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New Sons - Part 1

From the Reader’s Choice, this was the most requested fic: Batmom taking in Conner after Superman rejects him and the boys being a little uncomfortable and Bruce being mad but her convincing them that he’s just like them (+ jokes about him looking just like all the others with dark hair/blue eyes)?

Author’s Note: So Match and Conner are from the Young Justice TV show. The timeline is a little different in this story. The Young Justice team was disbanded, Superboy was never found by the sidekicks, the Justice League found them. I think that’s all!

Let me know what you think, and if you think I should continue the series!!

You are watching up in the Watchtower when Superman finds his two clones. One made with his exact DNA, later named Match, and one who’s DNA was spliced with Lex Luthor’s DNA, later named Conner. Both boys are transported up to the Watchtower, still inside their containment pods, so J’onn can examine their mental state.

The medical bay doors slide open, and you step inside, “How are they, J’onn?”

The Martian hums, “This one, the exact clone, he is unstable. I will do my best to settle his mind, however that is not a permanent solution. Batman has already agreed to help find a cure. He believes that it is the full Kryptonian DNA, as the other one, who is half human, does not show the same signs”

“I’ll help him when I’m done here.” Glancing over at the viewing window, you glimpse a red cape slipping out of view, “How’s Superman taking all this?”

“He seems … angry … at this turn of events. He has already decided that he does not want the children”

You twitch, brow furrowing, “What does he plan to do with them?”

“He is uncertain, it is one of the reasons for his agitation”

“I’ll let you get back to work, J’onn, I want to see how far Batman has gotten with his research”

“I wish you luck”

“Bruce, you don’t understand, Clark doesn’t want the boys. He doesn’t want to take care of them, teach them to use their powers, he can barely stand to be in the same room as them, and they haven’t even woken up yet!!”

“Y/N, we don’t need any more children. Damian is already filling the Manor with animals, Tim is constantly bringing the Teen Titans here, Jason has the Outlaws, Dick may be in Bludhaven but he comes to the Manor almost every weekend, and I have Gotham to take care of. Who is going to teach these clones everything that they need to know?”

“I will!”

“Y/N …”

“No, Bruce, listen. These are two boys who have never been outside of that pod, and if they were it was to do Cadmus’ bidding! Two boys who have never known what it’s like to be a part of a family! Are you really going to let them be tossed aside by Clark? Because if you are then … then … then I’m going to move up to the Watchtower to take care of them” You cross your arms over your chest, “Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do, and you’re going to have to explain to the boys why I’m never around anymore!”

“You’re being ridiculous!”

“I am not! I want to help them in the only way I know how, by being a mother”

Bruce groans, he’s never been able to deny you anything, “Fine! But you’re the one who has to explain everything to the boys! And … and I’m mad at you!”

You raise your nose in an obnoxiously aristocratic manor, “I don’t know why you would be, they technically match”


“Every other male child you have brought into the Manor has had dark hair, and blue eyes. Both of the Superboy’s have black hair and blue eyes. So, they match the set” It had been a running joke between you and your boys. The fact the Bruce Wayne seems to only ever adopt dark haired boys with blue eyes was a rumor that had been circling Gotham for a while. It was a joke that you had kept from your husband for several years. Well, the secret’s out now!

Bruce groans again, and you can hear him bang his head down on the lab table he’s working at. Stifling a laugh, you quickly make your way up the Batcave stairs. It’s time to have a family meeting, and let the boys know that they’ll be getting two new brothers, that is if the Superboy’s agree to your offer.

The boys all agree to come to dinner the next night, curious about the news you have for them. Once everyone is finished eating, you usher your children into the study to tell them the news.

“So, I know you all have heard about the two new Supers up in the Watchtower …”

Damian groans, “Please tell me that father has not decided to house those abominations!”

“No, Bruce didn’t decide anything … I did. I decided that we would be giving the two boys a home. Bruce is down in the cave right now, working on a serum that will stabilize one of the clones’ DNA …”

“They aren’t even stable?!? And you want to bring them here?!” Jason shoots up from his chair, angrily pacing in front of you, “Mom, you’re human, they could kill you with a look, and they aren’t even stable …”

“They will be stable once Bruce finishes the serum.” You lean forward, making it a point to meet the eyes of each of your sons, “These boys don’t have anywhere else to go. Yes, they can stay up in the Watchtower, surrounded by people who will inadvertently ostracize them, or study them. Yes, the JL can force Superman to look after him two clones, and he’ll probably stick them in his Fortress of Solitude to be taught by an AI. Or, I can bring them here, teach them about humans, help them obtain new skills, experience new things.” You rub your temples, “Boys, I took each of you in, raised you as my own, and loved you like any mother would. I can’t just sit by and watch two children suffer when I know I can help them”

Tim hums softly, and smirks, “Do they match?”

“Of course! You think I would try and bring boys into this house who don’t match! They both have black hair and bright blue eyes”

“tt, I suppose it would be a good thing to have two Supers on our side”

Dick shrugs, “Yeah, I mean I only come around for visits every once and a while, but I think it would be a good idea to make sure that two Kryptonians don’t start hating Earth”

“Good point” Tim leans back in his chair, “I would like a sample of their blood before they moved in though” He turns big eyes on you, hoping that you’ll be able to get him what his little detective brain wants.

“No, you can’t have a sample of their blood … but, I can let you look at their files” Tim lets out a triumphant shout, wiggling excitedly. Now you turn to Jason, the only one to not readily agree. “Boys, why don’t you go see what Alfred has for dessert, I need to talk to Jason alone”

Once everyone else is gone, you shift closer to your second oldest son, but before you can say anything, Jason starts to speak, “I don’t think this is a good idea! What if they turn out to be crazy? What if they go on a rampage? What if they can’t control their powers?” His voice drops, eyes no longer meeting yours, “What if they hurt you?”

Quickly slipping to kneel on the floor, you tilt Jason’s chin, forcing him to meet your eyes, “They might hurt me, Jaybird. I can’t guarantee that they won’t. But they won’t kill me, they won’t make me love you any less. If you’re that nervous about them moving in, come stay at the Manor for their first two weeks. You can help me get them settled, and see for yourself how they are, okay?”

“Okay, Mom”

“Good boy, now come on. I don’t want Dick to eat all the cookies again”

Jason flashes a brief smile, before he takes off toward the kitchen. Alfred’s cookies can be quite the motivating force among the bat family members.

It’s another week after the serum is given to the clones before J’onn thinks that it’s safe enough to wake them.

Of course, you demanded to be there. Bruce had tried to talk you out of it, but you were adamant that one of the first faces they see be yours.

The full Kryptonian, the one dubbed “Match” on his file, is the first to wake up. His eyes are frantic, instead of a white sclera his iris is surrounded by black.

Instead of letting him continue to panic you decide to step forward, “Hello” Making sure to pitch your voice low, almost in a whisper, “You don’t need to be afraid, you’re in the Watchtower, you’re safe”

“Who are you?!?”

Slowly you sit down in the chair beside his bed, making yourself smaller, less threatening. Immediately he relaxes, “My name is Y/N. What’s your name?”

“Cadmus called me Match.”

“Alright, do you want me to call you Match, or do you want to take another name?”

The clone pauses, brow furrowing, “I-I’d like to keep Match”

“Okay, I can call you Match” Extending one hand, you flash a bright smile, “It’s nice to meet you, Match”

“It’s nice to meet you too. Can you – can you tell me why I feel … different?”

“Different how?”

Match scratches the back of his head, “I feel more in control. I can think clearly now”

“I helped my husband and sons develop a serum that helped bind together the gaps and breakages in your DNA sequence. It took a few days to develop, but the serum is meant to help you gain control of the overactive aggression and adrenalin that was constantly being secreted by your brain.” You gently place a hand on Match’s, “It wasn’t your fault that you were always so out of control. The blood they managed to get from Superman was full of excess adrenalin because they got it when he was in the middle of a battle.”

“So, I’m better now?”

“You should be in more control than you were. I’m sorry that we couldn’t ask you first, but my husband didn’t want to risk you hurting anyone if we woke you up.”

Match nods, “I understand” He finally seems to notice Conner lying prone in the bed decide his, “Is that …?”

“Your brother, yes. He’s only half Kryptonian. His DNA is a combination of Superman’s and Lex Luthor’s. According to Camdus’ notes, he’s also younger than you”

“He’s my little brother? And he … isn’t as strong as me?”

“Yes, he would be considered your younger brother, and no, he isn’t going to be as strong as you”

Match’s face hardens, “I’ll protect him. Cadmus won’t get him again” He turns toward you, already shifting slightly, ready to spring in between you and his new brother, “You don’t have to worry, Match, I don’t want to hurt your brother any more than you do”


You flash a brief smile, “I’d like to invite my friend in here, his name is J’onn, and my husband, Batman. They’ll be able to wake up your brother, and we can have this same talk with him. I was hoping that you’d be able to help him feel a little more comfortable.”

“Sure, I’d like to meet him. Cadmus kept me in that pod, they only took me out to ‘test’ me against the other clones … I always won. I couldn’t ever talk to the other clones”

“You’re away from them now, and you’ll never have to go back to them, not if I can help it”

The boy, who decides on the name Conner, is quieter than Match. He listens intently, only asking questions every once and awhile, he mainly watches you and allows Match to put an arm over his shoulder.

“Why are you doing this?”

“What do you mean?”

Conner’s lip curls slightly in a self-deprecating smirk, “I mean, why did you take us from Cadmus? What do you want us to do in order for us to keep our freedom? When are you going to put us back in our pods?”

“I’m not going to put you back in your pods, honestly my husband had to stop me from throwing those things out the air lock! You boys don’t have to do anything unless you want to. We aren’t going to force you into servitude just to keep your freedom, this isn’t some kind of bartering game. And we took you from Cadmus because … well because you’re children, and no child should be forced to grow up in some test tube! They should be able to have fun, and choose their own paths in life!”

Match nods, not hearing a single lie in your statement, “I believe you, you don’t … feel like the scientists did. You feel good, warm”

“I’m glad” You glance over at Conner, who is now leaning more into Match than he was a few minutes ago, “Now I know that you’ve only been awake for a few hours, but the sedative we gave you is still working its way out of your system. Why don’t you two go to sleep, and when you wake up we can talk a little bit more.”

Conner stands up slowly, and plops himself down on his bed. He curls up in a tight little ball, snuggling under the blankets, you barely hear the soft “Okay” before he’s completely asleep.

Match drags the bed closer so he can keep an eye on Conner, “Thank you for taking us form Cadmus. I’ve only met him once, but I know that Lex Luthor will not let Conner go very easily. He will try and take him back”

Hesitantly you reach out, running fingers through his short hair, just like you do with all your other children, “You just leave Lex Luthor to me, Match, I’ll take care of him”

Part 2

NAME: Gladys

AGE: Middle-Aged and Beautiful


SPECIES: 70% Human, 30% Reptile

BACKSTORY: Spliced herself with reptile DNA to get thicker skin after a tough divorce. She’s stronger, scalier  and more independent now!

CHARACTER BIO: She’s like a cool aunt! Fiercely independent. She “gets” the teens and kids of the plaza.

ATTACKS: When she gets mad, she’ll spit venom at you and melt you into a skeleton!

WEAKNESSES: Needs to shed her skin hourly, can’t spit venom while shedding

FUN FACT: Already great at fighting, goes to the Fitness Dojo because she likes the structure and community.

VOICED BY: Ashly Burch


Ok let’s talk theories for a second. Clearly there’s something going on in Ultra SUMO involving Necrozma, Solgaleo, and Lunala. I mean look at Ultra Solgaleo and Ultra Lunala up there, they’re basically wearing Necrozma as armor. My best guess is we’re getting some fusion-style business like we did with Kyurem in Black & White. (Colress said he was staying in Alola for awhile after all, did he splice DNA again? Or is that a red herring?)


Well, look at Necrozma, then look at Golisopod. Look at the similarities: giant hands, tiny feet, segmented armor plating over the head, Necrozma has spikes where Goli has markings.


Who is Goli most associated with?



Could it be possible that Necrozma’s existence is somehow tied to Guzma’s stint in Ultra Space? The possession by the Nihilego? It’s never explained how he shook off the possession - did Golisopod jump in to save him? Did Guzma’s inner demons transfer to the Nihilego, which then tried to possess an enraged Golisopod and that ended up creating a giant mess of a not-quite-Ultra-Beast?

Also worth noting, one of Necrozma’s animations basically looks like it’s punching itself in the head - very similar to how Guzma rips at his hair and screams at himself throughout the game.

SO IDK BUT THIS IS ALL VERY INTERESTING TO ME, feel free to reblog and discuss.

(Another thought is that Necrozma is somehow connected to the Z-Crystals; the back of its head looks like a giant Z-Crystal and it’s said to refract light, referred to in Prism terms, etc. Not to mention the multi-colored crystals that make up its facial area.)

I have created a being from the spliced DNA of Joss Whedon, Aaron Diaz, and John Green, and I swear to god if my demands are not met I will let him write and direct a Dracula film

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the mass effect series would have been 1000x more enjoyable if you had designed it tbh

The Mass Effect series honestly has a lot of great ideas for alien races, but they get too caught up with human norms (especially when it comes to gender…)

Anyways my headcanon for the Asari is that they reproduce in a means very similar to Bacterial Gene Transfer. They gather cells from other organisms and splice snips of DNA with their own to produce offspring genetically distinct from themselves. They started off as horrifying amorphous masses, only becoming sapient when they spliced themselves with juicy Prothean cells, the only reason they look like humans is because we recently became their most popular choice of baby genes.

my Demencia HCs

- she likes to work out bc she has a lot of energy and sometimes flug, black hat or 5.0.5 are too busy or tired to engage with her

- she can parkour really well

- demencia was experimented on (or created) by Dr. Flug with lizard DNA splicing

- she can climb up walls with ease as a result of the lizard dna splicing

- she’s pansexual

- she likes to draw but she’s not very good at it (her art is like kid crayon scribbles)

- she likes to sneak up on flug to try to see what’s under the bag

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Predictions

• Colress has a huge part in the plot (DNA splicing, his appearance in Sun/Moon for seemingly nor reason, etc)
• More Alolan forms (“features new Pokemon”, doubtful actual new Pokemon will be featured in a sequel game, possibility of gen 2 alolan forms?)
• New Z Moves (new Z Crystal in teaser, potentially new Z Move cutscene)
• Alolan League/Pokemon Gyms along with trials or replacing trials entirely
• Red/Green making more of an appearance in story (perhaps helping maintain the league, becoming champions, etc)
• Another weird timeline jump, like in Sun/Moon to catch a second Nebby, but this time more of a plot point.
• Team Skull again but this time maybe they’re cool guys? Idk I don’t see them teaming up with the antagonists this time.
• Aether Paradise either cool and not corrupt, with Lusamine being a good mom for once, OR Aether Paradise turned into something akin to a Battle Island™
• PLEASE LET MY POKEMON FOLLOW ME NINTENDO IM BEGGING YOU (walk/run cycles found in game data for EVERY SINGLE POKEMON in sun/moon)
• More hints at Sinnoh Remakes
• More super cute clothes and hairstyles; maybe more unique hair colors? (Pink/blue like team skull grunts maybe?)
• Ultra Beasts also being part of the main plot due to the games literally being named after them.
• “Alternate Timeline” hints at a potentially alternate universe for these games, in which Lusamine never became crazy, cities may have been built elsewhere than before, etc etc. Very interesting wording. May not simply be placed after the events of Sun/Moon like many are theorizing.

Love me like you do (Part 4)-Balem Series

A/N: This story is growing so much longer than anticipated lol But, I can’t help it….I love slow burns.


His eyes were glued to you, every footstep bringing him closer until you felt the heaviness of his presence before you. With every inch he closed your nerves began to shake, alerting you of danger and yet deep in the pit of your stomach you did not wish to move. It was strange for a man to have such an effect on you. Especially someone who was a complete stranger, but the way he moved, and those eyes…it was like a slow hunt he had planned and you couldn’t even fathom what he wanted.

“Better. Much better.”

He walked in a circle around you, so entranced by your new appearance. He admired the view, obviously pleased with the change and as he stopped behind you his fingers trailed along the skin of your back, making you squeak in surprise.

With a start, you scrambled away holding your hands up as if that’d stop him from coming any closer.

“Don’t you dare!”

“How dare I?” He seemed amused by your sudden show of defense, and with a delighted smirk upon his lips he just drew ever closer to you.

Within your chest your heart began to beat wildly, and you could almost hear every beat of it in your ears. But, even if you backed up he just closed the distance again, his amusement only growing.

“Do you know why you’re here? Why you’re still alive?”

He backed you into the corner, your breath caught in your throat as he lifted his hands. Balem placed them on either side of your head, nails scratching against the marble as he leaned down, his face mere centimeters from your own. You could practically feel the heat of his body, and it rolled off in waves as he spoke in that soft, yet demanding tone.

“It is because I’ve let you keep your miserable life. I could harvest you…”

As he said this, his eyes dropped to your lips eyebrow twitching like he was attempting to control whatever emotions he was feeling. He slid one hand down the wall, bringing it to your cheek yet not touching it. It hovered there, the warmth of his palm still being felt even with the absence of his touch. Fear crept inside you, and to stop your body from visibly shaking you turned your head to the side, not wanting to meet his intimidating gaze.

Balem’s lips stretched into a devilish grin, his eyes once again moving along your features and stopping at your eyes. He dared to reach out, allowing himself the pleasure of grazing your bottom lip with his thumb. He moved forward, lips stopping next to your ear as he whispered.

“And while your life is such a precious commodity for me, I choose to use it differently. To think…such a gem was hidden away on that wretched speck of dust.”

You felt your cheeks heat up, and with every word that passed those lips your knees grew weak. It was something that didn’t escape Balem’s notice, and he chuckled darkly as he pressed you fully into the wall, his chest firmly pushed into yours as he made you quite aware of his reasons.

“And I own you…that’s why you’re alive.”

He moved away slowly,and you let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding until now. A weak whimper left your mouth, and he only smiled triumphantly like he just won the best prize in the world. Before you could ask any questions, he turned on his heel, looking over his shoulder at you and nodding towards the double doors of his chambers.

“Follow me.”

You watched him walk away, keeping your eyes fixed on the tails of his long cape. It was the only thing that distracted you enough from your fear, and with all the boldness you had left you spoke up.


Balem stopped just at the doors, not turning just yet but you could tell he stiffened from the interruption. His green eyes were on you just then, and you took a cautious step back.

“Um…what do you mean harvest? And by own the earth and-”

“Enough with your questions. I’ve other matters to attend to, and you will escort me to them. Be grateful I’ve let you keep your existence, little bird.”

His pet name for you was almost charming, if not for the entire kid napping portion of your acquaintance. But, seeing how annoyed he was currently getting you sucked it up and moved along, crossing your arms over your chest to keep some dignity with how revealing the dress was. Your questions could wait, at least a while longer. With all you had just seen, there was no longer a doubt in your mind that this was all real and earth was a distant memory.

The doors to his chamber slid open automatically when he arrived at them, and he never once looked back at you the entire way towards your destination. It was uncomfortable really, the silence that had developed in the grand halls. The only thing that currently kept you sane was the marvelous designs along the ceiling. It looked like constellations almost, each one sparkling a different color. In an odd way, the beauty of it all settled your nerves.

“Ah, Lord Balem, this way please.”

You looked back down to see Mr. Night at the doors of another room, only inside there was a long golden table, with hovering chairs all around it. It was much like a dining room, or perhaps even meeting room. All you could think of was the many movies you saw as a kid. Apparently, the future was in fact real.

In your state of awe you didn’t notice the rat like creature next to you, and you moved away when you heard his soft voice.

“This way. Lord Balem will be having a meeting, you are tasked with attending to all his guests.”

“What?” You lowered your eyebrows at him, his words still processing. Attend? Like a maid? Or a waitress? You could almost scoff at the idea. “Absolutely not.” You weren’t sure where your sudden bravery came from, but something about being held prisoner and then being made to work rubbed you the wrong way, as it would any person.

Mr. Night simply laughed at your attitude, hands clasped behind his back as he opened his mouth to once again speak.

“Very well, shall I alert my Lord that you-”

“Mr. Night!”

The creature flinched at the sound of the angry voice calling him, and he scowled deeply at you before rushing towards his Lord. You watched them talk, or more like yell due to Balem, about something. It was rather amusing to see, and you could already tell this Balem was no ray of sunshine to be around. You were just happy his anger wasn’t directed at you.

Mr. Night took off down the hall, tapping at his tablet frantically and muttering about a man named Titus. Your natural curiosity was getting the best of you, and you almost followed the man out of the dining hall except a hand gripped your forearm tightly.


“You will stay by my side until this meeting is over, fetch the wine and stay silent. One word from you, and I will make no more promises to keep you alive.”

You looked from the hand up to the owner’s face, blinking stupidly when you saw Balem glaring down at you. He was quite the entitled one, already assuming you’d just go along with his every whim. But, fear of death would make just about anyone listen and with a pathetic nod you pulled your arm from his, rubbing at the spot and walking towards where you assumed the other servants were. There was a group of women at a table, setting up plates of food and drink. They all stood out, wearing equally fine dresses and hair made to look rather elegant. No doubt another touch to the fancy lifestyle this man liked to live.

“Um…” You stood awkwardly by one of them, trying to figure out what to do in all this whirlwind and when she heard you she glanced up. She smiled, holding out a large pitcher and shoving it into your hands.

“You’re the earthling, right? There was talk that someone escaped the harvest, rumor said you even killed a Sargorn. Though, I’m assuming that’s simply embellished.”

Of all the people you had met today, she seemed the most normal. It put you at ease, and you sighed heavily. “I don’t even know what that is, but I didn’t kill anyone. That I can assure you. But, what do you mean harvest?”

At your question, her face fell, and she gave you a sympathetic look before glancing over her shoulder to make sure no one could hear.

“I know this is scary, but the world is so much bigger than you thought. The Abrasax family, Lord Balem is the First Primary. He holds all the rights to many planets, and he’s the head of the entire businesses that run behind it. You see…”

She placed a few glowing orbs onto a platter, trying to figure out a delicate way to say this. “Time is so greatly sought after. These people, they are human as you and I are, but in order to keep their lives and businesses going, well…they harvest us. People. Planets. We are the essence of their business.”

Your mouth hung open in shock, and you tried to find the words but nothing would come out. You shakily put the pitcher back down, biting your lip before staring at her. “You’re telling me this family kills people from other planets to stay, what? Young? Alive?”

“All of the above. My planet was recently harvested by Lord Balem, he only lets a few live, and only when it benefits him. Either they undergo genetic splicing, or become servants. My brother and father were taken into the genome department, spliced with the DNA of other creatures and made to become legionnaires. Essentially, other planets allow these families, and there is more than the Abrasax, to keep ruling. We become their life source, or their army, or anything else they may need.”

If only your eyes could speak for you, but you were far too shocked to even say a word. You wanted to laugh, or cry, nothing made sense. But, to think that for your entire life you were in the dark of other beings stealing that of the people around you…well, missing case reports were starting to make sense now.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but don’t worry. It gets easier.”

She smiled at you, leaning closer as she whispered out the last part. “Some of the serving girls even become bed mates to Lord Balem. He only chooses the finest ones, and I’m sure seeing as how beautiful you are he’ll be quite taken with you.”


At your outburst the other serving girls turned to look at you both, and you nervously waved them off as you went back to talking to her. “I mean…no, it’s not-”

“Oh, don’t be so modest. You wouldn’t be the first pretty face to turn his head, and certainly not the last. He’s quite fickle you see. He grows bored very easily, that one…”

She pointed to another girl across the table preparing some drinks, and she cupped her hand over her mouth. “She was his bedmate for maybe a week before he let her go. Grew tired rather quickly, rumor is she fell in love with him and he denied her. She’s lucky she was able to stick around. The last girl who bedded him threw such a fit when he dropped her, no one has seen her since.”

“He killed her?!”

“Shh! Keep your voice down.”

She lowered her hands, motioning for you to stay quiet. She nervously looked around again, making sure Balem himself wasn’t behind her. “Some think he did, but I’m pretty certain he just pawned her off on his younger brother. They’ve always been at each other’s throats. And nothing angers Titus more than knowing he isn’t the most sought after bachelor in the Abrasax family. Quite a handsome man he is, but he squandered most of his money, so that naturally makes Balem more desirable to women.”


To say you were at a loss of words would be an understatement, but when you looked up to see the Lord he was sat upon a hovering throne, cape draped along the golden arms of it as he awaited his guests. It was strange to you, to think all this intergalactic drama was unfolding while you just worked your life away at a coffee shop. Not to mention, these royals have been around for millennia simply because they killed others.

“So you haven’t bedded him?”

“What? No….look I just want to get back home, and pretend this never happened.”

As much as you wanted to save the others, you had no doubt inside that they had already been killed. There was no way a man like Balem left things unfinished. But, you were so small in the scheme of all things, there was little you could do.

“There’s a shock.”

You looked at her curiously, awaiting an explanation behind her words and she only giggled in return.

“All these girls here are vying for his attention, but it looks like he’s got his eyes on you instead. For whatever it’s worth…”

She finished decorating her platter with food, raising the tray in her hand and speaking quickly before heading towards the table. “I hear he’s quite the lover, leaves all his bed mates satisfied to the point they go back for more.” She winked at you, and walked off, leaving you standing there like a fish out of water.


A/N: As always, feedback more than welcomed. ❤️

more info about the heith dads au

sthat no one asked for

It takes place 10~15 years in the future (canonverse, because I’m weak). Keith and Hunk have already been in an established relationship; even tho they’re still a little shy about it.

This kinda turned into an au explanation/mini-fic so I’ll put it under a read more thingy

Moral of the story: if you wanna talk about this au, please message me I am in so deep;;;;

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What exactly makes the Dinobots' mutation into their Dino bodies so traumatic in FOC? What sets it different from a good old change of alt mode? Is it permanent? Was a change within their sparks, bodies? Could they get new bodies even? About another group of dinos, the not so Dino Strafe didn't went full on berserk upon her mutation in IDW like the rest?

The Dinobots weren’t just changed outwardly, Shockwave cut them open and actually mucked with their genetics. According to the Fall of Cybertron tie-in comic, he even spliced dinosaur DNA in with their Cybertronian CNA! It really was a change at the base level for their sparks and bodies, so whether it could be undone is a question we really don’t have an answer for. Could a talented scientist un-splice them? Maybe… but it doesn’t feel like just reformatting them with a new alternate mode would enough to do the job. Could be their fundamentally-altered CNA might reject a different shape. A shame the IDW Robots in Disguise 2015 comic didn’t check back in on the Dinobots…!

On the topic of IDW, though, Strafe went pretty berserk, don’t you think?

She was just lucky enough to have Swoop there to talk her down - none of the other Dinos had anyone there for them when they made their change, while she had some help.

This reminds me we’ll be seeing Strafe and the IDW Dinobots again soon in June’s SALVATION one-shot!

More Kingsman AU notes from chatting with @notllorstel

- This is indeed the Kingsmen of THE FUTURE where alien contact has been made. They’re just still situated in Britain like Stargate was nebulously set in the US. 
- Coran’s dog Cayenne accidentally got some alien DNA spliced in her. She’s a sweet old doggo who’s already lived far longer than any dog should have, and Shiro will probably have a heart attack the first time she unhinges her jaw to inhale a steak.
- They had to do away with the “shoot your training dog” exercise after they started accepting aliens, because a lot of aliens became very fascinated with and fond of their dogs and had very terrifying and violent ways of showing their unhappiness with having to off them.
- So instead, they now have “The Grandfather Paradox Test” a time-travel exercise that raises two questions: 1) If a member of your family were going to cause a cataclysm that would sacrifice others, could you kill one for the many? 2) Even if were potentially to cause a series of events that would prevent you from being born?
** Potentials can pass one of two ways: A) A successful kill, B) Finding a better option. You only fail if you chicken out or don’t prevent the cataclysm.
** The test is set up in such a way that you’ll never be able to find out if it was only a simulation or if you actually did kill a member of your own family.
** Thace was forced to make the kill because the family member was too fanatical to be swayed. Coran found another way to stop the cataclysm.

Save the ZaDr fandom!

Gonna get allot of hate for this but I think it needs to be said. I’m a big ZaDr fan. I am also one of the few male ZaDr fans and i am concerned for the fandom. We have been losing allot of respect and i can clearly see why. ZaDr has so much awesome artwork and fanfiction to offer from the dark and gritty to the light and funny but there are some parts of the fanbase that i think need to change. I really don’t want to use this word but allot of it makes me cringe. All of this stuff is really out of character for both Zim and Dib and disrespectful of Jhonen and the world he has created. I’v listed some aspects of the fandom that i think need to go. This is just my opinion so don’t flip your panties!

Emo Zim and Dib: The stereotypical dumb died hair, usually pink or blue. The cheap Hot Topic wardrobe. The makeup and glitter. It makes me wonder if the kids drawing these have actually even watched the show. Jhonen’s work is Gothic and he has continually shown his distaste in Hot Topic and emo culture.

Cross dressing Zim and Dib: Not talking about gender benders, those are fine if done well. I’m talking about Zim and Dib as they normally are but in girly clothing and dresses. Once again, did these people even watch the show? I feel like I don’t even need to explain myself for this one.

Mpreg and ZaDr smeets: Why does every fictional couple have to have children? Or better yet, why does every fictional couple have to have Biological children? If Zim and Dib wanted children they would probably just adopt like real gay couples do. Both Zim and Dib are males of two separate species and attempting to splice that DNA would take to much time and would result in a mutant alien nightmare that not even John Carpenter or David Cronenberg would touch. I see all these bizarre ZaDr smeets that make no sense and It’s really poor writing.

Despite this most of the fandom is amazing and needs more recognition. Jhonen would respect us more and might consider adding in some small ZaDr jokes in his scripts if we respect his work and characters more.

My Struggle 3 Synopsis (CC please steal this)

Fade in on the bridge with Scully bathed in white light. Mulder calls to her from the car, but she doesn’t move. She’s frozen. Agent Miller grabs her arm: Agent Scully? No response. Suddenly, the white light turns green (call back to Sveta’s death in My Struggle). Mulder drags himself out of the car, only to lean back on the door jamb. It’s clear he’s desperate to get to Scully, but he’s too weak. Agent Miller moves behind Scully and pulls her out of the light. She snaps out of her trance as Mulder urges her to run. Ignoring him, she goes to his side, wraps an arm around his waist and pulls him off the car. Mulder tries to protest, he wants her to leave him, but Scully yells to Miller to help her. Miller rushes to Mulder’s other side and the three stumble-run away from the car. The people around are all frozen with their eyes on the ship and when our trio makes it halfway-ish to land BOOM- the ship blows a hole through the middle of the bridge (poor Miller’s car).

Run Titles: The X-Files is a show, with music by mark snow.

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It’s dark and rather quaint. A soothing haze rolls into your mind as your hand wraps around your drink. It’s seven on a weekday, no sports games are on tonight so the bar is relatively quiet. You’re sitting across from the very handsome Bruce Wayne, his glass of scotch is still untouched as you’re on your second cocktail.

 For the past few minutes you’ve sat in mutual silence, broken only by casual mentions of the day’s events. His company is really more then enough for you. That is until footage of batman flashes across the large plasma screen television in the front of the bar. 

 "Looks like the batman is on the news again.“ Your voice pours out in varying notes of indifference.

 "It seems to be the usual now,” Bruce can’t help but smirk. “I guess he’s hot news.” You just shrug, lips arching into a wide smile. Your eyes flicker to him for a second, he’s watching you intently, taking in the curve of your lips and the look in your eyes.  Your eyes fall back to the glass filled with Amber-brown liquid, hesitating only for a moment. 

 Yeah why not, you think as you take another sip of your drink, it’ll be something to laugh about in the least. 

 "Did you know some people say he’s a vampire?“ Bruce’s eyebrows raise at that. A lopsided grin arching onto his lips. 

 "Really?” You nod enthusiastically, your eyes widening slightly as you take another sip. 

 "That’s why he only works at night y'know.“ The words come out oozing with sarcasm, and Bruce can’t help but chuckle.

 "Is that the only rumor?” You shake your head, his mouth is still arched up in a pleasant smile, and you can’t help but indulge him. 

 "God no, there’s actually a website full of theories oh him,“ He has to ask you for the web address later. "one of my favorites was that he’s actually half man and half bat.”

 "Oh really?“ You arch an eyebrow and shrug, Bruce is almost about to double over laughing. It’s a bit of a relief to know you don’t take any of these seriously.

 "Yeah, it was a freak lab accident or something. He had bat DNA spliced right into him.” You grin when Bruce finally laughs. 

 "That sounds like something from a bad comic book.“ You can’t help but laugh, nodding as you sip some more of your drink. You whisper numerous rumors about batman into his ear, the ice in his scotch melts completely by the time you get to your favorite rumor. Your leaning closer to him with your elbow, your lips only a few inches from his ear. 

The other patrons at the bar think it’s something scandalous, that you’re murmuring words of seduction. But then you burst out laughing and the illusion is ruined entirely.

 "I think my favorite one is that batman is an embodiment of every innocent spirit that’s ever been wronged in Gotham” You’re not laughing anymore and neither is he. There’s a soft smile on your face as your eyes are cast towards the television. “I think that’s the one that’s probably the closest to the truth.” You admit, the segment on batman has long been over. Catching Bruce’s gaze you talk quickly to explain yourself. “Not the spirit thing necessarily, but that’s what he does in essence. He protects the innocence, probably because he’s been wronged by an unjust system.”

 You’ve had quite a few drinks tonight, so you don’t feel Bruce’s hand sliding over your own at first, not until his fingers thread through your own. 

 "I believe that too.“ He says, you don’t know if it’s the haze from the alcohol, but it almost looks like there are tears in his eyes. His grip is snug as his warmth spreads all along your fingers.

 "Whatever he is, I’m glad he’s here.” It’s your attempt to lighten the mood, a brisk laugh escaping your mouth. He only lifts your hand, pressing a soft kiss against your palm. His effect is almost instantaneous, your face erupting into a flaming red. He can’t help but grin, it’s a sweet reaction, endearing even when it comes from you. His other hand digs into his pocket leaving a crisp hundred dollar bill on the table.

 "Come with me?“ The smile that curls onto your face makes him smile.



The new revelation of DNA-editing, CRISPR technology is still making the headline rounds.

“Some experts predict that the scientists who figured out how to use CRISPR/Cas9 to edit genes will win a Nobel Prize for their discovery.”

This is something that has the potential to redefine humanity. We now harness the ability to alter our own DNA. This includes the ability to battle hereditary disease, but also to splice animal DNA into our own. The most controversial consequence of this technology is that any changes we make will be passed on through each following generation of humanity.

This technology could be a savior from disease, but also it has the potential to literally create new races of humans, or even completely new species.

Source: http://www.latimes.com/science/la-sci-gene-editing-embryo-20150503-story.html#page=1

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-genetically-modify-human-embryos-2015-4

TF2 Specific M!A's
  • Team Swap: Your muse has now switched teams! If they were on RED they are now on BLU, and vice versa. If the muse is part of the Administration then they are put on the team of anon's or mun's choosing. Last as long as specified or desired.
  • Class Switch: Looks like somebody mixed up your muse's contract files! They are a now a different class of the anon's or mun's choosing. Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Batter Up!: Muse is now a Scout! Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Screamin' Eagles!: Muse is now a Soldier! Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Mmph!: Muse is now a Pyro! Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Kablooie!: Muse is now a Demoman! Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Who Touched My Gun?!: Muse is now a Heavy. Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Sentry Goin' Up!: Muse is now an Engineer! Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Can You Feel the Schadenfreude?: Muse is now a Medic! Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Boom, Headshot.: Muse is now a Sniper! Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • You Got Blood on My Suit.: Muse is now a Spy! Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • New Teammate Approaches!: Muse is now a 10th Class (i.e. Seeker, Hook, Safeguard, etc.) of anon's choosing! Lasts as long as specified or desired. ((NOTE: All of these are fan classes and the credit for them goes to their owners! I just thought it'd be fun to be inclusive, but if any of the creators are uncomfortable with this M!A let me know and I'll remove it!))
  • Administration: Whether by some blessing or curse, muse is now part of the Administration! Kiss your days off goodbye. Lasts as long specified or desired.
  • Weapon Randomizer: Muse's weapons have been taken away and replaced with completely different ones! Could be from the same class or from another one entirely. Up to anon decide which weapons, and lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Spliced: Looks like another one of Medic's experiments gone wrong. Or well, depending on how you see it. Muse's DNA has been spliced with an animal's DNA of anon's choosing, making them half of that animal! Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • It's Not Even Halloween!: Muse now has the powers of Merasmus the Wizard! Don't let him find out, he'll probably be pissed. Lasts as long as specified or desired.
  • Freak Fortress: Muse is now a monster of anon's choosing! Lasts as long as specified or desired.

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I love the Maximum Ride AU! What are the crews wings like? Does Ryan know what his were?

Geoff: Geoff’s wings are made up of thick, dark feathers, almost waxy in texture, his splice derived from the DNA of a Cormorant; a coastal seabird. Gavin sometimes likes to tease him that in some places, Cormorants are called “Shags”.

Jack: Jack is spliced with a Harris’s hawk, his wings large and long, chestnut red and dark brown with cream, striped undersides. Harris’s hawks are one of the few large birds of prey known to hunt cooperatively; something Jack is always quick to point out when others in the crew get too territorial.

Michael: While not the largest, Michael’s wings are built for speed and manoeuvrability; he’s almost impossible to catch in full-flight. Spliced with a Peregrine falcon; they are a smoky grey-brown and the undersides are white and barred with thin, clean bands of brown.

Gavin: It’s hard to mistake the distinct mottling in Gavin’s large and deadly-silent caramel-coloured wings as anything other than that of a barn owl. He thinks it’s funny he should be spliced with a bird so often associated with wisdom, but it’s actually more fitting than the crew often give him credit for.

Jeremy: Non-winged. He wasn’t part of whatever fucked-up experiment the others had been involved in. He was picked up as …he often thought of it like an afterthought, but he is much more to them than that. He can blend and infiltrate and he keeps up with them despite not sharing their abilities. Besides, it’s probably for the best; he’s deathly afraid of heights.

Ryan: He remembers them vividly; an impressive wingspan, maybe not quite as large and elegant as Jack’s or Gavin’s, but his wings were strong and reliable. They were satiny black with stunning shimmers of blue or purple tint in the right light. The raven is a fitting splice for him, the intelligence, loyalty and cunning as well as for the more sinister symbolic omens attached. 

Ryan misses his wings every day.

The Butterfly Effect [two]

[A/N: Hey, this is part two to The Butterfly Effect. Gettin’ to the juicy bits now. Kind of. You meet Shiro, Lotor, and Pidge. In that order. Oh, and an OC called Loka, who is Lotor’s twin sister.

TW: kidnapping, torture mention(kind of)]

AO3 || one 


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