splinter in the mind's eye

I don’t currently have any plans too, mainly because of the expense.

My current “next step” plan for after I complete the Legends novels collection is to replace the paperbacks with hardbacks where possible (I’ve already done with with Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, the 70s/80s Han Solo trilogy and the Thrawn trilogy). I also plan to get all the Marvel Epic collections so that my Legends comics collection will eventually be complete.

I won’t even think about expanding my RPG book collection until that’s done.

Tough Subject

@detectivemorgan Dexter was leaning over the Target basket handle with his phone cupped in his hand, texting Deb as he waited in line. More like staring at a text she had sent.

“ Things, fuck, I dunno Dex. We weren’t you and Rita…“

“Fuck! Dex I’m so sorry! Fuck me!! >. The words dug deep. Flashbacks of the day splintered through his mind and he closed his eyes. Sure, the first (and for the longest time, only) person Dexter connected with was his sister. And then Rita got under his skin. Only to be ripped away. Astor and Cody left, feeling more “comfortable” with Grandma. Kids were more perceptive than adults at times. His heart was heavy and sinking slow as if through a thick liquid.

“I’m going to be a little late.” He sent back and pocketed his phone. “Just order pizza.” He added, leaving his cart and heading to his car. It was five hours later when he returned to their r apartment. “Hey, hi…Harrison asleep?” Dexter greeted softly as he got inside.