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You never thought you’d be attracted to the idea of strolling around town hand-in-hand while wearing matching Hawaiian shirts, but you’d do anything to make Harry happy. And if what made Harry was wearing similarly patterned clothing whenever possible, you’d do it! Harry had a quirky sense of style and you always admired it, and you’d pick absolutely no one else to walk around with wearing flamingo-pattered button downs. Sometimes you’d come home to see multiple bags from high-end luxury brands thinking that Harry went on a crazy shopping spree for himself, but only a quick peek into the bags would make you realize that he probably spent way too much money splurging on matching shirts and blouses for the two of you. 

“Hey, look a’ you!” Harry’s eyes popped open when you stepped into the room, a grin immediately gracing his features. “What a foxy lady…” He teased, getting up from his seat on the couch and walking over towards you. It was Day 2 of Harry starring on the Late Late show, which meant it was Day 2 of you wearing a dress that matched perfectly with his suit. 

“Never thought I’d ever wear a bloody Donald Duck patterned satin dress.” You joked, smoothing your hands over the fabric before twirling around in a circle so Harry could see the whole custom-made outfit. 

“I love it! You look amazin’ in it.” Harry purred, leaning forward to give you a quick kiss as his hands slid down to grasp at your waist. “Love the material, too.” He hummed, an arm slinking around you to pull you closer. “Nice and smooth…” His hair tickled your chin as he tucked his face into the crook of your neck to plant kisses to your skin, a smile twitching at his lips when you let out a shallow breath. 

“Cut it out, you perv.” You snorted, pushing him away gently once you rememebered there were probably security cameras in the dressing room. “Let me see your suit! Give me a twirl.” Harry beamed, taking a step away from you before turning in a circle and showing off his suit. 

“Oh, you look so pretty!” You gushed, reaching forward and fixing his collar to make sure that he was looking his best when he walked out on that stage.

You look so pretty!” Harry grinned, cupping your cheeks gently and giving you another kiss. Sometimes it concerned you how much you and Harry loved each other. 

“You both look pretty!” You turned around at the sound of James’ voice, your cheeks heating up slightly. You never liked getting caught being all mushy with Harry. “C’mon, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duck. Show’s about to start!” 


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Do you have any headcanons on Sam and his clothes? [Disclaimer: My ramblings mostly stem from the idea “Sam owns some hideous shirts” which is more or less subjective.] I was watching some mid-season 5 episodes and basically every shirt Sam wore was pretty horrible, which I don’t simply chalk up to some sort of faulty fashion sense. I can’t imagine that young Sam had much say in what he wore. And I wonder if Sam sometimes associates actually liking his wardrobe with guilt or shame. (1/5)

I know that Sam eventually accepts the pool-hustling and the credit card scams, but I don’t think he’s ever exactly comfortable with the deceptive means by which he and Dean acquire money. Combining this with his low self-concept, I think, could easily result in an unease or even disgust with buying any clothing (or anything at all, for that matter) that might make him feel happy and good about himself. So in general I think he’s attempted to view his own clothing as strictly utilitarian. (2/5)

I have a sort of headcanon in which Sam “splurges,” buys a few shirts that he really likes. He wears one during a rare day off. Dean teases him – the fit and style aren’t quite what Sam usually wears – but secretly he thinks his little brother looks damn good and notes the extra attention Sam is getting from strangers. But Sam feels self-conscious, guilt-heavy, dirty, sick. He goes back to the motel early, alone, changes into a worn tee, stuffs the new shirt into the bottom of his bag. (3/5)

After their next laundromat visit, Sam sneaks off while Dean is napping at the motel and gives his new shirts to a homeless man on the street. He swears to himself that he’ll never be so stupid and selfish again. The next time they need to buy clothes and make a stop (at Goodwill or wherever), Sam grabs the cheapest (often ugliest) functional few shirts he can find in his generic size and stands waiting near the cash register for Dean to get out of the dressing rooms. (4/5)

[But let me say that, in my opinion, Sam’s wardrobe has been improving enormously. I loved most of the boys’ season 11 wardrobe (I’m still geeked over Sam’s blue-tone stripey plaid in “Safe House”) and Sam looked remarkably good in most of his. I think better-suited clothing must correlate (at least somewhat) with improved confidence and a healthier sense of self-worth, which I definitely wish for Sam.] So. Okay. Those are a few of my ramblings. But I’m always curious about your ideas. :) (5/5) 

You’re amazing, Anon. ♥ Thanks for these wonderful messages; I really love your thoughts and headcanons even though they punch me in the feels.

It makes a lot of sense, and it makes season one all the more meaningful. At Stanford, Sam wore a lot of t-shirts and just… had a lot of things that were more personalized. He had his purple dog shirt and some hoodies and a big sticker on the back of his laptop. He owned things, and he claimed them.

I’ve always felt like Sam, while he is, of course, an excellent hunter, is at odds with hunting because he has always felt more like a thing that should be hunted than a man who should be hunting things. Hunting is a means to an end, a way to stay with Dean. It’s the family business, but it’s not something by which Sam defines himself and never has been. Dean takes pleasure in hunting and seems energized by the thrill of the chase.

The longer Sam has been a hunter, though, the more generic a lot of his choices have become. His clothing (as you pointed out!) is utilitarian rather than personal. His laptop is no longer adorned with silly stickers. His modest attempts to personalize the Impala in Dean’s absence have been mocked. His belongings are not his–not like Dean’s are. Sam loses himself in hunting, and not in a good way. He’s so alarmingly willing to throw his life at any good cause that I’m surprised he’s still alive.

It’s so much worse than Sam simply not knowing “home” like Dean does. It seems like he’s actively resisting becoming comfortable enough with anything or any place that may be taken away from him.

That, and plaid almost seems like the standard hunter’s uniform. Most of the hunters we’ve met have the same basic wardrobe: a few pairs of jeans and a plethora of plaid. It seems like he’s playing the part. He doesn’t expect to ever get away from hunting. He does what he has to, what he’s been taught to do, and he does it even when he’s soulless. He’s brought back even when he dies. His few attempts to escape for his own sanity have been the subject of mockery and anger from Dean and others (s8, anyone?). So he gets back in line, because his attempts to assert himself never end well. His clothes, the same old wardrobe with little variation for seasons, seemed to reflect that.

Aside from my more angsty headcanons, though, he just doesn’t seem to be as present in his body as Dean is. Physical pleasure and indulgent meals don’t appeal to him. He doesn’t really throw his weight around. More often than not, he seems to be trying to make himself smaller. I can see why buying flattering clothing just… might never occur to him at all.

I am absolutely with you about s11, though. 

He started the season by asserting himself, demanding treatment as an equal and emphasizing saving people rather than only hunting things. And everything changed right along with him. 

His clothes in s11 just make him seem more substantial. They fit his body like they’re meant to be there–like he got something in his size, for his body type. His clothing, while still the typical plaid, just feels more like it’s his. He tries to pursue a relationship with Piper. He has his TV in his room. He has no shame about indulging his hobby of learning about serial killers.

He just seems more real, more willing to step outside of his head and actually inhabit himself, and it’s amazing. I hope things continue to look up in s12.

  • Ian and Mickey have a boxer drawer where they store a mixture of their underwear. They never really know exactly whose they are grabbing when they get dressed in the morning, but Mickey doesn’t mind if his are a little too loose and Ian doesn’t mind if his sit a little to high on his thigh. (Somewhere in that drawer they have boxers that say ‘kiss me’ across the ass and they follow the instructions a little too well.)
  • Sometimes, when Ian is feeling love, Mickey will let him hold/cuddle his “brown sweater of sadness.” It’s always been there for Mickey during some of his toughest times, so he hopes it does the same to Ian.
  • ONE DAY Ian leaves the house before Mickey wakes up and they go the whole day without seeing each other, but they agree to meet up at the Gallagher house for dinner or whatever. WHEN MICKEY ARRIVES, they realize that they are both wearing their elephant shirts. The Gallaghers tease them, but it’s fucking adorable.
  • One day, during a spree of making his infamous homemade tanktops, Mickey accidentally cuts the sleeves off of one of Ian’s favorite shirts :/
    • well he tells Ian that it was an accident, but he really just likes the way Ian’s arms look in tank tops
  • Ian goes to Goodwill one day and splurges on more dress shirts because “Fuck, Mick. You have to have more than one nice shirt with the sleeves still attached.” He also throws in a couple of pairs of skinny jeans because ;)

Anyone who knew Harry was fully aware of the fact that he loved splurging on new shirts. Even though he probably had a hundred closets worth of shirts, he just couldn’t help himself! Button-ups, blouses, old raggedy band tees - You name it, he probably already owned it. 

Contrary to popular belief, Harry was not the sharing kind: Only when it came to his shirts. When it came to something else, anything else, he believed that sharing was caring! But for his shirts? He was a little more selfish with them. The one thing he didn’t think about when he first asked you to move in with him was that you’d be stealing a couple of his shirts for your own use, whether it be using it to go to the gym, to go to the grocery store, staying at home watching Netflix, and even wearing them as pyjamas. He didn’t mind this at first, obviously because he loved the idea of you wearing his clothes. He still did! Just… Not as much anymore. Every time he tried to find one of his shirts in his drawers, he ended up finding them in your drawers. It started off with one or two of his shirts moving from his dresser to yours, but over time, one by one, his shirts began to disappear from his dresser. 

This morning, he was trying to find his Rolling Stones tee. Although it was torn up and there was a safety pin holding two pieces of the shirt together, he still loved wearing it! The issue was that he couldn’t find it, and he was 100% sure he folded it up and put it in the top drawer yesterday night. 

“Where in the world…?” Harry’s brows knitted together as he rummaged through the many shirts living in the drawer, half frustrated at not being able to find the damn shirt and half frustrated at messing up the neatly folded shirts. He was going out to run some errands, and it was kind of hot out - The thin, cotton shirt sounded like a great option to wear for a hectic day like this! It only took him about thirty seconds of digging before it finally clicked in his mind. “Of course.” 

His head whipped towards you, his brow arching up to see that you were still sound asleep, the covers pulled all the way up to your neck. “Hm.” He hummed, tip-toeing over to you. “Y/N…” He cooed, reaching down to poke your cheek. When he got no response, he proceeded to gently lift the covers, immediately wanting to screech at what he saw. Of course, you were wearing the damn shirt! Of course! “You little…” His lips pressed together to avoid swearing this early in the morning before he let out a small sigh. He loved you too much to stay mad, but you’d definitely be getting a little scolding later on!

“Mm, wha’s goin’ on?” You muttered, your vision still blurred with sleep. Harry shook his head before leaning down and planting a kiss to the side of your head. 

“Nothing, love. Goin’ out t’ do some stuff, I’ll see yeh in a bit.” 

He could find another shirt, no problem! (He still would’ve preferred to wear the Rolling Stones tee, though.) 


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Splurge or Save: 6 Spring Style Business Casual Essentials

Inspired by James Franco’s trendy business casual look? You don’t need to break the bank and spend your cash on designer labels to get the same “cool and relaxed business pro” look he’s exuding in the GIF above (but you’re certainly free to do so if you have the ability). We pick out 6 spring style business casual essentials that let you easily create a neat-yet-carefree outfit; it’s up to you whether you choose to splurge or save on the pieces. Heads up though, these looks definitely fall more on the casual side of business casual! 


Splurge: Band of Outsiders Striped Shirt
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Save: Kiton Stripe Tie
Splurge: John Varvatos Star USA Twin Stripe Textured Silk Tie


Splurge: Burberry London Stone Slim-Fit Cotton Blazer
Save: ASOS Slim Fit Suit Jacket


Splurge: Acne Studios Max New Man Ray Slim-Fit Denim Jeans
Save: Forever 21 Slim Fit Navy Wash


Splurge: Bremont S2000 Supermarine Automatic Watch
Save: Timex Easy Reader Leather Strap Watch


Splurge: Christophe Lemaire Leather Loafers
Save: Florsheim Wrapid Venetian Loafer

Should you decide to go sockless for this spring-inspired ensemble, our Sockless Style Hack would be a great resource for some tips on rocking this brave look.

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