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Central Basin Municipal Water District’s fake news site, as linked to by the Los Angeles Times

Ladies and gentlemen, this copy is worth $200,000.


I compiled and uploaded this pencil test of an amazing Riley Thompson scene over two years ago from drawings the late Michael Sporn posted on his Splog. I held off sharing this for when I could do a nice write up about it somewhere, but I haven’t had the heart or confidence to write anything substantial these last few years, so I’m just gonna post it for you guys to enjoy without any of my long-winded, senseless ramblings..

Besides, I honestly think some of you guys are observant enough to know why this animation is pretty freaking gorgeous. Whenever I needed a little inspiration boost, I’d pop open this Quicktime and scroll through it frame-by-frame to get me pumped to animate again. It encompasses everything I love about animation into one 20-second chunk. It covers all the bases; solid drawing, clarity, weight, arcs, emotion, pantomime… it’s breathtaking.