EEE, he still has it!!!

So, Izujime? Hajizuru?

Well, hell, I know that silhouette anywhere…and after he causes a rockslide to save Naegi, I’m a little less miffed at seeing Komaeda again.

I’m a bit surprised Munakata is still alive by this point, in all honesty, since the last time we saw him, he was getting shot at by Mitarai’s mooks and running into the bullet barrage. Also…Fatakata?

FUCK YEAH, PEKO! (And Fuyuhiko, but I’m a lot less surprised seeing him.)

MY CHUUNIBYOU SON! (Before they aired this episode and I was thinking only a few might get woken up, I was hoping we’d see Tanaka among them.)

Nekomaru too (And Kazuichi, but again, no surprise there!), teaming up to take down some robots.

And Sonia’s there too–it seems like she’s either praising Kazuichi, or his feelings might be getting returned. Either way, they’re adorable.

And Akane and Teruteru team up to take down some firebreather guy!

And Hiyoko and Tsumiki (also, jeezus, Tsumiki, what the hell’s with the giant needle?)

And Ibuki and Sonia.

(Well, I guess it’s the best you can make due with their talents in a fight. That said, you’d think in a crowd of brainwashed soldiers one of them would shoot first before Ibuki could start playing?)

Also, y’all are going up against the Ultimate Everything….

And I don’t think they’re gonna last very long.


‘Yo, Mitarai.’ …And they didn’t even last until the next scene…

I can’t quite tell what’s being said here, but I’m guessing Hajime’s trying to talk Mitarai out of brainwashing everyone. But we get a pretty nice shot with the redeemed SHSL-Despairs/Class 77 standing behind him.

And Naegi finally shows up.

And after speeches from his former classmates (and Hajime/Izuru, he finally cancels it with only 5 seconds to spare.)


‘It’s finally over…’ (and he didn’t get to do a damn thing :\)

Hajime and Naegi share a moment:

 (Tho is it just me or does Hajime’s face look a bit off in that screenshot? ^)

…And him and Komaeda too…X’D (Poor Mikan tho)


Which (probably thankfully) gets interrupted by Nekomaru and Akane.

There’s some with Class 78 and Class 77 on Togami’s tablet, but I can’t understand what’s being said…it doesn’t sound good tho. But then it cuts to Class 77 on a boat, and…

(I guess Chiaki’ll always be with them in spirit.)

*credits roll*

‘Oh yeah, I’m alive still too. Just in case anyone forgot.’

In all honesty, I thought Munakata would’ve died after all this, considering the whole ‘redemption = death’ trope and how he was the heavy for most of the arc. 

Hajime’s expression….looks kinda ‘uncomfortable, but trying to hide it’.

It shows Mikan holding a bottle of ‘antagonist’ and talking about Naegi, (presumably continuing where she was going before Komaeda interrupted, and Komaeda takes it and starts rambling on about hope (I heard the word kibou mentioned in there), and it cuts back to Naegi…and THAT BOOT!!!

And after a brief scene of them rebuilding Hope’s Peak, and Naegi sitting alone by himself in a classroom, we get this:

*starts yelling* Ok, that is so cliche and totally bullshit, but I AM HAPPY!!! Thank you, Mikan, thank you, and your magic medicinal bullshit!!

All in all, while I’m kinda happy everyone lived and especially at seeing the full SDR2 class (I thought we might’ve seen only those remaining at the end of SDR2 or maybe one or two others?), there’s another part of me annoyed by the cliched ‘everyone lives’ ending.