split wheels


ruled by: gemini, virgo
colour: blue
identity: genderfluid
natal cycle: 280-365 days (approx.)

what is it?
the planet in our solar system that is closest to the sun. in roman mythology, mercury was the equivalent to hermes (greek mythology) the messenger god. mercury/hermes is responsible for sending messages from god-to-god, therefore having a very important role.

how does it work? each sign has 30° in our charts (meaning the natal wheel is split into 12 sections). mercury will travel into the next sign every 14-30 days, depending on its motion.

what does it represent?
mercury represents our communication and our handwriting. sometimes the way we write is influenced too. when looking at posts on tumblr, you should check your mercury on posts like “how the signs talk about…” or “the signs handwriting”.