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Flashing Lights (part 2) - Benedict x reader

A/N: I’m sorry this took a while, but I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted like two days ago, so you can imagine the mess that I am right now…
I wasn’t planning on writing this second part, but a friend asked for some intense riding smut, so here I am. lol.
To @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch who sent this lovely request my way, I hope you don’t mind but I’m planning on writing that as a part three, so sit tight because it’s coming!
Also, if any of you want to be tagged in the next part, do send me an ask and I’d be glad to add you!

Word count: 2481
Warnings: smut

[Part 1] - [Part 3]

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“...Aren’t You?”

Requested by an anon. I’ve been gone for so long and honestly I’m so sorry. 

You had a different style. You weren’t skinny. You had your imperfections but you made them your own perfections. People often find confidence attractive. Your confidence was very attractive. It of course was one of Yongguk’s favorite thing about you.

You were best friends with Jongup. The two of you have been best friends since babies. Your parents were good friends and their friendship rubbed off on the two of you. The two of you were like brother and sister. You were older than him by a couple of months.

You were his main support when he debuted. You went to a couple of concerts but you were always a bit too busy to meet his members in person. You had your own job. You were a businesswoman. You had made it far up the business chain for a woman of your age. Not only were you proud of Jongup, he was also proud of you. Though you were always busy, you always made time for Jongup.

You wanted nothing more than to meet his members. You asked Jongup about it and he agreed. The two of you planned for one of your off days.

He took you to their dorm. Before allowing you to come in, he made sure they were all in check and the dorm looked at least decent.

“Come in, Y/N.” he said as he opened the door.

You stepped in and the first thing you saw was his members, one of them not facing you. You bowed shyly.

Yongguk saw his members staring at something in front of them.

“YAH! HYUNG! TURN AROUND! YOU’RE BEING RUDE!” Jongup shouted at Yongguk.

Yongguk snapped his head around to see your head coming up from the bow. The two of you locked eyes for a couple of seconds before you looked away shyly.

“Guys this is my best friend of all time, Y/N. I expect nothing but your best behavior when she is h-”

“N-No, act like I’m not here. Be yourselves.” You cut him off.

“Well, introduce yourselves!”

Yongguk was the first one to introduce himself.

“Hi. I’m Bang Yongguk, the leader. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, you’re the leader?” You asked.

“Yeah. You say that like it’s a bad thing. Is there something wrong?”

“N-No, I just didn’t expect someone like you to be leader. I-I didn’t mean that in a bad way or anything. You’re just really hot, I m-mean, you’re very good looking.”

“So because I’m good looking, or “hot” ,as you had a couple of seconds ago, I can’t be leader of an idol group?“

"I really didn’t mean it like that! I just meant not many idol leaders look as good as you. I m-mean-”

He chuckled a bit before giving you a reassuring pat on your back.

“Jongup! I like your best friend.”

Your friendship with Yongguk only went up. The two of you would disagree on something but that never stopped you from being good friends.

The more the two of you hung out, attractions got deeper. You were feeling something for him, you didn’t know what it was. It was like you loved him, but you tried to shake it off. After all he was your best friend’s group member and good friend.

Your feelings for him were very noticeable. Everyone but Yongguk noticed. He played around a bit but he didn’t know you were serious.

He’d bring around female friends of his. Most of them looked the same, like models. They all looked like those idol girls that everyone was talking about. Skinny, tall, they were pretty sticks.

You found yourself jealous of some of them. Maybe one or two, it was just the ones who had the most skinship with Yongguk.

Yongguk shot you text.

“It’s been awhile since we’ve had lunch, let’s get together today.”

You read his message but didn’t reply. You simply put your phone down and tended to your work. He saw you read it. A couple of more seconds go by and he gets a bit annoyed that you didn’t reply. He shoots another text.

“I know you read that, Y/N. Could you tell me yes or no?”

Once again you read it but didn’t reply. Ten seconds go by. This time he’s upset but he remains calm.

“You’re not replying. Did I do something?”

He invited you a little party he was throwing just because. He told you ahead of time the dress was casual, so you dressed in ripped jeans and a white crop top. When you arrived there was no one there.

He lied to you to get you to talk to him.

Once you got there, you realized he lied. But you didn’t to leave, nor did he want you to leave. He wanted to know what was wrong. He wanted to know why you weren’t acting like yourself. He wanted to know why you didn’t want to spend time with him anymore.

You found yourself sitting across the table for him. You didn’t say anything. Neither did he. It was just silence. He decided to speak up.

“Did I do something to make you mad at me?” He asked.

You said nothing. You just folded your arms.

“Are you really going to be difficult at a time like this?! I want know what I did wrong to make you ignore and be mad at me.”

You knew you were being selfish. There was no reason for you to hate him. There was no reason for you to be mad at him.

“It’s not like you love me I like I do you.” You accidentally said aloud.


“N-Nothing! I said nothing!”

“You love me?”

“I said nothing! Forget what I said!”

You turned away from him.

“Forget what you said? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to hear those words come out of your mouth. Y/N, I love you too. More than you’ll ever know. But I knew how close you were to Jongup and I didn’t need him breathing down my neck if I tried to make a move on you.”

You turned back to him. Your face softened.

“Y-You like me?”

“No, Y/N. I love you.”

The two of you have been together for about two years now. Everyone knew about you. Girls and boys alike envied you. Yongguk spoiled you to death in brand new designer clothes, designer handbags, and very expensive jewelry. You didn’t want all the attention on you, but everywhere the two of you went, Yongguk made sure the attention was only on you.

Tonight was going to be just the same. Yongguk had prepared a week early. He bought you a new dress. He bought you a red split strap backless dress with brand new rhinestone diamond heels. He of course didn’t stop there. He bought you a $1000 customized locket and new hoop earrings. You looked like a million bucks and your smile added on about nine million dollars.

He of course wasn’t going to dress his beautiful Queen up and not forget to dress up a bit as well. He dressed in a customized tuxedo with black dress shoes. And the two of you together looked like billionaire mafia leaders. He did all the dirty work while you got the business side of it.

“Don’t you think this is a little, you know overboard for a party?” You asked him.

“No. You look amazing. And this isn’t just any party. This is-”

“I know, I know. An album release party. I’ve heard you say it about a hundred times now.”

The two of you made your way to the venue. The album release party was located at this brand new exclusive club that they spent almost a year building.

‘It better look so damn stunning I won’t know I’m still in Korea’ You thought to yourself.

The two of you arrived. The outside was big, so you assumed the inside was huge. And huge it was. You gasped in amazement.

“How could they afford this place for an album release party?”

“You’d be surprised, jagi.”

The two of you locked arms and made your way through the crowd. Everyone’s eyes were on the two of you. You could hear gasps, sighs and scoffs coming from around the room.

You were a gorgeous sight. As for Yongguk, he was the sexiest thing there.

“Noona! You made it!” You heard Jongup’s voice behind you.

You both turned around to be greeted by him in a simple black suit.

“Aww! Guppie’s in a suit and all grown up! You look so dashing.” You complimented.

“Yah! Noona! You’re embarrassing me!”

“That’s my job Guppie!”

You pulled him into a headlock and ruffled his hair.


You giggled and let him go. He fixed himself and gave you a death glare. You knew he was trying to act like an adult but you knew him better than that. If the two of you weren’t in public, he’d pull you into a headlock.

“Hey Jongup.” Yongguk chimed in.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t see you. What’s up?” He pulled him in for a manly hug before lettting go.

You stood by Yongguk’s side and locked arms with him again.

“Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice over the loud music.

You turned your head to the left and saw a familiar face.

“SHOWNU!” You shouted before letting go of Yongguk and rushing over to Shownu.

He pulled you in for a tight hug.

“Since when does she know Shownu?” Yongguk asked Jongup.

“What do you mean? Noona has always been friends with Shownu.” He explained.

You pulled away from Shownu.

“How are you so tall?”

“How are you so small?”


“I’m glad you’re here. Hey! The guys are here as well. Wanna see them. It’s been a while since you have.”

“I guess I could go for a little while. Let me talk to Yongguk and I’ll come back. Stay here!”

“Got it.”

You walked to Yongguk.

“Yongguk, I know we just got here and everything, but could I go hang out with Shownu and his friends for a bit. I’ll spend a little time with them and I’ll come back and spend the rest of the time with you.” You offered.

He sighed. “Alright. Fine, but come back soon, okay?”

“Okay. I love you.” You say before giving him a small peck on the cheek.

“I love you too.”

You smiled before rushing back over to Shownu and disappearing into the crowd.

Four hours passed by. No sign of you anywhere. Yongguk was stuck at the bar taking free drinks from women around him. He took the drinks but declined the girls.

‘Where in the hell is she?’ He thought.

He saw everyone but you. He was tired of it. He downed one more shot and heading into the crowd slipping by the sweaty bodies.

As he reached the middle of the dance floor, he looked around. You were nowhere to be seen. He was about to head back the way he came, but the music stopped suddenly and he heard your laugh.

Luckily your laugh was loud enough to hear. He turned around and went the way your laugh came from. He found himself on the other side of the VIP section.

You were sitting in between Wonho and Shownu. Wonho’s arm wrapped tightly around your shoulder with a drink in his other hand. You were laughing it up at a joke Jooheon told. It was dumb but funny.

The guard standing at the velvet rope looked over to Yongguk.

“Well if it isn’t a legend. Welcome Yongguk. Looking for Y/N?”

“Clearly. And I see she’s having a fun time.” Yongguk said with a hint of jealousy.

“Someone sounds a little bit jealous. Y/N is quite a catch and Wonho has had his arm around her for a bit. She likes his shoulders. Didn’t know she had a thing for shoulders.” The guard laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

You turned to your right to see Yongguk talking to the guard. A smile appeared on your face at the sight of him.

“How about shots?!”


A round of twelve shots came out. You didn’t want to drink that much. And you weren’t the best person on shots.

Wonho handed you one.

“Come on, Y/N. Have a shot with me.”

“I-I don’t know Wonho. Maybe I shouldn’t. It’s been a while. Maybe I should get back to Yongguk.”

“Just one shot and I’ll let you go back that lovey dovey boyfriend of yours.


The two of you locked arms. You downed his shot, as he downed yours.

“Looks like she’s closer to Wonho than I thought.” The guard said joking.

Yongguk looked at the two of you. Something was building up inside of him, jealousy. But he kept a calm face on the outside. But his fist was clenching as hard as it was physically possible.

“That was strong. I should be going now. Text you later, Shownu. See you soon, Wonho.”

You stood and walked over to Yongguk.


He stayed silent.

“I’m so tired and my feet hurt in the heels. I’ve been in them so long. Let’s go home.”

Once again, silence. The two of you headed out of the club and got back into his car.

The ride home was silent. Neither one of you wanted to say anything.

Once you stepped through the front door, he rushed up to the bedroom. You knew something was up.

You took off your shoes and slowly walked upstairs to the bedroom. You opened the door slightly, and looked inside to see Yongguk changing out of his suit. He was only in his boxers.

He was staring at the wall. You slowly walked in, trying not to make a sound. When you reached him, you wrapped your arms around him tightly.

He sighed. “Let go jagi.”

“No! What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong.”

“You’re lying. You’re upset. I know you.”

He continued to face the wall. You sighed. You walked in front of him. He tried to look away, but you grabbed his chin and made him look at you.

“Did you try to look away from me? Something is wrong. You know you can talk to me. You know I love you. Yongguk tell me-”

“HOW DO I KNOW YOU LOVE ME?!” He screamed.

You were taken back. “What?”

“How do I know you love me, Y/N?”

“You think I don’t love you?”

“It’s just-”

“ANIYA! ANIYA! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE MYSELF! You’re all I think about. You’re my everything. I love you. I love you, Bang Yongguk.”

He tried to look away, but you grabbed his face and made him look at you.

“Don’t look away from me! What is this about?”

“You and Shownu and Wonho!”

Your face fell.

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. I’m jealous. To see Wonho touching and drinking with you made me jealous. I’m supposed to be the only one touching you.”

“Yongguk, listen to me. Listen clearly. I don’t want Shownu. I don’t want Wonho. You’re the only man I want. You’re the only man I need. I love you and only you.”

A small smile appeared on his face hearing your words.

“You mean that?”

“Of course.”

He still looked a bit sad. He looked down towards your dress.

“Come on. Let’s go take a bath.”

You giggled a little bit before taking his hand in yours and heading to the bathroom.




Idle chit-chat was the last thing I wanted. Vodka Val was going on about something or other, and I know I really should have been listening, I should have been paying attention and interacting with her but I just couldn’t. Me and Harry were just watching each other across the room, both completely ignoring the groups of people around us and just staring.
If it was my house I would have kicked everyone out a mere five minutes into the New Year. If it was my house I would have faked some kind of emergency. I’d been listing off a few things that would work in my head. Family emergency. Some kind of fire. Possibly faking a very serious illness. Pretending I’d gone into labour. I know that one would have been a bit weird since I definitely wasn’t pregnant, but anything would have been better than the torture of us not being able to do the one thing we were both aching to do.
I wanted to know what his lips felt like somewhere other than my lips, or my hands, or my temple, or my forehead or my cheek. I wanted to know what they’d be like on my neck, and my chest. I wanted to know what they’d be like when they crawled up the inside of my thigh. I wanted to know the exact shape they would contort into when he reached his peak. I wanted to know every single fucking thing and it was killing me that I wasn’t in the process of learning.

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It’s a start.
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ACen 2017 Merch Masterpost! I’d say the major themes for this year were Yuri on Ice, Digimon, and farm animals. Also, I bought a LOT of charms, eheheh ^^;

The YOI rollerskating bag and the postcard-sized animal prints are from @kayshasiemens, and me coming away with a bit of bighorn sheep swag from @coanimefest is basically a yearly tradition now. Also, this was totally unintentional since nearly half were blind bags, but I got enough Digimon straps to represent each of the Digimon Adventure boys and their partners (assuming a baby seal can represent Joe/Gomamon, but in my mind it totally does) and with only a SLIGHT preference for mah boy Taichi. Woohoo!

“How Yurio Feeling,” the pig!Yuuri crepe charm, and the haggard hen are from @hasuyawwn and her Artist’s Alley table-mate (I’m SO sorry I didn’t get her name and Tumblr won’t let me tag here for some reason, aagh!). Their entire table was incredible and I spent literally three days agonizing over everything (Opallene stamped a notecard for me so I can have physical evidence of that WOW! AMAZING! stamp)!

Speaking of @opallene, yes we split the cloud straps, she gave me that lil’ Swinub figure, AND she ordered a copy of an actual English language YOI doujin on my behalf–thanks for making such a beautiful book, @eryen-art! Also, I er… MAY have developed a bit of an obsession with pig!Yuuri and decided I needed lots of adorable pigs in my life, but I blame that problem on what I was wearing on Friday… more on that later!

Collar x Malice - PitaColle Rubber Strap Box Split

I’ve already pre-ordered a box, so I’m looking for some interested buyers for the straps I don’t plan on keeping. These come out this month, so later on this month I’ll be needing payment. Each strap will be $4.54 plus shipping to me. After I receive them, I’ll ask for payment for shipping to you. I only accept payments through PayPal.

Yanagi Aiji: @kanaci

Okazaki Kei: @giddyghost

Enomoto Mineo : @gokurakuageha

Sasazuka Takeru: @actualryogakamishiro

Shiraishi Kageyuki: Taken

Hoshino Ichika: Taken 

Saeki Yuzuru: @faybriate

Yoshinari Hideaki: @kanaci

Mochida Masanobu: @gokurakuageha

Morioka Hajime: @adonischosen

Minegishi Seiji: Taken

Nitotan CollarXMalice Rubber Straps Box Split

These straps come out at the end of August. I’ve already bought a box and have paid using a proxy service. Since I’ve already paid, I’ll be asking for payment once I put you down for a character. The cost is $7.58 per strap. This includes proxy services and shipping & handling to me. I’ll send another invoice once these come in for the cost of shipping to you. I only accept payments through PayPal.

Hoshino Ichika: Taken

Yanagi Aiji: @adonischosen

Okazaki Kei: @adonischosen

Enomoto Mineo: @yuki-kohara

Sasazuka Takeru: @daiixchi-sales

Shiraishi Kageyuki: Taken

anonymous asked:

so do you have any suggestions for a cheap but beautiful prom dress?

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tooht-deactivated20160527  asked:

I also have a prom dress question 😱 I'm looking for something simple in either a black or white. Price isn't really an issue but nothing over $200 I guess. Pls hlp xo

Nice choice ! :) You can check the dresses I found v, trust me, nothing is over $50!!  They look so nice and pretty sure they’ll look good on you. Also, make sure to check the size & measurements okay ? :) 

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