Alex came down this morning for his MOT, the bus passed with a couple of minor advisories. We will sort out for Alex next time the bus comes in, Alex brought his birthday present with him which is a brand new MCJ light oak steering wheel with Wolfsburg crest horn push.

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Yippee Ya Ya Hippie Hippie Yeah! pt. 3

While VW plans an electric hippie bus, called the ID Buzz that won’t arrive in dealerships until 2022, here comes the original: 1965 split screen Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Kombi.

(click here for pt. 1, here for pt. 2)


Steve’s amazingly patina’d split came to us for a MOT and a grease up/ inspection. It flew through the MOT and is ready for another years motoring.If you need a MOT or just a general inspection of a vehicle.

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