split palette


                                      TWO    SIDES

                                                                         o f   t h e

                                      SAME   COIN

gonna put together my reply/thoughts on the endgame post in a little bit but I just;; had to draw this since you were curious @magnemehr

this just isn’t her… this was so painful to draw and color tbh @-@

NaJ Poth Fanfic

FIRST OFFICIAL POST!!!! ANNNND…. IT’S ANGSTY POTH :DD I thought of this last night and thought “hey, why not write this and show people what goes through my twisted mind?” XD anyways LET’S BEGIN (Bare with me, this is my first time writing my ideas down, given the hint that I have many writing ideas on my mind but I tend to keep them to myself because I always think they aren’t important enough to share ;-;) (Also forgive me if it’s too long, I don’t know how to make something under the cut on mobile QAQ)
It was getting late, and Goth was in the school library reading a book that he can’t seem to put down. He didn’t even realize it was getting late. He was getting to a particularly good part in his book when all of a sudden….

“Hey Goth~” it was Bunny, one of the cheerleaders that Palette trains with. Her appearance consists of a blue tank top with a dark green skirt. Palette wasn’t too fond of her because she would always shoe up late to practice and make excuses and Goth wasn’t fond of her either because of her constant flirting towards him. Although it seems this time she decided to completely skip practice in order to be with Goth.

“What do you want Bunny?” Goth said annoyed.

“What? Can’t I say a simple hello to my favorite librarian~?” Bunny said with a sultry voice.

“Hmm….” Goth wasn’t buying it. He knew she was gonna try to convince him into going out with her.

“Sooo, watch'ya doin’~?” She asked.

“If it isn’t obvious, I’m reading, or at least, I WAS until you interrupted me.” Goth replied rather coldly.

“Anyways, what do you really want?” Goth asked her.

“I need some help on finding out which books are the correct reading level for me.” She lied. She was planning something.

“If you want to read books that are your level go to the public library. I’m pretty pretty sure there aren’t any children’s books here.” Goth gave no fucks in saying that.

“Hehehe that’s funny Goth.” Bunny fake giggled. She was secretly annoyed at the comment. “But seriously, can you help me~?

Goth sighed. “Fine.” He stood up from his seat and walked with Bunny towards the bookshelves. “What lexile level do you prefer?”

“Something not too hard but also not too easy, so maybe somewhere around 1000-1500” She responded.

“Hm, the 1000 books are near the back of the library and the 1500 books are near the exit.” He told her.

“Can you show me the 1500 books please~?” She asked in a cutesy voice.

Goth sighed again, “They’re over here.” He took her to the bookshelves near the door of the library. “See anything of interest?”

“Oh definitely~” she replied while moving closer towards him.

“What are you doing?” Goth said while moving away from her.

“Something that I wanted to do for quite a while~” She responded while still walking towards him. Goth continued to walk away from her until his back reached the bookshelf.

“Bunny get away from me, you know I’m dating Palette.”

“But why have him when you can have me~?” She asked while wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Let me go.” He told her sternly while trying to unwrap her arms from his neck. He was almost successful, until suddenly he heard….

“Gothy? Are you here?” Goth heard Palette’s voice from the halls.

“Pale-mmph!?” Using her quick thinking, Bunny kissed Goth to shut him up. She latched her arms around Goth’s neck again to keep him from pulling away. Goth tried to pull away from her, but her grip was too strong. But even if he did manage to pull away, it would’ve been too late.

“G-gothy?” Palette saw the kiss from the doorway. Goth finally managed to pull away from Bunny. Tears started to form in Palette’s eyes.

“Palette… I-it’s not what you think-”

“Oh it’s exactly what he thinks. Sorry Palette but he’s mine now.” Bunny interrupted Goth.

“G-gothy… H-how could you?!” Palette said, tears streaming down his eyes.

“N-no… Palette-”

"WE’RE THROUGH GOTH!!” Palette shouted. He then ran away.

“Palette wait!” Goth tried to chase after him but couldn’t because of Bunny’s hold on his arm. "Grr let me go Bunny!!” Goth tried to loosen her grasp.

“But why have him when I’m clearly much better~?” She asked.

“I said, let me go.” Goth told her darkly. Bunny felt a small flash of fear and let him go. Goth then ran to find Palette.

“Hmph. I may have not won his heart, but I can guarantee that I have split him and Palette up for good.” She giggled and started to make her way home.
Part 2? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We’ll see >:3

Goth: @nekophy
Palette: @angexci
Bunny: made her up I guess :/
NaJ au: @blogthegreatrouge

Hope you liked it! (IamsofuckingnervousinpostingthisI

Artist: Chris Kline
Medium: 8 - color Screen Print
Size: 20" x 13.25”
Edition: 25 (18/25)
Printer: (Artist)
Printed in: Philadelphia, PA
Event: A NITE OF EXTREME PERFORMANCE ART AND VIDEO! featuring R.O.T.F.L.O.L. aka Jacob Ciocci aka Half Of Extreme Animals aka One Of Those Paper Rad Kids, FORTRESS OF AMPLITUDE aka David Wightman aka Half Of Extreme Animals aka The Professor Of Death Metal and ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT aka AJW aka Art Joke Club aka Comic Kid, Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 at Space 1026