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Happy Birthday Sam  Winchester!

Here’s to Sam Winchester, the boy who saved the world. The one who thought his whole life, that he was unclean. That he was just ‘the boy with the demon blood’. Sam has been through so much. This day is the anniversary of his birth, and death. The anniversary of the day his brother sold his soul at the crossroads, and then a year later it was the day his brother was dragged to hell.

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Here’s to the one who saved the world time and time again. The one who beat the devil, the one who was able to comfort his brother; right before he jumped into the pit and dragged Lucifer and Michael with him.

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Here’s to the one who’s soul endured over 100 years of hell. Here’s to the one who endured the trials that were killing him. Here’s to the one who said, “So what?” when told that if he finished the trials he would die. Because he honestly doesn’t think he deserves to live. Who’s greatest sin, was how many times he let his brother down. Here’s to the one who has literally been to hell and back. Here’s to the one who said no to the devil. No matter what he would do to him.

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Here’s to Sam Winchester who teaches us - time and time again - to always keep fighting.