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@afterhoursanimationschool Inktober Prompt 17: Draw the Squad (I drew the Villain Squad)

 The Three Primary Colors rule over the Color Wheel with iron fists, aided by their loyal Secondaries. Yet their position is more precarious than it seems.

The question of whether the “true” Primary Colors are RYB (the primary colors of paint) or RGB (primary colors of light) has divided the Color Wheel and even the Rainbow Monarchy itself. This debate has split the Wheel into two political parties: the Yellow/Subtractive Party (who support Yellow’s claim to Primacy) and the Green/Additive Party (who support Green’s).

But there are even more troubling rumors. Some say a revolutionary group calling themselves Primary Colors of Ink, led by a Magenta, Cyan, and Ink Black, is planning to stage a coup and abolish the Rainbow Color Monarchy once and for all…

I didn’t go through Ebrietas hell to revive Annalise only to have her act as if nothing happened and not say anything about the recent events of some church dude with an ice cream cone helmet storming into her castle and turning her into a Banannalise split using a giant wheel then having the very gorgeous, brave, strong, beautiful, and charismatic hunter revive her by spending 60000 hours fighting Ebrietas, the macaroni and blue cheese looking tentacle pile of glue

so @striddums and i were talking about colour schemes and things and i just made a whole bunch of analogous ones

n i think its a fun and good art exercise for colour theory!! i def recommend trying it

just split the colour wheel any which way u want and have fun messing with the values from one side of it


A/N: Day three in Milan and traveling has taken its toll on me, I’m knackered 😓 but enjoying it! I managed to tick off something on my bucket list 😅 Here’s chapter three! (And the last you’ll see of Indy for a little while!) thank you all again for the likes/re-blogs/lovely comments! It means so much 😁

Chapter 3

Greg had to restrain himself from jumping with joy hearing you say that to Indy. He was walking passed at the time when Indy asked if that was the best kiss he was going to get and watched as you placed your fingers to his lips. You didn’t kiss Indy even though you had countless of opportunities to, Greg knew he might have a chance if he found the courage.

“She’s all yours” Greg was dragged back into reality when Indy’s voice echoed around him.

“What?” He managed to speak out and watched as the rugged explorer put on his wide brimmed stable fedora hat.

Indy let out a small chuckle and shook his head “Y/N, she’s all yours. I’ve noticed the way you look at her, she doesn’t bite…” Indy took a breath and lowered his voice “Unless you want her to”.

Greg stood on the spot, blinking away the confusion as Indy let out a laugh.

“Your laugh is obnoxiously loud,” you peered your head from around the door and Indy’s mouth snapped shut “Oh hello Greg! How’s things?”

“Go-good! Great!” He nervously yelped out and pushed the glasses on the end of his nose further up with his index finger “I should be off” he sent you a small smile and hurried to his next class with reddening cheeks.

You followed him with your eyes before turning around to Indy who had a cocky ‘I knew it’ smirk on his face. “What?” You asked narrowing your eyes.

“Nothing!” He held his hands up in defence “Nothing at all,” he leaned in and pressed another kiss to your cheek “Take care, Y/N”.

You waved him off and watched as he left the university building, wondering if you’d ever see him again. You pursed your lips and turned on your heel, heading back into the classroom before your classes started.

After class you began organising the expedition and before you knew it the five of you were boarding a plane to South America.

“How long is the flight?” Molly asked as you stepped onto the plane.

“Fifteen glorious hours” you sent her a small smile “Best to try and get some sleep, traveling will mess up your body clock and South America is behind us time wise so that will make your sleeping patterns go haywire”.

The doctor nodded and settled herself down. She sat beside an unknown woman, John and Sherlock sat together while you sat beside Greg. The two men where sitting in front of you while Molly sat behind.

“What’s that?” You heard the voice next to you ask as you pulled out a journal stuffed with expedition notes in it.

“My bible,” you looked at it with a smile “Survival notes, useful contacts, maps, a list of some poisonous things and safe things. This,” you held the book up to Greg’s face “will save us when I can’t.”

Greg smiled “I think that you’ll be more useful than that book. I doubt we’ll even need it!”

You bashfully smiled at your fellow professor and thanked him for his kind words. He always was a kind and caring person, Greg would often pop his head around the door at least three times a day to ask of you needed anything or just to see how you were doing. You always looked forward to it, it was the highlight of your day.

“Can- Can I read it?” He asked pointing to your book and you blinked yourself out of your thoughts. You nodded with a smile and handed it to him, grazing his hand with your fingertips. You watched him as he began reading as the plane took off, not moving his eyes for a split second as the wheels of the plane lifted from the ground. He immersed himself in your writing and scribbles and little doodles of plants and animals.

You smiled to yourself watching him study each word, taking in every single letter of your detailed analysis and helpful information. “Is this you?” Greg asked taking out a photograph of you as a little girl, pigtails in your hair and digging for 'treasure’ in the garden. That treasure was coins your mother had planted for you, she made you fall in love with uncovering and finding things.

“Yeah! I must have been about six or seven at the time” you smiled and the corners of Greg’s lips tugged upwards as he looked at the photo.

“You were really cute” he glanced up to you and then back to the photo.

“And I’m not now?” You playfully questioned and Greg’s mouth gaped a little.

He held his hands up in defence “No! I mean yes? Uh no I meant-”

You cut him off with a giggle as you pressed the back of your head to the seat “I’m just messing with you, Lestrade”. He let out a sigh of relief and nervously chuckled.

He watched you turn your head to look out of the window “South America is a beautiful place,” you told him as you watched the clouds pass underneath you “There’s thousands of animals and plants living there, most of them unknown…there could be things there that will cure diseases we don’t have a cure for yet…” You trailed off with a small sigh.

“Why haven’t we found them yet?” Greg asked and you turned your head back to face him, you noticed the book was shut over on the pull out table in front of him.

“People are too busy fighting each other, people are also greedy and selfish. There are bigger problems in this world that we should be facing. We shouldn’t be fighting each other. What good will come of that?” Greg mulled over your words just as the air stewardess came with tea and coffee.

After gulping down the lukewarm liquid your eyelids grew heavier and you fell asleep watching the clouds.

You felt a light tapping on your arm and woke up with a tired groan “We’ll be landing in half an hour” Greg told you and you tiredly smiled.

“Thanks for waking me up,” you groggily replied, Greg handed you a cup of water “Thanks” you took a sip and handed it back. Upon landing in the airport you collected your backpack and bag. You knew there was no point hauling around a big suitcase and you told the others.

You scanned your eyes across the airport and couldn’t help but smile when you saw an extending arm waving to you. You motioned for the others to follow you and you introduced them to the young Brazilian man “This is Pedro, he’s my contact here in Brazil” you smiled and the others greeted him with a grin “He doesn’t speak very good English but he’ll get us to the border of the jungle”.

“He won’t be accompanying us?” Sherlock asked.

You shook your head “No, the entrance is as far as he’ll go.” Pedro led you out to his car and you tossed your bags into the trunk of the pickup “Oh give me a minute I forgot to drop in these documents!” You rushed back to inside the airport and handed over the paperwork to customs officials before turning around and crashing into someone.

“Oh sorry!” You politely smiled.

“That’s quite alright,” the black haired man nodded “I wasn’t paying attention myself!” He lightly laughed “I’m James” he stuck his hand out for you to shake as you walked forward.

“Y/N, that’s a charming accent you have where are you-” You turned around and the man was gone “From?” You slowly uttered out the end of your sentence. You blinked and shook your head, returning to the pickup that was sitting in the middle of the beating heat of the sun. It was sweltering already and it wasn’t even eleven in the morning.

You climbed into the boot with Sherlock, John, Molly and Greg, surrounded by your bags as you made your way to the rainforest.

You fished through your backpack for a bottle of water but pulled out a note instead. You brow scrunched a little and you folded it open, it read; 'You don’t need it to be like me, you’re already amazing enough on your own. Nevertheless, I think you’d look good in it kid….well I think you’d look good in only it if you know what I mean. Take care-Jones.’ You playfully rolled your eyes and pulled out the thing the note was attached to.

A hat identical to Indy’s.

You let out a snort of laughter and placed it on your head before safely securing your bullwhip to the belt loop of your trousers. You watched the city turn into trees and you soon began to prepare yourself for the jungle.

You asked Pedro a question in Portuguese while the four others watched you communicate in awe. You climbed over Greg and opened up a hidden compartment in the trunk taking out a few revolvers, ammunition and knives.

“Wh-why do we need guns?” John nervously asked as you placed bullets into revolvers.

You handed a gun to each person “Because I was almost killed last time, I’m not taking any risks. Chances are we won’t be the only ones wanting to see 'The Death Gift’. If you want to see it,” you pointed to Sherlock “Someone else will too. Not to mention there are unimaginable dangers in the forest”.

You finally reached the outskirts of the jungle and climbed out of the pickup truck. You thanked Pedro and discreetly handed him a few notes of cash before he left the five of you.

A rumble of thunder made you all look up and you smirked “Looks like we’ve made it just in time.” You looked back down to the four faces with gaping mouths “Now you guys are going to find out why it’s called a rainforest.”

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Look, everyone! It’s a pic of the last wheel of parmigiano reggiano I’ll probably ever handle. I was going through some photographs and found this; figured I’d throw it up on Tumblr for all you cheese-friendly folks.

I’m used to quartering wheels and we used to have a competition at work to see who could get the closest. I left my job as reigning champion, with a total variance of 0.21 lb.

If you have never seen a wheel of parm in its natural state, this one’s a pretty good example. It weighed about 88 pounds and was roughly 30 months old. It was worth a little over a thousand dollars. Yep, that’s a grand right there.

This is one of my favorite cheeses. Once you have stuck your face between the freshly split halves of a wheel of parm and smelled that ineffable aroma you will never be able to look at the sad green can in the same way.

Some Parm Facts:

  • It can be made only in ParmaReggio EmiliaBologna (only the area to the left of the river Reno), Modena, (all in Emilia-Romagna), and Mantova (in Lombardia, but only the area to the south of river Po).
  • It’s made with full-fat milk from the morning’s milking as well as naturally-skimmed milk from the previous evening. The cream separates overnight, resulting in a part-skim cheese.
  • It takes about 175 gallons of milk to make a single wheel of parmigiano!
  • After a year of aging, a master grader checks the soundness of each wheel using only a hammer and his trained ear. The master grader hammers the cheese, listening to ensure there are no voids.
  • Every wheel is branded and stamped, so that each can be traced to its origin point, one of roughly 400 cheese houses.
  • It is an ancient cheese, unchanged by time. When you eat a piece of parm, you are tasting what people tasted 900 years ago. You get to devour history!
  • The playwright Molière decided to live on a diet consisting of 12 ounces of parmigiano reggiano and three glasses of port a day.
  • Parm was at one point worth so much in England that during the Great Fire of 1666 Samuel Pepys buried his in the garden to protect it from the flames.
  • There are over 300,000 wheels of Parmesan cheese stored in bank vaults in Italy, worth over $200 million. The cheese is held as collateral for loans to the cheese makers to assist their cash flow as the cheese takes so long to mature.

And that’s all I got. This will be the final episode of Cheese of the Month, seeing as how I’m no longer working with cheese. Go forth, and accept no imitation parm!

honestly i probably would’ve been deeply fucked up if i’d been susceptible to the sometimes very convincing rhetoric that my not wanting sex or to be touched was perfectly good and healthy and not something that i should question because of *spins the split attraction mogai wheel*

it took me years to realise it was because i had some messy sex dysphoria that was causing hell on my libido, relationship, perception of myself, life satisfaction, etc etc and that’s without having a crutch of microclassification based on treating my then sexually ambivalent-to-repulsed libido as an innate part of my identity. if i’d fallen into that tar pit i’d probably still be slowly drowning in it instead of doing some fairly savage self examination that has lead to me starting the most content time of my life, y'know?


ruled by: gemini, virgo
colour: blue
identity: genderfluid
natal cycle: 280-365 days (approx.)

what is it?
the planet in our solar system that is closest to the sun. in roman mythology, mercury was the equivalent to hermes (greek mythology) the messenger god. mercury/hermes is responsible for sending messages from god-to-god, therefore having a very important role.

how does it work? each sign has 30° in our charts (meaning the natal wheel is split into 12 sections). mercury will travel into the next sign every 14-30 days, depending on its motion.

what does it represent?
mercury represents our communication and our handwriting. sometimes the way we write is influenced too. when looking at posts on tumblr, you should check your mercury on posts like “how the signs talk about…” or “the signs handwriting”.

Hashirama Profiles

Hashirama’s sought-after cells… in Madara… in Orochimaru
Hashirama’s artificial body of Madara’s creation
The unparalleled recovery ability of Hashirama’s body could even exhibit that ability in the bodies of others.
Madara lived on by transplanting into a wound Hashirama’s cells that he obtained in the Battle of the Valley of the End.
In addition, by using the Demon Statue as a catalyst, he cultivated living cells to create an artificial body of Hashirama.
Even the critically wounded Obito healed his injuries by transplanting half of an artificial body.
Hashirama’s face appears wherever his cells have been implanted.
The cells are alive, but have no awareness.
As a result of Orochimaru’s human experiments…
For Orochimaru, who had an insatiable desire for immortality, Hashirama’s regenerative abilities were a critical target of research.
その細胞に秘められた力を我がものにせんと実験が繰り返され、禁じられた術の開発に悪用される 。
In order to make the power hidden in the cells his, he repeated experiments and misused them for the development of forbidden arts.
Yamato, the founder’s clone, was an unfortunate product of this.
That unrivaled characteristic was one of the substantiating factors for Hashirama being the strongest ninja.
The guy could heal wounds without even making hand symbols.
All of his arts are superior by a factor of 10…
People called the guy the strongest ninja.
So he buried the founder’s cells in his body and was raising his body’s energy…
Thirsy for Senju’s power, Danzou buries Hashirama’s cells deep into his own body.
It’s an honor to be praised by the Ninja God.
The current reborn Orochimaru
Most of his body is made up of cells from Hashirama.

Senju and Uchiha―― The edge of unstoppable destiny
Dreams Discussed
The warring states period of valiant ninjas――.
Hashirama and Madara had a fateful chance meeting.
Hashirama and Madara, having recently seen the deaths of some young boys, became aware of the wrongs in the world and unified their wills.
The two used to be friends who trusted each other, but…
Ahahaha! I’ll go first!
Hey! Youuu!!
Pretending to fall down like that!
Not knowing they are long-standing rivals, the two communicated their thoughts.
The time they spent together was their only relaxation.
I’m going to make a school where kids properly train to become big and strong!
They can choose a duty based on their individual abilities and strengths.
I’ll make higher-ups who can properly assign job levels.
A village that doesn’t have to send children to violent battlefields!
His single hope was for a place that would become a village hidden in the shade of trees, and he told Madara about this dream.
The future was full of hope.
The clan of the Rikudou Hermit’s lineage
Tracing back to the genesis of ninjas, Senju and Uchiha’s thread of connection. 
Both clans take the Rikudou Hermit as their founder, and strongly inherit that power.
さらに柱間とマダラは、六道仙人の息子アシュラとインドラのチャクラがそれぞれ宿った、転生者(てんしょう しゃ)でもある。
Moreover, Hashirama and Madara are the reincarnations of the the Rikudou Hermit’s sons Ashura and Indra, respectively.
The rivalry between Hashirama and Madara may be unavoidable destiny.
Hashirama is Ashura; Madara is Indra.
…I assume you know what happened to the two of them.
天才である兄インドラと、父の意志を継いだ弟アシュラという宿縁(しゅくえん)は世代を超えて争いを生み出 した。
The karma of Indra, the genius older brother, and Ashura, the younger brother who inherited his father’s will, was to go beyond their generation and start a war.
The Konoha Senju Clan and the Uzushio Vortex Clan are ninjas of distant blood relation…
千手一族の遠縁(とうえん)にあたるうずまき一族も、六道仙人の一跡(いっせき)にあたるとい えるだろう。
The Vortex Clan, a distant relative of the Senju Clan, could also be said to be a lineage of the Rikudou Hermit.

Fate that starts to come apart at the seams
Hashirama and Madara’s fate suddenly starts to come apart at the seams.
千手とうちは――互いの正体が割れたことで、柱間とマダラの「友」としての関係は儚くも終わり を告げた。
Senju and Uchiha――When their true forms were revealed, Hashirama and Madara’s “friend” relationship fleetingly announced its end.
The two would both soon become the leaders of their respective clans, and the cold fate of the two clans to be at odds would only intensify…
You know, the next time we meet will be on the battlefield, Senju Hashirama…
Right after he announced the split to Hashirama, Madara’s “Wheel-Projecting Eye” awoke.
Bringing their shared dream to life――
Amidst the seemingly never-ending battle, Hashirama persistently continued to send the Uchiha clan offers of a truce.
Hashirama’s unwavering will to create a future for ninjas finally melted Madara’s cold heart.
The two clans shook hands, and the dream they had dreamt in their younger days of creating a peaceful village began to take shape…
At the end of a valiant landscape-altering battle, Hashirama dealt a finishing blow to his former friend Madara.
It was like a dream…Uchiha and Senju shook hands.
No longer would many become victims… No longer would children need to die…… 
This is how the Ninja Clan Federation Village System was born.
The sad time of parting ways
However, the cycle of reincarnation would accelerate.
Madara, who once again parted ways with Hashirama, launched an assault on Konoha.
The only thing that was in Hashirama’s heart after ending the battle―― was one resolve.
It was a resolve he had to bear as a ninja, not for looking to the future, but for watching over the present.
No matter if it’s a friend, a sibling, or a child…
Those who do wrong to the village won’t be forgiven.

translated by :Game Gogakuen