E’ for Equinox!
This fic was… interesting. There’s a lot, and I mean basically the whole basis of the fic, of me in it. But I hope you enjoy it!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


Sam was staring at you with the puppy eyes again.

You weren’t even looking at him, but you could feel the puppy eyes on you…

That alone was making you want to crumble.

Damn him.

He’d recently picked up on the fact that you’d been up to something behind his back, but when he’d questioned you about it that morning you’d snapped at him, telling him to mind his own business.

The aforementioned puppy eyes were now only adding to the guilt that had built up since.

It wasn’t that you’d meant to snap at him, he’d just caught you off guard, and you weren’t quite sure how to tell him what you were doing. Even though you’d been living with him for three months, and had grown very close with the younger Winchester, there was still something holding you back.

Ever since you were a child, you’d been encouraged to keep that side of your life a secret, and it was a habit that had just stuck, even if you were now surrounded by far more open-minded people. That, and you’d been called a ‘freak’ and ‘weird’ one too many times by people you thought were friends to give your secret up lightly.

With every second that past, you were that bit closer to breaking and just telling him… Sam was definitely not going to judge you, right?

Just as you were building the confidence to look up and face him, Dean walked in talking about a case he’d found. All the momentum you’d been gathering since he’d started eyeing you deflated, and you were left with an uneasy sense of regret in the pit of your stomach.

Guess I’ll just… tell him later…

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guys, i need a little help :)

ive been thinking about this lately: I wanna start a new blog. The thing is, I dont know what to post. I basically need you to suggest me a theme for this new blog 

for example i can run a bookish blog, where i tell you my opinion on my recent reeds. 

since I loooove movies and tv shows, i thought i could do one where i post quotes from different films or series, your confessions or tell you guys my opinion about movies i`ve recently watched 

please let me know what you think

i`m open for suggestions 

p.s. Im sorry for my English, but im from Romania and i kinda suck :))


Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1204

Summary: All of the reader’s shirts are ruined, or too small so…the reader borrows some of Sam’s…

This is my entry for @the-mrs-deanwinchester ‘s wonderful ABC’s of Autumn Challenge! My Letter was P-for Plaid. ;) Enjoy!

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Fall Is For Football

Summary: The reader finds a relic in the trunk of the Impala.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  817

Warnings: None, just fluff

Author’s Notes: Written for @the-mrs-deanwinchester ABC’s of Autumn Challenge. My prompt was F for Football. Thank you for letting me post this late. I really appreciate your understanding!

Originally posted by pretty-gifs

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K - Killjoy

(Sabriel, ticklish!Sam)

Hooray, deanslaughter’s bday was yesterday! Hope you had an awesome day, girl!

~ ~ ~

“Hey, Sammy-”


Gabriel groaned and collapsed dramatically on the ground, slumping against the side of Sam’s chair with head flopping back against the armrest. “Killjoy,” he muttered, pouting at a painting on the other side of the library. “I hope you know the only reason I’m not glaring at you right now is because you aren’t worth the effort.”

Sam snorted. “Passive-aggressive much, Gabe?”

Gabriel sat in silence for another moment before saying, “Are you sure you don’t want to do something interesting? We could go to Six Flags, Fiji, the Eiffel Tower, anywhere… hello, archangel. But nooo, you want to sit in the library and read-” He paused, head tilting backward though it still didn’t give him a better view of anything but the armrest. “What are you reading?”

“You couldn’t just root through my head and find out?” Sam asked, voice colored with amusement.

“But you always get mad at me when I do that,” Gabriel whined.

Sam huffed. “I’m reading The Giver,” he said, leaning forward to wave the book in Gabriel’s face. Then one of bare feet tapped Gabriel on the head. “Now be quiet so I can finish it.”

Gabriel sighed and tapped his foot arrhythmically against the floor. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that Sam hadn’t pulled his foot back into the chair; instead, his leg was slowly sliding forward until his foot was dangling in the air next to Gabriel’s head.

He was highly amused by the squeak Sam let out when he ran a finger down the length of the hunter’s foot. “Gabriel!” Sam exclaimed, smile clear in his voice. “Quit it, that tickles.”

“Your foot is in my face,” Gabriel said by way of explanation. He wiggled his fingers lightly over Sam’s arch, grinning at the giggles that immediately began pouring from Sam’s mouth. Though Sam’s foot curled inward and kept jerking away a little each time Gabriel touched on a sensitive spot - which was often - he didn’t pull away, even as Gabriel’s fingers skimmed up and down over his arch and heel.

“Gahahabriel, thahat tihihickles!” Sam protested, twitching again when Gabriel snuck his fingers under Sam’s toes. The hunter’s foot scrunched up even more and Gabriel briefly considered forcibly stretching it out before discarding the idea. Instead he chuckled, saying “Hey, you’re the one who isn’t moving away, kiddo.”

“You’re distrahahahacting meeheehee!”

“Who, moi?” Gabriel asked, wriggling a finger one by one in the spaces separating Sam’s toes. “This can’t be too distracting. You just keep reading your book, Sammitch.” All at once, he tickled in between each of Sam’s toes and Sam squealed, finally wrenching his foot back over the armrest while Gabriel burst into laughter.

“Aw, too much?” he teased, standing up and leaning over the chair’s armrest to get a look at Sam. His face was flushed and he was biting his lip, though Gabriel couldn’t tell whether it was to hold back giggles or hide a smile - if it was the latter, he wasn’t succeeding.

“You’re adorable,” Gabriel said, closing the gap between them to give Sam a kiss. “Can we go to Fiji now?”

As the week comes to a close:
  • Grey's Anatomy Fandom: Derek Shepherd A.K.A the only consistently loved male character of the series died a death unworthy of his greatness.
  • SPN Fandom: Sam is working with Rowena and they're gonna try kill Crowleykins. (Hopefully Dean steps in) *crosses fingers*
  • Scandal Fandom: Jake died, then he lived, then he nearly died again because Olivia's side-piece tried to kill him (her dad told him to) and hopefully she shoots the bastard.
  • Arrow Fandom: Olicity sex finally happened and our hearts exploded in fiery euphoria then 'Oliver Queen' died, only to be replaced by 'Al Sahm'.
  • TVD Fandom: Nina Dobrev's leaving. Damon's mamma's a psycho with psycho witchy-woo friends.
  • The Flash Fandom: Harrison Wells was actually a cutie with a sweet, beautiful wife, then BOOM, Eobard Thawne.