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Requested by spacedreamfighter (and no, my dear, you’re not the only one)

Classic Who, Soulmate AU.

The nightmares don’t stop after a week, or in three weeks, or even a month. You still wake up with your heart trying to burst out of your chest, bloody and violently afraid, not all that much unlike those nasty little creatures from Alien- you strongly sympathize with Sigourney Weaver. This, unfortunately, isn’t a macabre streak of pop culture humor that you can share with anyone. The movie won’t be coming out for another, oh… eight years. So the Angels still haunt you at night. You don’t know why or how they did this to you, and you don’t particularly care. You just want them out of your nightmares. More than that, though, you want to go home.

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Waniguchi is a tsukumogami which comes from the circular, hollow bells found at shrine entrances which are rung when praying to the shrine’s gods. When one of these bells becomes a yokai, it sprouts a reptilian body and tail, and the bell becomes the creature’s head, opening and closing just like a real alligator’s mouth. 

The bells at shrines are called waniguchi due to the wide split along the bottom rim, which gives them the distinct look of an alligator’s mouth. This yokai first appeared in tsukumogami picture scrolls as a pun based off of the word for shrine bell.

Testing Maintenance: Chapter 1

Things in Aperture had turned absolutely sideways. There was so much to do. More than ever, the robots that inhabited the facility were busy, and after such a long, undisturbed rest. GLaDOS’ defeat at the hands of the tenacious human all those years ago had been both liberation and discord, leaving the testing chambers and all other obstacles, stair ways, and factories in a state of decay. Some things stopped working completely, others went about their days trying to fulfill the purpose they were made for as best they could. In some cases, a robot might find themselves active but immobile, and there for unable to complete their usual tasks. Stranded on a heaping pile of garbage, with no way of retrieval and a shattered, glitchy optic lens that made it a little difficult to see out of.

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anonymous asked:

can i req for kaisoo fics where there is a lot of sexual tension going on between them? and you guys are awesome! thanks a lot <3

hiyaa! i come back from school only to find like 100 years worth of asks in the askbox otl, everything exciting happens when i’m either asleep or studying )-; anyways,, here are some intense sexual tension kaisoo fics:

  • Good Machine - android!soo has a sex drive and doesn’t know how to activate it. Jongin would really like to know how to as well. (facial)
  • Bad Machine - basically ^ but with android!jongin instead (finger fucking, rough sex, rimming.)
  • Split Screen - The story of how kyungsoo accidentally ends up dating a pair of twins. (twincest, dirty talk, facial, rimming, shower sex, double penetration.)
  • Eye Candy - tatted!soo who works in a little ice cream shop knows exactly what to do with his tongue to rile Jongin up (   ͡° ͜ ʖ  ͡°)
  • Hungry Eyes - it’s Jongin’s rut period (dog version of a cat in heat idk) and kyungsoo doesn’t know what to do. (hybrid!jongin, courting, feral behaviour, rimming, rough sex)
  • White Knuckles - ballet dancer!jongin finally gathers the courage to go to the gym to ask for a personal trainer. (OHOHOHO MUSCULAR KSOO) (69, face sitting, age gap, top!soo)
  • Fumes - omega!ksoo has a big fat crush on alpha!jongin and jongin also possesses something that is big and fat (tatted!jongin, pierced!jongin, knotting, ageswitch, ABO verse)
  • Can’t Fight (The Moonlight) - gonna be honest & say tl;dr + the description wasn’t very helpful but the prompt for this was: “kyungsoo is supernatural and fucks jongin over the kitchen table” author also didn’t list possible kinks involved gomenasai my friends v.v
  • It’s Just A Claim On The Heart - It’s mating season and kyungsoo has no mate )-: (wolf!au, ABO verse, self lubrication, knotting, rimming, tiny bit of blood.)

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enjoy!! (sorry if you were asking for sexual tension fics with no smut btw i was rly confused but then again who wouldnt want kaisoo smut)

- Admin Q