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in the TARDIS.

Basic Training

Inspiration from a twitter convo with @rboz

Looking at herself in the mirror was a bad idea. The mottled purple and blue flesh did little to hide the swelling of one side of her face, and only served to emphasize the black eye and scrapes along her delicate features. The worst part was her lower lip, badly split from a poor attempt at dodging. She whimpered as she poked at it, wincing as fresh blood gushed forth and down her chin.  

She wondered what Gajeel would say if he saw her now; if he’d act concerned for her or tell her that she needed to be faster. She sighed as she pulled a paper towel and ran it under cold water, hissing as she dabbed the blood away. The latter was true; she did need to be faster. But she hadn’t expected an all-out assault in her first day of basic training, let alone getting her butt handed to her. She wondered if all new recruits had to suffer the same, and if they were better at avoiding the rapid-fire punches flying their way. It had been all that she could do to avoid her trainer’s brutal attacks, but with magic being forbidden in basic, there was little else she could do. Not that it had helped much.  

Even biting her tongue instead of her lip hurt. She gulped back the urge to give in to the tears, not wanting to fall into feeling sorry for herself again. That had been nearly disastrous, and it was by sheer luck that Gajeel had found her when he did. And though it had been the sprout that bloomed into love, it was glaringly obvious afterwards that she needed to try more. Of course, her training for the Games didn’t really result in combat, something that she had been secretly grateful for after seeing the competitors. But after the guild disbanded and they had joined the council, she had felt the little niggle of motivation to try again rise and fester. So much so that she begged Gajeel to start training her.  

That had resulted in a lot of resistance for his part, much to her disappointment. She couldn’t really understand why, except that it was due his insistence that he couldn’t hit a girl. Of course, she had backfired with the snarky comment that he had hit her before they actually met. The look he had shot her filled her with instant regret; it was so hurt and heartbroken. She rushed to apologize, only to have him ground out to find someone else before he turned and stormed off. After that, he didn’t show up too much, making the nights difficult for her to sleep; she couldn’t believe how stupid she had been to blurt it out.  

She always prided herself on forgiving others, no matter what. She thought that she had gotten past that, but she had been so angry with him for refusing her that she just… blurted it out, like it had festered secretly. Needless to say, she would never forgive herself for such a cruel thing.  

It seemed like he was slow to forgive her as well, making his absence more noticable with each passing day. Soon, she’d only catch glimpses of him across the cafeteria or hall, always busy or looking elsewhere. Whenever she’d call or try to catch up, he would disappear or she would be intercepted by another member. Then, the days would add up without a sight of the dragon slayer, adding another stab of hurt to her aching heart. She missed him so bad on those days, it was hard not to break down while working.  

“Stupid Gajeel…” She whimpered, grimacing till her lip pulled apart again. She hiccupped pitifully, unable to stop the tears that rolled down her face. Her shoulders curled inward in an effort to stop the sobs from escaping her, her body shaking as it ached. She inhaled deeply, holding her breath before letting it out in a shaky huff. She squinted at herself again in the mirror, and with a start, realized that her headband was missing.  

Her favorite headband that he had given her on their first day as council members.  

A choked sob broke loose, and she whipped up a fist to stifle it before she could wail. It must’ve fallen off while training, she thought as she ran her bruised fingers through her dirty hair.  

She had indeed found a trainer for basic combat training, needing it rather than wanting it to distract her from her feelings. She hadn’t expected the intensity of the training at all, being assured by Jura that it was for beginners like her. She belatedly recalled his warning regarding the course; it was hard, and few ever graduated it without visiting the hospital wing, if they were lucky. But she had been desperate, and threw herself in headfirst, and thus, here she stood, broken and battered.  

She wavered, suddenly exhausted from everything now. Sleep sounded nice, actually. Far nicer than trying to feed herself or clean up. She nodded to herself in the glass, her mind set on finding her cot to collapse in and losing conscious for a long time. She sighed, then slowly turned, wincing as her body screamed at her.  

Since it was dinner time in the chow hall, the main halls were thankfully empty, allowing her to slip through unnoticed. Which suited her fine, she could barely walk without limping or gasping at a hurt she couldn’t feel beforehand. And the rush of the crowd would’ve added to her hurts, not too many people were conscious of her to not ram her over or trample her.  


She froze, her breath caught in her throat as she recognized his voice echoing through the hall. She hadn’t heard him utter one word to her since her careless remark, and it tore at the edges of the wound in her heart, she had missed it so much. His footsteps were coming closer from behind, fast and intent on their destination. She sucked in her breath, willing herself not to cry and trying to swallow the lump that lodged itself in her throat. He had stopped behind her now, silent. She wondered if he was trying to figure what to say to her, and dreaded what it might be. Please, I’m so sorry, sorry, sorry! She wanted to cry out, but her throat closed on the words. Please!

A flash of pink flapped in front of her eyes, startling her. It was her head band, dirty and torn, with bit of her hair stuck to little clots of blood. Tentatively, she reached out to grasp it, tugging on it. Yet, he didn’t release his grip.  

“Some fucker had this tucked into his belt like a fucking badge,” he growled, and her breath hitched. “When I asked him where he got it, y'know what he said?”  

She shook her head, breathing deeply to try and calm herself.  

“He said it was from a new recruit who was stupid enough not to duck.” The anger in his voice was palpable, and she cringed, nearly whimpering when he tugged sharply on the ribbon. She could feel his hand slide gently onto her shoulder, gripping gently. “Y'know how good it felt to smash his face in?” He asked, his voice softer now. She inadvertently bit her lip, gasping when the pain flared over her lip. She didn’t resist his hand tugging her around to face him, shaking as she felt the last of her reserve crumble. Tears blinded her as she heard him inhale sharply, cursing under his breath as he cupped her swollen cheek gently.  

“On the other hand, I oughta bury the bastard,” he growled. She hiccuped, reaching out for him and grasping the edge of his jacket. Was it real? Was she dreaming? She couldn’t tell if she had fallen unconscious in the hall due to her injuries, but it sure felt like it was. His other arm was coming up to support her as she leaned towards him, sobbing softly. Then, he was lifting her up, cradling her in his arms and rushing away. She figured it was to the infirmary, but she wasn’t sure anymore and she stopped caring; he was here, talking to her and holding her. And god, it felt good to be held by him again.  

Her breath hitched as her emotions flooded over her now, more painful than her actual injuries. She curled against him, her body drinking in the warmth she desperately craved. She’d never let him go like that again, never be so cruel when he needed love, not bitterness. She slipped one arm around his neck, sobbing harder when he hugged closer, muttering oaths under his breath.  

“I’m so sorry,” she blubbered between sobs. “So, so sorry.” She heard him grunt, then sigh deeply as he nuzzled his jaw over her head gingerly.  

“Me too, shorty,” he murmured, almost too quietly. She sniffled, settling down enough to lean back and consider him, panting to catch her breath. He inclined his head to face hers, his face drawn and tired. It was enough to set her off again, and she buried her face in his neck, whimpering.  

“I thought you hated me,” she hiccuped, her hands clenching his jacket lapel tightly. Her lip tickled as blood trickled down her chin, fresh from her injury splitting open again.  

“I was pissed at first,” he admitted after a pause, his voice weary. “I didn’t wanna start something I was gonna regret, and hurt ya even more. I was tryna cool off for a couple of days before talkin to ya, but it didn’t turn out that way.” His voice was soft, regretful even. She shook her head, denying him.  

“But after all this time?” She asked, her voice small.  

“Poor as fuck timing,” he grumbled. “I tried, then we got busy. I looked for ya, but the stupid fucks in the force needed a babysitter, and then when I was freed up you got tied up.” He sighed, his breath brushing through her locks.  

“And then,” he said, his voice growing hard as she watched him. His eyes sparked with fire, and his jaw clenched. “I could smell your blood, and you weren’t around.” His eyes flashed to her wounded face, his brows furrowing as he took in each bruise. He leaned forward to gently nose her black eye, growling as she winced. “That was when I needed ya, needed to know where you were at, but instead I find the fuckface with your head band, drinking himself stupid, and I saw myself right there.”  

She choked, reaching out to hug him, desperate to right the wrong she had done, but he was shaking his head, grinning sardonically. “So, I did what I’ve wanted to do to myself for ever laying a hand on ya. Though, he deserves a fuckton worse than he got,” he said, his voice quiet.  

“I’m so sorry, Gajeel,” she whimpered.  

“Tch, you were right. But since you’re apologizin,” he murmured, leaning forward to press his lips against her forehead. “It’s my turn to be the forgivin one, eh?” He kissed her again, brushing his nose over the spot he’d kissed.  

She was frozen stiff, completely stunned by his actions. She couldn’t believe that it happened, that it was still happening as he kissed her nose. When it finally clicked in her mind that it indeed was happening, she sagged in his arms in stunned relief, just as exhausted as she had left the locker-room. But instead of sorrow, a wild happiness was blooming inside her, bright and brilliant as the sun itself.  

“After we get ya patched up, I think it’s time to start yer trainin,” he said, his voice warm and gentle. She looked up at him, confused.  

“Ah, I thought you didn-”

“I’ll handle the dodgin, Lily’ll handle the sparing,” he cut in, beating her to the punch. His brow furrowed in annoyance then. “Damn cat nearly tore my head off when I told him about you wantin to train and goin elsewhere.” He huffed, pouting so much that she giggled. And giggled.  

She was giggling so much it hurt, but it felt so good after so long that she’d be bent over howling if her body would allow it. She knew she looked like a fool, but with the release came more tears, and she couldn’t stop laughing, she was beyond happy now.  

Her laughing died down after a bit, leaving her limp in his arms, panting from the crazy roller coaster of emotions. She snuggled against his shoulder, content to let him carry her where ever. She could feel the pull of sleep tug at her senses now, so she pulled herself up enough to plant a kiss on his cheek before settling back, succumbing to the irresistible urge.  

“Sounds like a plan to me,” she murmured, letting go of the last lingering finger of consciousness.  

White Hot Rage | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Fem! Reader

Request: “If you’re not strongly against Draco Malfoy could you please do an imagine about Y/N being the Slytherin girl almost every guy hits on and one day in the halls Draco (her boyfriend) catches him and gets MAD. Sorry if it’s too specific haha”

Requests: OPEN

Words: 1163

Warnings: Violence, harassment, swearing, I thinks that’s about it

A/N: Yay my first request! I hope this is to your liking. I’m not really a big fan of jealousy because I believe that’s there really shouldn’t be a place for jealousy in a relationship if you both trust each other and are in a healthy couple so I based the problem more on that a guy was disrespecting the reader while hitting on her! And again, this is only my second fic so please bear with me! 

Y/N= Your name              Y/L/N= Your last name                 Y/H/C+/Y/H/L=Your hair color and length 

             While walking down the corridor on an early Monday morning, with your y/h/l y/h/c floating softly behind you and your posture screaming nothing but elegance and prestige, you couldn’t help but garner the looks of others. But you payed these looks, that ranged from awestruck, to jealous, to lustful, no mind as you made your way over to your boyfriend, the one and only Prince of Slytherin, Draco Malfoy.

             He smiled as he saw you approaching, raising his arm for you to tuck yourself into his side and then pulling you in for small kiss before murmuring a, “Good morning, love,” before making your way to your first class of the day. As you sat down in your respective seats you found several folded up pieces of paper sitting on your desk.

             “How many today, Y/N?” Draco asked, setting his stuff down and getting out a scroll, ink blot, and quill.

             You hummed in thought, opening up the notes and glancing over them. It wasn’t uncommon for you to find these notes on your desk on a regular basis, so much so that you and Draco often joked about how many you received a day. Most of these notes consisted of love letters, some signed, some anonymous. Draco may be the Prince of Slytherin, but you were the beauty of the house, so men, and some women, trying to win your love with poetic words and romantic gestures was a recurrent and almost daily event. There was also the occasional threat as well, you were dating the most handsome boy in the house, and arguably the school, after all, so girls threating you in an attempt to split the two of you up was common place as well. It sad, you thought, but you figured most were probably from Pansy Parkinson.

             “Three love letters,” You replied before muttering a spell and incinerating them, causing a couple gasps around the room, probably from the hurt egos of the boys who wrote them.  

             “Slow day, eh?” Draco teased, a smirk playing on his lips as he heard the pained gasps of the admirers, saying a silent prayer of thanks that he got so lucky as to be the one who has you.

             You rolled your eyes in response but couldn’t help but smile at your boyfriend’s teasing as the professor walked in to signal the start of lessons.

             It was later that day when you were walking back from the library that you were faced with consequences for your emotionally detached response to one of the love letters. Walking down the hall on your way to the Slytherin common room it was then that you were stopped by a Donald Merullo, grabbing your arm.

             “What do you want, Merullo?” You ask, frowning and trying to removed your arm from his grasp but with no avail.

             “I was wondering what a sweet thing like you was doing walking alone,” He replied, his gaze almost predatory as he looked down at you, grip tightening.

             “Last time I checked, I can walk alone in my own school. Now let me go.” Narrowing your eyes at him you slowly move to grab your wand but before you can do so he pushes you back against the wall behind you, successfully trapping you and stopping you from being able to defend yourself.  You quickly glance around, hoping to find someone that would be able to help you but the corridor was void of any other people.

             “I saw you burn my letter today,” Merullo says lowly, “It couldn’t hurt you to go on one date with me now, would it? C’mon, a pretty little thing like you deserves proper loving, so tell me, is daddy’s boy loving that hot body of yours like he should or does he need a bit of help, because I would be glad to oblige?”

             Your face twisted with anger and you were about to give the jackass a piece of your mind but just as you opened your mouth to say something a voice resounded through the hall.

             “Excuse me, I suggest you step away from my girlfriend.” Draco said from down the corridor with an unnervingly calm voice, though it was evident that every word was loaded with a threat behind it.

             “Draco,” You breathed out a sigh of relief, though were a bit taken back by his demeanor. The young Malfoy was scary when mad, you had to admit, but this, this was something else. This wasn’t mad, bypassing angry all together to reach a white-hot form of rage. And it was unbelievably attractive.

             The young wizard that was pinning you to the wall backed up, releasing his grip on you and putting his hands up in surrender. “Hey man, I was just messing around, didn’t mean any harm by it.”

             “Is that so?” Draco asked, making his way down to the hall to where you two stood, his voice low and dripping with venom, “I do believe I heard Y/N tell you to let her go and you didn’t listen and then proceeded to continue to harass her, how does that not insinuate harm?”

             “Listen, Malfoy…” Merullo started, but before he could get anything else out he was slammed back against the wall that you once pinned to with a wand pressed to his cheek. The only thing to leave his lips after that was a yelp and a whimper.

“I’d suggest you apologize to y/n, then leave and never try to speak to her again. If I so much as see you bump into her, or ask her to borrow a quill, it will result in grave consequences, do you understand me?” The white-haired boy threatened, pressing the wand harder into the other’s cheek.  

After Merullo let out a sob and nodded his head vigorously in understanding and resignation did Draco let go, “Very well then,” Draco said before pulling back off Donald and turning to face you. Behind him, Donald let out a shuttered sigh of relief but before he could finish his breath Draco swung back around, slamming his fist into the other boys jaw.

             You gasped quietly, a hand going to cover your mouth as you watched the boy crumble to the ground, holding his mouth. “Draco,” You said quietly, reaching out for his arm. He looked around at you and pulled you into a tight embrace, kissing the top of your head.

             “Are you alright, my love?” He asks, pulling back and looking you in the eyes.

             You nod in response, smiling up at him and then rocking up on your tip toes to press your lips against his. “Thank you,” You said quietly before  the two of you began making your way to the Slytherin common room hand in hand. “Oh and by the way,” You begin with a smirk playing on your lips, “You love this hot body quite sufficiently.”

             “Of course I do,” Draco says with a grin before pulling you in for another kiss.

A Little Stressed Out Kitten (Chris Evans x Reader}

Someone requested a Chris Evans x Reader who has anxiety so I am only going to do something subtle but hey, still kinda what you wanted I guess.

Warning: large age difference between Chris and reader. Like 16 years, cause Reader is in college at the moment and he is current age I guess.

Senior year of college is supposed to be a breeze. As if senior year of high school wasn’t a joke, who would have expected you would be here, drowning in your end of year research paper along with every other assignment the professors had thrown at you just before the last month of school. You let out a shaky sigh as you looked over your bed in front of you. Your laptop sat open, the screen dull as soft fireworks went off, your assigned screensaver giving you more of a headache than anything at this point. Stacks of papers and notebooks were littered around the cover, your bag and more textbooks on the floor beside your bed. Grabbing your calendar you began to try and organize, prioritize how you would be spending your weekend. Though your boyfriend had been planning to come to town for the next few days, work obligations had cancelled that, and honestly you weren’t too disappointed after looking over the work you had to do. Chris could come next weekend, this work had to be turned in within the next week, it was pretty obvious which one was priority.

“Who knew a teaching degree would give me such stress,” you sighed, scribbling down another assignment you had due on Tuesday. When you were done with the list you started to move into piles, figuring out what to work on next and how to keep all the papers in order. Just as you were finishing Friday’s stack which had to be split into two after attempting to fall into Thursday, you heard your phone go off behind you. Making sure everything was steady, you turned and grabbed the ringing device off your bedside table and answered without checking the caller id.

“Hello?” you asked, leaning over to pick up a textbook from the floor and a pack of sticky notes from your bag.

“Hey sis, how are you doing this lovely evening?’ you held back a groan as our brother’s voice filled your ear.

“Fine, a bit busy though. Do you need something right now because it would be better for me if I could just call you back later? Lots of-”

“Well actually I was just going to check and see if next weekend you wanted to come back home for the weekend. We’ve been missing you and everyone will be here for Mom’s birthday. Kara just needs to know if we should save you a seat.” For the next few moments a silence filled the room.

“Um, I’m not sure. Chris was going to reschedule to come down next weekend and -”

“Well he could come. You know we won’t like freak him out or anything and I’m sure everyone would love to meet him.”

“Listen, I just, I don’t know if-”

“It’s okay sis, just think about it okay. Ask Chris. Let me know before next Friday if you could. We would love to have you up here.”

“Okay, well I have to go so.”

“Okay sis. Talk to you later.”

“Bye big bro.”

“Bye.” With a heavy sigh you hung up the call, throwing your phone back behind you as you brought your hands up to cup your face. You knew it was soon, but God, it would always sneak up on you. You closed your eyes, focusing on the sound of your heart beat to hold back any potential tears that began to well up in your eyes.

Just as you were getting a hold of yourself, you heard a knock at the door.

Another sigh, God you are way too young to sigh this much you thought. Throwing your legs over the side of the bed you ran a hand through your hair before making your way to the door. With no peephole you were left to just open the door, expecting for perhaps the girl from your Education class who lived on the hall to be looking for notes or something, she rarely missed class but when she did she got very upset and refused to rest until she had her notes compensated. What you certainly did not expect was a scruffy, baseball cap wearing Bostonian to be standing outside of your door, his head down with a small bouquet of yellow flowers in his hand.

“Chris?” you questioned, the opening of the door causing his head to lift up so you could see his features more plainly.

“Hi baby,” he smiled, holding out the flowers. You couldn’t help the small grin as you took them, taking a step back so Chris could follow you into the room, closing the door behind himself.

“Thank you, but what are you doing here?” you asked, setting the flowers on the bookcase beside the door. Turning back to Chris as he came closer to you, pulling off his hat to reveal a messy head of hair.

“Well, a friend heard of how our plans had gotten cancelled and helped with getting me out of a couple things so I could come see you,” he smiled, that puppy dog smile as he reached out to wrap his arms around your waist.

“You didn’t have to do that Chris, I could have waited another week and I mean I have a ton of work to do and-“ you were cut off by a warm pair of lips as Chris leaned down to shut you up. Though you were frankly a bit annoyed, you couldn’t help but his him back, that horribly cute way he would smile against you causing you to giggle. “Seriously, I am in overload with all the crap I have to do for next week.”

“Come on, you can spare me a few hours, I have to head to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon, can you at least give me that much?” he asked, running his hands up and down your back as your own arms wrapped around his neck. You took in a deep breath, looking to your side at the stacks of papers before looking back at Chris with his beautiful puppy dog eyes.

“Okay fine, I’ll put some of it off, but only because I know you are taking me to the Spider-Man premiere,” you compromised, causing Chris to let out hoot before grabbing your hips and lifting you up to wrap your legs around his waist. As he turned he laughed at the stacks of paper before looking back at you.

“Your roommate gonna be around?” he asked, nodding to the bed on the other side of the room.

“Nah, she’s in France for the semester, study abroad. Hasn’t been here since January but you never remember that,” you smiled before he tossed you onto said roommate’s bed.

“Don’t tease if you don’t wanna be teased baby,” he smirked, lowering himself over you as he kicked off his shoes onto the floor.

“Maybe I want to be teased…Captain,” you grinned, watching as Chris’ smirk faltered for a moment before his hands shot out to grab your own, pinning them above your head.

“Oh baby girl, you’re just asking for it.”

——————————- Later that night

As Chris snoozed on the bed across your room you frantically typed on your computer, then turning to use the light to fill out another part of the worksheet you had been given in Math. Of course your professor would bump up due dates. You had desperately wanted to just snuggle into Chris’ side, inhale his scent you were scared off forgetting when he would leave for such long times, but with even more work piling onto Monday’s pile, there was no way you would be able to get it done in a day and a half even if you worked the entire time. You jumped as your phone went off again, another text from your brother.

Alex the Best Big Brother EVER: Please think about it Y/N. I know you had to miss last year, but we all miss you like crazy. I know Mom would want you to be here

You held back a sob as you saw the attached picture. It was a Facebook screenshot, one of Mom’s old posts back from a few years ago. Her standing over your shoulder, her arms around your shoulders as you held your high school diploma in your hands. It looked so different now. Now you could see the sunken way her eyes had changed the months before the picture. How her arms and her face were getting thinner and thinner. She had trouble walking around that day, said it was just dehydration and they all laughed at how stupid the school had been to do a graduation ceremony outside. If only we had known.
Letting out a choked sob you threw the phone down, that picture was too much, too soon. You looked between the phone, the work in front of you and Chris sprawled out over the bed. Suddenly the walls felt like they were getting closer, you couldn’t hear the ticking of our clock, just a pulsing behind your ears and you pulled your knees to your chest. Tears running down your face you felt yourself shake. Too much, too soon, too much, too soon, too much, too much, God it’s too much. Then he was there, his arms warm as they wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you against his chest, so soft and warm and smelling like home. He held you as you shook, whispering unintelligible sentences into your ear as his hands stroke up and down your arms.

By the time you stopped shaking, your computer had gone blank. Chris had stopped talking but he was still there, holding on, breathing in sync with you, his body enveloping your own. You swallowed thickly as you reached up to wrap your hands around Chris’ forearm which was set across your chest.

“I’m sorry,” you croaked, your throat dry as tears finally began to stop streaming down our cheeks.

“Are you okay baby? What happened?” Chris asked, staring at you with such concern you almost busted out into tears once again.

“I’m sorry,” you repeated, snuggling against his chest as you cried.

“It’s okay baby, why are you apologizing? What is it huh? What’s wrong?” Chris asked, looking down at you as you finally looked up at him, the tear streaks running across your cheeks making you look so much more vulnerable.

“I just, my professor’s gave us a ton of work for the weekend and I want to spend time with you because I haven’t seen you or been able to touch you in almost two weeks and I swear I think I’m going to go insane when you’re not here and then Alex keeps texting me and calling about next weekend and he send me this picture, this fucking picture of me and mom and I just couldn’t I just, I just can’t go up there and see all of them but I have to because God it’s Mom. And then they want you to come as well and it just. God it’s too much,” you sobbed, wrapping your arms around Chris’s chest as you clung to him as though a hurricane was threatening to rip through the room and Chris was the only anchor you had.

“Just breathe, okay just breathe for me baby girl. Breathe and then we can talk okay. I got you baby girl, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”

Nyx- Epilogue

Summary: read it. you shall see

Pairings: Bucky x Nyx, Thor x Rayne, Loki x Nyx

Warnings: None

Word Count:1159

Originally posted by dolorioushaze

“Are you well sister?” Loki asks worriedly as you sigh heavily, wiggling your toes in the God awful shoes Natalia had seen fit to stuff your swollen feet into.

You glance toward him, his face paler than usual, pinched as his eyes roam your body, looking for any signs of discomfort. You suppress a snort, choosing to smile sweetly at him instead of laugh like you want to. “I am well. Stop fretting like an old woman. Should you not be with the bridal party?”

Loki glances toward the main table where Odin sits, all seeing, beside a thoroughly soused Thor, as Rayne looks nervously on, sneaking glances at the all father while desperately trying to get her new husband to stop yelling for more mead and making increasingly suggestive remarks about their wedding night.

Stifling a giggle at Loki’s put out expression you gently grab his hand to pull your large frame out of the plush chair.

“You should not be walking! Curse that fool for bringing you here! You should be at home resting!” he nearly yells as his face turns an interesting shade of puce.

You shush him with a dismissive wave. “I am exactly where I need to be, Loki, and I am not an invalid,” you chastise lightly, scanning the area for Bucky who had disappeared nearly an hour ago with SIf, talking animatedly about Asgardian liquor and it’s wonderful restorative properties. By the end of night you would, undoubtedly, be holding his hair back as he purged his stomach of the potent drink.

Sif was the master of mead drinking, she had no rival, often drinking Thor under the table.

Bucky was by no means her equal, Erebus or not.

You sigh heavily. Your feet and back were aching. You were exhausted, and you wanted nothing more than to retire to your chambers and sleep, for at least a year, perhaps more.

Holding tightly to Loki as you make your way forward, the guests parting in front of you, you nod graciously as you move through the sea of people, winking mischievously at Rayne as you pass the wedding table.

She blushes a lovely shade of pink and ducks her head, a small smile playing on her lips as Odin claps his hands, signalling the start of the bedding ceremony.

Loki guides you safely through the cheering crowd, ushering you around a corner as a sharp, hot pain lances through your belly.

You whimper softly, grabbing onto the wall for support, your left hand flying to your stomach. Doubling over, you gasp, eyes snapping to Loki’s as he hops from one foot to another, panic evident on his face. You swallow down the hysterical laugh at his antics when another shooting pain pierces through your mirth.

“What do I do? What I do?” Loki asks, stuck between trying to help you and bolting head first out the corridor in search of someone more qualified to deal with a heavily pregnant woman who is going into labor.

“Shush, Bucky will be here momentarily,” you assure him, breathing through the pain, a little annoyed at having to be the one doing the assuring instead of being assured, but such was the nature of Loki and your relationship. You can feel Bucky’s excitement, and slight panic, as he races toward you, a crooked smile making its way onto your face as the emotions spill out.

It’s not a minute later that he comes skidding around a corner, his eyes darting about the abandoned corridor, finally resting on you. He takes two giant strides before he’s in front of you. “Hey, darlin,” he says as he picks you up, the smell of mead hot on his breath. “You doin’ alright? Our little tikes ready to come out and meet us?” he asks as he follows Loki down the hall to an empty bedroom.

You grunt in acknowledgement, the pain greater than anything you had ever experienced.

He lays you gently on the bed, speaking in a low voice to Loki who nods and exits the room. Bucky rolls you onto your side, positioning himself behind you, and begins rubbing soothing circles on your belly, muttering unintelligible nonsense that you don’t register, far too focused on the twins who are, apparently, attempting to split you in two.

You don’t remember it being this painful with your other children, but it was so long ago. You bite down on the scream bubbling its way up your throat, while Bucky mutters “Breath” under his breath. Irritation at his calm tone rises to the surface, and you swat his hand away from your stomach, your face pinched with annoyance. “Stop it!” you hiss, “This is all your doing!”

He looks mildly confused, but rallies magnificently, nodding morosely as what seems like a thousand midwives enter the room, ushering him out bodily as you start to scream profanities.


Five hours, and a whole lot of swearing later, your twins enter the world, kicking and screaming, with a full head of raven black hair and the bluest eyes you had ever seen.

Bucky stands silent and in awe as he watches them sleeping, so caught up in the beauty that you had created together he can’t bring himself to move or speak.

You recline exhausted against the pillows of your bed, watching him carefully as various emotions filter across his face. You smile softly to yourself. Clearing your throat, he doesn’t look at you. “What will we name them, my love?” you ask gently as he stares at his son, who had, in his sleep kicked a hole through the bottom of his crib.

He was definitely his father’s son.

Bucky smiles brilliantly. “Andreas” he replies, finally raising his eyes to meet yours.

You giggle softly, nodding in agreement. “Fitting,” you agree, your eyes moving toward your daughter who was staring at her father with an intensity a newborn should not possess.

Bucky moves toward her crib, picking her up and cradling her in his arms.

Her little arms and legs stop waving in the air as she seems to melt into her father’s embrace. Her eyes drift shut as she falls to sleep under her father’s watchful eyes.

Bucky doesn’t hesitate. “Enyo,” he says confidentially, glancing at your for approval which you provide happily. Placing his sleeping daughter back into her crib, he climbs into bed, careful not to jostle you as places a kiss to your forehead.

“I agree. She is fierce already,” you reply, entwining your fingers with his.

He sighs happily, staring lovingly at you. “Thank you,” he says, causing your heart to swell in your chest. “Thank you for bringing the light back into my dark.” Cupping your face gently in his palm, the love shining in his eyes brings tears to your eyes.

Stretching up, you kiss him with all the love in your soul as you thank every God still in existence for reuniting him with you.

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Little thing for @theslowesthnery, because their gangster skeletons look so adorable and amazing and all their headcanons make me so happy <3 And they are amazing and I just wanted to give something back to them, cause I enjoy everything they make so much \0/ <3

(There is a read more. If your on mobile, please click onto my blog name. You will get redirected to it, and the thing is there without the readmore. I tested it, it should work. Sorry for the inconvinience)

Heist went wrong

Words: 1727

Well, that went…terribly. It was just a regular heist, in, get the stuff and back out. Undyne distracted the guards with some fists to their face, the fighting attracting more of the gang members from the inside of the warehouse the goods were stored in. Papyrus positioned himself a bit away, in the getaway car, hidden in the shadows of some rundown building.

Sans was supposed to sneak in, grab what they needed and get out again, meeting Undyne and Papyrus in the car. But things never go as how they are supposed to go. Sometimes even worser then on could expect.

Sans was lying on the cold floor, gagged and bound, having endured a throughout beating. 

It went alright at first, Undyne lured almost all outside, knocking them over like potatosacks and Sans had no problem teleporting inside, sneaking trough the shadows until he located the crates he was supposed to get. Looking around carefully until the air was clear he waited hidden behind some barrels, some filled with trash, others closed and containing various liquids. 

He crept into the open, unnoticed by the few man still inside. Almost reached the crates. He just had to grab them and teleport out again, no big deal, it wasn’t his first heist after all. And then things went wrong. He felt a sharp pain on the left side of his head, feels his eye socket fracture, and then nothing. One of the man saw him, attracted by the faint light from the teleport, following Sans trough the warehouse until he found out what the small skeleton was doing there. Then he knocked him out.

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Catalonia to hold referendum on independence from Spain in October

Catalonia’s regional government has announced plans to hold an independence referendum on 1 October, reigniting an ongoing row with Madrid over its secession from Spain. Regional president Carles Puigdemont said Catalans will be asked to answer yes or no to a single question: “Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?”

The Spanish government responded by saying it will block any attempt to split the region from the rest of the country. Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has previously said he would not recognise any independence vote as he considers it to be unconstitutional.

Catalonia, whose capital is Barcelona, has its own language and a long tradition of seeking separation from the rest of Spain.

The Spanish government’s spokesman, Inigo Mendez de Vigo, said after a cabinet meeting on Friday morning: “That referendum will not take place because it is illegal. We are facing an increasingly radical strategy that has less and less support.

"Any move that evolves from an announcement to a fact will be appealed by the government.”

Catalan voters were last asked for their views on independence in an informal ballot in 2014. Then, 80.72 per cent – or around two million people – said they backed separation. However, turnout was low and the result was non-binding. That vote was organised by volunteers rather than government officials to get around court restrictions.

Under Article 155 of Spain’s constitution, Madrid can force the regional government to drop the vote.The central government has previously blocked secessionist challenges through appeals to Spain’s constitutional court.

Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad X Reader- Flirtation

You crept in the shadows of the hallway of Mount Justice slowly and quietly. Why are you doing this? Are there bad guys invading and you’re the only one to stop them? Nope! All is safe and well, minus your sanity. Apparently Kaldur isn’t Aquaman’s only partner to have the name of ‘Aqualad,’ and said partner has a thing for you. You didn’t know why the young teenager was so infatuated with you, and Kaldur was not happy.


You froze at the sound of the star stuck voice of Garth, and it wasn’t Beast Boy. You used your abilities and sunk into the shadows. Why didn’t you do that in the first place?! It was flattering the first couple minutes of compliments, but him following you around like a love sick puppy was getting annoying. You quickly ran to Kaldur’s room, where he is located right now, and slipped under the shadow of the door. You exited the shadow and slid down the door.

Kaldur put his book down and walked over to you with a worried expression, “Are you okay, my love?”

"I’m fine, Kaldur, but this is getting old. I can’t walk around the place without Garth hitting on me! The kid can’t take a hint,” you complained.

Kaldur’s jaw clenched, “I will speak to him.”

"Thank you, my love,” you said while dragging your hand across his cheek.

He smiled and placed his hand over yours, “It is my pleasure.”


You groaned internally when Garth told you another pick up line, “Listen Garth, I’m really flattered and all, but this is highly inappropriate. I am already in a relationship, as I have said before.”

"Come on, Angelfish, what he got that I don’t?”

"A loving girlfriend that is devoted to her partner,” Kaldur suggested and wrapped his hand around your waist. “If this is interfering with how we defend the world, then I will contact Aquaman immediately and request you to return to your team.”

Garth’s eyes widened, “Of course.”

He awkwardly walked out of the room and left you with Kaldur. You glanced at Kaldur and noticed he was glaring at the doorway Garth exited from.

You chuckled and said, “I think you handled that well.”

“It was his fault for attempting to split us,” Kaldur stated.


anonymous asked:

A teammate helps Steve groom himself while his arms/hands are injured.

This is Steve’s third attempt at getting help brushing his teeth.

Clint had told him to open his mouth and then poured toothpaste and a bunch of water in. While Steve’d choked, he’d told him to gargle it. Steve had spat and left, ignoring Clint’s shout after him of, “It’s just like brushing!”

Tony, unsurprisingly, had called over DUM-E. Not that Steve didn’t appreciate the little droid’s help – it was kind of cute, after all, waving around a Little Mermaid toothbrush and squealing in a distinctly excited-to-be-helpful way – but after it had jabbed him in the back of the throat twice and he’d had to fight back vomiting, it had been time to find someone else.

So here he is in Bruce’s patchouli-scented apartment, letting the man talk to him about Tony’s latest attempt to split him from The Hulk – something about trapping The Other Guy in a mirror – while he gently scrubs Steve’s teeth with a toothbrush he’d unpackaged specially for Steve.

“How long did Dr. Cho say your hands would be out?” he asks, helping Steve wipe his face after he’s spat.

“Just overnight,” Steve says. “She says I need at least eight hours of sleep, but I can’t fall asleep without clean teeth.”

“Routine.” Bruce nods. If anyone gets it, it’s him. “Do you need help with anything else?”

Steve shakes his head and jerks his head, trying to gesture at himself. “Clint helped me change and JARVIS will help me with the lights,” he says. “Thanks, Bruce.”

Never Again- Jughead x Reader

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my first piece of Riverdale writing. It’s just an idea I had and wanted to jot down, let me know what you think please, I’m open to criticism, I will probably be taking requests soon!

Warnings: Mention of rape, swearing

Word count: 1'208


Your breath caught in your throat as you heard the news from Betty over the phone. Jason Blossom was dead. The boy who’d popped into your brain every time you closed your eyes, for months on end. A part of you was happy, and you hated that. Hated that a boy had died and part of you enjoyed the fact that he met the sticky ending you had often thought he deserved. Did that make you a bad person? You closed your eyes for a split second in attempt to stop any tears falling, but opened them suddenly as his pale face appeared in your mind, with a menacing grin.

“Y/N are you still there?” Betty’s voice interrupted your thoughts and you soon returned to the present. “Oh yeah. Sorry Betty I’ve just remembered I have homework to do, bye.” You lied. And with that you pressed ‘end call’ and placed your phone face down on the bed. A deep sigh erupted from your chest as your brought your knees up beneath your chin. You weren’t going to let yourself cry. After what Jason Blossom had done to you, there was no way you were going to shed a tear at the news of his death.

Instead you stared straight ahead of you at a photo frame perched on your desk. Inside it was a picture of you and Jughead, your boyfriend, smiling down at Sweetwater river. The girl in the photo looked so happy, her smile lighting up the frame as she looked into the eyes of the boy who meant the world to her. Jughead. That girl wasn’t you anymore. Now you were different. More distant and reserved, carrying a burden that only you were aware of, the only other person being Jason who you guessed no longer counted as a person.

Suddenly you heard a soft tapping on your window. Your head shot to the right to see the familiar raven-haired boy with his grey beanie slightly ajar after climbing the ladder up to your second floor room. He looked so innocent and angelic, as if he was above all the secrets and lies that Riverdale held. You however were up to your knees in them. You quickly composed yourself and rushed over to the window, opening it so Jughead could clamber in. “Y/N have you heard?” He asked, so oblivious to the fact that you had just been holding back tears over the very topic he was hinting at. “Yeah I heard.” You whispered, your voice barley audible, trying with all your might to sound like you didn’t care. “It’s crazy! I mean the son of the richest family in Riverdale, dead. Can you believe it?” Jughead was now pacing around your room as you stood with your head to the ground, trying to think of anything other than Jason Blossom. “The captain of the Football team, he had it all! And how will he be remembered?-” Jughead suddenly turned to look your direction, pausing through his rambling noticing your sudden silence. “Y/N, are you alright?” He asked, slowly taking a step closer to you.

You shook your head gently, biting your lip in an attempt to stop the tears from falling. He stepped even closer to you placing a warm hand on your flustered cheek. Jughead had always had a way of telling when something was bothering you or when you were upset. “Y/N what’s wrong? You can tell me it’s alright.” And this was the thing to push you over the edge. You couldn’t hold it in any longer as a loud sob escaped your mouth. Jughead swiftly pulled you into his arms, placing one hand on the back of your head and the other wrapping around your waist. He didn’t speak. He just held you. You were thankful for this as you didn’t want to speak. Jughead always knew exactly what to do, and this was a perfect example. You buried your head into his neck, grasping at his jacket collar and sobbing into his shoulder. It all came flashing back into your mind exactly how it had happened those 4 months ago. Jason Blossom had raped you, and now you were seeing it in full, as if it were a film or a show.

You and Jughead stayed like that for what felt like hours but was really a couple of minutes before your crying eventually slowed and you managed a small “I’m sorry”. Your voice sounded so weak and so broken. It wasn’t you. “Y/N you have nothing to be sorry for!” He almost sounded angry that you’d apologised. “Now please tell me what’s going on, I can’t help you unless you let me in!” And with his his hand returned back to its place on your now damp cheek.

“I-It’s Jason” you uttered. Anyone else would assume that you were just upset by his death, but Jughead knew you, and he knew there was more to it. “What about Jason?” He asked with a deep care in his voice you’d experienced in so few other. “A few months ago-” you swallowed the lump in your throat. This was it. There was no going back now. “He- he raped me Jug.”

Jughead’s eyes flooded with a look you’d never seen in him before. Rage. He suddenly stepped away from your and turned his face to the wall, his back now facing you. His hand went up to cover his mouth as you heard him sharply intake a deep breath. “What the fuck!” He yelled. “That Bastard! If he wasn’t already dead I’d be on my way to fucking kill him right this second!” He turned back round, finally able to face you. “I hope Jason Blossom burns in hell!” You flinched at Jughead’s harsh words as more tears spilled from your eyes. “Juggie-” you whispered. That one word telling him that right now you didn’t need him to be angry. You needed him by your side, loving you and comforting you. Suddenly his eyes cleared again, and the rage was replaced with a more familiar emotion which you recognised to be sympathy. He rushed back over to you and pulled you into his arms once again, this time his hand cradling the back on your head. “I’m so sorry Y/N.” was all he said. “It’s okay.” You replied gently, and you meant it. Jason Blossom was dead. Your nightmare was over. “No! Don’t you do that! It’s not ok!” He pulled back out of your embrace to look into your eyes, interlocking his hands with yours. “How could anyone do something like that to you of all people? You’re so perfect Y/N and the thought of anyone hurting you breaks my heart.” You could tell every word he said was sincere.

Jughead placed a long kiss against your forehead, wrapping his arms around you once more. “It’s over now Y/N. You never have to go through that again. Never again. And I’m going to be by your side to make sure of that, because I love you.” And for the first time in 4 months, you felt truly safe. And for the first time in 4 months, you didn’t feel alone.

shadow-hokage  asked:

Older Noctis x Reader are married and while they're on a date, Ardyn shows up and wants revenge on Noctis so suddenly Noctis leaves to get desserts and Ardyn appears and kidnaps the reader and takes her away. Then Noctis finds out and goes aftet Ardyn to get his wife back. And Ardyn almost beats the reader for not telling him where the crystal is.

I changed this a little to work in my crazy brain, I hope that’s okay.

Major warning here. This story contains some Ardyn x reader abuse and just some general Ardyn being an absolute creepy freak. I honestly got chills writing this. Please don’t read this if any of this bothers you. Don’t worry, Older! Noct is there to save the day.

(Also, sorry I didn’t post this correctly the first time.)


Becoming a queen had never been part of your life plan. Hell, falling in love had never actually been in your plan either. Then, one dark haired, sleepy prince with a smirk that could break hearts and a smile that could cause the Astrals to swoon had passed through your sleepy town all those years ago and everything you had ever wanted for yourself and every plan you had ever made flew out the window just like that.

You had denied your feelings for months as you traveled on and off with the young King and his friends/personal guards. The two of you flirted, stole kisses, and reveled in the innocent love that blossomed and thrived between you. When things got tough, you were right there to fight and defend your king along with everyone else. It was standing on the underground dock at Cape Caem with Iris and Talcott that finally broke down the walls that guarded your heart. Your threw your arms around a very surprised Noctis as tears poured from your tightly shut eyes. He stumbled but managed to catch you and hold you closely while the tears fell. He reassured you that no matter what, he would come back to you and that he felt everything you did for him as well. His kiss stole your breath before he was forced to part with you and head for Altissa and ultimately Gralea where he would begin to fulfill the prophecy.

Those ten years were hard. You lost nearly everyone close to you and found yourself in Hunter HQ with Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis where you learned to fight and to be a proper hunter. All the while, you kept the hope in your heart that you would see Noctis, that he would return to you just as he promised. When he finally did return, you refused to allow him to face his future alone. It was by the grace of the Six that Noctis survive the final battle with Ardyn against all odds and finally took his throne and his kingdom.

The wedding was beautiful and small with only a handful of friends – just the way the two of you had wanted. You found the crown weighed heavily upon your shoulders, though not nearly to the same degree as your husband, and the two of you found strength in one another in the darkest of times. Nightmares still plagued you from the journey that had left you with the love of your life and a title of your own. Noctis usually found himself, with the help of a certain adorable fox-like creature, within your dreams world and was always the one to pull you out of the night terrors.  

Ardyn Izunia was the monster you couldn’t shake. The way he had sneered when he saw you enter the throne room just behind Noctis with a look of determination made your skin crawl. He had attempted to entice you to choose him over your love, promising that he would protect you from the darkness Noctis could never hope to dispel. His words still filtered through your mind and made you want to wretch with their forced sweetness. The worst part was that it was always so hard to know when you were dreaming.

The word “exhaustion” took on a new meaning after you become queen. You did everything in your power to lighten Noctis’ load and the two of you often fell into bed during the late hours of the night only to rise with the sun a few hours later. There were the rare occasions where the two of you would shirk your duties and find time to yourselves. Your favorite place was a small restaurant that specialized in pastas and desserts, tucked into a backstreet of downtown Insomnia. The small shop was rarely too busy and the two of you enjoyed the near privacy the shop afforded you. The twinkling lights of the patio mimicked the nearly invisible stars of the night sky blocked by the light of the rebuilt city.

“I’ll go in and grab our dessert,” Noctis kissed you sweetly for a moment before pulling back. “Do you want the usual?”

Giggling you brushed some of his eternally messy hair from his dark blue eyes and nodded. “How about we try the strawberry this time, though?”

“I like the way you think,” he stole another quick kiss before slipping back inside the small diner to purchase a dessert for the two of you to share. You couldn’t help staring lovingly after your king as he went, resembling a loves truck school girl as you rested your hand on your head.

The door had no more than shut, leaving you on the isolated patio when chills raced down your spine and your breath hitched as the voice that whispered so softly into your ear. “Come now, my sweet little queen, do not let such an…unfortunate king keep you from me,” Ardyn traced a finger along your exposed shoulder and up to your neck. Terror kept you frozen beneath his touch and your fear widened eyes remained locked on the door Noctis had just disappeared through. “I’m going to take you away from here and when your dear little prince comes looking for you, he’ll be forced to tell me where the crystal has been hidden.” The power and the dark joy hidden in his singsong voice nearly had you gagging.

Finally coming to your senses, you opened your mouth to scream when a large hand covered your mouth and pinched your nose so that you could not breathe. “Ah ah,” Ardyn tutted into your ear, “can’t have you spoiling our fun before it’s begun.” You struggled beneath his grip as your heart hammered into your chest. You could feel the oxygen in your veins wearing thin as you began to feel dizzy, your efforts to free yourself only making it worse. “Sleep, little queen, and I’ll be waiting when you awaken,” he licked your earlobe as your world faded to black.

It was the feeling of a hand on your cheek, gently caressing your sleeping face that woke you. Your eyelashes flutter open as you pulled yourself to sit, surrounded by the plush covers of your bedding. You expected the navy galaxies of sprinkled silver that were Noctis’ eyes but were met with the frozen golden depths that haunted your darkest moments. You gasped and attempted to flee the room but found yourself chained to the bedpost.

“There, there, my little queen. No need to be frightened,” Ardyn dipped his head slightly as he offered you a trademark smirk.

You had to swallow several times before you could finally foce words from your throught. “What do you want? Why are you doing this?” Tears of anger and frustration leaked from your eyes. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

The façade Ardyn so often kept of an eccentric gentleman faded as his eyes hardened. A slight frown pulled at his lips and his voice deepened to a near growl. A hand wrapped around your throat as he forced you to look at him. His grip tightened enough to restrict your air supply and hold you in place. “Why am I doing this?” he scoffed. “Because this,” he swept a hand wide as if to indicate everything around you, “was meant to be mine. Was mine, until it was all taken from me.” His grip tightened around your throat and you knew there would be bruises later. “Tell me where the crystal is and I will let you live. You can even keep your crown and be my queen once I’ve taken back what was supposed to be mine.”

Mustering every ounce of strength that remained in your body, you managed to spit directly into the face of your enemy even as you gasped and clawed at his hand for release. “I would never betray Noctis,” you stammered and gasped between each word.

Ardyn laughed and tightened his grip enough to cause your vision to crumple around the edges before releasing you. Falling into a gasping heap onto the bed you cradled your neck. You were jerked forward by a firm grip on your hair and tears stung at your eyes once more. Your face snapped to the side as Ardyn connected the back of his hand to your face in a swift smack, the metal of his ring splitting your lip in the process. “You are trying my patience, little queen. I will not ask you again,” he seethed through his teeth.

Licking a drop of blood from your split lip, you still attempted to even out your breathing. The burn in your neck was nearly as much as bad as the stinging of your face. “No.”

There was no stopping the whimper that escaped you as Ardyn’s hand connected with your face once more. This time, the pain centered around your left eye, certain a blackened eye would be in your future. Ardyn seemed to be in a daze as he struck you several more times. His face never betrayed any sort of emotion as you accepted your punishment, your body too tired and oxygen deprived to put up a proper fight. You closed your eyes and awaited the death that would surely meet you at the hands of this crazed man.

A bright light sparked just behind your closed eyes before soft hands cradled your face and you were enveloped by the comforting scent of your king. Trembling fingers wiped away the tears that naturally leaked from your eyes. “Shh,” Noctis hushed you, “I’ve got you.”

Sitting up with a start, you glanced around the darkned room of your royal bedchambers. Noctis immediately wrapped you into his strong arms and pulled you against his chest. “He was here, Noct. I-I, oh Six,” you sobbed as you clung to him. “I was going to die. He was going to kill me.”

You could feel Noctis shaking as he held you so close it was difficult to know where you ended and he began. You could tell by the silent wracking of his body that he was also crying into your hair as he rocked the two of you. “I would never let that happen. It wasn’t real. I promise you’re safe,” he mumbled again and again to reassure you both.

One the two of you had calmed, Noctis released you enough to look at your face. He traced an unsteady finger over you lip and you winced though there was no physical mark. You lip throbbed exactly where you were certain Ardyn has struck you in your dream. “You looked so broken,” Noctis breathed. “I thought I was too late this time,” he hung his head in shame.

A breathy laugh escaped you as you snuggled against his chest once more. You were beginning to regain some sense of composure as the remnants from your dream began to leave you. You inhaled deeply the musky scent of your king and tangled your hands into his shirt. He was warm as his arms encircled you carefully and the two of you lie there. “You always find me.”

“I made you a promise once. One that I will always keep. You’re my queen, my love, and my life,” Noctis breathed against your forehead before kissing you there, his mouth gradually trialing southward in a wake of kisses before taking your own lips with his. He kissed you with enough gentle passion to chase away the lingering pain and fear of the dream.

Daredevil 101: Foggy (Finally!) Finds Out

Last time on Daredevil 101, Matt was still pretending to be a) dead and b) a Brand-New Super Badass Armored Daredevil. Well, that’s all about to come crashing down when writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist Ron Wagner take over!

[Content warning: violence against sex workers, brief discussion of transphobia, fatshaming/body policing, a lot of discussion/portrayal of mental illness and suicidal ideation.]

We begin with Matt thoroughly disgusted with this new life he’s chosen for himself:

So I’m guessing DeMatteis didn’t enjoy the Daredevil comics immediately preceding his run?

Anyway it’s good to know Matt’s been doing his squats.

But Matt’s not just cranky about his new life - he’s forgetting things, losing time, waking up in unexpected places…

…which is pretty dangerous when you lead the kind of life Matt does.

Meanwhile, Foggy encounters an unexpected visitor:

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Originally posted by fibu

Sorry, it’s so short, but just something to get the ball rolling again! May continue? I’m not sure yet.

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