Fidele Page the Shark & Jasper Sohrab the Orca


((Just felt like drawing some OCs as Splatoon-inspired people! They still look very much human/like their OC selves though, but -shrugs- There meant to be more, along with doodles, but I’m impatient and might as well share them with you now!

More about them under the readmore!))

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! what´s your opinion about wincest do you like it ? do you ship them?? do you have any fanfic ideas to share with us?? tell me!!

Hmmm, well I’m not into it that much, my younger brother is a lot like Sammy and my wife says I have a lot of Dean in me (oh yeah I said it, sploosh), so it kinda hits a little close to home.  I would ship myself with Rowena, Ruthie Connell is a fox.  As far as Wincest fics here you go:

The scene is 1950′s Milwaukee.  Young Sam Winchester is an all american HS student living with his blue collar parents.  One day a rogueish, handsome, rough around the edges, leather clad motorcycle mechanic named Dean rents the apartment out above the family garage.  From the moment he laid eyes on him and caught a whiff of that leather and gasoline cologne he wore, young Sam knew it would be hard to resist.  “Hey Kid, anybody ever teach ya to ride?”  That was the question that started it all.  Sam knew there would be a lot of “rides” in their future.  Eventually, “Sit on it” became their own private lovers joke.  Leather Dean would sing him to sleep in his arms while watching the submarine races “Good bye grey sky, hello blue, cause nothing can hold me when I hold you.  It feels so right, it can’t be wrong, rockin’ and rolling all night long.”  Oh yes those were Happy Days…

arizonantrash  asked:

hey can I get a small guide to all the kids? I'm new here but I love all your art 💙💙

oh boy, sure!

a lot of them need proper introductions anyway~

Mango: A cheeky dynamo roller from a rich family, confident in his appearance and more than a little spendthrift. Lives with his sister, and is trying to figure out his passions in life. In a squad with Cal.

Calamondin (Cal): soft-spoken but diligent sploosh-o-matic user. Has astigmatism, and requires special lenses to play. In a squad with Mango, and is Clem’s twin.

Clementine (Clem):  a charger prodigy that’s grown apathetic to his own success. Extremely skilled and has received sponsorship thanks to it. Focusses a lot on how he appears to others. Cal’s twin.

Pepper: a squiffer user who’s re-learning how to turf the fun way! High energy, and doesn’t let anything get her down. Can be found couch-surfing around inkopolis. An extremely talented chef. Is childhood friends with Mango.

Taffeta (Taffy): a newbie permanent inkbrush user who started turfing for a scholarship. Has a high IQ and a photographic memory that rocketed her past her peers in school. However, her turfing skill is sub-par. Is dating Soda.

Sorbet (Soda): An extremely chill soda slosher user. Used to be the leader of a squad, however was abandoned by them because she didn’t take turf wars seriously enough. Is dating Taffy.

Juniper (June): a fresh squiffer user who loves to goof off. His eyes are extremely sensitive to sunlight, and is rarely seen during the day without his sunglasses. Works as a dj at a local club.

Cacao: a rambunctious carbon roller with a short fuse and a heart of gold. Probably focusses a little too much on getting splats, and often gets in fights because of it. 

Ajowan: An intimidating hydra splatling user who is never seen without some sort of face covering. Has selective mutism, and only speaks and opens up to a select few..

Nebi: a cool, but aggressive custom blaster user. Came to inkopolis to better her situation, and started turfing for money. She’s slowly getting accustomed to good sportsmanship, but don’t make her angry.

Marjoram: Cal and Clem’s father. A professional e-liter with the sharpest eye in the league. Generally stoic, Marjoram can be hard to read sometimes, but his husband and kids get to see his warmer side.

Kirby: a cheery octoling with mysterious origin. Doesn’t live in inkopolis, but visits often via train to spectate and occasionally play turf wars.