Through The Dark (Split)
  • Through The Dark (Split)
  • One Direction
  • Split

One Direction - Through The Dark (Split)

Put your headphones on; in your left ear you’ll hear the studio version, in the right ear, there’s the live version on SNL. Enjoy!

Swords And Pens
  • Swords And Pens
  • The Story So Far
  • Under Soil & Dirt

We’re never gonna be the same again
Bury me I’m not your friend
You have your sword, I’ve got my pen
Measuring might is a means to an end

We’re never gonna be the same again
Bury me I’m not your friend
Not broke, just bent.

Paid Played Out
  • Paid Played Out
  • Ty Segall
  • Split LP

From his Split LP with Black Time, here’s “Paid Played Out” by Ty Segall.  I held back awhile on posting Ty Segall on this blog, because my first impression of his music was that anyone who buries his music under that much feedback and distortion must be trying to hide a lack of ideas with faux-authenticity.  But then I realized I was listening to his album Melted over and over again because–feel free to quote me on this–it rocks like a motherfucker

Well played, Mr. Segall–you’ve passed the closest thing to an objective test of quality that I have. 

Botanist / Palace of Worms - Split LP

Hey its your buddy jarred! we all realised bottinist is a man who watched a bugs life but did you know he has a friend that is a WORM? eeeeewwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worms are the worse bugs ever their so wet when they get all dirty my doge found one!!!!

The dirty worm man came out of the ground last tues day and washed all the mud off his pajamas, nice! He and the botenis are good friends!!!!!!  The dirtty man liked to watch “Antz” more though i think. i think he thinks its funnier than shark tale, probably.

When they sing a big song together with loud voices, thats grate! They live in a house botenist picks flowers and pulls weedes and they always share there legos. He keeps the worm in a little palace where he feeds him salad to eat and never  feeds him to the fish!!!!!!!! The worm has googly eyes

Ew hahahahahaha petey keeps tickling me while i give stars on the computer dont make me get the worm petey!!!!!!!

10/10 out of 10 stars dirty men!!!!!!!!!!jarred