splintered thing

I’ve been abducted so many times that I don’t miss gravity.

Bad news wolf

howls to the crack of

a moon. When I open your

spine, I will love you.

Drink the marrow, 

darling. Drink the color blue

until your lungs give 

a fuck. I expected you to be taller.

I threw sharp things into the sky until 

the sky stopped throwing

them back. 


Here is a continuation of sorts from my last turtle tot picture.
There were two idea floating in my head of what was going on in that picture, but this was the cutest so I had to draw it.
They are playing hide and seek (not very well, I might add and yes they all hide together, cause why would you hide separately in dark, scary sewer tunnels, haha) and Splinter found them ^^

(Also, no one will let Mikey get the thing. I don’t know what it is he has his eyes on, but he is one determined little turtle.)

@kleptotello you told me to bring it, I brought it ;)

okay correct me if I’m wrong, but Splinter has always been the character that’s like “killing is bad” and stuff??

new trailer for the next ep, he just straight up says he’s going to kill the Shredder.

what is the truth.

also: Splinter, why are you not letting your daughter, who’s entire life was a lie because of this man, who has gone through a lot of really hard traumatizing shit because of this man, who literally deserves revenge more so out of everyone- why are you not letting her stab him in his stupid radioactive heart??


Ah, hmm…

Okay, so I’m rereading the conversation between Davesprite and Libra, and he says this.

His timeline “splintered off” and now things are going the way they were supposed to. So if John’s death was a fork in the timeline, then the trolls simply followed the primary path. They might not even have known that a splinter timeline had formed.

Personally, I don’t like the idea. I hate the idea that one timeline is “more real” than the other one, but that seems to be what we’re going with.


IDW TMNT #61: Chasing Phantoms Part 1

Mikey Disagrees With The Plan. 

Who broke the coffee maker?
  • Leo: I did. It was me, Master Splinter.
  • Splinter: No it wasn't. Michelangelo?
  • Mikey: Don't look at me! Look at Raph!
  • Raph: I didn't break the thing!
  • Mikey: Huh, weird. How'd you know it was broken?
  • Raph: Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken, shell-for-brains!
  • Donnie: Not to point any fingers, but Casey was the last one to use it.
  • Casey: Yeah right! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Donnie: Then what were you doing by it earlier?
  • Casey: I charge my phone next to it! Everyone knows that, Donnie!
  • Leo: Guys! Let's not fight! I broke it!
  • Splinter: No. Who broke it?
  • Raph: April's been awfully quiet.
  • April: Really?
  • Raph: Yeah, really!
  • April: Oh my god!
  • (bickering continues)
  • Splinter: (To camera) It was I. I thought I could use it to make tea....I was mistaken.

Splinter was a mutated rat/human who adopted four baby mutated turtles and taught them ninjitsu in the sewers of New York. But the most unrealistic thing about Splinter as a father is that he never calls his four sons by the wrong name.

roleplay with @jouyasharp


Misty woke up with a start. The nightmares had come again. Still, she hadn’t told anyone that they were a regular thing. Splinter, Vixxy and the turtles had so graciously welcomed her into their home so she didn’t want them to have to worry about anything else. 

Pushing the recent nightmare to the back of her mind with the others, she trudged out of her room to start the day.

I Always Knew You Would. - A Playlist for Morpheus and Alyssa from A.G Howard’s Splintered Trilogy.

01. If I had You - Adam Lambert \ 02. High Above The Ground - Daughtry \ 03. Starlight - Muse \ 04. Ice Dance - Edward Scissorhands Ballet \ 05. [Piano Music] Moon Forest - 달숲 Dk (데니) \ 06. Magic - Coldplay \ 07. Something Better - Audien ft. Lady Antebellum \ 08. Victorious - Panic!At The Disco.



“Be diligent. I sense something dire on the horizon!”

I really love how this scene was done. It was subtle, but having sensed that something was very wrong you can imagine that the sound of the cheese phone was the very last thing Splinter wanted to hear. It only lasts a few seconds but throughout it you can feel the unease and hesitation, like he knows he needs to answer but he also knows there’s a chance that what he’ll hear on the other line will shatter his world all over again.

I just have a lot of emotions for Ratdad okay

turtleinred2016  asked:

Mating season

*I was in Leo’s room panting hard knowing the kids were out with master Splinter, and things wasn’t going well for me given that I was in total heat, if not taken care of soon, i’d go into my wolf state and fuck everyone in the lair* 

did the lost hero even happen? did the events take place? what was this leg splinter thing and gold in river thing? am i making this up??????? how can i not remember the book???/