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I've read your synopsis on Danish Slaughterhouse and OMG can you please make a synopsis as well on Gutters if you've read it? I am very curious about it but not really brave enough to read it. Thanks in advance!


Ok, Gutters is actually one of my favourites.
It’s set from Sealand’s point of view and how he’s living in a bunker. The world has ended and outside air is pretty much poisonous. He was split up from France and England and has no idea where the Nordics are as all communication is down and you have to look out for your own.
That is, until pure and utter chance, Denmark stumbles into his bunker and finds Sealand. Even though he’s half blind from the ash, he vows to protect Sealand and they go on a journey to Sweden to try and find the other Nordics.
On the way there they meet other nations- some have died already such as Romano- and some they stay with. Netherlands betrays them as some people are holding Belgium captive and gets killed himself. They find America and Canada who crash landed on a plane, but Canada’s dying. They then make their way to Poland as a certain Pole has a boat who might be able to get them to Sweden.
Anyway, Feliks finds them first and let’s them wonder around the town nearby whilst he prepares the boat. However, they anger the town and suddenly they all come after them- trying to kill Denmark and Sealand. They run to Feliks in the hopes of escape, but what Poland didn’t tell them is that it’s a boat that can only fit two people.
So, Denmark sacrifices himself so Poland and Sealand can go. Sealand is distraught and terrified and doesn’t know what to do, so Poland tries to comfort him, which kind of works as Sealand’s still angry at him for not telling them about the boat.
Anyway, Feliks leaves him in Sweden and goes back, promising that if he finds Denmark he’ll bring him. Sealand wanders around for a bit until he’s found by a group and they take him to a bunker.
Guess who’s at the bunker?
The Nordics. All four of them.
Sure, they’re battered and Iceland’s missing pretty much all his fingers, but they’re there.
Of course, then Sealand says they have to go back to find Denmark as he brought him there. Norway is a little snappy as he believed Denmark was dead. They go back and find Denmark- Poland brought him- but Denmark… the ash has got to him, so not only is he blind but he’s dying.
They bring him back to the bunker and get out some food and drink the duo found on the way- a bottle of beer and a can of tinned pineapples- and eat that.
Then, the next day, Denmark dies.
They hold a funeral for him at sea and go back (it’s sadder than I’m saying) after Sealand has a bonding moment with Norway over it (as the Norwegian begins crying).
Denmark left a will to Sealand, telling him that he’s left all of his land to Sealand- so now he’s a real country.
They get picked up in a submarine by Russia and get brought to America (I think) where they’re building a new civilisation. They meet some other countries there and join in.
It ends with Sealand writing a letter to Denmark about what’s happening.
It’s… very sad.

  • CN: *aires SU on a completely random and irregular schedule (not airing episodes for months at a time), splits up seasons in a way nonconducive to the show's plot, gives away major plot points for individual episodes in promotional videos, barely aires any episodes to cultivate interest in the show for new viewers (because Teen Titans Go is more important)*
  • CN: I just don't understand why ratings are so low????
How to wash your hair.

I’ve been doing it wrong apparently.

  1. Use lukewarm water. Not hot.
  2. Don’t use more than a coin-sized shampoo dollop.
  3. Only shampoo the roots - it dries out the ends.
  4. Only condition the ends - it makes the roots oily.
  5. Double shampoo, single conditioner.
  6. Comb in the shower before rinsing out the conditioner.
  7. Pat dry with a towel - rubbing breaks it.
  8. Use coconut oil or argan oil on the ends whilst damp to avoid splits.
  9. Let it air dry whenever possible - artificial heat makes it brittle.
Bother Me (Part One)- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: “anonymous asked:

hey could you please write a percival graves imagine where you and him absolutely hate each other but everyone thinks you’re perfect together and just need the two of you to see it?”

Warnings: None much :)

A/N: Loved this idea! Tweaked it a little to make it work for me, so I hope it turned out alright! Once again, I made it too long so I split it into two parts. I just get so carried away, guys.

The air inside the conference room was thick with tension and tight-lipped silence. Madam President sat at the head of the long, oak table while the rest of the investigative team filled in the seats around her. I chose to stand, leaning back against the nearest bookcase. I’d learned to have a love/hate relationship with our weekly meetings. Emotions always seemed to run high, nothing ever truly getting accomplished. Yet, I’d never missed one. Grindelwald was the first big case I’d been assigned to. I was determined to be the one to finally bring him in.

I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, focusing my attention on President Picquery as she carefully folded her hands across the table and addressed the room.

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Well that was easy

So I’m running a 4e Avatar: The Last Airbender variant for my friends. A mix of Avatar and D&D. So they’re dealing with Airbender changelings, darting around behind cover, snatching allies, and turning into them to sew confusion.

At one point, through splitting the party with air walls and dust storms, they manage to turn into the party tank, a non-bender Fighter named Kral.

The Earthbender: Which one is the real Kral!?
(Kral comes barreling around the corner, screaming, and crits the Changeling so hard it finishes the last of his HP, and shifting him back to his base form)
Firebender: Well that answers that.

CN should split into CN Kids and CN Proper, so CN Kids could air TTG and PPG all it wants without taking away time from shows for all ages like Adventure Time and Infinity Train that would air on CN Proper.

when will people appreciate got7′s dance skills more. honestly they’re out there flying, doing splits in the air, flipping whilst doing the moonwalk, moving their feet so fast that not even einstein would be able to explain how is that possible, and yet no one cares about it and still have the audacity to say theyre untalented. bih open your fucking eyes 

The Canary Islands from space.

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg shot this amazing picture of these volcanic islands, along with Von Karman vortices in the clouds flowing around them. These form as masses of air split around protruding objects such as islands sticking out of the sea. Only four of the seven main islands are visible.


Image credit: K. Nyberg.


For the dialogue challenge … @xfficchallenges



“Really really?”

“Ask them. Go ahead. They’ll tell you the same thing.”

“Really, Frohike?”


“Byers? Come on, tell me the truth.”

“Honest. It happened. I saw it. I will not be a party to lying about something as necessary as this.”

“She, honest to God, sat there … In that chair … Eating a full-on banana split? Not that tofutti dreamwhip ass tasting air she calls ice cream but a true calorie and sugary laden cup of chocolate covered heaven?

“I’m right here, Mulder. You can ask me yourself.”

“Shush. I’m trying to ascertain the truth of the situation. Sit there and be quiet please ”

“I’m going to beat you with my spoon, Mulder.”

“So, like, where did she get it? Did she find your stash? How many scoops? Did she find the cherries? Nuts? I need details.”


“Dude, from the evidence left behind, she found Frohike’s carton of chocolate and went to town. She must have had the banana with her already though because we don’t do fruit.”

“I’m leaving. I swear to God.”

“You shouldn’t swear to God, Scully. Even I know that.”

“Dead. Murdered. In your sleep.”

“You still have a ring of chocolate around your mouth, Scully, so don’t sit there and try to deny it.”

“Oh my God! It was just a little ice cream!”

“Just say it and all will be forgotten.”

“You just made my list, Mulder.”

“I like lists.”

“Will you shut up if I say it?”

“Probably not but it’s always good to try.”

“Fine. I ate ice cream. Real, true, from an actual cow ice cream with chocolate sauce and cherries and nuts and sprinkles. Are you happy now?”

“Very. Now get over here and give me a kiss.”

“Just go get the car and take me home. I’ll debate the kiss on the way.”

On Election Day, we’re thinking of Nam June Paik’s rendition of the American flag!   

 A flag is instantly recognizable on this 7-by-12-foot bank of 70 monitors, in which stars and stripes share air time with split-second news stills, rotating statues of Liberty, endless runs of ones and zeros (the binary language of computers), and a face that morphs through every U.S. president from Harry S. Truman to Bill Clinton. 

Paik was an important pioneer in the development of video installation art. Trained in music theory, piano, and electronic music, Paik began his career as a performance artist and avant-garde musician. In the early 1960s he made his first “altered TVs” in which he manipulated television signals with magnets and used video feedback, synthesizers, and other technology to produce kaleidoscopic shapes and luminous colors.

Photo: Still of “Video Flag” (1985-1996)

BTS reactions to you randomly scaring them

It was the perfect plan - your boyfriend was coming home from a long day at work and thought he had the house to himself. Flicking off the lights and pulling on your demon mask, you positioned yourself behind a corner near the front door. Now all you had to do was wait for your unsuspecting boyfriend to arrive…then you would strike.


A loud “boo!” followed by the most air-splitting scream you’d ever heard in your life resounded through your still apartment as you jumped out from your hiding spot and lunged at your boyfriend. A split second later, there was a large thud as Jin’s plastic lunch container hit the wooden floor. The horrified, completely terror-filled look on your boyfriend’s face was enough to send you into a fit of snort-filled laughter. “Aigoo, jagi!” Jin said, recovering from his fright and hitting your arm. “What? That was good right?” You managed through your giggles. “No, that was not good. You nearly gave me a heart attack. And now you’re laughing? You’re so mean.”

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Your boyfriend opened the door, and a second later you jumped out at him, mask and all. Your loud, incomprehensible shout clearly scared him, as he flinched and pressed his back against the wall by the door. You both stood silent for a moment as you took off your mask, comprehending what had just happened. “Did…did you just scare me?” Yoongi stammered. “Did…did I just scare Min Yoongi?” You said slowly. “Oh my god, I did.” Yoongi recollected himself and rolled his eyes at you, playfully pushing past. “You did not scare me.” “You’re such a liar, I totally scared you!” You laughed. “Aren’t you a little old to be playing such childish games?” Yoongi questioned, smirking when you stuck your tongue out at him.

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“Rah!!” You yelled as your boyfriend, Hoseok, shut the door to your apartment. “AHHHH,” was his first reaction, sinking to the ground with his back against the wall was his second. “Y/N, why do you do this to me?” He cried, dramatically grabbing at his heart and looking up as you took off your mask. Giggling, you sat down beside him. “Because, your reactions are adorable. And hilarious.” Hoseok groaned loudly and shooed you away while he got his breathing back to normal. You returned to him a few minutes later - it seemed a steaming cup of hot chocolate managed to take his mind off how scared shitless he was a moment ago.

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The door handle turned slowly and in walked your half asleep boyfriend. You watched carefully as he shut the door, placed his bag on the ground, and yawned loudly. “Yahhhh!” You yelled, jumping from your spot and grabbing Namjoon’s arm. Through the small eye holes in your mask you witnessed a flash of panic wash over his face, but it was quickly replaced by a cheeky smile as he realized it was you. “That was cute, jagi,” Namjoon laughed. “What do you mean that was cute? I scared the living daylights out of you!” You claimed. “Naww,” Namjoon said as he pulled you, huffing and puffing over his reaction, into his chest. “That was a good effort,” he commented as you rolled your eyes. 

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Like a lion stalking its prey, you watched your boyfriend Jimin enter your apartment from your hiding spot around the corner. You counted down, guesstimating the time it would take him to come around the corner. You could hear him humming an unfamiliar song as he placed his keys down on the couch. Three…Two…One… “RAH!” You yelled as you saw Jimin turn the corner. Jimin launched the object in his hand, his cellphone, at you before letting out a loud, “shi- shiitake mushrooms!” His phone hit you in the forehead which was extremely painful despite you wearing a mask. “Owww…” you groaned, removing your mask. “Y/N? Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Jimin cried, bringing you into a hug and rubbing your sore spot on your head, although you could hear he was trying his very best to stifle back laughter.

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 probably jimin’s reaction to throwing his cellphone at you tbh 


You quickly re-positioned yourself behind the couch when you heard Taehyung enter your apartment. “Home home home, oh, I’m home~!” He sang out, almost causing you to reveal your position by laughing too much. Holding back giggles, you watched as Taehyung neared your hiding spot and then jumped out at him when he was close enough. “BOO,” you said as Tae took a quick step away from you. There was a moment of silence before you pulled off your mask and both you and your boyfriend started giggling. “Dang,” you said in response to his lack of reaction. Taehyung started laughing so hard that he could barely find time to breathe, and one look at your confused face sent him into an uncontrollable laughing fit. “Stoppppp,” you whined, although you laughed along with him. “You…teehee…you really think you can scare me, jagi?” Taehyung managed to get out before laughing again. 

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As you lay in wait, your silent apartment was suddenly filled with the muffled sound of rap music as your boyfriend opened the door. You listened to Jungkook rap a verse before you realized the music was coming from his headphones. “Jesus christ, Mr Jeon, you’re going to go deaf before you’re thirty,” you muttered to yourself. Upon hearing Jungkook’s loud footsteps, you jumped out at his legs and yelled “yahhh!” but it seemed you had mistimed your scare because he walked straight past you. “Oh!” He said, turning round to see you on the floor. “Y/N, what are you doing here? What are you doing on the floor? And why are you wearing a mask?” Jungkook questioned, a smile creeping over his face at your antics. “Nothing…I thought I dropped something on the floor,” you murmured awkwardly. “Were…were you trying to scare me?” Jungkook laughed, helping you up from the ground. “No way. Okay, yes. And you had a terrible reaction,” you admitted. “Gah, so childish, Y/N,” Jungkook laughed shaking his head, but you could tell from his bunny-smile that he found it cute. 

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Mind Games pt.4

Requested by me: Your decision between Batman or J and harl has been made but can you live with the choice?

Pairing: The Joker x Reader x Harley (poly)

A/N - Am I making another post in the same week? oh my god, that’s so unlike me. I’m sorry this is so cliche but sometimes cliche is good, keep that in mind. Don’t hate me!! I also apologise if this sucks, i’m trying here. As always feedback is appreciated, I never know what you guys like or don’t.

⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ - Sexual references, guns, daddy kink…I think that’s it?

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

I stared through the wire fence that surrounded her barred cell. She hung delicately from the clothe, that was attached to the top bars of her cell. Her arms out stretched. Legs split in mid air. The white fabric twisted around her limbs to keep her up. She looked elegant, graceful even despite her location. I watched her. A sinking feeling deep in my gut.

“Come on, it was for the best.”

I let out a sigh. Was it? Was this really where she belonged. The masked figure lead me out and as we reached the door, I heard her voice.

“I thought you loved me.”

I backed up, returning to the fence. The girl below had now dropped to her feet. Her eyes on me. I gave her a smile, one she didn’t return.

“I did…” I started. “I do.”

“Is that why you got me thrown in here? Nice to know.” The blonde chucked, reminded me a lot of J. “You chose him over us Y/N, that doesn’t scream love.”

My gaze dropped, unable to face her. She was right and I had no excuse to argue.

“She’s just tryna get in your head. Ignore her.”

That deep voice belonged to Batman. The man chosen over the two I loved apparently. My morals where messed up. I still wasn’t convinced I made the right decision. As I stood in Belle Reve’s staring at my ex girlfriend I felt bad. I wanted to help her, I wanted her to be free like me. But she wasn’t allowed nor J. They’re considered insane. Criminally insane and while I technically should now come under that bracket too. I was let off. Why? Because I chose the path of good. I sided with Batman in that room. We had him in our grasp but I couldn’t go through with it.

“I’m sorry Harley.” I mumbled quietly. “I had to do what was right.”

“And did you do that? The right thing?” She asked.

Before I had a chance to reply, batman yanked me away from the fence. “You did the right thing, trust me.”

He led me back down a corridor. Passing by murderers and thieves. In simple terms criminals. “Do you ever regret your decisions?” I asked walking behind.

“Of course. Everyone does.”

“I think I’m regretting mine.” I sighed.

“Is that who I think it is?” A voice interrupted. One I knew all too well. I abruptly stopped. Almost scared of what else was to come.

“Y/N don’t.” The caped crusader stated. I kept my eyes on him but I was almost drawn to the sound. I flashed Bruce a sympathetic look before walking in the direction of the voice.

“I thought so, Y/N. long time no speak, how you doing today?”

I stood face to face with the door and pulled open the slot. There he stood. In all his madenning glory. The Joker. His lips in a smile as they always tended to be. I didn’t answer him.

“Heard you regret your decision. Good. I worked so hard to make you forget that bat and the minute you remember him you go running back into his arms. I didn’t let you join the gang so you could ditch.”

“J…”  I mumbled but he continued ranting.

“I would say I’m angry but frankly I don’t care. All I care about is that you got me locked up in this place while you run around free as a fairy.”

I glanced back towards batman. Who stepped forward pushing me to the side.

“I got you thrown in here Joker. Not her.”

“Oh look batsy come to defend your honour. You always were weak.” My hands were balled in fists but he wasn’t wrong. I was angry that he was right. I’d always been the weak one. Too scared to pull the trigger. Too scared of getting caught. Harley had to hold my hand half the time just to encourage me to get things done. I need constant reassurance. Now, even going back to Bruce, I looked for help like a lost puppy. Waiting for someone else to take the lead. I’d always be a follower.

“She isn’t weak, it took a lot of guts to leave you two psychos.”

“On the contrary my dear bat. She had the option to leave any time. I made sure to implant the idea. It’s like a test of loyalty, one she clearly couldn’t quite pass.”

I remained stood to the side. Scared to say anything that would upset him.

“I’ll be out soon enough and, well, let’s just say Karma’s a bitch.”

Well at least he isn’t angry. A soft sigh left my lips as I followed behind Batman. Leaving behind two admittedly dangerous people behind. Besides that, I still loved them. And it hurt my heart to see them in there but what could I do now? Go running back to them? They were locked up and I would be too. I’m not sure they would even want me back at this point. If only I hadn’t remembered working with the bat. Maybe everything would have been okay. Maybe I wouldn’t feel physically sick because I miss two people.

As time passed I slowly grew used to the ache. The pain became unnoticeable even. But there were still times I’d think about them. Every chuckle reminded me of the Joker. Every giggle or diamond of Harley. I was pretty sure I was nothing more than a bad memory to those two by now but I still longed for chaos. A certain kind of chaos. I was still helping out B-man and his life isn’t exactly controlled. There were other villains. Penguin, Two Face, Killer Croc. But it just wasn’t the kind I was after. I leaned back in the plush chair of the Batcave, overlooking his main computer. It was so eerie being in here alone, the place was just so big. I spun around on the chair until I was interrupted.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself Miss Y/L/N.”

I abruptly came to a stop, taking a moment to recover from the dizziness.

“Hey Alfred.”

“Are you okay?”

“Nothing to concern your self with Alfred, where’s Bruce?” I replied.

“Master Bruce will be down soon, would you like me to get you anything while you wait?”

I gave a solemn sigh. “No thanks.”

“Alright, I shall go check on Master Bruce then.”

“No need, I’m right here.” A voice interrupted and the broad man was making his way over.

“About time.” The man rolled his eyes. Throwing a newspaper onto my lap.

“What’s this for?”

“Just read it.”

I groaned but looked down at the document on my lap. What was so interesting about a newspaper? Probably just some crappy little bank heist or something. I flipped it over to read the front page, my eyes widening.

Joker and girlfriend on the loose again.’

I stared at it in shock. And what did this mean to me exactly? A hand appeared on my shoulder and I looked up to see Bruce. He was never the reassuring type, he still looked cold. But he was trying and I guess that was all that mattered.

“We’ll catch ‘em Y/N, don’t worry. I won’t let them hurt you again.”

I smiled softly knowing if I spoke my voice would betray me. Was that what I wanted? For them to be locked up again? I had to admit my life had been calmer without them and I wasn’t hiding from the law anymore so I guess that was nice. But they were still in the back of my mind so maybe I was just waiting for this moment. With them on the loose, maybe they’d come find me. But was that really a good thing? J seemed angry last time we spoke.

“How?” I asked, pretending to perk up.

“We just need to figure out what they’ve got planned and I assume they’ll be coming for you soon enough.”

I hesitated.

“The Joker never forgets.” He added at the end and I knew he was serious. Serious about stopping J as well as the clown not forgetting. It made me sorta happy thinking he wouldn’t forget about me. I’d always be in the back of his mind but then again he wanted revenge more than he wanted me. Made me wonder what he’d actually do? Would he just torture me again? Or actually kill me this time? I shuddered at the very thought.

“Maybe he won’t do anything bad? Maybe he’ll just lay low.”

“Doubtful.” Bruce stated plainly beginning to walk away.

“But-” I started spinning on the chair but he was gone. Hate when he does that. I was once again left alone in this dark cave, waiting for an order. Days. Weeks. Bruce found himself on the hunt for the joker. Following each and every lead but they all led to dead ends. I was right about him lying low for a while. But he was determined. He wanted the Joker locked up again for the sake of everyone. I spent a lot of time with him looking for J. And one day we finally found something. And by something I mean we found him. Him and Harley….and frost. Nobody else. I thought it was an odd tactic considering Batman had taken on more. I stood behind batman, looking them all over. They each had a smile on their face except frost whose expression remained blank. I locked eyes with Harley. Her smile grew with a tilt of her head. She waved at me and I slowly waved back. Why did she seems so happy and calm about this. Why was she waving at me? The Joker and Batman seemed to be doing their typical banter thing.

“Hey Y/N, you’re looking as cute as ever.”

I felt heat rush to my cheeks. She still had the same effect on me. Made me giddy. I couldn’t help it.

“Same goes for you.” I mumbled back, stepping out from behind Batman.

“Thanks, prison was good to me.” She chuckled and I felt a twinge of guilt.

“I’m glad.” I teased, knowing she was probably joking.

“Is the princess scared to come out from behind her knight in a shining bat costume?” My head turned to J who was now smiling at me. A smile with malicious intentions. I was scared to be honest.

“No.” I shouted back. I stepped out more. My hands in fists.

“Come closer or are you suddenly terrified of daddy. I won’t hurt you.”

I looked toward Batman who shook his head but I wanted to prove I wasn’t scared - even if I was. I began walking over to him, slowly. “Well you’re not exactly the friendliest of people.”

“Oh the girls got jokes, glad to see she learnt something from me.”

He kept his eyes on me and I stopped in front of him. I glanced over his pale face, I knew every detail like the back of my hand. He’s not exactly easy to forget. We locked eyes and I could almost feel myself getting lost in them again. The clown chuckled.

“I can almost smell your fear it’s that obvious and with all due respect-” he grabbed my arm, yanking me to his lap. I felt a metal tip at my temple. “You should be.”

“Y/N, what was the number one rule of being around the Joker?” Batman yelled.

“Always be on guard.”

“Oh lookie here, the b-mans got you trained like a dog. Do you speak on command too?”

I remained silent, although my breathing was as heavy as could be in this situation.

“Speak, tell me what you want.” J mumbled calmly but I remained silent.

“I said speak!” He growled this time, pressing the gun harder into my temple. Did he want me to bark like a dog or actually talk? I was confused by the whole situation.

“Let me go J.” I squirmed and his arm tightened around my neck.

“That’s the joker to you.”

I struggled to take deep breathes but I was still holding up. I’d been in these situations a lot sadly.

“Let me go, Joker!” I yelled

“You’ve got her well trained Batman. I wonder what tricks she does.”

“You heard the lady Joker, let. Her. Go.” Batman responded, starring daggers at the clown.

“Why? She likes to be choked a little, don’t ya Y/N?” he chuckled. Harley’s giggle drifted to my ears too. I got the reference, I chose to ignore it. My airway was blocked off suddenly and my chest began to heave for oxygen. I felt tears well up my eyes but Batman seemed to just stand and watch. He didn’t even attempt to save me. I was confused. Didn’t he promise to never let the clown hurt me again, well what was this? The arm around my neck loosened. A rush of oxygen filled my lungs.

“Don’t you Y/N.”

“Y-yes.” I mumbled out.

“See, she’s happy as a clam so you can go now bat.” Frost ran up behind. Holding a gun to the man’s back.

“I’m gonna give this girl everything she deserves. Don’t worry Batman, I won’t hurt her after all she promised to live for me.”

I narrowed my eyes in on Bruce. He looked like he’d given up, that there was nothing he could do. Why was he being…well…useless. Frost pushed him out the room. Leaving me alone with two clowns. The arm suddenly vacated my neck and I was shoved off his lap. I stumbled forward looking back at my exes. Each had a smile but I wasn’t smiling. I was dying to back up and run away but I was frozen in place. Harley skipped over to me. Her arm draping over my shoulder, she planted a kiss on my cheek.

“You scared Y/N?” She whispered in my ear. A shiver ran down my spine. The girl moved around to face me. A smile on her lips. I glanced at the joker who was just watching us. I shook my head, knowing they knew I was.

“Do you miss us?” She didn’t give me time to answer before planting her lips on mine. I lost myself in that kiss, my hands reaching up to pull her closer but she protested, pulling back. “Miss this?”

A soft whimper left my throat. I did miss this. All of it. I wanted it back but I also knew it was wrong. It was toxic.

“Aww she does. That’s so cute.”

Harley patted my cheek before spinning and running off back to the clown prince of crime.

“Weird. She misses us but she left us to rot in prison.”

“What did you want me to do?” I asked, my brows furrowing.

“I don’t know? How about not stab us in the back so you could run off into the sunset with the bat-”

“Harley calm down.” J interrupted.

“No! She abandoned us for Batman. A guy who left her to be tortured for months on ended without coming to look for her. A guy who practically couldn’t care less, does he even have feelings? I loved her.”

“It’s okay my pet.” J patted her head, rather like a dog but I guess she was used to that. “We’re gonna deal with her.”

“You were the ones who tortured me in the first place. I still have scars from you.”

The joker laughed and Harley followed. “Think of them as gifts from us to you.”

“Well can I return them.” I snarled back. He was getting annoyed with my attitude, I could tell even past that smile.

“You left us to rot in prison. After I so generously let you join us. We treated you as one of us and you went to join the bat. That wasn’t part of daddy’s plan, now was it?” He asked, rising to his feet. With each word he stepped closer until we were face to face. His hand reached up, placing it under my chin. He lifted my head. “I don’t like traitors.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh you’re sorry. Look Harley she’s sorry, I guess that makes everything okay then.” He shrugged.

“I never meant to hurt you guys but it was the right thing to do. I really am sorry J.”

A laugh slipped through his lips as he let go. “You think I care that you’re sorry. I don’t even care that you left us. What I care about is the fact you know stuff about me that could help the bat and the whole locking me up thing too. You pledged yourself to me, do you remember?”

I nodded.

“You said you’d live for me-”

“I know what I said.”

“Don’t interrupt me!” He shouted as his foot connected to my stomach and I fell backwards to the floor. Coughing violently.

“You said you’d die for me so let’s see if that’s true.”

I guess I got my answer, he was gonna kill me this time. My mouth was agape and I was lost for words. What does one even say. The man brought out his gun once more. Pointing it sharply between my eyes.

“Wait puddin” Harley shouted jumping on the mans arm. A low growl left his throat. A sigh of relief slipped through my lips. Thank god for Harley.

“I wanna do it.”

Scratch that. She just wanted to do it herself. She went for the gun but the Joker pushed her away.

“Don’t be silly, I want this kill.”

He walked closer, crouching in front of me. Then suddenly his lips were against mine but only for a moment.

“This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it’ll hurt me.” He whispered. A long, maniacal laugh filled my ears and Harley jumped down to kiss my cheek as the gun was placed on my forehead.

“Love you Y/N.” Harley called.


I shot up. Sweat on my forehead. My heart racing. I looked either side of me. J on the right, Harley to my left. I wasn’t dead? The girl stretched before rubbing her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Harley asked groggily.

Tears slipped down my cheeks but I nodded. “Yeah.”

“What’s wrong?” The tears feel harder and I shrugged, falling back against the bed. Her arms slipped around me pulling me to her. “Don’t cry puddin”


Her hand slipped through my hair. Comforting me. Why was I crying? And why was Harley being so nice? I’d never actually cried in front of them. Every time a tear fell, I thought J would shout. He hadn’t done that but still. I snuggled up to Harley.

“Do you wanna tell me why you’re crying? Still having nightmares?” She asked. I immediately felt like an idiot. I was crying over a damn dream. It never happened. I hadn’t left J and Harley. They weren’t trying to kill me. Batman hadn’t left me to die, well, not again. I was okay.

“I guess. J shot me. You wanted to do it but he wouldn’t let you do it.”

“We shot you? Why?” She asked.

“I left you both to rot in prison to go rejoin Batman. Then you escaped and hunted me down. Then you were really mean to me and shot me.”

Harley giggled. “We were mean to you?”

“Don’t laugh.” I whined.

“Sorry baby.” She kissed the top of my head. The joker shuffled beside us and I froze, not wanting him to see me like this. He didn’t handle vulnerability well. He’d use it against me with no regrets.

“You know I would never shoot you in the head right?”

I nodded.

“Not without reason or unless mistah J told me.”

“Good to know Harley. I wouldn’t shoot you either.” I sighed.

“Not without reason or unless told to right?”

I shook my head. There was no way I could ever hurt her or J for that matter. I’d rather they shoot me because it’d probably hurt less.

“No, not at all. I’d miss you too much.”

“Well aren’t you just the-the sweetest.” Harley yawned.


“Hmm.” She murmured quietly. I assumed she was falling back asleep again. We hadn’t really talked about anything but that’s just how it was. I closed my eyes, trying to get back to sleep. I knew the dreams weren’t going to stop. They kept repeating. Each time J would ultimately kill me in a different way. I shuffled out from Harley’s grips and turned to face J. He was less scary when he was sleeping. Made me feel calm all the same. I moved closer to him. Wanting to feel his strong arms wrapped around me. I rested my head on his chest, listening to his gentle breathing. And to my surprise his arm wrapped around me and I wiped away my tears. He may not be a superhero. He may not always show it. But I sensed he cared and it made me feel better. I didn’t regret my decision. Not at all. I loved him. I loved her. And I was happy being the one in between.