splinters (family)

                                                “My turtles.”

It only lasted half a second, but this moment was pivotal.

You don’t consider teaching ninjutsu to a bunch of creatures you consider as humanoid pets. You consider teaching ninjutsu to children.

This is the moment he stopped being just their caretaker, and started to become their father. They are his, & he is theirs.

I knew even when you were a small boy that you would one day grow up to be the leader of this team, and when I pass on to be like a father as well.

Master Splinter to Leonardo in the Dojo in the episode “Requiem.” 

Where do I even begin with this statement from Master Splinter…this is such a heavy piece of dialogue you guys it’s really emotional for me to even type this out. 

In this scene, Splinter side-steps Leo’s concern for his well being to instead focus on his role in the family. He admits that he only said he chose him to become the leader because he asked to temper his ego at the time and admits that he always knew he would grow up to be the leader of the family. 

But then he throws in at the end that he knows that Leo will become like FATHER to his brothers when he passes away. Leo has always been portrayed as a protective older brother of his siblings and he’s matured a lot since the first season, but to actually hear Splinter call him a Father to his brothers makes me tear up a bit. 

At this moment he’s giving his position as the Father, the protector, and the patriarch of the Hamato family to his eldest son. He’s telling his son that he’s now responsible to help raise his brothers in his stead as their surrogate Father as well as their leader. 

With this statement, Leo has been given the title as the head of the Hamato clan. 

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Here is a continuation of sorts from my last turtle tot picture.
There were two idea floating in my head of what was going on in that picture, but this was the cutest so I had to draw it.
They are playing hide and seek (not very well, I might add and yes they all hide together, cause why would you hide separately in dark, scary sewer tunnels, haha) and Splinter found them ^^

(Also, no one will let Mikey get the thing. I don’t know what it is he has his eyes on, but he is one determined little turtle.)

@kleptotello you told me to bring it, I brought it ;)

canon may say otherwise, but we all know the real reason Splinter gave his kids their masks was so he could color code them and be able to tell them apart.

like me and my siblings all look wildly different- even differing genders- and our parents still mix up our names. if you think human kids are hard, try telling apart four identical scaly little shits that don’t stop looking like clones of one another until they hit puberty.

this was adorable to write, thank you @jointed-custody


Splinter was beginning to worry about one of his sons. Donatello was just so quiet compared to his brothers. He was concerned his small, thin son had something… wrong with him.

Splinter brushed that thought aside and told himself that it was a terrible thing to think. His son, no matter how he grew up, was perfect as he was. Quiet or no.

But, Donatello was just different though. From his much rowdier, much louder siblings. Endless words were always pouring from the other three, muddled and nonsensical as they were. But they talked, constantly, and Donatello… didn’t.

Splinter’s son had talked plenty as a smaller turtle, as a true baby, but the words had all been simple sounds. Not Japanese or English, not even close. Even Michelangelo, as distractible as he was, had begun to pick up larger and larger words the last few months. Donatello would simply watch everything, and make gestures when he wanted something.

Splinter wished they had a more permanent home, so he might settle down long enough to see if he could figure out why Donatello wasn’t speaking.

As they prepared their latest hiding spot for the night, and old service tunnel, wide enough to play in and unused for years and years, Splinter sighed deeply as another shrieking match began.

Leonardo and Michelangelo and Raphael were screaming at each other again, fighting over something that Splinter hadn’t caught as he set up their sleeping piles. Donatello was watching them fight, as he usually did, and simply avoided Raphael and Leonardo tackled each other into a roll. Michelangelo started wailing where he stood, and Splinter wished for the hundredth time that ear plugs came in ‘giant rodent’ format.

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Fabulous Weekend Reylo FanFic Updates - Pandora’s mini-reviews!

It’s a good weekend to be reading on AO3!!! I saw two fics I follow update, and rumors are imminent of a third, the highly anticipated conclusion to @perrydowning’s Thwarted, no less! 

Here’s a summary of three awesome fics without spoilers in case you are brand new to them and where to find them (click on their titles). Please feel free to reblog and add your own fics you are reading right now and why you like them! And please leave comments, even if it’s short. We’re so blessed to have such splendid writers in the fandom, and a lot of time, thought, and agonizing revisions go on behind the scenes that we don’t see! 

1. Splintered by @daxcat79 - updated with Chapter 26!

Author’s Summary:

Murdering his own father has left Kylo Ren splintered into two personalities representing darkness (Kylo Ren) and light (Ben Solo). Rey’s strange bond with him has her caught in the middle, struggling with conflicting feelings of her own.

Why I love it Dark and Light, Good & Evil - are Kylo and Ben’s separate personalities that cut and dry, or are they something more? I stumbled on this right after seeing The Last Jedi trailer and was captivated! The writing style is vivid but not overly wordy (can you tell I’m a finicky reader)? Quoting the author from the comments, this is a “psychological drama with romance and action mixed in” with twists and turns! Well thought out, well written, and thought-provoking! Don’t miss!

2.  Sanctuary by @terapid - updated with Chapter 15!

Author’s Summary:

High school senior Rey Kenobi has a secret. For the past year, she’s been haunted by psychic visions and lucid dreams. Discovering that her visions are accurate to an alarming degree, Rey goes in search of answers. She quickly uncovers a shocking truth—she’s not the only person at school with special abilities. There are others, but none of them are as powerful or mysterious as Professor Ben Solo. Ben has taken a special interest in the girl and he already has plans for her talents. Rey knows that Ben Solo is hiding something big… something that will challenge her very faith and threaten to destroy everything that she holds dear.

Why I love it -  I’m a sucker for a Gothic suspense with a paranormal twist, sexual tension, angels and demons, Catholic boarding schools, and a plot as good as a Hitchcock movie!  All the familiar cast are here, but if you think you know what “side” they are on, you might be mistaken! Read the first chapter, and if you’re hooked, know that it just keeps getting better from there! The author is descriptive and imaginative. I was holding my breath several times during key scenes that I don’t want to spoil for you. A great read for October! The chemistry between this “Ben/Kylo” and Rey is combustible, and at the present chapter, I guess you could say the author “brought the heat!” (And how!)

3. Thwarted by @perrydowning - getting close to the final chapters being posted! 

Author’s Summary: 

It has been nine months since Starkiller and Kylo Ren has become something more. The light still pulls at him from time to time but after the price he has paid, he has been relentless in his pursuit of the dark. And then when Snoke had dared stand in his way, tried to take Rey from him … new power had been born that day. Black and deep. The endless abyss that is Kylo Ren in love. 

Why I love it - If a handsome gorgeous man captured you and gave you everything your heart desired except your freedom, would you be happy? This is the main premise I’ve drawn from this excellent, beautifully worded fic. At first, my response was, “Hell, yes!” but soon I started seeing Rey’s POV, as well as the angst-ridden, tragic figure of Kylo Ren. It’s definitely a slow burn, but very seductive, along with perfectly timed sly humor! 

This really gets into the psychology of the two characters, added by well-drawn original characters who step in to highlight what’s going on. I just started this not too long ago and am about a third of the way through! I’m 26 chapters in, and I can tell you it will hook you from the start! The plot stays mainly and almost exclusively on Kylo and Rey without a lot of extraneous action elsewhere going on. 


The above are just 3 fics I’m currently reading, so I’m not meaning to leave anyone out, but I’ve probably hit my word limit! Feel free to reblog and add your own Reylo fanfic recommendations! Kudos and thanks to these authors and all authors out there who provide us with such thrilling hours of (free) entertainment! Thank you!

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anonymous asked:

I read a really good FBI Derek fic a few months ago. Now I am on the hunt for any FBI Sterek fics!! A friend recommended this blog. So I am hope you can help me. Thanks 😊


Anonymous said:Good morning lovely people!!! After last nights finale I am in desperate need of all FBI Stiles or FBI Derek fics!! Please any all as long as it ends with HEA STEREK! Pretty please 😘

In case you missed it. It’s now canon that Stiles is going to school to be an FBI agent. So…let your little fic writing hearts explode. - Anastasia

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And In That Moment (I Saw You) by Boom

(1/1 I 1,397 I Not Rated)

Derek Hale has been hunting the assassin known as the Nogitsune for six years. Granted there hasn’t been a murder attributed to him in five years, but Derek it sure he’s close. His husband, Stiles, thinks he should let it go.

This is a scene from a longer work I may or may not actually post. Can be read as a stand alone.

I can’t count to I love you by constellationmoles (Fawxy)

(1/? I 1,433 I Mature)

As much as Stiles loves being in the most corrupted part of the FBI, running with werewolves, and the secrets he has to tell his dad, no other emotion can rival with his hatred for Agent fucking Hale. With his horrible whatever color his eyes are and shitty Adonis face. And why does he look like he was crafted out of marble? Shit uh wait no come back I got this.

Alright fine. As pretty as Agent Hale is, he does not wish to be married to the guy. But his boss says ‘hahahah no pretend to be in love with him because hunters and witches and stuff’ yeah yeah whatever Deaton you just want us to stop fighting in the break room over the last donut hole.

Stiles Stilinski does not want to be fake married Derek Hale but nobody listens.

Not even his new husband.

Lunatic by Horribibble

(2/2 I 2,469 I Mature)

FBI Agent Derek Hale is one of the good guys. He takes his suppressants and plays the part of a decent human being with remarkable accuracy. But when he’s sent in to interrogate Stiles Stilinski, alleged serial killer, it looks like the pack’s come back to haunt him.

“You shouldn’t pout like that, baby. Not when we planned you such a big surprise.”

Better Safe than Sorry by Inell

(1/1 I 3,435 I Teen)

Stiles, Derek, and Isaac check out the area where Paige Krasikeva was likely kidnapped by their perp.

The Secret’s Out by DarkAlpha67

(1/1 I 3,769 I Teen)

Edwin Rocks has been Stilinski’s partner for years and he doesn’t know anything about the kid, until there’s a bombing and he sees another side of Stilinski and finds out some interesting things too…

Underlying Architecture by Blue_Five 

(2/? I 4,042 I Mature)

Remains are discovered in Arlington Cemetary. FBI Special Agent and Alpha Derek Hale has to figure out who the body used to be and what happened. Dr. Stiles Stilinski is an Omega and a brilliant anthropologist capable of doing just that with his equally brilliant team at the Jeffersonian.

Unfortunately, they can’t stand each other.

Anguis in Herba by WednesdaysDaughter

(3/3 I 8,606 I Mature)

“Not to gross anyone out more than they already are, but has anyone found the victims’ skin?” Lydia asks and Stiles gags.

“I don’t even want to consider the answer to that question Lyds,” Stiles complains and Allison grimaces in agreement.

When a serial killer from his home town runs rampant, Stiles Stilinski (Technical Analyst for the B.A.U.) along with his team must find him in time to save one of their own from ending up like the first three victims: Poisoned and skinned alive.

Jones by Lostxcow

(5/? I 15,901 I Mature)

It was only supposed to be a regular case with the BAU team flying out to Beacon Hills to assist Detective Stiles Stilinski solve a copy-cat murderer case who was supposed to be dead 2 years ago. How did Derek end up flying back every weekend on his days off just to see him again?


AU where Derek is an FBI and meets Stiles (detective) to help for a case. they hit it off from there. Derek visits every days off he has, Stiles texts him random shit while he’s bored. Derek always forgets about time difference making Stiles mad, but he loves him too much to care.


Criminal Minds AU but with Derek and Stiles instead of JJ and Will bc i love them both so why not. and there’s not a lot of FBI sterek which there should be

Keep On the Sunny Side by GiggleSnortBangDead

(1/1 I 53,746 I Explicit)

It’s like a Tarantino revenge flick, but worse. It’s all a little cliche but, hey, they gotta kill Kate Argent.

By Blood or Bite (Pack) by bigbootsmanofwar

(15/? I 98,970 I Explicit)

Derek didn’t do field work. He refused. God knew the last time he left the office, it didn’t go so well. He’s perfectly content to just sit in his lab, help out from afar, and keep to himself.

If the kid who kept breaking all the rules would stop confusing him, things might have been OK. You know, with the kid he’s turned who he can’t stop worrying about, the damaged splinters of family he has left, and the Uncle he doesn’t trust looming over Stiles’ shoulder.

If he wasn’t so lonely, he’d pack it all in now.

Blue Moon by AsexualDerek (Cammerel)

(24/24 I 113,050 I Explicit)

After Agent Hale’s partner is killed, he gets landed with a young, nubile agent that doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and stop asking questions about things that aren’t his business to know.

Greenhouse Effect


Draco Malfoy x Reader

Draco finds the reader in the forbidden forest…

Word Count: 516

What happens in the forest is - forbidden.

But isn’t that entirely the point?


Draco isn’t looking, when he finds her.

Is doing something that more resembles running, as his palm scrapes against the bark of a tree and he doubles over, lungs clamoring for air.

Sweat has gripped a hand around the back of his neck. But that - that was there before. Has been there for what feels like forever now because Draco’s failing, is watching his life and his family splinter before his eyes. Had failed to kill Dumbledore the first time and thinks - after the wine and the necklace, almost getting caught - that he’s very likely never going to. That his mother will be murdered and he will be -

There’s a distinctly human-like rustle in a nearby copse of trees.

And Draco freezes.

Glances up towards the sound, still overloud in his eardrums from behind the dangling fingers of the trees, and takes a tentative step forward.

Pine needles break beneath the soles of his feet.

His wand is in the white-knuckle clutch of his hand, magic spiking like adrenaline as he prepares to draw.

Because you can never quite tell the things that’ll befall you beneath the variegated tree-top canopy of the Forbidden Forest. There’s still a hypogriff talon of a scar snaking down his left arm and fear from that first fucking innocuous encounter with the dark lord gnawing at his ribs. And this -

Draco licks his lips.

Thinks that whatever it is that’s throwing ink spilled shadows across the forest floor can’t be quite as frightening as the spider web sticky predicament that he’s tangled himself in.

The bark of a tree bites against his back as he steadies himself, grips his wand a little tighter and sucks in a desperate breath. He turns around. Peers through thickets of branches and into a sun soaked clearing.

There’s a girl.

Hands painted in dirt as she upends soil onto the base of a blooming flower.

And Draco has seen her before.

Had spit the word “mudblood” between his teeth when he was thirteen and deluded and had been so, so jealous after seeing her reach for Potter’s hand.

Had written her an apology note years later and watched as it was licked to ashes by fireplace flames.

Had wanted her and watched her for years on end and never quite stumbled onto a scene like this: dirt smudged against the slope of her cheek as she tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, glances up at the sky with light fragmented eyes.

There’s a dark mark on his arm, now.

And if she hadn’t liked him before, had despised him before -

He takes a step backward.

The necks of the pine needles break beneath his feet.

And she glances his way, lips slightly parted, eyes ghosting over the swathe of branches where Draco had been.

But he isn’t there, anymore.

Is running, escaping, leaving and avoiding and deflecting, again -


The things that he’d felt in the forest were forbidden.

But isn’t that entirely the point?

Highlights of my ‘Splinter and his many terrible kids’ chat with @lulusoblue

My heart

In the beginning of the episode, when Splinter was talking to Leo, I thought he was implying that he was dying. Now I understand that he was saying that he was going to die.

Knowing this now and remembering how Leo watched as his brothers smiled while walking off with their Sensei, Leo was the only one who had a little idea of what was going to happen that night.

Now Leonardo must take over as the father for his family, Splinter said he choose Leo to be the leader for a reason. He felt he was the only one who could handle the pressure and now Leo will take on his father’s role to keep his family safe.


I found a file of one-word prompts in relation to Danny Phantom buried on my computer. The prompt for this was obviously ‘Maddie’. This was fun.


Maddie loved her family. She loved her husband, and her daughter and her son. She tried to do what was best for them: sell weapon prototypes to the government so Jazz would have a college fund, try to be there when Danny needed her help for a science fair project, make yet another batch of fudge for Jack.

That was all before the Ghost Portal worked.

Now, Maddie was struck by the sudden realization that somewhere along the line, the ghosts had become more important to her than the reason she had fought so hard to prove their existence in the first place.

After another explosion caused by too unstable ectoplasm, she had let the problem float in her mind as she cooked dinner and loaded the dishwasher after. As she wiped off the counter, she’d realized something that had set her onto this train of thoughts.

Maddie’s house was eerily silent. Gone were the noises of Jack thumping around upstairs while toying with some doo-dad or another in an attempt to surprise her. Gone were the sounds of Jazz pacing her room as she studied for the next quiz, or test, or assignment. Gone were the sounds of Danny’s computer playing that game he liked.

Gone was the pleasant conversation that drifted from the rooms’ occupants. No Danny mindlessly quizzing Jazz, no Jack intervening when something didn’t sound right. No shouted victories from Danny when he beat a level.

The second dinner had been finished, Jack had vanished into the lab to try to do something down there, though it was pointless to work on their project until the problem was sorted. Jazz had slinked up to her room, glaring over the pages of yet another psychology textbook.

Danny…well Danny had slipped out the front door, backpack flung carelessly over one shoulder. A smile that was more of a grimace, and he’d told her he was going to Tucker’s house to study. The only reason Maddie hadn’t protested was because Danny seemed to need all the help he could get when it came to his grades.

This all left Maddie in her empty kitchen, in a silent house. With the sudden realization that her drive, and that of Jack’s, had maybe splintered their familial relationships in ways she hadn’t even realized were possible.

No more late night talks with Danny after a hard day. All she generally got out of him were one-word answers, hurried excuses, and seemingly sincere apologies that amounted to nothing. Jazz was dead-set on trying to prove herself to them, and trying to shield Danny from the worst of his parent’s work. It was clear Jazz loved her parents, but the relationships were strained and awkward.

Rubbing her eyes with her fingers, Maddie leaned against the counter, “What have we done, Jack?”

To the ends of the Earth 2k14 Leo x Reader Fic

This is a story I made up myself. A Leo x Reader Fic. Hope you all enjoy it. :)

Summary: You were trying to find a story to write for the News Paper Article for work and well you met a very interesting group of characters who are Mutant Turtles? One starts developing feelings for you but will you return them? Find out. :)

Warnings: slight cursing

Notes: Y/N- Your name

            L/N- Last name

            A/N- Actor name

            M/N- Movie name

I don’t own any of the turtles and you belong to you.

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“Oh great.” You told yourself thinking how could this night get any worse. You had just been taken captive by some foot clan people and held hostage. You were on the ground with other hostages trying not to make any wrong moves. Karai was the one in charge of the whole hostage situation.

“Show yourselves. We know you’re out there.” She yelled loudly in the bus station. “If you don’t surrender, we’re gonna start killing hostages.” ‘Crap what am I gonna do?’ You think to yourself. At this moment there was only one thing you could do. You pulled out your phone and started recording the whole thing still on the ground trying not to be noticed. You thought this would make a great article for the paper right? Your job was to get something news worthy and this situation was definitely news. You then hear an older woman next to you not to do that in a low voice and Karai heard you. “You!” She pointed her gun at you. “Stand up!” She commanded. She’d be dammed if you got any intel on them and made her look like a fool.

As if on time the lights go off on the bus station and the next thing you know 4 giant figures come out from the tracks. They start attacking foot clan members and knocked everyone out including Karai. As you’re witnessing this you notice they look… ‘wait, are they green?’ you thought. Like lightning, they then retreat up from the ground and made their way to the roof tops. Everyone including you used that opportunity to escape, but you on the other hand had a mission to set out on.

As you were making your way to the roof you started hearing voices. You could barely tell from afar but they looked like giant looking humanoid animals, with a shell. You took out your camera phone again trying to get a better shot.

“Great elbow Donnie!” Leo praised him.

“Yea did you see that guy I knocked out? He’ll be drinking from a sippy cup for a week.” Donnie gloated.

“Yea this is our city these are our streets!” Raphael said.

“That’s what happens when you step into the woo.” Mikey said.

“Ah that’s what i’m talken bout brothers like shadows in the night completely unseen!” Raph gloated.

They all come in for a high three when suddenly they saw a flash of light and stopped dead in their tracks. You started to look really nervous. Had they spotted you? Then they start to whisper to each other.

“What was that?” Asked Mikey quietly.

“It’s a camera flash.” Donnie said nervously.

“We know it’s a camera flash.”  Leo stated.

“Who’s behind the camera flash?” Raph asked a bit irritated, demanding to know.

“By my calculations it’s a girl.” Donnie said.

“Are we gonna kill her?” Mikey asked.

“What?!” Donnie stated a bit nervous at his younger brother’s antics.

“With kindness.” Mikey said as his last comment was a joke. “We’ll buy her some flowers or chocolates. He said.

“I got this.” Raph said.

“No no wait Raph!” Leo begged his brother.

While you were climbing down from the roof, the next thing you know you were being dragged up on the roof by chains attached to his sai’s and landed on your face. Lucky for you you didn’t get a concussion from that land. Still on the ground you were looking around your surroundings desperately trying to find who was there. Suddenly a giant man looking turtle landed right in front of you startling you a bit.

“Gimme tha camera.” Raph demanded.

“Oh look he’s doing his ‘Batman voice’.” Mikey said in a joking way.
You slowly looked up at him in awe disbelieving this was really real right now.
“She’s so hott I can feel my shell tightening.” Mikey sounded a bit horney but it was a joke.

“We can hear you!” Raph said a bit annoyed to his brother.
You got up slowly from the ground still scared. Raph took out his sai and pointed it to you in a threatening way.

If you don’t gimme the camera…i’m gonna-

“ENOUGH!” Leo shouted and jumped up in the air and landed on the edge of the roof. “Back off Raph!” Leo commanded his brother.

Raph held his hands in the air and backed away. “I only saw Batman once.”
“Ma'am hello I apologize. My colleague here forgot to say ’please’. So would you please hand over the camera?”

You looked even more scared as he came approaching you and backed up but into something as Mikey jumped behind you. “Whoa whoa whoa chill, it’s just a mask see? Don’t freak out.” He took off his mask. “Right?” He smiled as he showed you his mask.

You tried to hold yourself together but you were freaking out so much inside that you fainted in front of them.

“Oh I think that went well.” Donnie stated sarcastically.

You start to open your eyes slowly as you heard voices.

“Make sure she’s stabilizing.” Donnie said.

“Why are we still here playin doctor?” Raph asked a bit annoyed.

“She may have a head injury.” Leo told him.

“Correction she’s a hott chick who may have a head injury, which makes it our sinic duty to-” Mikey was interrupted by Donnie.

“Ma'am ma'am can you hear me? Do you know what city you’re in? Do you know where you are?” Donnie asked.

“Have you seen that video where the cat plays chopsticks with the chopsticks?” Mikey asked being his cynical self.

“Can we focus here?” Leo said as he shoved Mikey out of the way and got a bit closer to you make sure you were alright.

“Guys please c'mon give her some air.” Donnie said.

“What are you?” You asked looking at all of them.

“Well miss um…we’re ninjas.” Leo said as he did a little bow with his fist in his hand.

“We’re mutants.” Raph said.

“Technically we’re turtles.” Donnie stated.

“Oh and we’re teenagers. But we can still have ‘adult conversations.’” Mikey said in a bit jokingly manner.

You got up slowly. “So wait…you guys are…ninja, mutant…turtle, teenagers?” You asked still a bit hazy from fainting.

“Well when you put it like that it sounds ridiculous.” Donnie said as he can’t believe you said it that way.

“See she’s lookin at us like we’re freaks! I bet that’s why you took our picture wasn’t it? Show your friends?” Raph said.

“Bro that’s a good thing, maybe she has hott friends!” Mikey said sounding a bit excited.

“Lookin fa this?” Raph asked holding up your phone.

“No don’t break that. No no no please.” You begged him.

Leo suddenly snatched it out of his hand. “How many times do I have to tell you? We don’t break things, we fix them. Donnie already wiped the phone genius. Problem solved, moving on.” He stated.

“And who put ya in charge?” Raph said as he pushed his brother back a little.

“You know who did.” Leo said to his brother looking like they were gonna go toe to toe.

“Whoa tension, it’s been thirty whole minutes since you guys had this argument.” Mikey said.

“Leonardo, we wanna make it home before master we gotta hustle.” Donnie told him in a more urgent tone.

“Leonardo…” you whispered as you looked up at him.

Leonardo turned around and looked at you and held out the end of his katana and pointed it to you almost in a threatening way.

“Do not say a word about this to anyone. If you do, will find you (Y/N) (L/N).” He said in a more serious and threatening tone.

‘How does he know my name!’ You asked yourself. You looked at him. You should be scared but for some reason you weren’t. You don’t know what it was but there was something about Leo that was just mesmerizing to you. Maybe it was his voice, or maybe how skilled or strong he was. It could be how calm and collected he was. Or maybe it’s his eyes. You stared into his eyes, those deep gorgeous deep blue eyes of his. The one thing you found attracted in anyone was their eyes. It said a lot about that person. They suddenly took a hold on you. And you wanted to know more about them. About him.

“We’re on the move Raphael.” Leo said to his brother.

“Raphael…” you said as you looked at him twirling his sai’s in a showoffy way.

“Yeeaaa we’ll find you…(L/N)” Mikey said trying to sound intimidating. “I’m sorry that come across super creepy…we will find you though.” With that all four of them flipped off of the roof and they all started howling and screaming.
You quickly reached into your pocket and pulled out your phone and took one last picture of them before they disappeared into the night. Once you took it you zoomed in on Leo.

“Leonardo…” You said to yourself. You were interested in getting to know more about him.

           *************TIME SKIP**************

Months have passed since the whole, Sacks, Shredder and mutagen incident. Also since you’ve met the boys. You got to know all of them. You even got to know about Splinter. They loved and cared about you. They treated you like part of the family. You had lived in New York for almost a year and had no friends or family. The boys and Splinter were the only family you had. You helped them out a lot on their missions and patrol nights. You were a vital part in their lives and they were lucky to have you in their lives. You were lucky to be a part of it. But a certain turtle has grown feelings for you.

Leonardo was in the dojo meditating. Well he was trying to anyway. He was thinking about you. He doesn’t know why, but he’s been growing feelings toward you for some time now. He was imagining you in his arms and him holding you tightly. Planting kisses on your head and- ‘No stop!’ He told himself. What has gotten into him? He knows he shouldn’t be thinking of you like this but he couldn’t help it. He was falling for you hard. 'Why am I thinking of her this way? I can’t do that. It would never work out. She’s a human, and beautiful, stunning, strong, smart and kindhearted. And I’m a well…a big grotesque, ugly mutant we’re never meant to be together. We’re just two different people.’ He said to himself. The boys have low self-esteem issues and have always felt they will never find true love anywhere unless it was with a mutant like them. As he finished up his meditation session he got up and left out the room and went in the living room where everyone else was. You just happened to be there watching tv with Raph and Mikey.

“What are you guys doing?” Leo asked.

You guys turned around and saw him. “Oh hey Leo, we were just getting ready to watch a movie, would you like to join us?” You asked.

“Oh um sure, I guess that sounds nice.” He said as he went over to you guys.
“Found it!” Mikey said as he brought out the movie.

“Did ya find The Dark Knight?” Raph asked his younger brother.

“What? No dude we decided we’re watching a comedy this time, White Chicks, remember?” Mikey said.

“Are you kiddin me?! We watched a comedy the other day, it’s action movie night now!” Raph said.

“Dude we just watched something actiony yesterday with an alien in it remember?” Mikey told his brother.

“That was a sci-fi movie and it was Donnie’s pick. I don’t watch those sci-fi movies Mikey.” Raph said to Mikey.

“It still had action in it though didn’t it?” Mikey teased.

“Mikey we’re watchin The Dark Knight. End of discussion!” Raph said a little annoyed to his brother.

“Sorry bro but it’s a comedy movie kind of night tonight deal with it!” Mikey teasingly told his brother.

“Mikey don’t make me do that thing you don’t like!” Raph threatened his brother.

“Bring it bro I’m not scared of you anymore!” Mikey said still taunting his brother.

“MIKEY!!!” Raph roared in frustration.

Leo was just looking really annoyed with both of his brother’s antics. He let out a frustrated sigh. “Sorry about them. They can be a real pain.” He said looking at you and he giggled.

“No don’t be. They’re funny. That’s just how they are.” You said looking at him.

“But um while they are deciding on what movie to watch you wanna do something else?” He asked you.

“Sure like what?” You asked looking up curiously at him.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest.” He said a bit nervously putting his head down.

“Yea sure let’s go someplace private.” You said as you two left the other brothers deciding what other movie they should watch.

You both went in the dojo where Leo goes to train and meditate. That’s the most personal private place for him to go to other than his bedroom or the bathroom since rarely anyone is in there other than for training or Master Splinter is in there. He uses it for meditation for when he’s having a bad day or needs to concentrate on something. Think of it as his 'sanctuary.’

“So what was it you wanted to talk to me about Leo?” You asked.

Leo had always been your favorite boy to hang out with. Though you loved and cared about all the brothers. There was just something so special about Leo that you really liked. You two were best friends. You could tell each other anything. You called each other, texted even hung out with him more at the lair when he wasn’t meditating, training or out on patrol. He even takes you back to your apartment at night and makes sure you get in safely. You could tell him anything and he wouldn’t judge you at all. Maybe it was his leadership or maturity. You were never one to care about looks because if you were you wouldn’t take out the time to be in the sewers with any of the boys or their giant rat father and would think they’re ugly, gross or scary. You also wouldn’t find any of them attractive. But you did. You thought Leo was extremely handsome for mutant turtle. He always had that charming spark to him. But you also liked how he took care of his brothers and their father. How he would always be ready to do anything to stop bad guys. He was fearless after all. Raph didn’t give him that nickname for a reason. You liked him a lot. Heck you might even say you were in love with him. But it could never work out if you two started dating. You were both from completely different worlds. You belong above the surface and he belonged in the sewers and stayed in the shadows. Plus, you knew he would probably never feel the same way anyway…could he?

“Right I um…I-I uh…” Leo started to stutter. This has never happened to him before. ‘This is it, just say it. Teller how you really feel you coward.’ He thought to himself. Usually he always knew what to say but at this moment he felt his heart stop and his brain not working right and felt weak in his body. He maybe fearless when it comes to fighting but when it comes to expressing his feelings, thats where he’s scared of the most. He’s scared to get hurt and turned down by a gorgeous human such as yourself. “Well there’s um something I um…I’ve had this on my mind for a while now and um…well…”

“Yes Leo?” You asked a bit anxiously to know what he’s going to say. “You can tell me anything remember?” You said reassuring him it’s okay.

“Well I know we’ve been best friends for a while now but…I feel there’s something a little more that I’ve been feeling for you. I can’t explain it and I don’t know or when it even all started or happened. But I do know that I like it and I don’t want it to stop.” He said looking at you.

You felt some blush creep across your face. That was the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to you. Your past boyfriends you’ve had have never said anything like that to you. But yet here’s Leo who has more charm and more romance than any of your ex’s will ever have. You know it’s sad when a freaking mutant turtle has more class and charm than any human male.

“Leo…that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.” You continued to blush and your face was red as a beat.

He sighed in relief and returned the smile back to you. I’ve been in love with you for a while but never had the courage to tell you my true feelings. I was afraid you wouldn’t return them.“

“Oh Leo there’s something you should know as well. I’m in love with you too.” You said as you scooted close to him.

“You are?” He asked in surprise still looking at you.

“Yes I always have had a crush on you. I never thought I could develope feelings for a mutant but I have and I’m glad I did.” You continue to smile at him.

“You’re very important to me (Y/N), I never want to let you go.” He said as he wrapped a strong arm around your waist.

You leaned in for a kiss and he happily returned it and laid your head on his plastron and held you tight around your waist. You two stayed like that for a good solid 10 minutes.

“So does this mean we’re officially together romantically.” You asked him a bit eagerly.

He then laughed and smiled at you. “Yes we are officially.” He said as he kissed your forehead.

You blush and you both got up and went back to the Livingroom to see if Raph and Mikey worked out their movie problems. Of course being who they are they were still arguing over the movie and that’s when you steeped in.

“Okay guys listen up! I have the perfect solution for the movie I brought over.” You said as you looked up at them.

They both stopped fighting and gave their attention to you.

“Oh hey Angel Cake’s yes please help us with a movie, that would be nice.” Mikey said looking at you.

You reached into your bag and pulled out the movie. “Have you guys heard of (M/N)?” You asked them.

“I think I have just never seen it, is any good?” Raph asked.

“Ohhh is it that movie with (A/N) and (A/N)?” Mikey asked.

“Yes it is you’re right Mikey. And to answer your question Raph its really good. It has just the right amount comedy and action. It’s also one of my all-time favorite movies. I recommend it to anyone. Here watch it let me know what you guys think.” You hand them the movie.

“Well I guess I can give it a shot. I mean how bad could it be?” Raph said.
“Sure anything for you Angel Cakes, since you recommend it.” Mikey said flirtatiously to you.

“Alright you guys enjoy them movie.” You said as you went back to Leo.

“You’re not gonna watch it with us?” Raph asked.

“I’m gonna hang out with Leo.” You told them.

“Aww alright, I guess Raph and I will watch it together.” Mikey said sounding a bit sad.

Leo was relieved when they finally settled down and started watching the movie. He was very impressed how you were able to shut them both up like that. You definitely were a keeper. You and Leo both spent the rest of the evening in his room cuddling, kissing and just talking about life.

“I’m glad we’re together Leo.” You said as you looked in his eyes.

“I’m glad we’re together too.” He said looking deeply back into yours.

“I love you with all my heart.” You told him.

“I love you too. I will protect you to the ends of the earth.” He told you as he kissed your lips.

You stayed in his arms until you fell asleep. This was going to be the beginning of a very beautiful relationship he could feel it.

The end.

Notes: Yes, finally done with this story. It took me a while to come up with the plot and have make everything fit. Anyway I did used a lot of dialogue from the first 2k14 movie. Just from the roof scene though nothing else. I hope you all enjoyed it. Let me know what you guys think thank you. :)

many a mile to go: fire lady


ff.net | ao3

notes:  s3, ember island.

“Chop these smaller, please,” Katara says, reaching over to the spot next to her and taking one of the squares of stew vegetables that Zuko has cut, sliding it under her own knife and then halving it before sliding it back to him.  “They’ll cook more quickly that way and I’m running late for dinner—waterbending practice with Aang took longer than usual and everyone’s going to be hungry soon.”

The kitchen in the Fire Lord’s house on Ember Island is well outfitted and now that Katara has cleaned the dust off of everything, she has a better set of pots and pans than she’s ever had access to in her life.  If she has to cook for crowds, she’d rather have good equipment to do so.

And ever since they’ve come to Ember Island, Zuko has been helping her with her chores.  Not all of them, of course, but when he has spare time, he’ll come and spend time with her, helping with whatever task she’s working on.  More often than not, that’s cooking. 

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