Hey Buddies I got some down time and virtually no interest in drawing my own stuff so I’m opening L I G H T N I N G  R O U N D  C O M M I S I O N S 

Basically I have like 5 slots and like 5 hours, and because of that I’m not shading the lines this time. Does anyone want in on this? PM me for info!
1. (Private Com)
2. @scbingham , Síofra
3. @chai-bean, Oc

4. @justdanifornow, Inkling/sploosh-o-matic
5. (Private Com)

And done. Thanks everyone for helping me out!

anonymous asked:

what weapon(s) do all of your squids use?

here we go!:
Mango: dynamo roller
Cal: sploosh-o-matic
Clem: hero charger replica
Pepper: squiffer
Soda: soda slosher
Taffy: permanent inkbrush
June: fresh squiffer
Anjowan: hydra splatling
Nebi: custom range blaster
Cacao: carbon roller
Marjoram: e-liter

anonymous asked:

"Mia....You seem off. What's wrong with you?"-splooshtheinking

“Oh Sploosh, nothing is wrong. Everything is just fine.” Her eyes then turned red. “You’ve gotta help me. It’s only been a day since this magic anon flipped me and now I can’t even get myself o-” Her eyes changed back. “Oh my. I need to go look at my book again.”

xlastdescendentofmu  asked:

A new challenger named Sploosh entered the ring! They looked....Strange. They looked like a hybri between an inkling, octoling, and human....He also had the same neon Xs that King Octavio has. He was shirtless....Hundreds of scars and burns were on their body. They also had bandages were wrapped around their fist. "I'm looking for challenge."

“Well, you wont find one here, but theres other people who are willing to fight you”


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