split songs

When The Day Met The Night (Acoustic)
Panic! At The Disco
When The Day Met The Night (Acoustic)
  • uploading again cause it wasn’t working!!
  • this is the only live version I’ve heard
  • Brendon seems to use MALE pronouns in the second verse?
  • you can clearly hear Ryan’s vocals
  • the way he ends it is beautiful :’)

keith, at two in the morning: [muttering to himself, moving strings around a conspiracy board, completely immersed in whatever he’s doing]

lance, just woken up: keith? what are you doing? why are you up so late?

keith: i’m trying to connect the dots. it can’t be a coincidence. 

lance: …what can’t be a coincidence?

keith, turning to lance to reveal his conspiracy board, which has multiple pictures of my chemical romance tacked onto it: gerard way said he wanted to follow the path of the band smashing pumpkins, a band that was together for twelve years, then broke up for six, then came back. my chemical romance formed in 2001, then broke up in 2013. twelve years as a band. additionally, their album “danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys” takes place in 2019. 2019 is six years after 2013 - six years after they broke up. also, before splitting, they released the song “fake your death.” could my chemical romance’s split be a fake? will they come back in 2019? i need to know.

Nearly Witches (Demo + Studio) Mix
Panic! At The Disco
Nearly Witches (Demo + Studio) Mix

Maybe if Panic! never split, Nearly Witches would’ve sounded something like this!

(I mixed the version Ryan originally wrote with the one on the album..)

This is the product of staring at a screen for seven hours and trying digital art for the first time. It started as a tattoo design, and veered off course. Until I figure out what’s going to go in the blank space that is currently occupied by “ZENITH,” here’s a snapshot of the work in progress. 

Staring at a reference for hours really teaches you things– I hadn’t known that the album cover features a dragonfly and a lotus flower in its printed embroidery. 

Masterpost of Ryan Ross singing

For anon: Ryan has provided backing vocals for most pre split panic songs. there’s also loads of clips of him singing w/ friends etc, but I’m listing the ones I found noteworthy.

For Afysco his vocals can be heard clearly on Live In Denver

Songs where he’s had major parts on Pretty Odd include:

Iconic Acoustic Versions:


The Young Veins:

Solo Stuff:


Guys can we talk about this

sad shit always happens to me so i rarely cry about it so whenever something nice happens i can cry and boi did something really fucking nice just happen