I would like to deny to the rumor that I am a robotic duplicate made to replace toastyhat’s biological twin sister.  I enjoy activities such as taking selfies, breathing air, trying to finally be truly warm, and exploring the concepts of romance and affection to understand the human heart oh my god maybe I am a robot clone.


Doodles from the stream last night. :)  Thanks for coming out and talking to me while I drew, y'all, that was a lot of fun.


Celebratory NEW WEBCAM Pretty-girl-ugly-face SELFIE

no but seriously hi welcome to the blog this is the Nerd In Charge.  Gonna stream those requests I took last night later! :D  Be there or be a rectangular thinge.


I think everybody needs to understand that I’m a massive nerd who draws her own reaction images of her own face and gamzee

you can use them if you want to react to things with stupid pictures of my face…?  I just wanted to put them on the interwebs. :o


Well I just wanted to check how badly my nap wrecked my hair and then I really liked the palette with the blue lighting from the screen and the yellow from the lights and then I realized I could make stupid faces at myself and then I was mightily amused HELP I CAN’T STOP TAKING DUMB PICTURES OF MY FACE. Although that first one is actually really pretty and artsy and I'mma use it as reference for something.

Behold the mighty and dignified Splickedylit in her natural habitat

edit: I should totally draw characters making these faces that would be so fun I'mma remember that for later

Okay I have to go hike across the city for a flu shot now, but first heyyyy I just realized I can flip my ponytail over my head, put on a hat and pretend I look like a boy, very excite. :D (I don’t know whether I look like a guy or not but eh, I like the picture so here, have it.)

anonymous asked:

I realized that you may not see that until later and have no idea what it was referring to. Then I realized that you could pick a random one of your posts and it would still be accurate. (It was the dead one)

Oh of course I would know what it was about! And even if I didn’t

i cOul d j us T TEAR It o u t O f yoUR s Ou l

  • ladysekh said: Splickedy, is that actually you?! OMG you’re like super cute, I love your nose!
  • sinisterfeline said: what a cute! ^o^
  • unhealthydoctors said: you’re adorable what
  • vasheren said: omg though but you’re a cute :D
  • spoiledchestnut said: You’re adorable Splickedy! 8D
  • toastyhat said: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT GREAT HAT also you look cute four for you have fun getting shots SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS
  • earthinmywindow said: fistbump cause I got my flu shot yesterday and also you cute

dlskdjflSK:DJFlskdjfLSKDj THANK. >////< Flu shot acquired!  Massive blushing esteem boost acquired!

*fistbumps Earthy eyyyy IMMUNITY*

Re: the hat.  There’s this guy on my floor who had it but it was too big for him and he was going to like throw it out but it fit my head so I volunteered to adopt it and NOW I HAVE A HAT.