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Heat Part Four (Officer JDM x Reader)


Heat Part Four

Summary: Jeff and you return to his apartment after leaving the bar where Jeff punched Spencer. You deal with your fellow officers learning of your romantic relationship with Jeff and Spencer continues causing drama.

Word Count: 3,266

Warnings: NSFW, Language, Violence

Beta Reader: @i-am-negan-trash

Note: There is a reference to Magic City in here! ;)

You grabbed Jeff’s keys and raced up the stairs to his apartment. Jeff ran after you once he realized you wanted him to chase you. You ran over to his door and started to fumble the keys, trying to find the right one. Suddenly, you feel Jeff press up against you from behind.

“Hurry! Open the door!” Jeff groaned into your ear as his hands slid up your shirt.

His sudden touch shocked you, making you drop the keys as you let out a soft moan.

“Shit, just let me do it!” Jeff huffed as he grabbed the keys off the ground.

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A teammate helps Steve groom himself while his arms/hands are injured.

This is Steve’s third attempt at getting help brushing his teeth.

Clint had told him to open his mouth and then poured toothpaste and a bunch of water in. While Steve’d choked, he’d told him to gargle it. Steve had spat and left, ignoring Clint’s shout after him of, “It’s just like brushing!”

Tony, unsurprisingly, had called over DUM-E. Not that Steve didn’t appreciate the little droid’s help – it was kind of cute, after all, waving around a Little Mermaid toothbrush and squealing in a distinctly excited-to-be-helpful way – but after it had jabbed him in the back of the throat twice and he’d had to fight back vomiting, it had been time to find someone else.

So here he is in Bruce’s patchouli-scented apartment, letting the man talk to him about Tony’s latest attempt to split him from The Hulk – something about trapping The Other Guy in a mirror – while he gently scrubs Steve’s teeth with a toothbrush he’d unpackaged specially for Steve.

“How long did Dr. Cho say your hands would be out?” he asks, helping Steve wipe his face after he’s spat.

“Just overnight,” Steve says. “She says I need at least eight hours of sleep, but I can’t fall asleep without clean teeth.”

“Routine.” Bruce nods. If anyone gets it, it’s him. “Do you need help with anything else?”

Steve shakes his head and jerks his head, trying to gesture at himself. “Clint helped me change and JARVIS will help me with the lights,” he says. “Thanks, Bruce.”

Deal With The Demons

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean mentioned

Word Count: 3,113 (oops)

Description: When a hunt goes bad, Sam is left bleeding out and you struggle to find a way to save him. With Dean no where to be found, you make the worst decision in your life and sell your soul to save the only man you have ever truly loved. Sam then is forced to face the world alone and is left heartbroken and scared.

Warnings: Blood, death, tears.

A/N: This is during this time of the Leviathans, so Cas is not in this series. I may make this into a series if you like it enough, I really wanted to write a really powerful story

Originally posted by awkwardsamw

Demons were never easy to hunt, no matter how many times you hunted them. They were cocky most of the time, but they were strong and strategic, something that matched a hunter’s skill set. Demons came in to a fight prepared to kill, ready at all times to make the most damage possible.

The Winchesters were no acceptation to the hunters they planned to damage, which leads you to your current situation.

With Cas gone, you and the Winchesters became upset by the loss of your close friend. Each of you felt you needed a distraction from the hectic world of the leviathans and found signs of a group of demons in a small town in the South. You had all believe that you had studied the case thoroughly, which you discovered was not true.

You, Sam, and Dean all entered this hunt believing it was a normal demon situation. You three had entered a large barn where you had thought the demons you were tracking were hiding out. However, with what you had thought was four demons was really ten, all ready to attack you and the two brothers.

Before any of you recognized the problem, you, Dean, and Sam decided to split up in an attempt to cover more ground. Dean had gone into the main barn, Sam had went into the abandoned stables, and you left towards the garage where the tools and tractor used to be.

That was the exact moment when things had started to go south.

Originally, you had thought that you had the luck of catching two out of the four demons. You yelled and screamed for help, thinking that the brothers were just hunting after two. 

What had happened in the garage was blurred, all you could remember was struggling to keep up with the fast pace demons and ending the battle with severe cuts along your abdomen and arms.

You rushed into the stables where Sam had been, in hopes to alert him that the job was almost done. However, you weren’t prepared to see two demons dead on the floor and one, pushing an angel blade through Sam’s chest, as the other held the large hunter back.

Within that moment, your heart shattered. You wanted to cry but couldn’t, for rage clouded your eyes as you sprinted over to the soulless creatures that impaled the love of your life.

Quickly, you murdered both of them, stealing their meaningless lives away from them effortlessly, taking pleasure in your revenge.

Now, you sat on the floor next to Sam’s unconscious body, your heavy flannel shirt off your body and on his open wound. 

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Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad X Reader- Flirtation

You crept in the shadows of the hallway of Mount Justice slowly and quietly. Why are you doing this? Are there bad guys invading and you’re the only one to stop them? Nope! All is safe and well, minus your sanity. Apparently Kaldur isn’t Aquaman’s only partner to have the name of ‘Aqualad,’ and said partner has a thing for you. You didn’t know why the young teenager was so infatuated with you, and Kaldur was not happy.


You froze at the sound of the star stuck voice of Garth, and it wasn’t Beast Boy. You used your abilities and sunk into the shadows. Why didn’t you do that in the first place?! It was flattering the first couple minutes of compliments, but him following you around like a love sick puppy was getting annoying. You quickly ran to Kaldur’s room, where he is located right now, and slipped under the shadow of the door. You exited the shadow and slid down the door.

Kaldur put his book down and walked over to you with a worried expression, “Are you okay, my love?”

"I’m fine, Kaldur, but this is getting old. I can’t walk around the place without Garth hitting on me! The kid can’t take a hint,” you complained.

Kaldur’s jaw clenched, “I will speak to him.”

"Thank you, my love,” you said while dragging your hand across his cheek.

He smiled and placed his hand over yours, “It is my pleasure.”


You groaned internally when Garth told you another pick up line, “Listen Garth, I’m really flattered and all, but this is highly inappropriate. I am already in a relationship, as I have said before.”

"Come on, Angelfish, what he got that I don’t?”

"A loving girlfriend that is devoted to her partner,” Kaldur suggested and wrapped his hand around your waist. “If this is interfering with how we defend the world, then I will contact Aquaman immediately and request you to return to your team.”

Garth’s eyes widened, “Of course.”

He awkwardly walked out of the room and left you with Kaldur. You glanced at Kaldur and noticed he was glaring at the doorway Garth exited from.

You chuckled and said, “I think you handled that well.”

“It was his fault for attempting to split us,” Kaldur stated.


The Man on the Bridge

Sorry if I am posting too much, but my insomnia has been really bad lately, and I have had these ideas floating around in my head for a while.

Obviously, the events in the (Y/N) Barnes series differ from the MCU in parts. Please enjoy!

TIMELINE - 21ST Century (TWS)


After Sam lost control of the car, the four of you split up, in an attempt to draw fire away from each other, and minimise the chances of anyone getting shot.

You saw Steve thrown off the bridge, Sam trying to distract the men shooting at him, and you lost sight of Nat.

While you were proficient at hand to hand, you decided that you would be better off finding a good vantage point, and using your sniper rifle to cover the others.

In your haste to make it to a nearby roof, you didn’t realise that you had been followed by a Hydra agent. He attacked you from behind.

You fought back, desperately trying to finish as quickly as possible, but your stab wound from Batroc was limiting your movement.

The agent knocked you to the ground. As you attempted to rise, you heard a shot ring out, and the agent thumped to the ground in front of you.

“Perfect timing, as usual Nat,” you heaved, looking toward your saviour.

You were taken aback to realise that it was not the red headed spy standing in front of you.

It was a man. He was quite tall, wearing all black. He wore a mask over the lower half of his face, with unkempt, ear length dark hair. His left arm seemed to be made of metal.

It’s the Winter Soldier, you thought to yourself.

Looking up at him, you remained dead still. He seemed to be confused about something, and you thought that if you didn’t make any sudden movements, you may be able to get out with your life.

You continued to look up at him, and soon noticed how blue his eyes were. They seemed so familiar, as if you had stared into them a million times in the past. And then it dawned on you.

“James?” you whispered, barely audible.

The Winter Soldier cocked his head to the side, as if he was considering what you had just said.

“Who are you?” he finally asked.

Your heart dropped when you heard the question. You were sure that the man in front of you was Bucky. He had his eyes, though perhaps more distant. He had his voice, though perhaps more gruff. And yet, he did not know who you were, and couldn’t possibly be alive.

“I’m your wife,” was your hesitant response.

After an agonisingly slow moment, a Hydra agent approached from behind Bucky.

“Soldier, she’s on our kill list. Get it done now!” he ordered.

Bucky looked at his gun, then raised it and pointed it at you. You scrunched your eyes shut tightly, and started to fiddle with your wedding ring, like you always did when you were nervous.

You jumped when a shot fired, and it took you a moment to realise that you had not been harmed. Opening your eyes, you saw the Hydra agent lying on the ground, a bullet wound to his forehead.

“Steve!” you exclaimed, forgetting your quiet and still approach. Bucky watched you stand up, and move to a ladder that would take you to the roof of the building you had been fighting behind.

Climbing upwards, you heard the heavy sound of boots on metal, and looked down to see Bucky following you.

Arriving on the roof, you set up your rifle as quickly as possible, and stared down the scope. But, you were too late. Steve, Sam and Nat were all surrounded by the SHIELD Strike Team, with their hands behind their heads. If you shot now, you would only achieve getting your friends killed, and your location discovered.

“Damn it!”

“We have to get out of here,” Bucky said.

You started packing up your rifle, “You’re coming with me?”

Your husband nodded while your brain ran at 100 miles a minute.

“Ok,” you agreed, “I know a place.”

Problem Within Our Fetish Community

I’m not one to rant but there is a serious problem that doesn’t get addressed enough. The fetish community is a wonderful place where we can all let down our guard and find like minded friends and romantic partners. As long as well are all responsible adults and make mature respectful decisions there is no reason that our community can’t help everyone find what they are looking for.

With that being said, it seems as though more issues arise everyday; lies, lust and, infidelity is rampant and the lack of respect for others relationships is downright sickening. While I understand that this social fetish network is sexual in nature, that does not mean it is appropriate to only treat people as objects of your sexual desires. Have the class and decency that you would show someone if you just met them on the street! What kind of relationship are you starting by texting someone asking them private questions about the contents of their diaper? Better yet why are you spending your time obsessing over someone who is already in a relationship anyway.

The amount of people that have messaged us attempting to split us apart for their own selfish reasons is incredibly disheartening. Why can’t we all just be happy for each other. Why can’t the same fetish commonality that brings us all together allow us to also be happy for one another?

If people spent half the effort on being respectful and genuine as they do on trying to chase people who are already in relationships they would probably have partners of their own.

And if you are unhappy in your relationship and feel like you need to seek things outside of your relationship talk with your partner about the issues. Cheating destroys everything you have worked for and leaves you stuck in a web of lies which will NEVER allow your relationship to be successful. Both people will end up crushed, and it will happen again unless you can address the real issues.

This is our community to maintain and we all need to do our share to make it happy and healthy. Peace out.

“Don’t tell me to fight, to fight for you. After this long, I shouldn’t have to.”

A little fic I wrote because that song lyric spoke to me. I dunno, enjoy the asshole!Evan and sort of angsty Vanoo.

Brock hadn’t been sure what he was expecting, but the look on Tyler’s face was something he’d never seen before; something he was sure he never wanted to see again. Tyler kept walking until he had cornered Brock and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, voice uncharacteristically low and on the edge of murderous. “Keep your motherfucking boyfriend away from Craig. If I so much as see his stupid face or hear his fucking voice, I’ll rip his dick off and force feed it to him.” The look in Tyler’s eyes never wavered, no matter how much Brock wished it to; he wanted Tyler to laugh, to say he was joking, but the quiet anger never gave way into Tyler’s shit-eating grin.

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Hannibal of Carthage and the punic wars (264BC - 146BC)

The Punic wars were a series of wars fought between the Rapidly expanding Carthagian Empire in North Africa and the Roman republic. The carthagian Empire held the isle of Sicily off the cost of Rome. Long story short the Roman republic sanctioned an attack to retake sicily and stop the exspansion of the Carthagians. 

Unlike most civilisations the Romans had a trained and battle hardened veteran core of troops. The legions numbered at about 30,000. Carthage had to rely mainly of Mercenaries and the indigenous tribes. However the Carthagians had a huge navy and the Romans had to build one fast. Subsequently the romans were defeated and realised the traditional naval warfare tactics of raming and stone flinging would not work. The romans attached the Assualt bridge to their warships, this meant that legionaires and Auxillary could board the carthagian ships. Rome went through an nearly unbroken string of victories at sea and in sicily. The carthagian mercenaries fled the battlefields 9/10 times. Carthage sued for peace in 241BC. 

Carthage was forced to pay a sum in silver for the 8000 african Prisoners of war. However Carthage would not return the captured legionaires. The Carthagian king Hannibal pursued the defected troops and attacked a Roman town they were hiding in. The Carthagians refused to hand Hannibal over to the Romans for trial. Rome declared another war on Carthage.

Hannibal intended to cross the famous alps with siege engines and elephants. Over the course of the 3 year war, Hannibal won notable victories against Rome at the battle of Trebia and the battle of Cannae. Hannibal eventually did cross the alps but was hesitant of Romes defences. At he same time the Romans cut of trade routes and his army began to starve. Rome then launched a counter attack and Hannibal attempted to split his army but was deafeated at the battle of Zama. This basically ended Carthage. The city of Carthage was soon sacked and burnt to the ground and the Romans took even more of Africa. Hannibal himself commited suicide.

Hannibal is often regared as a Brilliant millitary commander. He managed to win battles while scaling a mountain range with a half dead army and some elephants against the mighty Rome. He is compared with Napoleon and Julius Caesar at times. 

Preference #3


Gally: The sickening crunch of the victim’s nose resounded in everyone’s ears before anyone had a chance to stop it. The glader took the blow, knowing that he was at a great disadvantage if he chose to fight back. Gally’s jaw was clenched tightly as he grabbed the boy’s shirt, gripping it in his fists as he grumbled, “Say another shucking word about her and next time I’ll throw you in the maze and let the grievers decide your fate, slinthead.” His cheeks were still flushed with anger as I finally lured him away to calm down. 

Newt: Newt shot up from his slumber once he heard your piercing screams. He thought maybe your screams were just part of a nightmare that reoccured often, but his heart sank once he realized that this was not true. He scrambled to get himself up and towards the source of the screams. His heart sank in his chest as he saw the tears coursing down your cheeks. “What happened? Sh, just tell me what happened.” His voice was trying to be comforting, but the fear seizing his heart was preventing that from happening. 

“He came at me out of nowhere. I couldn’t get him off of me until he ran off when he heard you coming.” Your voice was shaky as you tried to explain. 

“Where did he go?” Gally asked once you stopped speaking as he came in behind Newt.

You pointed into the Deadheads and Gally followed immediately. Newt hands ran down your arms tentatively, but you want to bury yourself into him as you pulled him towards you. His arms wrapped around you, reassuring you where the safest place in the glade was: in Newt’s arms. 

You nestled your face into his neck, letting out a shaky breath as he ran his fingers up and down your back softly.

Minho: Minho’s eyes widened as he heard an insult leaving the young glader’s lips directly to your face. He mumbled surprised curses and was about to leave his spot by the fire to show the glader exactly what he was thinking, when he suddenly paused. He watched your lips utter some insult, he was guessing, as the boys around the you were chuckling. He tried to cover his mouth to disguise his chuckles, but gave up the act as he fully succumbed to the laughter taking over him as he watched you kick the glader right in the ‘family jewels’. Your smirk matched his as you sauntered up to him. He wrapped his arms around you, still chuckling before he kissed your forehead softly. “Shuck it, I love you.” He chuckled before resting his chin on top of your head.

Thomas: His eyes were nothing but pools of regret as he glanced at you. His eyes followed you slowly as you sat down next to him, pressing a damp cloth to his cheek. He grit his teeth as pain surged through him, finding its home in his heart. The cut on his lip and swollen eye were just physical scars that would fade eventually, but the emotional scar of him hearing you scream was something that he would never forget. He could still hear your screams echoing in his ears, over and over, like a broken record.

The stung glader had caught everyone by surprise as he barreled over to you, knocking you down with one urgent shove. Your screams could be heard across the entire glade, alerting everyone of the disdain occurring. Thomas was the last one to arrive as he was just coming back from the maze. Bruises were imprinted into your wrists from when the jacked boy had gripped them, pinning you to the ground. His attention was split as he attempted to grab the knife hanging on his belt when Gally had pushed him off of you. Thomas broke through the crowd of boys surrounding you, seeing your frightened face before connecting it to the glader who was being held back by Gally and Winston. 

He hurried forward, connecting his fist squarely with the defenseless glader’s jaw. Boys were screaming at him to stop, but Thomas refused to listen. He was using every little spark of anger in him against one who was fighting without truly knowing why. I screamed at him to stop, finally catching his attention, but it was also the distraction that led to his demise. The glader was pulling and squirming, trying everything to get its way out of its captor’s arms when it finally succeeded. Their grip on him loosened until he was able to wiggle free. His body crashed into Thomas’, scarring double the damage onto Thomas. 

You felt like you couldn’t breathe until the glader was dragged off of Thomas and he was safe in the homestead. It was silent between you and Thomas before he finally decided to speak, “I’m sorry.” His whispers faded in and out as he spoke like he was deciding to speak and suddenly wished he hadn’t. 

“For what?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows. 

“If I can’t protect you, what good of a boyfriend I am?” He huffed out, casting his eyes to the floor.

“Thomas, you just went against someone who was stung for me. You know how dangerous they can be and you risked your life for me. You’re everything I could ever want in a boyfriend plus so much more.” His eyes glanced up to meet yours before placing his hand on your neck, pulling your lips to his softly. His lips were rough on the surface from the cut splitting his lip, but they were tender in movement. 

“Thank you.” Thomas whispered softly before kissing your lips once more. 


Definition of Loyal - Marco Reus

Originally posted by koenigreus

Marco Reus was deeply embedded in hearts of girls all around the world. But that meant absolutely nothing to him. I mean, he appreciated it sure. But he only wanted to be in the heart of one girl.

Aimee Kirchen.

The African/American stunner had captured the heart of the German wonder ever since he met her in Miami just over two years. Ever since that moment no other women crossed his mind. Well, other than his Mother and Grandmother.

Marco Reus was the definition of loyal.

No matter how many girls in too-tight dresses and plenty of cleavage showing made their interest in him as clear as day, he wasn’t interested. Every time he was dragged out to a club by his team mates the only thing on his mind was getting home to his girlfriend as soon as humanly possible. It didn’t matter how many girls tried to tempt him onto the dance floor, the only girl he’d ever dance with was curled up at home watching TV on the sofa.

The couple had received plenty of comments on how they ‘didn’t look right’ together. Marco was pale, Aimee was adorned with beautiful dark skin. Marco’s hair was always perfectly styled whereas Aimee’s mop of dark hair was always roaming free. Marco dressed up when they went out, Aimee wore a simple dress and denim jacket. Marco was quick tempered, Aimee was calm.

Polar opposites.

Some of his team mates had even made half-hearted attempts to split the couple up in the early stages of their relationship before they learnt how loyal Marco was to this particular lady.

Before Aimee Marco was somewhat a player. He got with plenty of girls and had a habit of never letting anything get further than texting or a first date. Aimee had completely changed him, unintentionally. The moment he saw her playing volleyball on the beach in shorts and her bikini top he was completely hooked.

It was another normal day for Marco, training followed by another photoshoot. Aimee had decided to join him, wanting to see more of Marco’s life outside of football. They entered the sky-rise building hand in hand before entering the set. Marco led her towards the dressing room where he quickly proceeded to change into the first set of clothes set out for him. Aimee found no shame in ogling him.

“Like what you see?” Marco smirked, pulling his shirt over his head.

“You know I do.” Aimee said bluntly. Marco smiled at the nature of his girlfriend, loving that she wasn’t ashamed of checking him out. He found it unbelievably sexy how confident she was. He leant down and kissed her lips softly, eliciting a barely audible moan from her lips.

“Come on. Come watch me.” He helped her up and they walked out onto the set. Aimee positioned herself behind the camera and Marco positioned himself onto the white background and listened to the photographers instructions. He struck some poses, winking a few times at Aimee as she shamelessly followed his every mood.

“Marco go change.” The photographer ordered and Marco obliged. “So you’re Aimee, correct?”

“That’s me.”

“You look different to how I expected.” Aimee had got that line many times. “You’re quite stunning. Do you model?”

“Nope.” She shook her head. “That’s Marco’s kind of thing. I just came to watch.”

“Give it a try. There’s some spare clothes in the dressing room. Change into them and come model with Marco.” Aimee nodded and walked out of the room and down the corridor to the dressing room. She caught sight of two assistants, one with black hair and the other with red, cornering Marco.

“So… That girl out there. Your sister?” Seriously? Were they that stupid?

“No,” Marco laughed. “that’s my girlfriend.”

“Oh. She doesn’t look like your type.” Marco just shook his head.

“She’s perfect for me, thank you very much.” Aimee smiled at her boyfriend. She didn’t need him to defend her but still, it was nice.

“Well everyone’s replaceable.” The red head giggled, running her hand down his bicep. Marco was quick to shake her off, anyone but Aimee’s hands on him felt so so wrong.

“Not her.” Aimee chose this moment to make her presence known and walk towards her boyfriend. Marco caught sight of her quickly and pushed himself out of the corner towards her.

“Hey baby girl.” He smiled, pecking her lips a few times making her giggle.

“Hi babe.” She replied. “I’m modelling in the next part of the shoot.”

“That’s great!” Marco smiled. “Excuse us ladies, we better get changed.”

“Ok now Marco, Aimee, I need you both to hold the German flag and just do a funny pose!” They followed the instruction and the picture was snapped. “Perfect! That’s all for today. You did great as per usual Marco. And Aimee, you really should think about modelling, you’re a natural.” The photographer smiled.  The couple smiled and got changed back into their regular clothes and picked up the courteous freebies they had been given, courtesy of the designer.

Just as they were leaving the two assistants came up to them.

“Can we have a picture please?” The black haired one asked. Marco looked at Aimee, getting the nod of approval. Aimee took the phone as the girls stood either side of Marco.

“Uhm, could you like hold her butts?” The red head asked cheekily. Marco didn’t need to even ask Aimee for her approval.

“Sorry no.” He said bluntly. Aimee snapped the picture quickly and Marco quickly got himself out of the sandwich. He quickly entwined their fingers and they left the building.

“That was interesting…” Aimee spoke. Marco shrugged.

“I like modelling with you. It’s so natural. Whenever I model with other girls it feels weird.”

“Because you’re the sweetest, most courteous and loyal boyfriend to ever grace this Earth.”

“Why would I ever be unloyal? I’ve got the prettiest girl in the world.” Marco cheesed, pecking his girlfriend’s lips quickly.

Changing (A Teen Wolf Pack Imagine)

Changing (A Teen Wolf Pack Imagine)

Just something quick I did instead of my homework, oh well! Feel free to leave a request it would be greatly appreciated! Xoxo

A/N: This may no fit with any seasons but I had an idea and I wanted to write it out, sorry if it doesn’t make any sense with characters!!


You lay on the moist ground, the wet leaves on the forest ground sticking to your back and neck. You gasped for air, as you pressed your shaking hands to the large wound on your stomach. The pack had been looking for a rouge omega, and had split up in an attempt to track down the omega. You had been partnered up with Isaac but he had run off when he heard Derek howl, you had tried to follow but lost sight of Isaac almost immediately as he sped off. You followed in the general direction where Isaac ran off, branches whipping against your bare arms, causing small scratches to appear on your skin. Suddenly, a massive weight barrelled into you from the side, you instantly fell to the ground. The unknown weight pressing on you, you looked up to see the omega straddling your waist, pinning you to the ground unable to move. You tried to scream, but a clawed hand pressed over your mouth and you gagged at the smell of blood on his hand. You felt blinding pain in your stomach, and watched as the omega seemed to smile as he pulled his claws from your stomach, your crimson blood dripping off his claws back onto your chest and on the ground around you. You sobbed against the hand compressed against your mouth, tears streaming down your cheeks as you chocked on your tears. One second the weight was on you, the next it wasn’t. You finally screamed as the hand left your mouth, a blood curdling scream that shook the pack to their core. Derek had plucked the omega off of your body, and had thrown him into a nearby tree, knocking him unconscious. You dragged in heavy breaths as the pack gathered around you, Stiles applying pressure to your wound, Scott was yelling something at Derek. Isaac stood to the side, blaming himself for your pain because he had left you alone. Allison was pushing the hair out of your eyes, whispering soothing things in your ear, telling you you would be ok. Kira held Lydia as she sobbed, her entire body shaking as she stared at your bloody body. You managed to make eye contact with her, and she just sobbed harder. “DEREK!” Scott yelled at his alpha, “DEREK!” Derek suddenly appeared next to you, his eyes glowing red as he started down into your face. His face was crestfallen when he saw you in your state, tears pricking behind his eyes, but he hid it from you and the rest of the pack. “Derek..we..we have to, you have to give her the bite, she won’t make it otherwise.” Scott chocked out, grasping your hand tightly as more pain filled your body. Derek nodded, wordlessly, Stiles moved to hold your left arm, as Scott held tightly to your right. Derek’s fangs came out slightly, and he pressed his mouth to your wrist. Blood filled his mouth, the horrible copper taste filling his mouth as he quickly pulled away. You gasped and lurched forward, Stiles and Scott holding down your arms as you screamed before blacking out. The pack stood silently around your unconscious form.


You awoke and saw the familiar ceiling of Derek’s lounge room, you pushed yourself up, finding yourself on the leather couch the Derek had recently purchased. The pack was littered around the room, asleep on top of each other, obviously they had been watching you as you took the change. You lifted your oversized shirt, obviously one of the boys that had been placed on you, and saw only clear skin, no scar or marks from the attack. Your intake of breath as you realised you were a werewolf was enough to wake the other pack members up, all bustling to see you. “Are you alright?” Scott asked, you smiled and raised your eyes to met the faces of your pack. You let the wolf shine it’s eyes, your new golden iris’ shining brightly in the mid-morning sun.

“Never been better”

A/N: Pretty proud of how this turned out, won;t be writing anything tomorrow because I’m up at 5 am and staying out until late. Hopefully will update on Friday night. PLEASE REQUEST!!