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could you just like make a quick summary please, Im dying.

They check into a hotel, make out/have sex, eat. and Even is fucking restless in the middle of the night, keeps walking around. Then he walks out naked saying was gonna get a burger and Isak is in bed, and realizes the guy is naked. So he goes to find him, can’t, calls Sonja and they meet up. She says they got him at the police station. And that he’s manic (now often diagnosed as bipolar) and that Even doesn’t love Isak.

the fact that we could all understand that even was manic without subtitles is incredible. we didn’t need to know norwegian to see what was happening. as somebody who is bipolar, i am so blessed to have a show that accurately represents our struggles. mental illness isn’t cute or trendy and i’m so happy to see that skam made that clear. i have nothing but praise for this show. we are so, so blessed.

The moment, when Isak sent his mum that text, is so important! The way he told hear about him seeing a guy and how she shouldn’t be afraid because god created all in his image and everyone are equal… He got the courage from Sana and he’s so considerate and soft with his words. He does care about his mum and what she thinks does matter to him. But he’s not afraid of what she says and he’s being himself.
I’m so proud of Isak!