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From his Split LP with Black Time, here’s “Paid Played Out” by Ty Segall.  I held back awhile on posting Ty Segall on this blog, because my first impression of his music was that anyone who buries his music under that much feedback and distortion must be trying to hide a lack of ideas with faux-authenticity.  But then I realized I was listening to his album Melted over and over again because–feel free to quote me on this–it rocks like a motherfucker

Well played, Mr. Segall–you’ve passed the closest thing to an objective test of quality that I have. 


circe poisoning the sea


Ahh, the Apocalipstix/Eat Your Lipstick split LP.

Two top-notch political German grrrl-punk bands.

I know next to nothing about Eat Your Lipstick, so let’s talk about my favourite of the two - Apocalipstix.

Followers of my podcast will remember that I often play these three bands: Lost World, Endrophobia, Apocalipstix. The common element between these three bands is vocalist Tati, who happens to have one of the very best voices in hardcore punk. Ever. She can growl, scream, and sing sweetly… all in the same song. Apocalipstix was her most recent band, I believe. A lot more straight-forward punk than Lost World or Endrophobia, with lyrics that are a bit more personal, yet still raw and political. More environmental songs, too.

This record is pretty hard to track down, as it’s been out of print for a few years. Check discogs, or hound your local jaded “older punk” who’s moved on to the next trend.

Botanist / Palace of Worms - Split LP

Hey its your buddy jarred! we all realised bottinist is a man who watched a bugs life but did you know he has a friend that is a WORM? eeeeewwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worms are the worse bugs ever their so wet when they get all dirty my doge found one!!!!

The dirty worm man came out of the ground last tues day and washed all the mud off his pajamas, nice! He and the botenis are good friends!!!!!!  The dirtty man liked to watch “Antz” more though i think. i think he thinks its funnier than shark tale, probably.

When they sing a big song together with loud voices, thats grate! They live in a house botenist picks flowers and pulls weedes and they always share there legos. He keeps the worm in a little palace where he feeds him salad to eat and never  feeds him to the fish!!!!!!!! The worm has googly eyes

Ew hahahahahaha petey keeps tickling me while i give stars on the computer dont make me get the worm petey!!!!!!!

10/10 out of 10 stars dirty men!!!!!!!!!!jarred

On Split LP by Black Pus & Oozing Wound

I know what you need / And this is not it!

It may not be what I need, but goddamn, it’s what I want. Coming off a fourteen-minute, blown-to-bits, repeato-drum-and-noise freakout called “Total Eclipse,” Brian Chippendale, aka Hundred Arms, aka one-half of Lightning Bolt shrieks about my exigencies. Food, water, shelter, love, etc. I get it. Fried noise records? Probably not on that list. Still, after the past couple of weeks, “cathartic abandon” is pretty high on my list of wants–maybe, possibly, arguably, despite Mr. Chippendale’s assertion, an actual necessity of sorts. And since I’m not into drugs, booze is mostly a drag, and my sense of self-preservation is too acute for adventure sports, this split LP is just the ticket, an ideal boot to the brain, something to jab my reset button.

If press releases are to believed, a recent Black Pus / Oozing Wound double bill at the Empty Bottle in Chicago mercilessly obliterated ear drums, leaving scores stunned and nearly deaf, shaking the very foundations of legendary venue. Inspired by the destruction they had wrought, the two acts decided to join forces. Split LP is the resulting slab of sonic terror, featuring two new offerings from Black Pus, and three from Oozing Wound on the flip.

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7 Day Conspiracy Release New Video

Sittingbourne punk outfit 7 Day Conspiracy recently released their new music video for ‘Berkshire Hunt’.

The song is taken from their upcoming split LP with Norwich ska punks Goober Patrol, which is due for release on the 1st April on Bomber Music Ltd.Pre-orders can be purchased here on the label’s store.

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