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is that "osv" in texts supposed to be an abbreviation of something or a word of its own?

It’s an abbreviation, “og så videre” meaning “and so on”
It’s Norwegian version of etc :)

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heres my hypothesis: isak will show up and see mikael and then go talk to mikhail. one of the pepsi max girls will hit on yousef and sana will get pissed and the whole party will go to shit involving sana crying cause she saw yousef hitting on someone or something. idk something will happen and shit will hit teh fan

Hell yeah shit will go down I’m so hyped!!! And I’m worried!!!!

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Hey! I was wondering, how do you feel when people use your translations without asking you...? Do people do it a lot?

Hello! I honestly don’t care, sure it’s something I spend energy on but I don’t earn any money and people using my translations don’t earn any money so there’s no harm. It’s just to help non Norwegians understand what the characters are saying and I’m just happy I can help! I don’t know how many people do. but if I recognise my translations in a gifset it really makes me happy because it means someone trusted me you know??? I definitely don’t feel ripped of or anything, I just feel honoured 😂 there’s so many people translating and ya trust me????? ❤

Yesterday was Super Paper Mario’s 10th anniversary as I stated with those doodles last night
This is what I was hoping to finish but I got too tired so I finished it today.
Best villains in the Mario series.
Best villains ever.

This game means so much to me though. I mean the entire Paper Mario series is, but each of the first three had their own special place in my life and this one was no exception, no matter how divisive it was. Here’s hoping they can capture that magic again in the future.


supernatural meme [8/20] episodes
wendigo (season 1 episode 2) “ this is why. this book. this is dad’s single most valuable possession—everything he knows about every evil thing is in here. and he’s passed it on to us. i think he wants us to pick up where he left off. you know, saving people, hunting things. the family business.  ”

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I know skam is a show aimed at teenage girls but how popular is it with boys in Norway?

Not too popular, nothing like it is with girls. I do have a feeling that much more boys watch it than we think though, but it’s not as acceptable to talk and obsess over it as with girls, especially last season!

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Do you think that Sana was being a bit mean to Ingrid. Of course what Ingrid said the other day and in the past sucks and I'm not excusing that. But when she came to make amends in a way, i feel like Sana was being unnecessarily rude. Thoughts??????

Nah Sana was never unnecessary mean, she was definitely harsh with them; but they deserved it. Not to mention, if she had been soft (Like Vilde would’ve) they’d never get that deal Sana got! Bitches get shit done!