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"she maybe won’t ever be exactly the same as she was" exactly! That is the problem. We're never getting our old Regina back, she essentially died in this episode, replaced by two different characters, one who is off screen and the other who stayed but is a completely new character we don't even know anything about yet!

She’s not completely new. She’s Regina. Everything in her is part of Regina, she didn’t grab personality elements out of the sky, she took back part of herself that she had cut out. She is more Regina now than she has been all season. So if you think that she’s “dead,” then she died in the season five finale when she split herself in the first place.

Also, life happens and it changes us. Regina lost Daniel, and was never exactly the same. She married Leopold, and was never exactly the same. She met Rumple and was never exactly the same. She learned she had a soulmate and was never exactly the same. She met a dragon and was never exactly the same. She cast a curse and was never exactly the same. She adopted Henry and was never exactly the same. Emma showed up, and she was never exactly the same. She undid her curse and went back to the Enchanted Forest and spent a year without Henry, and she was never exactly the same. She fell in love with Robin, and was never exactly the same. She lost Robin, and was never exactly the same. Even without the split, she wouldn’t have been exactly the same.

Even if they had merged, she would never be exactly the same as she was, because she has been through this. 

Life happens, and it changes us. Regina from season 1 is not the same as Regina from season 2, who is different from season 3 and 4 and 5 and 6. 

This is the latest thing that has happened to her. She’s not dead, but life has happened to her, and she has had to grow according to that. In this case, merging was taken off the table, and she did the best she could to even everything back out and accept herself as who she is. She did her best to bring herself back to the way she was when she was whole. To accept her darkness and love it and herself anyway. 

If you want your characters to always be the same, well… I don’t know what to tell you. Life changes us. Characters are never always the same from beginning to end, and if they are, you’re being told a zero-sum story.

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About your last de-aged answer - Len's thought process there is so heart breaking. I just want to wrap him in a blanket and protect him, but no one can erase his past and fix it. I am hoping for a happy ending or a hopeful ending for Coldflash in your next update of the story. Can't wait to read what you have in store for us.

I do promise a happy/hopeful ending :) I believe in happy endings for fic, like just in general.


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IMO the problem with this ending of the split queen arc is that it totally cheapened Regina's story. The beauty of Regina's character was that she had darkness inside her, a lot of it (alongside with light, of course), she once gave in but she crawled her way back and fought her darkness every day. But now? Yeah, she has a little bit of that back, but it should be easy for her from now on, considering the EQ still has majority of their darkness. Her story's just not as compelling anymore.

Their hearts were pretty evenly mixed when she put them back in. She took back some of her darkness, she gave away some of her light. She’s not a fluffy fairy princess with a dark spot. She is a complex mix of her light and her dark parts – and so is the Evil Queen. 

And she still has all her experiences from her whole life, all her memories of everything she did, every dark moment, every fit of rage, every life she took, every bit of sorrow. She doesn’t have the last few weeks of the Evil Queen, but everything before the split is still a part of her lived experience. It’s still part of what made her who she is – and she has now accepted that, and accepted that those things don’t make her unworthy of love.

She has done the emotional work we needed her to do to merge herself – and she’s done her best to balance herself back out and make herself more “whole,” despite having being physically able to do so taken off the table as an option.