splitting the holidays

A PREVIEW. For a little holiday zimbits/SMH thing I started?

Kudos to anyone who can recognize what piece of art I’m essentially doing a master-copy of ;D

Greyscale is a placeholder. Final will be in color. I just got excited and wanted to share.

There’s gonna be a lot of pie in this thing.

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Taehyung Scenario: Jingle Bell Love.

The Christmas Series

Genre: Fluff / Comedy

In which Taehyung is pretty insistent and you’re pretty much a damsel in distress.

For christmas the classroom was split into teams for a holiday project, there was a group in charge of the food, another one made the decorations, others were in charge of music and the final group had to do social work. You were in the latter so you had to work in a little orphanage of the city, you had to help with the kids and hold a little Christmas party for them; you actually thought it was fun because you had already met the children and all of them were adorable kids who needed love.

The other teams were going to make a festival that would be held at the campus in the morning so everybody could attend. Right now the music team was practicing some of the Christmas carols they would be signing that day. They all sang pretty well, obviously they had formed the team with the most skillful students on that area, but your eyes couldn’t drift away from one particular person.

His name was Kim Taehyung, he was one of the coolest guys you knew, well you hadn’t exactly talked to him, it was more of a thing of observing him from afar. He was all you searched for in a guy, tall and handsome, nice with an easy going smile, he seemed to be friendly and kind, obviously the social type, you guessed that’s why he was so popular.

But the best part of him was the way he sang, he had a voice that had something unique to it, it was deep and sweet, and you could tell he enjoyed singing. He was the team’s leader, so he had been the one choosing the carols for that day’s event and everybody agreed with his choices.

The practice had already started, so you took a seat not too close but near enough to hear well, Taehyung’s performance was something you had learned you couldn’t miss and when he started with the song you were mesmerized, his voice dragging you in, but then his eyes on you made you turn your gaze the other way; all this time he hadn’t noticed you but now he couldn’t stop looking at you.

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Thanksgiving with Justin

You and Justin were on your way to his house for thanksgiving dinner.  Ever since you guys had gotten more serious in your relationship,   you decided to split the holidays.  Thanksgiving with his family,  Christmas with your family. The other holidays you’d decided would just have to be figured out later. “Babe you ready, ” Justin asked walking into you guys bedroom.  He stopped to look at you, a smile easing on his face. “Well don’t you look beautiful, ” he spoke. He was dressed in a light red button down with khaki slaks. You half expected him to dress in a sweat shirt and pants, so this was a pleasant surprise. “And you look pretty great yourself.  Didn’t know you owned something so formal, ” you joked pulling at his shirt causing him to look down and chuckle.
“Very funny,” he muttered grabbing your hand, his hair falling in his face. You pulled him to you and brushed his hair out of the way before kissing him. He wrapped his arms around your waist officially closing the gap between the both of you. Eventually he pulled away.
“If I don’t stop now,  I won’t ever, ” he smirked. Grabbing your hand,  he walked you down the stairs and to the front door. You both put on your shoes and coat and left for his mom’s house.
As soon as the front door opened,  Jazzy and Jaxon were there to greet you guys.
“Heyyyy,” Justin screamed as they tackled his legs in hugs. You walked in smiling a little seeing the house already full. In your arms was the macaroni.  You convinced Pattie to let you make it.
“Y/N. Sweetie you look great how are you,” Pattie said as soon as she saw you. 
“Hi Ms. Mallette.  It’s good to see you.” She smiled, “Oh sweetie, I keep telling you to call me Pattie. Justin,  take the macaroni and put it in the oven. Y/N, get your coat off and come on in.” Justin chuckled a little and took the dish from you and kissed his mom on the cheek; you took off your coat and followed behind Pattie. In the living room sat everyone and you greeted them all. The thing that you loved most about Justin’ s family was their humbleness. They were so down to earth and real, just like Justin.
After dinner, Justin took you outside onto the back patio. The air was a little crisp, but Justin held you tight to his body. 
“Are you having fun,” he asked placing a kiss on your hair. You nodded smiling. “I love you’re family,  they’re some of the greatest people I’ve ever met,” you looked at him. His face was soft as he looked down at yours.
“I’m thankful for them. They’ve been a constant support through everything.  Just like you,” he said.  You nodded understanding. 
“I’m thankful for you to Justin. I’m thankful that we met and that I know you in the way that I do,” you said cupping his cheek. Turning, you leaned up to kiss his lips. As soon as you felt the softness you began to melt into him. You both were kissing for a while,  lips moving together until you heard the click of a camera. You both pulled away and turned to face the noise. There stood Pattie with about half the family behind her, her phone in hand. She held it up admiring the picture as everyone cooed. Justin groaned embarrassed,  but you found it funny.
“The next time we meet, I’ll be planning a wedding I guess, ” she said. Justin nearly passed out from embarrassment.  He buried his head into your neck causing you to laugh even harder.

i cant believe im the child of 2 divorces. how are they all going to sort out custody??? who is paying for my college?? what about my wedding can u imagine how awkward seating is gonna be??? how am i supposed to split the holidays between 4 homes??? 

Sunday morning activities included last minute gift wrapping and cinnamon rolls for breakfast! I’m leaving for NJ and C is heading to MD later today. Then I’ll be driving down to Maryland on Christmas Day to be with his family (since he spent last Christmas & Thanksgiving with my mom).

I love the holidays but its always so hectic, and honestly I’m ready for it to be over.

Would it be inappropriate to miss out on Christmas with both parents and just take off to the mountains for the week instead if I already missed Thanksgiving this year? I feel like the only one who would kick my ass would be my step mom. Just not feeling the whole splitting the holidays, hearing all three parents nag when I could be out in the snow. 

Don’t think about Grace and Chester casually discussing their plans for the holidays one night in early autumn while they’re making dinner together. And don’t think about how they agree to split the holidays, Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with hers. Don’t think about how Chester gets a little sad because he loves seeing his family at Christmas but he knows this will make Grace happier and all he wants is to see her happy. Definitely don’t think about them cuddling on the couch afterwards all wrapped up in warm blankets watching awful reality television and Chester looks at her and realizes he would give anything so that she could always be happy. DON’T THINK ABOUT WHEN HE LOOKS AT HER LIKE SHE’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD BECAUSE SHE IS TO HIM AND SHE LOOKS AT HIM AND JUST SAYS “WHAT?” BC YEAH HE’S A GOOFBALL BUT HE DOESN’T ALWAYS GIVE HER THAT LOOK HE’S GIVING HER NOW AND HE JUST SAYS “I LOVE YOU” AND KISSES HER FOREHEAD AND SHE SAYS “I LOVE YOU TOO” AND GRABS HIS CHEEK SO SHE CAN KISS HIM GENTLY AND HER LIPS TASTE LIKE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES AND CHESTER SEE FALLS MORE IN LOVE WITH GRACE HELBIG EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN’T THINK IT WAS EVEN POSSIBLE TO HAVE THAT MUCH LOVE FOR ONE PERSON AHHHHHHH SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME