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People are boycotting A Dog’s Purpose because of one video made by PETA (a VERY problematic organisation) that is taken completely out of context, and that can be shown to be non-animal abusive by 1 minute of research.

But HUNDREDS of mentally ill people- specifically those with DID- are asking for people to boycott Split because it is upholding the stigma against them that literally leads to their MURDER and ABUSE yet people refuse to not see it because it’s “scary” or whatever abelist bullshit excuse they use.

Conclusion: NTs care more about DOGS than they do about neurodivergent PEOPLE, and noone is shocked.

Take It Like A Puppy (M)

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Summary: You and Hoseok have been best friends since you were young. Your friendship with him, was struck as odd since you were a cat hybrid, while he was a dog hybrid. But that didn’t matter, that is until you both start attending university. What happens when one of you unexpectedly goes into heat?

Pairing: Jhope x Reader

Genre: Smut (M), hybrid!au, Cat hybrid reader, Dog hybrid Jhope

Word Count : 5.5k

A/N: This story contains graphic descriptions of sex, cum play, bondage, oral, etc. Heavy dom/sub undertones. Lmao this is just a sinful read. I’m a sucker for hybrid aus, so i had to make one ;) Anywho, this is a mature read! You have been warned!

You’ve known Hoseok since you were nine years old. At the time, you were just a quiet little kitten, who didn’t have many friends. Hoseok, was an annoying hyperactive puppy, who everybody adored in your class. He didn’t really bother you that much, until you became desk partners. That’s when he thought it was okay to pop your ‘personal space bubble’ and sniff you, every second he got.

“Why do you keep trying to smell me!” the nine-year-old you shouted. This was the third time you caught him in the act, ever since you became seat mates a week ago.

“I’m part canine! That’s what we always do!” Hoseok explained, with a smile on his face. He didn’t really know you that much, only that you were always super quiet. But he wanted to change that, he wanted a feline as a friend for once.

“Well can you stop? Its kinda weird,” you replied uncomfortably.

Including you, there were only two other cat hybrids in your class, the rest were a split between bunny, dog, and fox hybrids. Thus, you were extremely uncomfortable with this puppy trying to get up all in your space. Besides, you were quite afraid of dog hybrids since they could become aggressive easily.

“No, you’re weird,” the puppy joked.

You finally turn to glare at him, then let a hiss seethe through your teeth.

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Updates + September Box Splits!

Hi guys! For the Fu-rin YuraYura Keychains, shipping labels will be made today but the shipment to the Post Office would still be on Monday due to business hours. Asking for everyone’s patience. If you still haven’t paid, you can still catch up so everyone’s packages can be sent out in a day!

Also, here are September’s box splits! ╰(✧∇✧)╯

Max of 2 slots for BSD items! The first slots will only proceed if there is only one left and orders haven’t closed yet on AmiAmi. I will be cancelling the second box splits if ¾ of the slots haven’t been filled up. Payment will be requested when boxes are confirmed.

Giving away FREE shipping on orders over $35.

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Bungo Stray Dogs - Omanjuu Niginigi Mascot, $9 each excluding shipping fee (Release Date: Sept-2017) Order Deadline: September 10, 2017

Nakajima Atsushi - (1) @jtippins79 (2)
Dazai Osamu - (1) @nasus(2) @castielphantomhive
Kunikida Doppo - (1) @rehaunted (2)
Edogawa Ranpo - (1) @jtippins79 (2)
Akutagawa Ryuunosuke -  (1) (2) 
Bonus Akutagawa Ryuunosuke - (1) @akutagawaprize (2)
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Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE - Nokkari Rubber Clip, $9 each excluding shipping fee (Release Date: Oct-2017) Order Deadline: October 10, 2017

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Dazai Osamu (kuro no jidai ver.) - (1) @eien-misui-ni-goodbye(2) @hatterchan
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Persona 5 - Rubber Strap Collection Vol.2, $9 each excluding shipping fee (Release Date: Oct-2017) Order Deadline: October 10, 2017

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Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Enjoy!! (≧∇≦*)

sad shit always happens to me so i rarely cry about it so whenever something nice happens i can cry and boi did something really fucking nice just happen

cartoonygothica  asked:

[Did your dogs die?]

Nope, I’m just away at college (like 4 hours away by car) so I don’t get to see them often. I’m one of those people who when they lay on the couch I get all the dogs to cuddle with me so here in my dorm there’s no doggo to cuddle

Downward Dog Split is an awesome, multi-faceted pose, both a serious stretch as well as strengthener. Also known as Three Legged Dog, this pose opens the chest, shoulders, hamstrings and hips, as well as tones the core and arms. Expect to explore this pose and many more in my weekend classes listed below.
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala

Tentative Box Splits!

Hey guys, I will also be organizing a few tentative box splits. Boxes will only proceed if there is only one slot remaining and orders haven’t closed on AmiAmi.

**Max of 2 slots! Opening a second box due to requests, but if ¾ slots haven’t been filled up I’ll be closing that one and informing everyone who reserved.

Kindly read the FAQ before applying. I will only request payment when boxes are confirmed.

Apply here!

Bungo Stray Dogs - Fu-rin YuraYura Keychain, $7 each excluding shipping fee (Release Date: July) Order Deadline: July 10, 2017

Boxed Ordered: 2

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Kunikida Doppo - (1) @wishing-on-the-moon (2) @mr-reblogbutton
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Dazai Osamu Dark Era - (1) @bungostraytrash (2) @jaimeejaeger
Oda Sakunosuke - (1) @wishing-on-the-moon (2) @tasuku
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Chara-Forme - “Yuri on Ice” Swing Mascot Collection, $10 each excluding shipping fee (Release Date: August) Order Deadline: August 10, 2017

Yuri Katsuki - (1) @currentobsessionatpointintime
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Makkachin A - (1)
Makkachin B - (1)
Makkachin C - (1)

Feel free to message me If you have any questions not listed in the FAQ section. Happy pre-ordering!

Lookie lookie~ Another box split~ 

Puchichoko Vol.2 and to be very honest, I almost wanted to forego this one because I wasn’t sure if I reaaally wanted the Chuya but screw it, any Chuya is good Chuya and calling out to my soullllll~ And since I was thinking the rest of the bbies are included in this volume, so here I am opening a box split for this.

Plus it’s on my birthday month so I got giggly ohoho


Price of the babies: USD4

Price for the babies to fly to you: USD5

How to pay for the babies: PayPal

Can you reserve the babies?: Yes, for only a week - Please make payment by then.

When will the babies be released?: This is a June preorder

Can you pay half (baby first, ticket for the baby to your home later): Yep. If you prefer, you can pay for the merch first. Shipping later when the item arrives to me then I’ll send you another invoice for that.

List of babies taken and available:

*striked = means taken

Chuya (meeeee)

Fyodor ( @jinyuuichii)

Ranpo ( @yuuripean)

Poe ( @yuuripean​)

Dazai ( @shimp92)

Atsushi  ( @shimp92)

Akutagawa ( @rusaruka)

Fukuzawa  ( @rusaruka)





Anything else, please DM me or email me~

Reblogs much appreciated >w<~


GCHB CH Kaylen’s General Kai Panda “Kai”

#1 Chinese Crested in the country and she let me hold him! He was very sweet and snuggly, and what a name! I asked his owner some grooming questions and she was very nice and informative, I’m really considering this breed either for when I’m older or if I have to ever bend to apartment weight limits.

doctorrichardstrand  asked:

is there a safe way to break up a dog fight (especially if one or both are off leash)? all the tips i've seen come from dog trainers that use aversive methods for everything, so i'm not inclined to take their advice.

Nope. There is no safe way to break up a dog fight - there is always a risk that you will end up in harm’s way or that a dog will redirect on to you. Something that does not involve physical involvement, like a hose, will be the safest but there is always a degree of risk when you’re getting involved in an actually aggressive interaction between dogs. 

Here’s the thing. A dog fight is an inherently dangerous situation, and it needs to be ended quickly. In that situation, it is more important to end the fight than it is to care about if how you’re ending it is nice enough. What matters is that the dogs get split up and that they survive the fight.

I would guess that the reason you’re seeing techniques for ending fights being taught by aversive-based trainers is because they’re more likely to (and this is a broad generalization here) have clients with dogs that end up in bad situations and need to intervene. All the R+ trainers I know - and most of the balanced ones - prioritize preventing a situation where you’d have any risk of a dog fight occurring in the first place. I do think their clients should still know how to intervene safely in an emergency scenario, but they may simply not teach that skill because they do not expect clients who follow their teaching to end up in situations like that. 

When it comes to breaking up dog fights (which, really, you should be trying to avoid having happen at all - if a dog is prone to starting fights, that dog should never be off leash around other animals) all that matters is a) does it work and b) does it expose you to as minimal risk as possible. 

Hoshi Ni Negai - 8Pack Box 

Hello hello~ 

I am being annoying again by doing another box split, seeing how this is still in stock XD There’s kind of a reason for the hesitation to want to get this: I’m actually not sure if anyone would want to take Kenji and Tanizaki for this so thus. 

But I decided to give this a go. 

This box split will be a TENTATIVE ORDER - I won’t put in my order until at least 5/7 of this are filled. Although idk most likely I might really just order this one if at least Dazai, Kuni, Ranpo and Akutagawa will be taken. Cause ahem Chuya is mine XD unless I open a second box 

Price: USD4.5
Shipping: USD5
Payment Method: PayPal

*Edited, because I’m an idiot forgot to put character list

Characters List: 

stroked = means taken










Anything else, just DM me! 

Reblogs much appreciated.