brilalalane asked: Would it be possible for you to go over how you draw profiles? :D

I can give it a good shot! :)

I personally have a lot of trouble keeping the back of the head right–I tend to either make the back of peoples’ heads too flat, or make them super round and weird. :D  I think some people don’t realize exactly how little of a head from the side is the facial features.  Give the spine room in the back of the neck! 

(I know I say this all over the place, but obviously these are all stylistic choices.)  I did all of these throughout my ~~Art Journey~~, so I thought I would put them in there.

Profiles are a lot of fun and help a lot when you’re trying to figure out consistent facial features for somebody, because they showcase the shape of their lips, noses and eyebrows.  :)  It’s a good exercise to practice pushing the limits on these!  Go far enough you feel like it’s ridiculous, and force yourself to leave it, and it takes you a long way toward good facial variation! :D

Anyway, I hope this helps! 

((In case you can’t read the thing, here, have the big version. UwU))

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I meant to draw ancestors but instead I found an expressions book and drew a lot of highbloods without reference and in an inadvisably short amount of time.  For convenient reference

Telling puns:

Being told puns:

That one friend who APPARENTLy owns an ENTIRE FUCKING BOOK of puns:

argonapricot – Bloodline: Captor  Inspo: From Under Bridges

Psiiiiiiii!  I’ve drawn him before as he is during current story events, but before he was the Condesce’s private trophy he was a skinny, fighty little asshole from the the distant hot reaches of the empire. UwU

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anonymous asked:

If I may be so humble to ask your advice. Expressions are hard, and personally I have trouble drawing them especially when they involves the bottom jaw moving a lot. Like... say, Karkat or sober!Gamzee yelling. So, if you don't mind, could you, perhaps give an example how you draw certain expressions?

Well you said ‘certain expressions’, but the only ones you mentioned specifically were the ones with yelling etc. where the mouth gets all stretchy.  So here’s this to start with and let me know if you need any other expressions! XD  I’m still learning and my style is obviously not the be-all end-all, but I’m happy to explain how I do the thing.

Here’s a pretty wordy scanned-from-sketchbook dissertation on how I draw the yells.

You don’t have to be a skull expert or know every dip and foramen to use a basic model to figure out where to put a face’s jaw.  It also helps you figure out where you want the teeth to go/at what angle they should be.

(You can draw the mouth opening straight down like that if you want—it gives the expression a sort of jaw-jutting, stubborn look, if you can pull it off.  But this is just how I do it, so that’s why there’s an X next to it—you can do that, I just don’t.)

The wrinkles around the eyes and nose, and the shape of the eyes/brows themselves makes a world of difference in the expression.  Also, if your mouth just drops open in surprise and isn’t forced any wider, you’re not going to get those folds of taut skin!  It’s a matter of expression intensity. :)

Also, a normal scream would usually force your eyes to scrunch up some at the bottoms—keeping the eyes wide and round and combining them with a full-stretched scream gives it a berserk, frenzied kind of look.  I draw GZ a lot I know these things

The more the upper lip is raised to show the teeth, the angrier the mouth generally looks.  The more the lower lip comes up/the lower corners come down, the more distressed/tearful it is.  

(The thing about the mouth is that it can only be so wide before it can’t get any taller, and only so tall before it can’t get any wider—so when I’m drawing someone yelling from the side I always have to be careful I’m not making their mouth massively wide.  Photo reference helps keep me in line there. :D)

The thing about talking while upset is that if you think about how your mouth moves, a lot of sounds (notably the ‘eeeee’ noise) require you to stretch your mouth wide, which means if someone is screaming words, they’re not likely to have the full-stretched, open-mouthed yelling face on.

(Especially since a scream is essentially a really loud ‘ah’—our loudest and easiest-to-project vowel sound—and therefore you can’t really make conversation with your mouth in that traditional scream face)

I hope this helps somewhat, even though my writing is tiny and the scans are pretty badly cleaned. XD  If I can help with anything else, let me know! 

anonymous asked:

Okay but like...how tf do you draw open, fanged mouthes so *well* bc it is damn near *impossible* to do that shit without the fangs getting in the way, like what demon do I need to contract to be able to do that

OKAY WELL I’m so bad at explanations BUT I GUESS HERE.

This goes along pretty well with another tutorial I made that was about how teeth and mouths work.  [here]  Building off of that…

fangs are like teeth, they, like, wrap around the head.  

There are a lot of different kinds of fangs in the animal kingdom, so they combine differently with normal teeth!  Almost universally, the canines on a normal person are going to be longer! (There’s usually four teeth in the middle front and then the canines on either side) 

a variety of fangs.  (Gamzee’s got an extra fang in the middle there, oops.  Oh well.)  Note: the fangs don’t need to perfectly line up, because they’re mostly going to lock together at the canines (look up wolf fangs if you wnat to see what I mean) but they should usually alternate so they’re at least not directly over top of each other.


So before stress literally killed me to death and dumped my body off a cliff, I opened my inbox in a tricky way for people to send me characters, and then I took the characters and drew them with headcanons that were different from my normal headcanons. UwU  It was a really fun exercise in changing things up!  And also a change to screw around with my new sai brush setting.

There were so many different requests for Sollux, I had to do two.  I’m not being cute, there were like eight requests for Sollux, it was a little weird. >o>


Homestuck sketches from the last few weeks! :D  The ones with (Name + X) are the ones I got from my random prompt generator.  Also, a couple of older drawings of Best Years of Your Life GHB because big hot Jordanian ex-gang professional painter GHB with waist-length dreads was a great idea.

Anonymous said:

#7 with gamtav please?

7: Kiss on the Lips (Passionate)


careful when you let go of him he’s literally going to collapse.


Anonymous said: could you bring back Threshecutioner Karkat and Condesce/Meenah?

ladysekh said: Oh, also, how about like a Mongol!Gamzee or desert bandit! Gamzee. Like a real world wild beserker concept.

Some sketchbook doodles for some super old asks (wow who even remembers Gamzee Day , that was forever and a half ago), a page full of Karkats, some depressing alternate-future Saviors stuff, etc etc…as always, captions!


revamped my commissions because A) my art has improved!  B) I have discovered a new way to do lineless painting and I wanted to add it in!  Further information is on my Commissions Page, which is also linked in my sidebar. 

Some things I will draw:

  • Original characters (100% original OR gemsonas, god tiers, etc)
  • Fanart
  • Pairing art
  • Fic illustrations

Some things I will not draw:

  • Explicit gore (blood and injury are alright)
  • Explicit sexual content
  • Mechas/robotics

I’m opening two slots, just because I think I wouldn’t have time to do more than that.  If anybody is interested, send me a message or shoot me an email. :)


Me, enjoy drawing Irish Gamzee way way way too much?  

You must be joking. 8T

I continue to need to figure out consistent faces for the Saviors of the World characters–I should have a Saviors-specific expression-request night sometime, try to work some of them out, but for now have some expressive Gamzees. U_U

(150x150 versions here!)

I was going to give a reason why this existed, but then I realized it’s been so long since I sketched it I’ve forgotten why I originally needed so badly to draw the Grand Highblood as a punk.  But regardless of the reason, horn-engravings and horn-studs are important to me.

…i don’t have an explanation for why he’s sherbet orange though. :I

Toasty made a post about sopor Gamzee art ideas and I had to take her up on it because GODDAMN


Stills and simplified version of the helmsman gif from my Wires and Stars fanart earlier. :D  Since I know the flicker is really fast and the gif is giving a lot of people trouble.

AHAHAHAH I FORGOT I DREW THESE until I was scanning sketchbook stuff hahahah happy super super super late birthday ldefix I’m lame and this is late but

I really did draw some nerds for you I just forgot to post them. TuT


And even though I don’t need you
You’re clearly the best thing that happened to me
We should be happy ever after, happiness and laughter
What a natural disaster!

Some Erikar for 1010nabulation who was having a lonely day. ^u^ Just really like the idea that most trolls don’t make a habit of going an visiting each other, so you’re not likely to see each other face to face much, if at all.  (No I just want to write stupid webcam-picture shenanigans you caught me)

“But Splickedy!” I hear you say (pretend you’re saying that) “I thought you shipped (insert pairing here)!”

There is a simple answer which is: I DO!

*dances off into the polyshipping sunset*