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hey! love everything you write. you wanted something nsfw so can you do an andreil sex scene?

like i know i’m the one who asked for this, but this prompt has been in my inbox for like three months and i haven’t been able to write anything for it so to make a long story short: not really, but i tried a nice little first time blow job story:

It happens for the first time a few years after “nothing” starts, after they’ve traded nearly all their truths but crossed only a few sexual bases, when Andrew is in Atlanta for his first year playing professional exy and Neil is still in Palmetto for his last year captaining a college team.

First it’s phone sex, something it takes them weeks to get down. As it turns out, listening to each other narrate their own masturbation is enough for both of them—the talk never gets much dirtier than, “I’m about to finish” and “me too,” until one day Neil lets slip, “I want to blow you.”

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Kat demanded a drawing like for when I took 3rd in M4, except since I took first this time I UPPED MY GAME and drew a group hug instead. And also gijinkas, because anyone who follows my personal Tumblr and possibly even people who follow this one know that I like drawing humans way more than Pokemon. :B

But anyway, Splint didn’t complete the group hug because he’s like “whoa, this is super weird what’s going on” (or something like that) and Alec wasn’t too trusting of this crazy girl randomly hugging his parents (probably because of Splint’s misgivings) and so it ended up kind of awkward instead of happy. Geez Splint, why you gotta ruin everything. 

Haha, but regardless, I’m way happy about taking first with Team KC~