A klance smut fic

By @datklance and @cosmoslance

(Max and I were fuckin about on shamchat and found each other and well… this beautiful RP happened, enjoy)

Me- Lance Mcbants

Max- Keef Kogayne

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anonymous asked:

Thoughts on vampire pregnancy?? The thought popped up in my head randomly idk. btw I love you and your work ❤️

Eh, it’s like pregnancy of any other? First there’s boom shaka laka, bun in the oven, then SPLORT and congratulations you have a vampire babby. Like this higher vampire babby right here.

DAY TWO: Ah The Old Bullymagnet Switcharoo

a fic about smiling, post-food fight fallout, and THE OLD BULLYMAGNET SWITCHAROO

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SPLORT! Best sound effect ever~

Part 2 of a 4 page comic (well 5 since there’s, eh, nevermind) featuring searching-for-bananaflies / tamarinfrog‘s characters Tanrine and Angelo. Orchid is one for the easy kills, she bad dat way… She has a crazy Krill/Death ratio! *ba-dum-tish*

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