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Those of you who follow @selfdeterminedsymbionts know that the Animorphs series was a Yeerk written propaganda piece. This is true, but what the HYPA doesn’t understand is that it’s also scarily accurate in a number of ways.

There’s a few things that the books got wrong. Such as the number of “Andalites” working against them, or the war ending. And of course, the idea that the team is just one group. We’ve fractured. Badly. So, the title is true now. I’m not an Animorph. I’m in one of the six or seven splinter groups. And if you’re wondering why I’ve stopped the denial, well one thing the books got wrong is that we threw the Pemalite crystal into the ocean. So I’m safe.

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gummy snake~

  • Gummy Snake: Your character is now very pear shaped.

> Shrrrp.

> You greedy bastards, Kanaya was already really pear shaped now THIS. The ‘shrrrp’ was her skirt pretty much splitting from her new expanded hips and rump, and the loud creak of her computer chair, and then a gentle ‘snap’ as the arms give way. Heck you guys.

heads up!!

in the next week or so, I think I’m gonna make a backup version of curiouser and curiouser and then take down the chapters (starting with FFN) so I can start posting the revision i’ve been working on

don’t panic!!! i’m not deleting the entire fic.

 so you’ll get alerts when i post revised chapters

I have several already rewritten. There are a few scenes I deleted and a few that I expanded or split up. There will also be a few new scenes based on plot events. 

I don’t want to spoil too much because I want this to be as fresh as possible but I’m getting rid of the weird akatsuki subplot and i’m considering changing the academy teaching subplot 

if anyone wants me to repost the old version separately let me know and i’ll see how feasible that is. that or i’ll put the rewrite as a separate entry on AO3 at least? idk. AO3 is um…kind of a pain to edit with? 

Thoughts? Feedback? Better ideas? Feel free to PM me on whatever site you prefer. 



Exploding trees

When trees are struck by lightning, usually a strip of bark is blown away, leaving a distinctive scar. However in some cases, particularly in older trees, the sap can boil in an instant. The gas created raises the pressure to such an extent that the tree literally explodes.

This is one reason why it’s unsafe to shelter beneath a tree in a lightning storm: aside from the risk of lightning “jumping” off the tree, an explosion can turn splinters of bark and wood into high-velocity projectiles.

Watch a video of a tree exploding after a lightning strike here.

Trees have also been known to explode during forest fires, or even in extreme cold: the water in the sap expands, splitting the bark with a sound described as being like a gunshot.