split mens

A PREVIEW. For a little holiday zimbits/SMH thing I started?

Kudos to anyone who can recognize what piece of art I’m essentially doing a master-copy of ;D

Greyscale is a placeholder. Final will be in color. I just got excited and wanted to share.

There’s gonna be a lot of pie in this thing.

My Check, Please! FanArt

My actual art blog

My fanart of another queer sports series (All For the Game stuff)

Feels Like Forever (Split)
Of Mice & Men
Feels Like Forever (Split)

Video Link

~Feels Like Forever - Of Mice & Men (Split)~

Use headphones for best effect. Right side is original and left side is acoustic.

My Edit, If you say this is yours, I will find you, and I will kill you. I take requests so inbox me