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Those people that say that the CG are going to be vindictive and just can’t deal with Jasper whenever she gets back, they seem to think that the CG are out to punish Jasper more than she already has been and that just? doesn’t gel with what we’ve seen in canon? 

After finally separating Malachite, Alexandrite made sure to catch both Lapis and Jasper:

And while the island was splitting apart, Pearl did attempt to reach out and catch her before she fell into the chasm:

Like sure they didn’t go out of their way to try and find her afterwards (which bit them in the butt later) but there wasn’t much in the way of malicious intent there.

And later once Jasper was corrupted and finally defeated, bubbled and put away, they had the chance to get rid of her for good when the Ruby Squad returned. This wasn’t Hit the Diamond, they knew where Jasper was now. If they were really vindictive they could have just handed them her bubble and let Homeworld do whatever they were going to do with a corrupted Gem. 

But Amethyst disguised herself as Jasper with the intent of just finally getting the Ruby Squad off the planet for good by pretending she already had it under her control (which wasn’t a good long-term plan, and was just inviting YD to check up again even if things didn’t get snafu’ed at the end). 

Just like with Peridot’s redemption, I don’t expect things to go smoothly, (and we haven’t even seen Lapis’s redemption, she and the CG just have agreed to give each other space and don’t interact when they don’t have to) but it seems people think Jasper’s is going to be much worse than it actually is. 

The Man on the Bridge

Sorry if I am posting too much, but my insomnia has been really bad lately, and I have had these ideas floating around in my head for a while.

Obviously, the events in the (Y/N) Barnes series differ from the MCU in parts. Please enjoy!

TIMELINE - 21ST Century (TWS)


After Sam lost control of the car, the four of you split up, in an attempt to draw fire away from each other, and minimise the chances of anyone getting shot.

You saw Steve thrown off the bridge, Sam trying to distract the men shooting at him, and you lost sight of Nat.

While you were proficient at hand to hand, you decided that you would be better off finding a good vantage point, and using your sniper rifle to cover the others.

In your haste to make it to a nearby roof, you didn’t realise that you had been followed by a Hydra agent. He attacked you from behind.

You fought back, desperately trying to finish as quickly as possible, but your stab wound from Batroc was limiting your movement.

The agent knocked you to the ground. As you attempted to rise, you heard a shot ring out, and the agent thumped to the ground in front of you.

“Perfect timing, as usual Nat,” you heaved, looking toward your saviour.

You were taken aback to realise that it was not the red headed spy standing in front of you.

It was a man. He was quite tall, wearing all black. He wore a mask over the lower half of his face, with unkempt, ear length dark hair. His left arm seemed to be made of metal.

It’s the Winter Soldier, you thought to yourself.

Looking up at him, you remained dead still. He seemed to be confused about something, and you thought that if you didn’t make any sudden movements, you may be able to get out with your life.

You continued to look up at him, and soon noticed how blue his eyes were. They seemed so familiar, as if you had stared into them a million times in the past. And then it dawned on you.

“James?” you whispered, barely audible.

The Winter Soldier cocked his head to the side, as if he was considering what you had just said.

“Who are you?” he finally asked.

Your heart dropped when you heard the question. You were sure that the man in front of you was Bucky. He had his eyes, though perhaps more distant. He had his voice, though perhaps more gruff. And yet, he did not know who you were, and couldn’t possibly be alive.

“I’m your wife,” was your hesitant response.

After an agonisingly slow moment, a Hydra agent approached from behind Bucky.

“Soldier, she’s on our kill list. Get it done now!” he ordered.

Bucky looked at his gun, then raised it and pointed it at you. You scrunched your eyes shut tightly, and started to fiddle with your wedding ring, like you always did when you were nervous.

You jumped when a shot fired, and it took you a moment to realise that you had not been harmed. Opening your eyes, you saw the Hydra agent lying on the ground, a bullet wound to his forehead.

“Steve!” you exclaimed, forgetting your quiet and still approach. Bucky watched you stand up, and move to a ladder that would take you to the roof of the building you had been fighting behind.

Climbing upwards, you heard the heavy sound of boots on metal, and looked down to see Bucky following you.

Arriving on the roof, you set up your rifle as quickly as possible, and stared down the scope. But, you were too late. Steve, Sam and Nat were all surrounded by the SHIELD Strike Team, with their hands behind their heads. If you shot now, you would only achieve getting your friends killed, and your location discovered.

“Damn it!”

“We have to get out of here,” Bucky said.

You started packing up your rifle, “You’re coming with me?”

Your husband nodded while your brain ran at 100 miles a minute.

“Ok,” you agreed, “I know a place.”


It had just been a salt ‘n’ burn case. Something that you’d done a million times before and would only take an hour or less of your time. You and Sam were supposed to be at that café by now, relaxing after a hard day’s work.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not to you.

“Y/N, hey–hey, wake up,” Sam shook your motionless body. “Please, Y/N, open your eyes. You’re gonna be fine, I promise.” He frantically pressed his hand against your split forehead in an attempt to stop the abundant bleeding, but it was already too late. And he knew it.

Tears rolled down Sam’s face as he brought your body closer to plant trembling kisses on your face, smearing his lips with your blood. He gently scooped your broken figure and embraced it, keeping whatever heat was left from you before it slipped away forever.

“Please don’t leave me, Y/N.” Sam sobbed, “Not like this.”

A chill ran down Sam’s back. He couldn’t stay longer on that frigid basement with you like this. He slowly rose up and carried your body though the door, unaware of the cold air following him outside.

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i worded it wrong i meant self-sacrificing but same difference right

one of the things that’s unique about the four swords’ dynamic is how much they open up to one another. every four sword has a side of themself they show relatively exclusively to one another ; green doesn’t hold himself to such a standard as he does in public, blue i haven’t figured out yet, vio is more engaged in the moment, and red holds back nothing of his emotions.

in case it’s not all that obvious, RED IS A HIGHLY EMOTIONAL PERSON. he symbolises some of the most volatile emotions in link himself ( which is a headcanon i need to get to ) – fear, love, etc. he’s also the only four sword, once split, to not attempt to control these ‘new emotions’ they have ( as they are “fuller” people now, and have the capacity to experience the full range of emotions, and such ).

this is mostly telling the manga because of the sheer amount of times he cries. there is most definitely a reason he has a reputation – both in and out-of-universe – as a CRYBABY ; red has two settings: beaming and sobbing. there’s a moment of defiance if you’re lucky.

( as a bit of an aside: there’s a panel when they’re battling arrghus that arrghus says  i made all those little rocks! now they’re gone! i’ll never see them again! and red responds, “really? that’s so sad! you’re making me cry!” which, i dunno about you, sounds like a pretty textbook example of empathy to me.

in fact, i think this is what drives a lot of his crying. red is hyperempathetic, and coupled with his emotional volatility, that means a whole lot of crying.

additionally, you don’t have to cry from sadness alone. any emotion, when strong enough, can make someone cry ; red could be crying out of fear, apprehension, general stress, etc. both of those things nicely explain why he cries during hecking battles like… what. you’re a knight of hyrule red pls

eventually he does get this under control, and as my storyline takes place two years post-manga, red doesn’t cry quite as often. )

I DIGRESS. red’s emotional volatility can obviously be immensely destructive on its own – especially since he doesn’t attempt to control it. ( and considering it very nearly gets red killed… )

however, the more relevant way this manifests —

red is the SUPPORT of the team. if green and blue are bruisers, and vio is the tactician, red is the healer. it can become a bit of a mess, as he dumps all of his negative emotions on them, but he’s also encouraging and undeniably loyal. he takes immense pride in this position, and although it’s a discussion for another day, he will not let it be compromised.

in stressful social situations with strangers, however, he will be the support no matter what. red will not let himself dump his emotional baggage onto people he just met – that’s just rude! so, in a scenario like dolls in pseudo paradise, not only is he going to be managing all his emotional baggage, but also taking on others’, and suppressing it all for the sake of the other inhabitants.

so, yes. like so, red can inadvertently destroy himself if he’s not careful.

Lights Out Part 3

Anonymous said:

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!
~party anon

An hour later, no progress had been made. The new soul had exhausted itself in its earlier struggles and Sans was having trouble simply staying conscious. He began to black out once more, losing his grip on Grillby’s hand. His partner shook him awake again.

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that FAILED heart split attempt though

Swen  like 

And then that last FAILED kiss between Emma and Hook where even I as I swen was like oh great here comes A& E’s shitty attempt of trying to convince us that they are true love and then NOTHING!! AND im just like 


Oh and here’s a Swan Queen PIC in which Regina grabs Emma ;)

‘ffs wrong hole Regina’


It splits one person into half, distilling personality traits into two separate bodies. As near as I can tell Toth was attempting to split the Slayer into two different entities. One of them with all the qualities inherent in Buffy Summers. The other with everything that belongs to the  Slayer alone: the strength and speed, the heritage. 

I have this hc that during the hiatus everyone kinda splits up and attempts to do their own thing, and FS have an apartment and Simmons goes to Med School for realz while Fitz works for Radcliffe or whatever he’s apparently doing. More headcanons have spilled out of that:

  • They go for walks. lots of walks. and try to find places they can see the horizon. don’t get much of that on an underground base.
  • They sometimes forget to eat properly at first, because they’re not used to having a normal domestic schedule, just taking time when they can. they’re also not used to buying their own groceries, or having fresh food readily available, so stuff goes off etc alllllll the freaking time until they get their acts together and by that I mean start writing dates on everything
  • Simmons has Lincoln’s sobriety chip (another hc) on a necklace or in her med school locker as a reminder & encouragement - some days for specific things, like about herself and med school, and some days for this whole big world and what they’ve saved and what they’ve sacrificed for it
  • When someone’s rushed into hospital through the trainees, Simmons immediately runs after the gurney and somebody has to stop her.
  • Because of behaviour like this, and her general secrecy, the other med students start speculating about her. Was she in the military? special ops? is she in witness protection?
  • Backfiring car engines and fire crackers are 500% scarier than they anticipated. Once, Fitz almost tackles some randoms to get them out of the way of the ‘gunfire’ and he’s so frazzled by the whole thing he just goes straight home
  • They still freak out a bit when they get stuck in the shower.
  • They still have bad dreams.
  • They still wake each other up in the middle of the night, just to make sure it’s going to be okay.

I like to think Tibenoch dabbles in alchemy a lot and that’s what originally screwed him over.

Like he attempted to split his mind to give life to a golem (for protection purposes and SCIENCE!!!), but due to miscalculating the equivalent exchange rules of alchemy the act of splitting himself took a huge chunk of his body with it. He ended up with half-a-body replaced by mechanical golem parts and a seperate mindset which now resents him for trying to part with it in the first place.

Basically he accidentally turned part of himself into a golem, instead of creating a separate one. lmao fullmetal-alchemist n00b

Beyonce truly brought out that ugliness in white people. they’ve been trying so hard to cover it up for so long but they finally cracked. Leave it to white people to make something that has absolutely nothing to do with them into something ALL about them. She didn’t say not one racist remark about white people she just had all black people in her dance routine and video. White people do that shit all the time! And its not even limited to just music its for everything!!Where was the outrage then??? Lol. In country, rock videos and love songs when they talk about how they like their women blond hair blue eyes or and having nothing but white people acting in their videos where’s the damn outrage?? Lol white people are a fucking trip I’d rather they just keep it real and say what they really feel instead of attempting to split hairs that aren’t even their to justify their self councious bitterness of black peoples confidence and awareness. White people prefer to give us our rights and freedom at their pace and leisure not it being demanded and brought up that just pisses them off lol oh well.

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Something so simple should never have become this complicated or dangerous. It was supposed to be a routine supply run to Megatron, just the basics with a quick medical check for any recent injuries and topical scan. Neither of them had expected the ambush. Not exactly an altogether foreign method of attack, just the intensity of it was shocking. They’d managed to escape capture for a short while, eventually splitting up in an attempt to for Megatron to draw attention away from Knock Out so he could call a bridge and return to the ship.

Capture hadn’t been part of that plan. Teal had counted himself lucky, relatively, to still be in once piece and alive. Though being used as bait to draw out Megatron was beyond shameful and ember wrenching. This was the very reason the few remaining Decepticons spread out and had limited contact with one another. More than one at any location, should one be captured, created the inevitable domino effect they struggled to avoid.

Watching Megatron’s capture created an immediate sense of desperation. Teal couldn’t fight a small army of Autobots, he lacked the skill and didn’t even have any weapons, even his medical tools were forcefully disabled, but his reputation as the overly compliant and docile medic had briefly played to his advantage. He’d get one opportunity and only one. He wouldn’t get a second chance.

He timed it well, slipping his captors. His run was ultimately short lived but he was able to get just beyond the range of the jamming signals to send a distress call to his superior officers. Hearing the Autobots not far behind him, he panicked, opening his commlines and queuing up a familiar frequency before speaking with desperation and urgency as he sent his message.

::Emergency! Repeat, emergency! This is Knock Out requesting immediate aid and rescue. The Autobots, they’ve- Megatron has been captured! We need immediate help! I’ve embedded coordinates in the communication. Please hurry! I don’t have much time. They’re almost here-::

He didn’t even get to finish his message before they caught up to him. They hit him hard from behind, knocking him to ground. They weren’t gentle or merciful and Knock Out knew the consequences of his running would be….painful. He only hoped his message to Starscream and Sir Soundwave made it. They were clever, they’d know what to do.

Do you think Pearl has written up a list of things that Amethyst is not allowed to do in the temple? Like:

  • “Amethyst is not allowed to compete in any eating competition. It is unfair to the humans, and the aftermath is horrid.”
  • “Amethyst is not allowed to tell Steven to use the pickup line ‘Let me show you my little Universe.’ We don’t care if he doesn’t know what it means, we do.”
  • “Amethyst is not allowed to claim that she any of us are magical girls. 
  • “If you are to take a nap, you must be visible from at least 15 yards away.”
  • “Amethyst, please stop calling Lion ‘Kyubey.’ It bothers Steven.”
  • “Amethyst is not allowed to threaten or attempt to split Garnet down the middle just so she can ‘play’ with Ruby and Sapphire.”
  • “Amethyst is no longer allowed to morph into political figures, dead or alive.”
  • “Amethyst is no longer allowed to morph into religious figures.” 

This political ploy — a pathetic attempt to split the Russians and Ukrainians. As a result, it allowed the Russians and Europeans to become friends. And noticed Sergey never allowed himself to say bad things about the participants of Eurovision. On the contrary, he found the strength to congratulate the winner. He’s noble and sincere. Despite the fact, that he took the 3d place, Lazarev is only true winner in our hearts. He is our only one. Sergey hasn’t once remember. He loves and respects each of his fans. And soon he’ll come to Europe with the tour. Peace for everyone! ✌🏻️🖖🏻

Spoiler via EW

Are Red and Liz really on the run in the new season of The Blacklist? — Kyle
You betcha! And it’s not all fun private flights to foreign countries without extradition treaties. No, Liz and Red are still very much in the country and must momentarily split up in an attempt to get past road blocks that Liz’s own team — along with basically every major agency in D.C. — have set up to hunt her down.